Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Chapter 67 - Chapter 67

A few rays of sunlight slanted in. The room was silent, and Cheng Chu leaned against the man's embrace, gradually feeling a vague dampness on her shoulder.

Her heart tightened, and she kissed his distressed profile, quickly soothing him in a gentle voice, "Who said I wanted to leave you?"

"You're lying to me." His earlobes turned red from the butterfly kiss, but the restrained grievance leaked out in his voice.

Cheng Chu pursed her lips and asked softly, "What did I lie to you about?"

He lowered his voice, and a hint of choking could be heard, "Yesterday, you said you were having dinner with your family, but you actually went out with Zhou Yanshi."

"I..." Cheng Chu hesitated, feeling a little guilty.

Sensing the hesitation in the girl's words, Gu Miao tightened his fingertips and almost reflexively held her tighter. 

The window was slightly open, and the howling cold wind pierced straight into the man's heart like a sharp blade.

The heart that had been restless all night was instantly shattered by the gust, and the piercing pain spread rapidly through his body, seeping out along his blood vessels.

Winter was very cold, and the trees outside the window had already shed all their leaves, leaving only bare branches swaying sadly in the wind.

Tears welled up in Gu Miao's reddened eyes, and at some point, they began to trickle down.

He roughly wiped his eyes, condemning his own weakness with disgust and disdain.

But a corner of his heart was filled with a hint of humble hope.

If she was willing to come see him and go through the trouble of deceiving him, did that mean she cared even just a little bit about his feelings? 

In an instant, the heart that was on the verge of collapse quieted down with the gradually disappearing cold wind outside the window.

Without the cold wind, the room gradually warmed up.

The girl withdrew from his embrace, her clear peach blossom eyes catching the redness in his eyes, and she frowned with concern.

"What's wrong...sigh." She helplessly reached out and gently wiped the man's reddened eye corner.

Gu Miao's fingers curled slightly, and that sense of despair slowly surged up from the bottom of his heart.

Does she think he's not manly enough like this?

He shouldn't cry, but he couldn't control himself. The thought of her leaving made the sourness in his eyes unstoppable.

He lowered his head, tightly pursed his lips, and closed his eyes as if deceiving himself.

This way, she wouldn't see his red eyes, right? The girl's fingers were still cold from winter as she gently brushed them over his eyes, her movements incredibly tender.

Why was she being so gentle?

The man closed his eyes, feeling the girl's almost cautious movements. 

Tears began to seep out of his tightly closed eyes.

He couldn't take it.

He wouldn't let her leave.

Tears streamed down his cold face as he struggled to hold back his emotions.

The girl's heart ached as she wiped away his tears, but they continued to fall like beads off a broken string.

"Don't cry," she couldn't help but console him.

The man suddenly turned away, his voice hoarse as he apologized.

"I didn't mean what I said earlier. Please forget it," he pleaded urgently. "As long as, as long as you don't leave me, I can refrain from digging deeper and even force myself not to care. As long as you don't leave." 

He turned around, his eyes filled with a plea as humble as a winter night. 

Cheng Chu's heart clenched, her tone urgent: "What are you thinking again? I did go out to eat with my mom and Aunt Lin yesterday, but they left first. Zhou Yanshi is her nephew, so we went together." 

Gu Miao felt like a death row inmate who had just been released. His heart, which had been on the verge of bursting, suddenly relaxed. 

He looked at the girl with clear eyes and asked in a tentative voice, "Then why did you lie to me?" 

The heating in the room was turned up high, as if it could melt even the coldest of hearts. Those bright and clear eyes blinked. 

"I'm afraid you're overthinking again. Look at you now, did you just imagine some sensational drama?" She scolded him, then slowly leaned into his embrace.

The man's arms were warm, and she rested her head on his chest, listening to his joyful and lively heartbeat, as if it was beating intensely after a close call.

