Picking Up Stars

Picking Up Stars

Chapter 3 - Chapter 3

Dong Yin was already four months pregnant. The last time Qin Fang came back, her belly wasn't showing yet, and no one had told Qin Fang that their family was expecting another child.

The dinner table was filled with harmony, with the restless Jian Muyang and the gentle and engaging Dong Yin. After starting university, Qin Fang rarely came back to eat here, so he felt a bit uncomfortable sitting there now.

During the meal, Jian Mingtao asked Qin Fang why he didn't drive, and Qin Fang said he came straight out after class and didn't go back to get the car.

Jian Mingtao asked him, "Do you not like it anymore? If there's something else you like, just tell me and I'll get you a new one."

"No need," Qin Fang smiled, "As long as it gets me around, it doesn't matter what I drive."

"It does matter," Dong Yin scooped some soup and placed it beside Qin Fang's hand, "Young people all like these things. I recently saw one that would suit you well, I'm just not sure if it's to your liking."

"Thank you Auntie Yin," Qin Fang said, "I really don't need it."

That night, Qin Fang didn't return to school and slept at the Jian family home. Jian Muyang went to bed early. After he fell asleep, Jian Mingtao and Dong Yin also returned to their room.

Qin Fang played guitar in his own bedroom. After a while, a crack appeared in his bedroom door. Qin Fang didn't stop playing, and looked up.

Jian Muyang's head peeked in through the door crack, smiling at Qin Fang.

Qin Fang tilted his chin at him, signaling for him to come in.

Jian Muyang, wearing pajamas, chuckled as he crawled into Qin Fang's bed. Qin Fang asked with a smile, "Young master, you want to sleep in my room?"

"Mm, I want to sleep with you." Jian Muyang lay down and looked at Qin Fang, "Big brother, sing me a song."

"What do you want me to sing?" Qin Fang asked.

Jian Muyang thought for a moment, "Sing the one you used to sing to put me to sleep when I was little, okay?"

Qin Fang smiled, put the guitar back in its case and hung it up. He lay back down on the bed, on his side, and sang to Jian Muyang. Jian Muyang had very beautiful eyes. Children fall asleep quickly. Before Qin Fang finished the song, Jian Muyang's fan-like eyelashes stopped fluttering.

Qin Fang ruffled his hair. The child's soft hair brushed against his palm, tickling a little.

After having a meal at home, the next day there was an additional sum of money in his bank account. When Qin Fang received the deposit notification, he snorted and tossed his phone on the table.

The shop called and told him to pick up the car. After hanging up, Qin Fang said to his roommate, "Don't eat in the cafeteria tonight, I'll bring something back for you guys."

Shen Dengke poked his head down from the bed to look, "Bring what?"

Qin Fang said, "I'll see what looks good on the way back, anyway it'll be better than the cafeteria."

Shen Dengke put both hands in the air to make a heart shape and blinked, saying, "Love you."

"Don't love me, loving your Ke is enough," Qin Fang walked out the door, "Remember to tell him later not to buy dinner."

"Got it!" As soon as Shen Dengke finished speaking, Qin Fang had already closed the door and left. He took out his phone and sent a WeChat message to Chen Ke: Boss Ke, don't dine in Cafeteria 2 tonight, this young master will be feeding you.

The car was washed quite clean, waxed like new. But Qin Fang didn't know if it was just psychological, he always felt there was still a smell when he got in the car.

On the way, Qin Fang found a Hunan restaurant and got takeout. As he was walking back, Hua Tong called him, "Are you back yet?"

Qin Fang had the speakerphone on, "I'm back."

"Eating together tonight?" Hua Tong asked.

"No, I'm eating with my roommates tonight." Qin Fang asked him, "I got food, want to come eat in my dorm?"

"Sure," Hua Tong said without hesitation, "Then I'll buy some alcohol, and order some barbecue too?"

"Up to you," Qin Fang said, "Have Dengke drink with you."

Hua Tong was quite familiar with Qin Fang's two roommates. He often came over to freeload food and drinks. Guys generally got along well, becoming friends after eating a few meals and drinking together a couple times. Hua Tong quite enjoyed eating with them. The two could drink with him, unlike Qin Fang who rarely drank.

