One Hundred Ways to Become a God

One Hundred Ways to Become a God

Chapter 5 - The Domineering Patriarch Fell in Love with Me 5

"Lanlan!" Shen Cuiwei knew her daughter well. Seeing her expression change, she immediately scolded, "Go pour a glass of water for Mr. Mo."

"No need." Mo Yitao said indifferently, "I'll take the person and leave."

Shen Cuiwei's heart jumped fiercely. She suppressed her unease and forced a smile on the corners of her mouth. "I don't know why Mr. Mo suddenly wants to take Xiao Qi back to the old mansion? He's used to living in our home. Now suddenly going to the old mansion, I'm worried he won't adapt."

Just when those medicines were about to take effect, letting Mo Qi return to the old mansion at this time, wouldn't all her efforts over the past six months be in vain? Moreover, if Mo Yitao discovered anything amiss, their family would be finished...

Mo Yitao's tone was calm. "Let him go keep the old man company for a while."

In recent years, Old Master Mo's health hadn't been good. Having the younger generation of the family go keep him company was a very reasonable thing.

Mo Yitao said to let Mo Qi accompany the old master. Even if they held Mo Qi's guardianship, they couldn't say "no". After all, the family head could give them Mo Qi's guardianship back then, and now Mo Yitao could similarly take it back.

Shen Cuiwei could only force a stiff smile. " it's for the old master..."

After speaking, Mo Yitao didn't say much more. He took He Yan upstairs to get a few clothes and then left. The driver had the car waiting outside. Mo Yitao didn't choose the front passenger seat, instead sitting in the back with He Yan.

In the back seat, Mo Yitao opened He Yan's flat backpack. Seeing there were only a few underwear and socks inside, he raised his eyebrows. "Why did you only bring so little?"

He Yan lowered his eyes, his voice very soft as if embarrassed. "My clothes look too similar to my sister's. I don't want to wear them."

Imagining the scene of Mo Qi and Mo Lanyu wearing the same clothes standing together, Mo Yitao instantly felt very displeased. He zipped the backpack back up and told Xiao Di, "Go to the mall first."

Two hours later, the two of them brought a car full of clothes and arrived at the Mo family's old mansion. The old mansion had a Western manor architectural style and covered an extremely large area. After the car stopped, Mo Yitao instructed the servants who came to carry the clothes, "Send these to the room next to mine."

Hearing this, the butler standing to the side couldn't help but look at the person Mo Yitao was holding the hand off in surprise.

Mo Yitao's adoptive father, who was also the previous family head, greatly detested marriage due to his own family circumstances. He remained unmarried and childless his whole life. It wasn't until he was nearly forty that he adopted a child to cultivate as his successor.

Perhaps influenced by him, Mo Yitao was also in no rush to date despite being in his thirties. At least in the more than ten years he had worked at the Mo family's old mansion, he had never seen Mo Yitao bring anyone home.

Had the family head finally come to his senses?

However...the one the family head was holding the hand off not only had the wrong gender, but was also a minor, right? Thin and small, looking only fifteen or sixteen years old. The family head couldn't be that beastly...right?

He never expected the family head's tastes to be so unique. No wonder he showed no interest in those delicate, bashful young misses of the Mo family every New Year's Day. Turned out he liked this type.

The butler speculated impassively in his heart.

But he was just gossiping a little in his mind. These matters weren't for a servant like him to worry about at all. As long as he managed this old mansion well and did his own part, that was enough.

"Uncle Zhang." Mo Yitao called out to the butler and introduced, "This is Mo Qi, technically my cousin. He's been ill recently, so I brought him back to recuperate. Take him to see the secondary bedroom. If there's anything unsatisfactory, arrange it as soon as possible."

The old mansion was actually divided into two parts. The front courtyard was an independent Western-style villa that was Mo Yitao's residence. The back courtyard was a Chinese landscape garden-style old mansion where Old Master Mo lived. When he had nothing to do, he would tend to flowers and plants, play with birds, and gather with old friends from time to time. Mo Yitao also often went to keep him company.

What Mo Yitao said to Mo Tiangao and his wife about bringing Mo Qi back to the old mansion to accompany the old master wasn't entirely perfunctory. If he wanted to transfer Mo Qi's custody, it was impossible not to let the old master know.

Moreover, his intuition told him that a well-behaved child like Mo Qi should suit the old master's tastes. But there was no rush at the moment. Mo Qi had just arrived home and should be allowed to rest well for a night. Besides, he had things to attend to today.

