Picking Up Stars

Picking Up Stars

Chapter 5 - Chapter 5

The coffee shop owner said that Qin Fang and the others had just left when the guy called Xing Yan also left quickly without paying attention to Zhou Siming. The two of them didn't even exchange a couple of sentences. Zhou Siming stayed in the shop for a while before leaving on his own.

However, Qin Fang couldn't be bothered about those two at that time as his focus wasn't on them.

Qin Fang returned to Hua Tong's dormitory nearby. Hua Tong asked him, "Are you really okay?"

"I'm fine," Qin Fang shook his head, then rubbed his stomach to check, "I might throw up tonight though."

"Throwing up is no big deal," Hua Tong handed him a bottle of water, "as long as you're okay inside."

Qin Fang twisted open the bottle and took a sip. He was tapping on his phone. Hua Tong sat on his roommate's chair opposite Qin Fang and asked, "When did you go find him? Why didn't you tell me?"

Qin Fang didn't respond and kept looking at his phone without raising his head.

"What's wrong?" Hua Tong asked.

After a long while, Qin Fang finally put down his phone. He didn't say anything and just sat there in a daze. Hua Tong was a bit worried and asked him again what happened. Qin Fang turned to look at him, and after a moment, he suddenly laughed.

His laughter startled Hua Tong, "Why are you laughing? He didn't hit you on the head just now, did he?"

After finishing laughing, Qin Fang leaned his head back and covered his face with both hands. His voice came out muffled, "Tong Ge...this fight wasn't undeserved."

Hua Tong looked at him, guessing the general situation. He didn't ask further and walked over to look at Qin Fang's phone. The phone screen was still on the WeChat page with Gong Qi. Qin Fang had asked: Do you know Zhou Siming and Xing Yan?

Gong Qi had just replied with one sentence: I'm sorry.

Before Hua Tong could put down the phone, another message came: I'm really sorry, Qin Fang.

Hua Tong frowned and closed his mouth with a displeased expression, but he had already cursed this girl back and forth several times in his heart.

"She said sorry again," Hua Tong asked, "Should I delete her?"

Qin Fang didn't say anything, just grunted, then sat up straight and let out a long sigh.

"Feeling bad?" Hua Tong asked cautiously. On the way back from the coffee shop, he didn't dare bring this up if Qin Fang didn't mention it.

"Not feeling bad," Qin Fang shook his head, his expression a bit hard to describe, "...just embarrassed."

It was indeed embarrassing. Qin Fang had never lost this much face in his life. Chasing a girl who already had a boyfriend and getting a bucket of green paint poured on him by someone who came to the door.

If the paint was just someone causing trouble for him or he provoked someone for other reasons, no matter how the fight went, it wouldn't be embarrassing. But getting into a fight with someone for this kind of reason, Qin Fang himself felt he had no face and was extremely ashamed.

Hua Tong also felt this matter was humiliating, but in the end, it wasn't Qin Fang's fault. He went back to sit on his roommate's chair and said, "This pot fell from the sky, you couldn't avoid it even if you tried. When you were chasing her, how the hell would you know she had a boyfriend? Did she say she had a boyfriend? If she had said it, there's no way you would have pursued her."

Indeed, Gong Qi didn't say anything. When Qin Fang asked her if she was single, she nodded.

But there was no way to explain this matter. In other people's eyes, Qin Fang was indeed the one who acted shamelessly. Qin Fang also couldn't explain too much. Right now, he was the one losing face. After all, he and Gong Qi weren't officially together, so in other people's view, it was just Qin Fang unilaterally chasing and it had nothing to do with Gong Qi.

Although if you dissected the situation, it was Gong Qi who schemed and set Qin Fang up. But Qin Fang couldn't push all the blame onto Gong Qi just to clear himself. Regardless of who was right or wrong, it takes two hands to clap. Letting the girl take all the blame was going too far.

So just as Qin Fang said earlier in the coffee shop, if what Xing Yan said was true, then he would accept it.

"I really don't get you," Hua Tong was a bit speechless, "Do you have some kind of love curse on you or something?"

"Maybe," Qin Fang nodded.

Hua Tong had always found Qin Fang's relationship matters very puzzling. Qin Fang had never been a well-behaved kid since he was young. The two of them had known each other since childhood. Qin Fang had always been a handsome boy and started chasing pretty girls in middle school. In high school, he was even more restless, with him chasing others and even more chasing him.

But few of those relationships truly worked out, and the ones that did definitely broke up within a couple of months, never lasting long.

Hua Tong also chased girls together with Qin Fang, but at least the ones Hua Tong got together with could last a year or so, unlike Qin Fang where either it didn't work out or they quickly broke up. He used to say Qin Fang was heartless, breaking up with one and moving to the next without needing any buffer period, a real scumbag.

But Qin Fang didn't feel he was a scumbag. Easy come, easy go, it wasn't a big deal originally.

"I think you should just stay peacefully single," Hua Tong said, "You got covered in green before even getting together, if you really got together you'd still end up green. Let's not provoke that anger."

Qin Fang cursed at him, but he also found it quite ridiculous. He originally didn't think much about being in a relationship, being used to and quite enjoying the single life.

Before, he just thought Gong Qi looked good, so he asked for her contact information. In fact, once you get the contact information in this kind of situation, it's basically half successful. If the other person had no interest at all, they definitely wouldn't give it to you.

Now Gong Qi's WeChat had been deleted by Hua Tong, and they probably wouldn't be in touch again.

After this incident, Qin Fang was even less interested in relationships, finding them troublesome.