"I'm sorry." He hugged the girl, his ears turning red with embarrassment, and he began to stutter, "I, I didn't mean to."

The girl looked up, stood on her tiptoes, and accurately kissed his tightly pursed lips.

"It's my fault, I shouldn't have lied."

"No, you're not wrong." His dark eyes were filled with tiny fragments of joy.

How could she ever be wrong? She never could. 

Cheng Churou leaned softly against his shoulder and whispered, "Miao Ge, is it because I haven't done enough? You always feel insecure and start to worry when something happens."

The hand that was tightly holding onto her shoulder suddenly paused.

Outside the window, a few birds were happily chirping on the bare branches.

Gu Miao paused for a moment before his deep voice melted into the warm air, "Chuchu, you've done enough. It's me who's not good enough."

He had no family, and he was alone, having experienced too much hardship.

Chuchu was the first ray of light in his dim and gloomy life. She was his courage, his dreams, and his longing.

She was not only the only person he loved, but also the only family he had in his heart.

He couldn't imagine a day without light and love.

That's why he was always anxious and insecure, feeling inferior and fearful. Gu Miao lowered his gaze and looked at the girl's clear and pure eyes. He said in a low voice, "Chuchu, I will try to change."

The girl smiled softly, and her light voice echoed in the air. "I know."

Her peach blossom eyes curved into a bright crescent moon, and her voice was as sweet as honey. "Maybe you love me too much, right?"

The man's heart skipped a beat, and the air became warm and humid, with a hint of inexplicable charm.

His throat was dry, and he paused for a moment before responding in a low voice, "Mm."

"Okay, okay." The girl laughed and said, "If it's because of this, you can try to change, but if you can't, it's okay."

She tiptoed and lightly wrapped her lotus arm around the man's neck, kissing his lips.

"A kiss for my jealous little bun." The jealous little bun was lost in this soft and lingering kiss for a long, long time before realizing he was still sick.

He suddenly released the girl and said, "I, I'm sick."

The girl pouted and said, "We've been kissing for so long, if it was contagious, it would have already spread."

"Okay, okay," he muttered.

Cheng Chu looked at his red eyes and whispered, "Not only are you a jealous little bun, you're also a little crybaby."

"Don't, don't say that," Gu Zong, who was always in control, blushed.

"Okay, okay," Cheng Chu laughed and said, "Since my little bun is sick today, let me take care of him."

She pushed the man onto the bed, covered him tightly with a quilt, and said, "You eat lunch and then take a nap."

"Okay," he closed his eyes. The air was filled with a light fragrance emanating from the girl, causing his heart to flutter uncontrollably as his dark lashes trembled slightly.

Cheng Chu couldn't help but find it amusing.

She quietly lifted the blanket and slipped inside, wrapping her arms around the man's waist.

"The care package includes hugging."

He must have had a fever, as his body was burning up like fire.

"Chuchu..." His body stiffened, unable to resist the hoarse whisper.

Cheng Chu lifted her gaze from his embrace and softly said, "Go to sleep quickly. If you sweat it out like this, you'll feel better when you wake up."

He suppressed the tremble in his heart and forced himself to close his eyes.

Perhaps due to his weakness from the illness, he fell into a deep sleep after only a few seconds.


Gu Miao's fever came and went quickly. 

In a few days, it would be Chinese New Year. Fu Rong and Cheng Ruohai went to Switzerland to celebrate the occasion. Before they left, Cheng Chu confessed that she had a boyfriend.

Fu Rong narrowed her eyes and analyzed, "No wonder you were so unwilling during the blind date. You couldn't even appreciate such a good guy. When I come back from Switzerland, you'll bring your boyfriend to meet me, okay?"

Cheng Chu nodded in agreement.

Fu Rong's tone was disdainful, "I really want to see what kind of guy is better than Little Zhou."

Cheng Ruohai played the peacemaker and tried to smooth things over.

Helplessly, Cheng Chu sent the two of them off to the airport.

