Picking Up Stars

Picking Up Stars

Chapter 4 - Chapter 4

Qin Fang's bucket of glue wasn't wasted. That night, he received a text message from an unknown number: "You're good."

Qin Fang raised his eyebrows, looking at the message. His fingers slowly tapped on the screen as he replied: "You're the good one."

This kind of conversation was too idiotic. Qin Fang could only tolerate sending one reply. Fortunately, the other party didn't send any more messages. If it happened again, Qin Fang probably wouldn't have been able to respond. Cursing at each other through text messages was like two immature teenagers.

He originally thought he would have to wait a few more days, but the other party clearly couldn't hold back as long as Qin Fang. The next day, they came looking for him.

At that time, Qin Fang had just finished his morning classes and was about to go to the coffee shop to eat something. Hua Tong had arrived first and was already waiting there. At the entrance of the coffee shop, Qin Fang saw Zhou Shiming. The other party was alone. Qin Fang thought this was quite particular, as he had originally assumed the other party would bring several people to confront him.

Although they had already completed the transaction of two buckets of liquid, this was the first time the two had formally met. Qin Fang watched as Zhou Shiming walked towards him expressionlessly. He had originally wanted to exchange greetings, but the other party clearly had no such intention. When he was still three steps away from Qin Fang, he suddenly raised his hand and lunged at him.

Qin Fang reacted extremely quickly, dodging the other party's fist with a backstep.

Zhou Shiming seemed to have no intention of wasting words with Qin Fang. He remained silent and directly attacked. A crowd instantly gathered around to watch the commotion. Qin Fang was a little annoyed. He didn't really want to fight in the midst of a crowd.

Qin Fang dodged a few times, but later stopped dodging. The frustration he had felt these past few days was in urgent need of an outlet. Qin Fang wasn't afraid of fighting two senior sports academy students alone, let alone just Zhou Shiming. But this guy was clearly no pushover either. Qin Fang actually couldn't gain the upper hand against him.

Hua Tong was waiting in the coffee shop. Seeing everyone running to the entrance to watch the commotion and saying that there was a fight, he cursed "Fuck" and ran out the door.

When he came out, Zhou Shiming was wiping the corner of his mouth. Qin Fang was standing to the side, saying, "Give me a reason. Did I provoke you or what? You're coming at me like a mad dog. I always feel like you've got the wrong person."

The other party looked like he genuinely despised Qin Fang from the bottom of his heart. The look in his eyes was extremely disdainful. He opened his mouth and only spat out two words: "Cheap slut."

"..." Those two words made Hua Tong, who was standing to the side, so angry that his rage value broke through the top of his head. He cursed, "Fuck you."

Qin Fang was still quite patient. He was actually able to calmly ask again, "Where does the 'cheap' come from?"

Zhou Shiming gritted his teeth and retorted, "You really like the color of the paint I sprayed on you, don't you? It suits you well."

"If you have something to say, just say it directly. Beating around the bush like this, are you trying to show that you're cultured or what?" Qin Fang frowned. The impatience could be seen on his face. "If you really don't want to say it, then we don't need to waste words. You can continue being a mad dog, and I'll beat you with my eyes closed."

"Fuck your mother." Zhou Shiming squeezed out these few words from between his teeth, then lunged at him again. When Hua Tong wanted to reach out, Qin Fang pushed him aside. Two against one was too much.

But Qin Fang also didn't want to continue fighting like a monkey for others to watch, and have it recorded and posted on social media or forums. So he first entered the coffee shop and went to the second floor. Zhou Shiming chased after him. Hua Tong and the shop staff blocked people from following them upstairs.

The coffee shop owner was their friend. He asked Hua Tong if he needed help.

Hua Tong shook his head and said, "No need." He told the owner, "If anything gets broken, we'll talk about it later."

The owner waved his hand and said, "Don't worry about that."

The onlookers were indeed gone, leaving only Qin Fang's friends, both those who were originally there and those who came up later. They all stood to the side without intervening, but every time Qin Fang took a hit, they would get restless.

The two had comparable fighting abilities. Fighting like this would never end. Just as Hua Tong was about to go up and break it up to end this battle, suddenly someone came up the stairs.