Qin Fang wasn't the type to just take a loss. Normally, if someone kicked him, he wouldn't just let it go like that. But he also was never an unreasonable person.

Looking at it from the other side's perspective, he was indeed the one acting shamelessly, no problem there. If one day someone tried to steal Hua Tong's girlfriend like this, Qin Fang could also do the same or even worse.

So after a couple of days, Qin Fang had an acquaintance in the Chemistry Department student union send Zhou Siming 10,000 yuan. With that bucket of glue poured on it, Zhou Siming's computer was definitely ruined.

Tit for tat, getting kicked was well-deserved. After compensating for the computer, the matter was over for Qin Fang. He accepted the extra kick as a loss he brought upon himself.

After this, Qin Fang became even more low-key, even a bit depressed. The main reason was still the embarrassment. Fang Ge was no stranger to fights, but it was the first time it was for a reason like fighting over a girl.

"Don't feel bad, Fang Ge. If you want to date, I can introduce you to someone."

Qin Fang sat listlessly on the sofa to the side, watching Hua Tong and the others play pool. Xiao Peng sat next to Qin Fang to comfort him, feeling quite considerate, "Really, my girlfriend has two single best friends. They're both pretty good, and beautiful too."

"Not lacking in love," Qin Fang gestured for him to shut up, "Don't need it."

"Anyway, if you want to find someone, don't be embarrassed," Xiao Peng rubbed his head, "Us brothers will definitely help out."

"Thanks," Qin Fang didn't even lift his eyelids. Even Xiao Peng from the neighboring school knew about this matter, making Qin Fang feel even more exhausted.

Dong Xiaopeng and the two brothers who came over today were high school friends who often hung out with Qin Fang. Their grades were average, barely making it into the second-tier university next door, and they would occasionally come over to have a meal with them.

Hua Tong turned around and said, "Give it a rest, Peng'er. Fang Ge doesn't need you to find anyone for him. Do you think my Fang Ge has lost his charm?"

"That's not it," Dong Xiaopeng shook his head with a smile. "My Fang Ge's looks can still hold up."

After he said that, Hua Tong couldn't stop laughing, "Look at your Fang Ge, now all you have left is your looks."

"Can't even shut up while playing ball." Qin Fang said with his face tilted up and eyes closed.

It was just a small episode that didn't cause much of a stir since no one reported it to the school. After two weeks, no one mentioned it again. The two colleges were unrelated, especially since Qin Fang was in the international exchange program. They might not even see each other again before graduation.

Qin Fang was down for a few days but then bounced back. Such a small thing wasn't worth dwelling on.

But isn't there a saying? Coincidences make the story. Even if you don't want to meet again, fate may not comply with your wishes. If you don't want to meet, you'll be forced to meet head-on. Don't even think about hiding.

Qin Fang's semester was divided into odd and even weeks. Odd weeks were basically full of classes, while even weeks had much fewer. His two roommates were juniors with heavy course loads.

Shen Dengke had to study for the graduate school entrance exam and spent all his free time in the library. When Qin Fang had no classes and didn't go out to play, he would go to the library to save a seat for his roommate. Although he wasn't preparing for grad school and didn't have much intention to study, he didn't mind sitting in the library playing on his phone for a while. It was all the same no matter where he was.

That day, Qin Fang brought Shen Dengke's water bottle and went to the library early to save him a seat. He arrived early and managed to snag a spot in the fourth-floor hall. The fourth floor had a large window with an open view. After sitting down, Qin Fang took a photo and sent it to their dorm's three-person chat group: Isn't it bright?

Shen Dengke replied: Extremely bright, mwah.

Qin Fang smiled and typed back: Don't mwah me, do you think I'm not green enough for you?

After saying that, he @-ed Chen Ke.

Qin Fang sat there playing on his phone for a while, then felt a bit bored and decided to get up and find a book to read.

He walked around and picked up a copy of "A Brief History of the World". He could read a small half of the book before Shen Dengke arrived, which would be quite good for his historical knowledge.

Qin Fang took the book and returned, seeing from a distance that someone was sitting directly across from his seat. The person was wearing a baseball cap and a black denim jacket. Qin Fang could see the person's back. As he got closer, he saw the exposed neck outside the person's collar and even sighed in his heart, how can someone be so white?

Qin Fang walked back to his seat and pulled out the chair to sit down.

He was already quite familiar with the business of saving seats in the library, so there was nothing new. Qin Fang flipped through the table of contents, then yawned and casually looked around.

However, this casual glance didn't go smoothly. His gaze froze halfway through.

—The boy sitting across from him was looking at him.


Qin Fang couldn't help but say "fuck" in his heart. What kind of cliché plot was this? This was the third time Qin Fang's gaze had collided with this classmate's.

The first time, Qin Fang's gaze was casual, and he even tried to act cool in front of the other person.

The second time, Qin Fang was already a bit unsure in his heart, but he still had to pretend to be tough on the surface and not back down.

This time was the most awkward. The other person had a blank expression and an indifferent gaze, while Qin Fang was caught mid-yawn, his mouth not even having time to close. The unexpected eye contact made Qin Fang's heart skip a beat.

Fang Ge really didn't want to see you again. Can't we just let embarrassing things be gone with the wind?

But since they had already encountered each other and their gazes had already met, so be it.

Qin Fang and Xing Yan stared at each other, both expressionless, their cool gazes battling for a while. Then Qin Fang suddenly turned his eyes away, shaking his head with a smile, the corner of his lips curling into an extremely handsome arc.

When Qin Fang smiled like this, he was very handsome and cool. He flipped the pages of the book with his fingers and said to the boy across from him, "Handsome, if you keep looking at me like this, I might blush."


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