Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Chapter 69 - Chapter 69

It was still autumn in Haishi, and the breeze carried a slight chill.

The two of them wanted to have a solemn wedding, so after looking for a long time, they finally decided on mid-March next year.

The sky was clear and the air was fresh.

The employees of "Chuangyu" were surprised to find that their CTO had left work early that day.

Thanks to Jiang Xing's big mouth spreading the news, everyone in the company, from the top executives to the cleaning staff, knew that the CTO was getting married soon.

"I heard that our CTO is accompanying his fiancée to try on wedding dresses today," Jiang Xing spread the gossip with a serious face.

As Gu Miao walked by, the employees in their plaid shirts surrounded Jiang Xing, discussing the news excitedly.

He pursed his lips, and his black leather shoes made a clicking sound on the ground. The entire building suddenly went silent, and Jiang Xing couldn't help but shiver. 

He tried to please with a smile, his voice betraying his nervousness, "Boss Gu, it's time to get off work." 

Gu Miao nodded slightly, his icy black eyes sweeping over everyone, making them all shiver. 

The autumn wind carried a slight chill, but it was also gentle. 

His voice was low, blending into the chilly autumn air, yet somehow warm. 

"The wedding candy, invitations, and souvenirs are with Assistant Zhou. You can go find him to collect them. No red envelopes are necessary. Everyone is welcome to attend my wedding." 

The autumn wind blew gently. 

By the time everyone reacted, Gu Miao had already walked away. 

"Damn, did you just hear how gentle Chief Gu was just now?" 

"We were all scared. Has anyone gone to see Assistant Zhou yet?" 

"I got it, I got it! Oh my god, this perfume is so expensive. My girlfriend has been bugging me to buy it for her." 

"Wow, this box looks amazing." 

"The chocolate is Godiva too." 

"Aww, suddenly I feel like Mr. Gu is such a good person." 

Meanwhile, Mr. Gu, who had left work early, rushed to Cheng Chu's house. 

"You're here." Cheng Chu was sitting with Fu Rong, drinking tea, but stood up to greet him when she saw him. 

Although it was a cool autumn day, Gu Miao's forehead was dotted with sweat and he was a bit out of breath when he spoke: "Did I...did I arrive late?" 

"No, no, they haven't delivered the wedding dress yet." Cheng Chu smiled. 

Yesterday, the store called to say that the wedding dress had arrived, but Cheng Chu was busy, so she had them deliver it to her house for a fitting. As soon as the words fell, the housekeeper walked over and said that the person in charge of the wedding dress had arrived.

Accompanied by her, Gu Miao went to the fitting room on the second floor, but was stopped at the entrance.

"You wait here, they will take a long time to put on the makeup and everything," she said.

Gu Miao obediently nodded and sat on the terrace on the second floor.

The autumn sun was gentle, without any aggression, and it fell softly like this.

Gu Miao felt that his heart was floating with the clouds in the sky, almost bursting with joy.

The girl he had loved for so many years would become his bride and be with him for the rest of his life.

Never to be separated again.

With a "click" behind him, Gu Miao turned his head in response.

The next second, he suddenly turned red.

The birds in the garden were calling out, and the room was filled with the autumn sun. The girl stood there, her body adorned with the brilliant radiance of the entire world.

"Do you like it?" Her eyes, like blooming peach blossoms, looked up at him with anticipation and longing.

Gu Miao's fingers trembled, a sour feeling rising up through his nose and into his eyes.

The air seemed to be filled with a gentle warmth.

The man gazed at his bride, his eyes becoming tender and affectionate.

"You're beautiful." He sniffled and turned away, wiping his eyes. When he turned back, his voice was choked with emotion.

"You're beautiful." The usually taciturn man repeated in a halting voice.

The staff nearby smiled kindly and said, "Many grooms can't help but cry when they see their brides in wedding dresses."

Cheng Chu smiled but didn't say anything.

Perhaps no one would believe that the usually silent and reserved Gu Chief not only cried when he saw her in a wedding dress, but also often had red eyes at other times. 

The staff bent down and carefully adjusted the hem of her dress. 

They whispered to the couple, "Are you satisfied with this set? If you feel it's not suitable, we can discuss it again."

Who knows how long it took for this high-end wedding dress to arrive, and its value may be worth more than a decade's salary for an ordinary person.

The skirt of the wedding dress was like a blooming peony, adorned with twinkling stars. Even in broad daylight, it was filled with light.

Cheng Chu took two steps forward, holding the hem of her dress, and turned around with difficulty. 

She coquettishly said, "Do you think we should change it? I saw another one that was also nice."

The people around them agreed, "Miss Cheng has a great figure and is also beautiful. She would look stunning in any dress. But if you want another one, you may have to wait a few more months."

Their wedding date was set quite far in advance, so there was still time. Cheng Chu lifted her gaze and looked at the man not far away, inquiringly.

The evening sun cast warm rays on him, melting the frostiness in his eyes.

He still stood there, staring at her with his pitch-black eyes, which glistened with a hint of moisture, without blinking.

Tender and infatuated.

Cheng Chu suddenly smiled and turned her head, saying, "Never mind, I won't change. I feel this set is very nice."

At least, he seemed satisfied.

After seeing off the staff, a crescent moon had already appeared in the sky.

Fu Rong had left at some point, leaving the villa empty.

Cheng Chu had already changed out of her wedding dress, but her face still had makeup on. She was about to enter the bathroom to remove it when she was pulled into a scorching embrace.

