Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Chapter 68 - Chapter 68

As early spring arrived in Haishi, the city shed its winter chill and small flowers quietly bloomed along the streets.

Cheng Chu held her first solo concert after graduating.

She instructed her assistant Xianxian to reserve tickets for her family and friends.

The spring weather was perfect.

Gu Miao sat in the most prominent seat in the concert hall, dressed in a sharp suit.

The melodious sound of the piano flowed through the air.

He watched the dazzling girl on stage, his dark eyes capturing the light, his gaze as gentle as the March breeze.

Fu Rong couldn't help but glance at the young man beside her from time to time, feeling his admiration overflowing.

After the concert, she tentatively asked, "What do you think of the girl's performance?"

"Very good," Gu Miao smiled and nodded.

Fu Rong's scrutinizing gaze swept over him from head to toe, making Gu Miao's hair stand on end. 

He cleared his throat and politely asked, "Excuse me, ma'am, is there anything I can help you with?"

Fu Rong gave a mysterious smile and shook her head. "No, no, just curious. What kind of work do you do, young man?"

Gu Miao felt that this auntie was a bit strange, but still replied politely, "I work at a game development company."

Fu Rong nodded, but it was unclear whether she was satisfied or not.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"Who else is in your family?"

Gu Miao pursed his lips and answered stiffly, "There's no one else, just me."

Suddenly, he remembered that Jiang Xing had once said that some older aunties like to introduce people to potential partners.

His heart skipped a beat and he quickly added, "I also have a fiancée." 

As expected, the aunt's smiling face in front of her collapsed when she heard these words, and the rest of her words were almost squeezed out of her mouth.

Meanwhile, Cheng Chu on the other side had no idea what had happened.

After the concert ended, she had to face many media interviews. When she finished removing her makeup and changing her clothes, the moon was already high in the sky.

Her phone was about to explode with messages. Many classmates and teachers sent congratulatory messages, even Luo Qianqian, whom she hadn't seen in a long time, sent a message.

Cheng Chu replied to each one, but her smile suddenly froze when she read one message.

"When did you get engaged? Bring him home tomorrow and explain everything."

After returning home for the Chinese New Year, Fu Rong's anger dissipated. She seemed to have forgotten about the incident and never mentioned meeting her boyfriend again.

The spring night breeze was warm and gentle, blowing softly. Cheng Chu sat in the café next to the music hall when suddenly a warm paper cup was handed to her.

"Hot cocoa," Gu Miao looked at her gently and said, "I'm afraid you won't be able to sleep if you drink coffee at night."

Cheng Chu took a sip and tightened her grip on the cup.

"I have something to tell you," She said softly. 

"What is it?" 

Cheng Chu pursed her lips. "My mom wants me to bring you home tomorrow."

"Bring, bring me?" The man's voice trembled, like ants on a hot pot, nervously turning in his seat. "What do your parents like? What does your brother like? What if they don't like me?"

"Stop for a moment," Cheng Chu stopped the anxious man and comforted him in a gentle voice, "It's okay, my dad and brother are easy to talk to, the key is that my mom is a bit difficult."

 He sat down, his hands trembling with nervousness. "What should I do?" he asked.

"Don't worry, she likes things like bags and jewelry. Tomorrow we'll go pick out a few together. Just go along with her when you talk to her, and everything should be fine."

The spring night was comfortable, but Gu Miao had not slept all night. His gaze pierced through the darkness, staring at the high, hanging moon outside the window. 

His heart gradually filled with unease.

He had no family and rarely had any experience with elders. In his lonely life, Cheng Chu was the only bright spot. So he couldn't imagine what would happen if her family didn't like him or tried to keep them apart.

Even as Gu Miao held the girl's hand and walked into the solemn and cold villa, his nervousness could not be calmed. He still remembered that many years ago, on a night just like this, he was led by a girl while feeling embarrassed and nervous as they walked in here. 

The bright lights reflected on the marble floor. Fu Rong sat elegantly on a chair, only sitting on one-third of her buttocks, glancing at them diagonally without getting up to greet them, her tone somewhat cold: "You're here." 

Gu Miao's breath suddenly stopped. Isn't this the aunt who sat next to him yesterday? He recalled what he said yesterday and wished he could slap himself hard. 

Fortunately, Cheng Ruohai quickly came forward to smooth things over, "You're here, I heard you were coming, your mother instructed Auntie to prepare the food early." 