Qin Fang didn't like drinking much. His alcohol tolerance was average and he got drunk easily. It was precisely because he disliked the feeling of being drunk that Qin Fang seldom drank. He preferred to stay sober.

While Hua Tong and his roommates were drinking and chatting, Qin Fang sat to the side playing on his phone. He suddenly remembered that he hadn't contacted Gong Qi since the last time they had dinner.

Gong Qi hadn't contacted him either.

Next Thursday was Gong Qi's birthday. Logically, the two of them should have been in close contact these past few days, and they should confirm their relationship status by Gong Qi's birthday.

But Qin Fang had been in a bad mood recently. Since the other party hadn't sent any messages, Qin Fang wasn't in the mood to actively chat either.

Perhaps he had already gotten used to being single. On a night with good food and drink, Qin Fang preferred to sit there listening to his friends drink and talk.

"When are we going to find that Zhou... what's his name again?" Hua Tong asked Qin Fang.

Qin Fang looked up from his phone without saying anything.

"Don't know if that asshole is really mentally ill or what," Hua Tong frowned, looking puzzled, "These past few days I've almost figured out his social circle at school. No matter how you look at it, his circle has no overlap with yours at all, and his girlfriend isn't Gong Qi. Is this asshole delusional?"

Qin Fang picked up a salt-boiled peanut, peeled it and ate it, saying, "We'll see."

"When you two go, remember to call us along." Chen Ke said.

Qin Fang really wasn't in a hurry to go. The weather had been hot recently, making people irritable, and he was too lazy to deal with these vexing matters.

Moreover, Qin Fang was unwilling to be the one chasing after someone to argue. Who the other party was, why they splashed him, Qin Fang was unwilling to ask and too lazy to ask. He preferred to let the other party explain themselves.

So on Monday afternoon, after the chemistry department students finished class, there was quite a commotion in the boys' dormitory.

The class monitor's dorm room in the polymer class had been doused with glue - on the floor, the monitor's bed, wardrobe, books and computer on the desk, nothing was spared, all were covered in glue. It wasn't quick-drying glue, but it was quite sticky. The entire dorm room was a mess, and just looking at it, one wouldn't know where to start cleaning, enough to drive someone crazy.

At that time, Qin Fang was actually standing at the bottom of the boys' dorm building, waiting for Zhou Siming to come down. But he didn't know if Zhou Siming didn't intend to come find him now, or planned to clean up the dorm room first. In any case, Qin Fang waited for a long time but didn't see him.

Since he didn't see him, then forget it, Qin Fang wasn't about to stand there foolishly waiting. He had dumped a bucket of glue, this matter definitely wasn't over. The other party would certainly come find him, so Qin Fang just had to wait.

Qin Fang walked out with his hands in his pockets. It was after class and people were coming and going in the boys' dormitory area as students returned. Qin Fang walked with his head down, lost in thought. Not paying attention for a moment, he collided shoulders hard with someone.

It hurt quite a bit. Qin Fang cursed "fuck" in his heart before looking up. He frowned and looked over, his face full of impatient anger.

The other person had a similar expression, with the hooks at the corners of his eyes revealing a fierce look. As their eyes met, Qin Fang's brows twitched, thinking what a coincidence this was.

Qin Fang knew this person.

In the past few days, Hua Tong had figured out Zhou Siming's social circle at school. Qin Fang had seen the person in front of him and knew he was probably quite close with Zhou Siming.

The only reason Qin Fang remembered him was because of his face. He was quite a handsome guy, but he looked like a real jerk, putting on an exaggerated pretentious air. If it were someone timid being glared at by him like this, they'd probably be scared out of their wits.

But Qin Fang was not a timid person.

The two glared at each other, neither averting their gaze first. Qin Fang curled the corner of his mouth, chuckled lightly, and then spoke, "I'm Qin Fang, sophomore in International Trade."

The other person didn't say anything. He took off his earphones and slowly wrapped them around his phone.

"Find me anytime," Qin Fang's eyes swept lightly and slowly over the other person's body a couple times, then he said indifferently, "...This Fang Ge will be waiting for you."


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