The butler: "Understood."

So it turned out to be the family head's cousin...

The butler instantly felt extremely embarrassed, deeply feeling that he probably needed a bag of detergent to wash his brain.

As the family head, the room Mo Yitao lived in was naturally the master bedroom. Next to the master bedroom was the secondary bedroom, which was also by default a place where only the master of the house could reside.

He Yan understood this common sense. He glanced at the expressionless man with some surprise, not expecting this family head to value a declining branch successor so much. The previous family head had never married or had children in his life.

Mo Yitao was his adopted son and only child. They say only children are prone to loneliness and lack of love. It seemed...Mo Yitao intended to raise him as a younger brother.

No, that wasn't right. Mo Yitao seemed to be thirty-seven years old this year. Although the two of them were indeed of the same generation, this new body of his wasn't even eighteen years old yet. Could it be that this lonely family head of the Mo family had an overflow of fatherly love and wanted to raise a son?

He Yan couldn't help but touch his young face that was very different from his previous life and could easily arouse the love of elders. Thinking of Mo Yitao's loving (not really) attitude towards him, he felt the possibility of his guess being correct was very high.

But it didn't matter. If the Mo family head could deal with Mo Tiangao and his wife to his satisfaction, then as long as it didn't cross his bottom line, he wouldn't mind being filial to this family head after Mo Yitao got old.

Mo Yitao still had matters to attend to at the company. After sending Mo Qi into the old mansion, he didn't even go upstairs. He arranged for the butler and immediately left for the company.

He Yan followed the butler to the secondary bedroom. The area of the secondary bedroom wasn't smaller than the master bedroom. Perhaps because it was frequently cleaned, although it had been vacant for many years, it still remained clean and tidy. Just adding a few quilts would make it immediately livable.

The butler politely asked him, "Is there anything you need?"

He Yan had previously fought all over the interstellar world. There was one time when he had to make a forced landing alone on a remote small planet and could only sleep in a dirty and messy rock cave. Now faced with such good accommodations, of course he had nothing to complain about.

The butler felt a bit guilty and uneasy due to his earlier misunderstanding about the relationship between the young man and the head of the household. Now, seeing the young man's nervous and uneasy appearance, he felt an even stronger sense of guilt welling up inside him...

So he smiled reassuringly at the slightly nervous young man, diligently helped him put away his luggage, brought a set of new bedding, provided a laptop and mobile phone for internet access, and had the kitchen prepare some soft, delicious, and light snacks to be brought up. He also saved his own and Mo Yitao's phone numbers into Mo Qi's phone, telling him to send a text message or call if anything came up.

He Yan obediently agreed. After the butler left, while eating the delicious snacks, he tapped away on the computer and quickly and easily found information on Mo Qi's bank card spending over the past three years.

Although his computer skills were far inferior to the technical personnel in his original world, the gap between the internet technology of ancient Earth and the internet technology of the era he lived in was like the difference between a babbling infant and a fully armed iron giant.

He didn't need to exert much effort at all to obtain the information he wanted.

The total spending on Mo Qi's account over the past three years was more than 3.7 million yuan. This level of spending was not considered high among the children of wealthy families, and was not even enough to buy a luxury car. Moreover, because of his poor health, he often went to the hospital, and medical expenses also accounted for a large portion.

But firstly, Mo Qi was not the kind of wealthy family's child who loved to play and make noise, neither buying luxury goods nor buying expensive cars. Secondly, he lived at home all year round, eating and living with Mo Tiangao's family, which did not cost much money.

When He Yan was hospitalized, he had roughly estimated that even including medical expenses, Mo Qi's spending in recent years definitely did not exceed 1.5 million yuan.

As for the extra more than 2 million yuan—

After querying the bank records for the spending details, sure enough, in addition to Mo Qi's personal expenses, there were also several high-end custom-made men's suits, many miscellaneous luxury items for women, high-end furniture, and even a high-end business sedan costing more than 800,000 yuan.

Back then, the main family and Mo Tiangao's wife had agreed on a support fee of 3 million yuan, which came from the assets left to Mo Qi by his father and mother, while Mo Qi's living expenses were his own responsibility. To put it bluntly, the main family had decided to let Mo Qi spend money to hire two nannies.

But what about now? Over the past three years, this pair of nannies had been living in his home, enjoying the mansion left by his father and mother, while sparing no effort to squander his assets. In the end, they still felt unsatisfied and wanted to take all his assets for themselves.

It was no exaggeration to call them a family of vampires.

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