"Hello, Uncle." Gu Miao quickly greeted. 

"Hey, this young man looks quite energetic," Cheng Ruohai smiled kindly. "Where do you work?"

"I work at Chuangyu," Gu Miao replied respectfully.

"Gu Miao is quite impressive, he became the CTO last year," Cheng Chu added quickly.

"Chuangyu, not bad, not bad. It went public two years ago, right? You becoming a CTO at such a young age, your future is limitless," Cheng Ruohai praised. He paused and turned to ask cautiously, "Don't you think so, Fu Rong?"

Fu Rong snorted coldly and remained silent.

Cheng Yue carefully examined Gu Miao and then said in a low voice, "Let's eat first."

The dishes today were indeed very sumptuous.

Cheng Ruohai opened the wine that Gu Miao had brought and drank it heartily.

Gu Miao calmly placed a few peeled shrimp into Cheng Chu's bowl. The dining table was quiet, but not awkward.

Fu Rong didn't say much, just silently observing.

As the dishes gradually emptied, the dissatisfaction on her brow also disappeared.

After dinner, Gu Miao carefully chatted with Cheng Ruohai, while Fu Rong listened quietly on the side.

It was then that she learned that this child really had no family, and had relied on his own efforts to achieve his current position.

Fu Rong was born into wealth and had grown up with Cheng Ruohai since childhood. She had been pampered by her husband and son all her life, so she tended to do things her own way.

But as she listened to the back-and-forth between Cheng Ruohai and Gu Miao, her cold heart softened completely.

Outside, it had started to rain at some point, with pouring rain and strong winds, as if to cleanse this bustling city anew. 

The sky was already dark, and Gu Miao knew it was time to say goodbye. 

But Fu Rong spoke up first: "It's raining too heavily outside. Why don't you just stay here tonight?" 

Gu Miao was stunned, standing frozen in place, unsure of how to respond. 

He looked to Cheng Chu for guidance. 

The girl nodded slightly at him. 

"Thank you, Auntie," Gu Miao replied cautiously. 

The villa was quiet at night. 

The rain outside gradually subsided, with the drizzle tapping against the windows and trickling down quietly. 

Gu Miao lay in the guest room, the peaceful atmosphere easing his tense heart. 

His phone vibrated. 

It was a message from Cheng Chu. 

"Are you asleep, Miao Ge?" 

He quickly replied, "No." 

But there was no response from the other end. 

The room was silent, and the door creaked softly. 

Gu Miao sat up suddenly. "Chuchu? How did you come over?" 

The moonlight outside the window slanted in, and Cheng Chu raised her index finger and made a soft "shh" sound to him.

The girl's agile figure slipped in like a little cat and suddenly burrowed into his blanket.

She hugged him tightly and gently rubbed against him.

In the darkness of the night, the girl's voice was as sweet as honey, "I came to accompany you. You must be very nervous today. Let me help you relax."

As she spoke, she leaned in, her white lotus arm gently wrapped around his neck, and her warm, wet kiss enveloped him like warm water.

Gu Miao couldn't help but respond to her.

They had been busy preparing for the concert for a while now, and they hadn't been intimate for a long time. Now that they were together, the hidden tide of emotions silently spread.

The air seemed to become humid and lingering. 

"No, we can't, Chuchu," he suddenly stopped and whispered in a low voice, "this is your home."

A ray of moonlight shone in, and Chuchu could clearly see the sweat on the man's forehead and the veins on his pale neck. He gritted his teeth and held back, not daring to go any further.

"It's okay, let's just be quiet," Chuchu said softly.

He frowned, his crimson eyes closing slightly, "I didn't bring protection."

Chuchu was frustrated, "Why didn't you bring any?"

He leaned in and kissed the girl's eyes, apologizing softly, "I'm sorry."

Chuchu went to pinch his face in annoyance, but his sweaty, cool face was now flushed and sexy.

The moonlight tonight was very gentle.

Gu Miao lowered his gaze and looked at the girl in his arms. She was still panting slightly, with cute and teasing sweat beads on her upturned nose and a pair of bright peach blossom eyes that were hazy and lazy.

The man's Adam's apple rolled violently as he cherished the girl's face and hoarsely called out, "Chuchu."

There were calluses in his palm, which brushed against Cheng Chu's delicate and soft cheeks, causing a wave of tingling sensation.