At that time, Qin Fang had one knee pressed on Zhou Shiming's stomach, one hand grabbing his hair and pressing his head against the floor, and the other hand restraining Zhou Shiming's arm. It was very difficult to resist in this position.

Qin Fang was just about to speak when he was grabbed by the shoulder from behind and fiercely flipped over. The other party's grip was very strong. Qin Fang's shoulder ached as he shrank back. Before the others could rush over and turn the scene into a chaotic brawl, Qin Fang was flipped off, and at the same time, Zhou Shiming viciously kicked him in the stomach.

Caught off guard and with the suddenness of it, this kick truly hurt Qin Fang. His face instantly turned pale.

Originally, none of the people watching from the side had intervened because the other party only had one person and Qin Fang didn't let them join the fight. Otherwise, it would have been a bit like bullying. But just now, this person had rushed up and pulled Qin Fang, causing him to take a hit.

The friends on the side all had their eyes red with anger. Seeing that the situation was about to get out of control, the coffee shop owner and staff quickly stood in the middle to stop them. If they fought like this, if they weren't careful, something serious could happen.

"Let's sit down and talk if you have something to say." The owner stopped them and said.

Hua Tong also spoke up. He glared at the two people opposite with furrowed brows, but his words sounded quite rational: "Everyone stop. This has nothing to do with you. Don't get into trouble."

The second floor was a mess of tables and chairs. Qin Fang pulled over a chair and sat down. Hua Tong walked over and stood beside him, asking, "Are you okay?"

Qin Fang's face was still a little pale. He said, "I'm fine."

"You're not very reasonable," Hua Tong glared at the male student who had come later. "There are so many of us here. You're not the only one with hands."

The male student glanced at him, then looked at Qin Fang, as if confirming that he was okay. He stood there and casually tossed out a sentence: "Sorry about that."

As soon as he finished speaking, several people around him started cursing. It indeed looked too pretentious. That cold and indifferent face made people angry just looking at it.

This person was the one Qin Fang had bumped into in the male dormitory yesterday. Yesterday, Qin Fang had left after he said a sentence. He hadn't expected to see him again just a day later.

Zhou Shiming kept cursing and swearing, but after cursing for a long time, no main point could be heard. Qin Fang also didn't bother wasting words with him anymore. He directly said to that male student, "Give me a clear explanation. Where does your conflict with me come from? If I really did provoke you, then this matter will be over. If I don't accept the reason you give, then let's have another round. I have to return that kick from earlier."

That male student was much more straightforward than Zhou Shiming. Without any nonsense or hesitation, he opened his mouth and tossed out a sentence: "Gong Qi is my buddy's girlfriend."

As soon as he finished speaking, Hua Tong, who was standing to the side, let out a hiss. The others looked at each other. No one said a word.

"Who is your buddy?" Qin Fang pointed at Zhou Shiming. "Him?"

The other party couldn't be bothered to say more. He took out Zhou Shiming's phone, found a photo, and tossed the phone to Qin Fang.

Qin Fang raised his head to take the photo. There were several people in the picture, and right in the middle was a boy with his arm around Gong Qi, smiling quite tenderly. The boy in the photo was also present, and so was Zhou Siming.

Qin Fang looked up from the phone and glanced at the boy again, asking once more, "Is this from the past or now?"

The other person looked at him and said, "They haven't broken up."

"Stop bullshitting," Zhou Siming cursed from the side, "Dare to be a cuckold but not admit it? Coward."

Qin Fang was silent for quite a while, and no one else spoke. Zhou Siming glared at Qin Fang, cursing a few times. After that, Qin Fang stood up, possibly stretching and feeling pain. He raised his hand to cover his stomach and said to the boy, "If what you said is true, then I'll accept it. If it's not true... we'll settle the score later."

The other person didn't respond or look at him.

Before leaving, Qin Fang turned to look at the boy again. The two made eye contact, still staring at each other, neither moving their gaze away first. Finally, Qin Fang asked, "What's your name, handsome?"

The other person coldly spat out two words from between his lips: "Xing Yan."

"OK." Qin Fang smiled slightly and turned to leave.


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