The man's hands gently touched her head as he whispered, "You look so beautiful." 

Cheng Chu couldn't help but laugh out loud and said coquettishly, "How long has it been since I changed out of the dress already?"

He gazed at her as if he could never get enough of her.

"You look beautiful like this," he said hoarsely, leaning down to kiss her cherry-like lips.

But the next second, he was stopped.

The girl's slender and white fingers pointed at the man's thin lips, and she said softly, "No, there's lipstick on my lips."

He lowered his eyes in disappointment, his eyelashes trembling pitifully, his voice full of unstoppable disappointment.


Cheng Chu lifted his hand to his eyes.

The girl wore the small moon-shaped bracelet that Gu Miao gave her many years ago, which made her skin look as white as snow.

Gu Miao's throat tightened, "You're still wearing it?"

This bracelet had been well-preserved, showing the owner's careful care.

Gu Miao had thought that this kind of bracelet didn't match her many years ago. 

The young man stood alone, with nothing to offer but the best gift he could give - a bracelet on her wrist.

The room was quiet, with the gentle moonlight shining in.

The girl looked up at him, her watery peach blossom eyes shimmering with soft waves.

She smiled, her voice as gentle as the moonlight, "Of course I'm wearing the one you gave me."

His Adam's apple rolled violently as he gently took the girl's hand and whispered, "Wait until we go shopping, I'll buy you something better."

The girl blinked, "Who told you that?"

She meant that he could kiss the back of her hand.

Gu Miao was stunned, and asked softly, "What do you mean?"

"Forget it." Cheng Chu's eyes flickered slightly, her voice lowered, "Wait for me."

She said, and with a snap, she closed the bathroom door. 

Gu Miao stood stiffly, listening to the sound of water dripping in the bathroom. His dark eyes flickered with confusion. What did she really mean?

Lost in thought, Gu Miao suddenly felt a gust of wind on his face. The door had been forcefully pushed open from the inside.

On this autumn night, the sky was adorned with lonely stars. The girl stood before him, her face bare and dotted with glistening water droplets. They slid down her smooth cheeks, over her neck and collarbone, and slowly disappeared into her clothes.

Gu Miao's fingers curled at his side, his Adam's apple involuntarily rolling. The world suddenly became quiet, and his heart pounded loudly in his chest.

"Chuchu, let's go," he said, his voice hoarse and unrecognizable. 

The girl smiled and stood on her tiptoes, wrapping her arms around the man's neck. Her fingertips lightly slid up and down the back of his neck.

She leaned in close and whispered, "Wait, didn't we have something unfinished just now?"

A gust of wind blew in from outside the window, and Gu Miao felt his heart pounding in his chest. His blood rushed through his body like a tide, making him feel dizzy and hot.

He pursed his lips, hoping he wasn't blushing again. But the next second, soft lips silenced all his thoughts, and the girl's delicate fragrance filled his nose.

He couldn't help but let out a few deep breaths, his strong hands wrapped around the girl's waist, deepening the kiss in silence.

The room was filled with passion. The autumn in Haishi was brief, and the winter came quietly with the cold wind.

The wedding was just around the corner.

They had been living together for some time, and Fu Rong had silently accepted the situation.

But a few days before the wedding, perhaps due to some customs, they had to be separated for a while.

Fu Rong looked serious and said, "Newlyweds cannot meet a few days before the wedding, otherwise the marriage won't last long."

Cheng Ruohai just smiled, obviously not impressed by such ridiculous words.

However, Gu Miao, upon hearing this, changed his attitude from wanting to be with her all the time to voluntarily sending her back home.

For several days, they didn't see each other, only relying on phone calls to ease their longing for each other.

On the eve of the wedding, the sky was moonless, but the brilliant stars seemed to light up the whole night sky. The weather forecast said that tomorrow would also be a good day.

Standing at the doorstep of the villa, Gu Miao watched as the distant lights pierced through the long night and fell into his dark eyes.

He dialed the girl's phone number.

"Hey, Miao Ge, do you miss me? I was just taking a shower and missed your call," she said bluntly, as usual.

But her short sentence made Gu Miao's heart beat faster.

In the darkness of the night, he looked up.

A faint light shone from the corner room on the second floor. He imagined the girl sitting on the bed, with her hair wet and draped over her shoulders, and the air filled with her intoxicating fragrance.

Suddenly, he really wanted to see his bride.

But the words were stuck in his throat. He curled his hand by his side and remained silent.

He wanted to be with the girl forever, never to be separated again. 

"Miao Ge, why aren't you talking?" The girl's voice flowed softly through the phone line and into Gu Miao's ear, like an electric current that also reached his heart.

He suppressed the longing in his heart and replied in a low voice, "Hmm, I miss you."

The villa outside was very quiet, with a bright car light shining in the distance.

The girl's voice was full of anticipation, with a hint of nervousness. "We can meet tomorrow."

"Okay." He looked at the warm light on the second floor and said softly, "Go to bed early."

"Okay." The girl replied softly, "You too."

She bit her lip and nervously clenched her fingers. "Goodnight, husband."

There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone.

The spring night was gentle and quiet, but Gu Miao felt as if there were millions of fireworks exploding in his mind. The world seemed to freeze in an instant. He felt his heart skip a beat and stood there, dazed and unsure for how long. 

The stars in the night sky seemed to twinkle happily. 

No one knew that on this night, Gu Miao was so excited that he couldn't sleep. 

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