Today was a sunny day, and Cheng Chu took Meow Meow to Gu Miao's house to celebrate Chinese New Year together.

This was the first Spring Festival they would spend together.

Gu Miao was nervous and had prepared a lot for the occasion. The entrance of the villa was decorated with big red lanterns and Spring Festival couplets. The coffee table was filled with all kinds of New Year's snacks that Cheng Chu usually loved to eat. 

Even the garden was adorned with many blooming spring flowers, which looked fiery red and festive from afar. 

Cheng Chu prepared the New Year's Eve dinner all by herself, but it was as sumptuous as a restaurant. 

Even Meow Meow got a luxurious dog house that looked like a small villa. It bounced and jumped into its own little house, its black and clear eyes curiously looking around. 

After finishing the New Year's Eve dinner, Cheng Chu said, "I want to give you a New Year's gift." 

Gu Miao smiled happily, and the coldness in her eyes and eyebrows melted away. 

"What gift?" 

The girl held his hand and walked to the side, mysteriously taking out a box from her bag. 

"Here, open it quickly and see." It was a beautifully crafted gift box, with a sophisticated deep gray body tied with a silver ribbon.

He slowly untied the carefully tied bow and opened the lid.

It was the dead of winter, with a cold and lonely wind howling outside.

Inside the box lay a warm, creamy white scarf.

The soft texture flowed through his fingertips and into his heart. With trembling fingers, Gu Miao gently stroked the scarf, noticing the uneven stitches. 

A vague suspicion arose in his heart.

"Did you knit this?" His dark eyes lit up with suppressed excitement.

The girl nodded and took out the scarf, whispering, "Can you crouch down a bit? Let me put it on you."

The man's lips couldn't help but curl up, almost bending down the next second. His neck was surrounded by a warm and soft touch, and he just stood there stupidly, smiling with a face that was as soft as the melting snow in early spring.

The girl nodded in satisfaction, "It looks good on you, this color suits you."

"But..." She hesitated and pursed her lips, saying with some guilt, "It's my first time knitting, and some parts may not be very neat. Just keep it as a token of my affection, don't wear it out."

"No." His mouth curved even more, "I want to wear it out."

The man could hardly restrain his eager and boastful heart.

This was knitted by Chu Chu for me!

"Okay, okay." Cheng Chu smiled helplessly, "As long as you like it."

He hugged her excitedly, burying his face in her shoulder and murmuring, "I really like it." The joy in his heart was like an erupting volcano, surging and dancing non-stop. He felt that this was the best gift he had ever received in his life.

"Okay," Cheng Chu pouted and said, "Let go, it's so hot. The Spring Festival Gala is about to start."

The TV was playing joyful songs and dances, and the spacious and cool villa seemed to be infused with vitality in an instant.

The two snuggled on the sofa, their body temperatures blending together.

Gu Miaoshi occasionally touched his scarf and lowered his head to kiss the girl in his arms.

He was like a clingy big dog, rubbing against Cheng Chu, making her feel both hot and itchy.

The girl was no longer reserved, she directly straddled him and kissed him deeply.

The veins on her solid little arms wrapped around him, and her waist tightened as she got closer.

He held the girl in his arms, involuntarily hooking his tongue with hers and gently sucking. Cheng Chu was kissed until she became as soft as water, leaning gently in his embrace.

"Chuchu," he called out her name in a hoarse voice, his emotions surging uncontrollably.

"Hmm?" Amidst the sound of water, Cheng Chu's response was muffled and unclear.

"You, you should get off." He suppressed the last bit of rationality within him.

The girl laughed softly, her slender legs wrapped around the man's waist as she coquettishly said, "No."

His cheeks turned red, and his cold eyebrows suppressed his intense desire. His voice was strained and hoarse, "Listen to me, otherwise I won't be able to control myself."

"Then don't control yourself." Cheng Chu leaned in and kissed his reddened earlobe, gently licking it with her tongue.