The girl shook her lips and whispered, "What's wrong?"

Before she could react, the tall man had already shrunk into the blanket.

The hem of her silk nightgown was lifted, and before she could stop it, pleasure spread throughout her body like an electric current from her tailbone.

The air was filled with a lingering heat.

The feeling was strange and exciting, and Cheng Chu dared not make a sound. She could only bite her lip and breathe softly, but her insteps couldn't help but tense up, and the sheets beneath her became increasingly messy. The light rain outside had stopped at some point. 

The girl was covered in sweat, lying weakly on the bed with a dazed look in her eyes. 

The dim light from the garden shone in, and Cheng Chu's chest rose and fell, his limbs feeling tingly as if he had been electrified. 

The man had crawled out of the covers at some point, his cold face covered in sweat, his thin lips glistening with moisture. 

"Chuchu, are you comfortable?" He touched the girl's face, breathing heavily, and asked in a low voice. 

The girl's delicate face was already flushed, and she covered her eyes, suppressing her shyness, and nodded. 

"It's good that you're comfortable." 

He took out a tissue from somewhere and said gently, "Let me wipe you." 

"No." Cheng Chu was too embarrassed to look at him and quickly rolled off the bed. "I'm going back to my own room. You should go to sleep early." The floor was covered in carpet, and she felt like she was stepping on cotton, her feet momentarily feeling weak and sore.

Gu Miao reached out to help, but she avoided him in a panic.

The room fell silent, and Gu Miao touched his reddened earlobe, his heart beating so fast it felt like it was about to burst.

After what felt like an eternity, he finally closed his eyes amidst the chaos of his racing heart.

The next day, he was woken up by his alarm clock.

It was his first time spending the night at Cheng Chu's house, and he was afraid of leaving a bad impression by waking up too late, so he set his alarm for 6:30.

Gu Miao's footsteps were light, and even when he stepped on the wooden floor, there was no sound.

The sky outside was still gray, but the first-floor dining room was already lit with a faint light.

Gu Miao felt a bit regretful, thinking he had still woken up too late. As he was about to go downstairs, he heard Cheng Ruohai's deep voice.

"What do you think of that kid Gu Miao?" The sound of clinking dishes and utensils filled the restaurant.

"Seems okay." asked Fu Rong in a calm voice.

Gu Miao's fingertips trembled as a wave of intense fear washed over him.

Outside the window, the sky had gradually brightened without him noticing.

He heard a few faint footsteps, followed by Fu Rong's voice.

"Why are we having crab soup dumplings today, please go and change them," she said.

The auntie's voice sounded anxious, "Madam, don't you usually love crab soup dumplings?"

Fu Rong paused for a moment before speaking slowly, "I heard from Chuchu that the child is allergic to crabs, so please make some pork buns instead."

It had rained last night, but today was a beautiful sunny day.

The bright morning light shone through the window, casting a beam on Gu Miao's feet. He stood there blankly, suddenly remembering many years ago when he stood in the dark and heard his cousin and aunt's cold words.

Outside, the birds chirped incessantly.

He heard Cheng Ruohai say, "Hey, you're the kind of person who speaks harshly but has a soft heart."

Fu Rong hummed softly.

Cheng Ruohai continued, "This child is good, don't always give others a hard time, you know?"

Gu Miao's fingers trembled slightly, and his pitch-black pupils contracted for a moment.

The sunshine was warm, accompanied by the clear and melodious bird song, as if even winter was no longer cold.

He held his breath, and his pounding heart gradually calmed down.

The restaurant was very quiet.

Fu Rong's voice gradually became a bit gentle, "I know, we'll be family sooner or later."

A warmth flooded Gu Miao's eyes in an instant. After the rain, the air was filled with the taste of sunshine.

When he was young, he often felt abandoned by the world and sometimes resented the unfairness of heaven for taking away his loved ones, leaving him alone in this world.

Until one night, the bright moon appeared and illuminated his dark and gloomy heart.

The humble boy began to fantasize about becoming a star, silently accompanying the moon.

The winter in the seaside city was gentle.

Standing on the stairs, Gu Miao quietly watched the distant light and suddenly understood.

It turned out that heaven never mistreated anyone.

Years passed, and he eventually became the closest star to the moon, and everything he had lost was transformed into another form and returned to him.

(The end)

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