"Miao Ge." The girl's voice was full of charm, and her warm breath sprayed on his earlobe with each exhale. Time seemed to stand still as Gu Miao felt the blood in his body rush to his lower regions. He was lost in a sea of desire until he heard the girl whisper in his ear, "I love you."

In that moment, his world shattered and any remaining shred of rational thought was crushed by her words. All memories became hazy and confused.

The cold winter wind tapped lightly on the window as the girl blushed with desire, her nose glistening with sweat.

Suddenly, Gu Miao snapped back to reality and jumped up, "Chuchu, I don't have protection."

The girl's voice was soft as cotton, tinged with confusion, "What should we do?"

"I'll go buy some," he said, rushing out as fast as he could. The bitter cold wind of midwinter was relentless, and it was New Year's Eve. 

The streets were empty, and he didn't know how many blocks he had run before finally finding a convenience store that was still open.

Despite the long and frigid winter night, his body remained scorching hot even as he ran back home.

He pressed his lips against the girl's, still carrying the chill of the cold wind.

Their bodies were tightly intertwined, their breath and body heat entangled like a tangled ball of yarn, endlessly twisting and turning.

Gasping for breath, Gu Miao's eyes were bloodshot, and the bulging veins on his neck were clearly visible.

But he still had a shred of sanity left, suppressing the urge to ask, "Chuchu, are you sure?"

The girl pulled him down and silenced his incessant chatter with a kiss.

The air became hot and steamy, and their bodies were entwined in passion. Her vision became blurry and hazy, and suddenly she felt a sharp pain.

"Umm..." She couldn't help but let out a soft moan.

"Chuchu, does it hurt?" Gu Miao's forehead was covered in suppressed sweat, his voice broken and hoarse.

He stopped and tensed up, his eyes filled with crimson.

Cheng Chu didn't want him to hold back. Her eyelashes trembled slightly as she gritted her teeth and said softly, "It doesn't hurt."

Her voice was delicate and gentle, like the lightest and quietest cloud in the sky, carrying him and his almost exploding body towards the heavens.

He could no longer suppress himself and indulged in endless pleasure.

The bed creaked and groaned.

Cheng Chu only felt her memories becoming fuzzy and unclear. Her body was damp, their sweat intermingling, or perhaps there was something else. In her last memory, she only heard Gu Miao's almost hoarse voice repeatedly asking her something.

The exhaustion of the whole night made it almost impossible for her to think, and she could only hum lightly in response.

The sky was already bright.

When Cheng Chu woke up, it was already noon.

She nestled in the man's broad embrace, and as soon as she opened her eyes, she received a wet and hot deep kiss.

"When did you wake up?" She spoke, only to realize that her voice was hoarse and unrecognizable.

Although her body was sore, it was clean, probably because Gu Miao had helped her clean up.

The man leaned over and kissed her forehead again, "I woke up very early."

He looked at her like this, for a long, long time, as if he could never get enough.

Cheng Chu struggled to sit up, but found that her finger was heavy and she could barely lift it.

The bright and dazzling light shone through the window.

Cheng Chu lowered her gaze. 

On her slender and fair ring finger, there was a dazzling diamond ring that sparkled with a dreamy halo in the sunlight. 

Her finger stiffened, "What is this?" 

The room was very quiet. 

The man wrapped his arms around her from behind, his hot body temperature passing over, his voice urgent and cautious, "You promised me yesterday." 

The birds outside the window chirped incessantly. 

Cheng Chu struggled to take off the ring. 

The man behind her held his breath, his eyes not yet turning red, but the next second he heard the girl say, "I'm going to wash up now. How can I wear such a heavy diamond ring?" 

He pursed his lips and tentatively asked, "Will you still be willing to wear it in the future?" 

The winter sun was warm. 

The girl turned her head, her bright eyes seeming to be filled with the light of the whole world. 

"I won't go back on my promise to you." 

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