One Hundred Ways to Become a God

One Hundred Ways to Become a God

Chapter 4 - The Domineering Patriarch Fell in Love with Me 4

Not long after Mo Yitao left, Mo Tiangao and Shen Cuiwei came to take him home.

Seeing Mo Tiangao, He Yan had to say, Mo Lanyu perfectly inherited all the genetic advantages of her parents while avoiding all their shortcomings. Mo Tiangao had an ordinary appearance, a collapsed nose and slanted eyebrows, giving a sleazy impression at first glance. The only decent thing was his height, and this was the only aspect in which he and Mo Lanyu seemed like father and daughter.

The hospital was not far from where Mo Qi lived, just a ten minute drive, during which Shen Cuiwei kept asking about He Yan's health condition with feigned concern, and Mo Tiangao also expressed care a few times.

Mo Qi had an introverted personality and didn't get close to them despite living in Mo Tiangao's home for three years. He Yan was even less inclined to make small talk with this scheming couple. He Yan just responded with a few perfunctory "Mms".

Seeing this, Mo Lanyu said to He Yan, "Xiao Qi, this is where you're wrong. Mom is an elder, when elders show concern, you should listen attentively, not ignore them, that's too rude. Besides, with your gloomy personality, you'll definitely be disliked when you enter society in the future."

He Yan ignored her, thinking to himself, bullshit, the inheritance left by Father Mo was enough for Mo Qi to live extravagantly for ten lifetimes.

Without your bloodsucking family, the original owner would have long been enjoying his life as a wealthy young master. Entering society my ass.

Seeing He Yan's unheeding attitude, Mo Lanyu couldn't help frowning. She always had very complex feelings about this cousin. Although she sympathized with Mo Qi's frail health, she looked down on his gloomy and unsociable personality. She had told Mo Qi countless times hoping he would change his ways, but he never took it to heart.

The car stopped in front of an independent small villa.

This villa was where Mo Qi's family lived when his parents were alive. After Father Mo passed away, since Mo Qi was unwilling to move into Mo Tiangao's home, Mo Tiangao's family moved in here to take care of Mo Qi.

After entering, He Yan couldn't be bothered to say anything and went straight upstairs to his room.

Shen Cuiwei sat down on the sofa, the smile on her face completely vanishing, and grumbled angrily, "Ungrateful brat!"

Hearing this, Mo Lanyu frowned but ultimately didn't say anything.

Although there were no major faults, after nearly four years of living together, she indeed felt that Mo Qi was a bit too selfish. Over the years, Shen Cuiwei personally cooked for Mo Qi every day and drove him to and from school, not to mention whenever something happened to Mo Qi, Mo Tiangao and Shen Cuiwei would be busy taking care of him, sometimes even neglecting themselves.

But Mo Qi didn't know to be grateful and never even said a word of thanks. Even now, he only let their family live in the two small rooms on the first floor.

There was a master bedroom, a secondary bedroom, and a large guest room on the second floor, completely enough space for their family too. Her mother had mentioned wanting to move upstairs, but Mo Qi refused repeatedly, using the reason that he was unwilling to let others live in his parents' former bedroom.

This made her unable to suppress her feelings of disappointment towards Mo Qi.



When there was a knock at the door, He Yan was rummaging through the wardrobe. Mo Tiangao and his wife hadn't shortchanged Mo Qi in terms of clothing. After all, Mo Qi's expenses for food, clothing, housing and transportation were all deducted from his own credit card.

Although the clothes in the wardrobe were not luxury brands, they were from famous labels with good quality fabrics and trendy styles. Hearing the knock, He Yan casually picked out a white long-sleeved shirt with a black and white diamond pattern around the hem and tossed it on the bed.

Mo Lanyu came in carrying a glass of milk.

He Yan looked at the familiar diamond pattern on the hem of Mo Lanyu's white long-sleeved shirt and fell silent for a moment.

He almost forgot that his credit card was still in Shen Cuiwei's hands. Every time his dear aunt bought him clothes, she would "conveniently" use his card to also buy a bunch for Mo Lanyu. The original owner, raised to be naive and timid, never objected to Shen Cuiwei's actions.

Mo Qi always had a gloomy personality, so Mo Lanyu didn't mind his silence, especially since she had something to ask Mo Qi. She put the milk on the desk, walked over to the bed and sat beside He Yan. She turned to the boy with a gentle smile and asked in a soft tone, "Xiao Qi, how are you feeling?"

Not good, very bad.

He Yan sneered inwardly.

He was a person with a very strong sense of territory. Shen Cuiwei using Mo Qi's money—now his money—to buy Mo Lanyu clothes matching his made him feel extremely disgusted.

Moreover... from the looks of it, for Mo Lanyu to live in Mo Qi's house and wear clothes bought with his money with a clear conscience, she probably wasn't as pure and kind as she usually appeared.

He Yan was not the original owner, that little idiot who would say he was fine even when he wasn't. In fact, when he was unhappy, he usually wanted to make others unhappy too, especially if that other person was the culprit who made him unhappy in the first place.

So he spat out three words with a blank expression, "Not good."

Mo Lanyu was stunned.

What was going on? Mo Qi wasn't like this before. He was always very low-maintenance. Even when he was sick and hospitalized, he would say he was fine so as not to worry his elders. This was one of his few good points.

He must be really seriously ill this time?

Although reason told her that she should leave now and let Mo Qi rest, her mind was already fully occupied by that man's tall figure. After hesitating for a moment, she decided to bother Mo Qi a little longer.

Although Mo Yitao was the head of the Mo family, apart from the previous head who raised him, he wasn't very close to the other members of the Mo family. It was already rare for Mo Yitao to visit Mo Qi for two days in a row. While envying Mo Qi, there was also a subtle expectation in her heart.

Could it be because of her that Mo Yitao showed this special attention to his cousin, whom he had barely even met?

Although she knew that possibility was close to zero, once a fantasy took root in her heart, it was very difficult to extinguish.

"So Xiao Qi, do you remember the older brother who came to see you today?" Mo Lanyu raised her warm smile again.

"......" Older brother? He Yan sincerely felt that with Mo Yitao's age, he could completely be his uncle.

He nodded.

"What did that older brother say to you?" Mo Lanyu smiled even more gently, "Can you tell your sister?"

She began to regret it as soon as she walked out of the hospital doors. Xiao Di had always relied on Mo Yitao's power to bully others. Back when a few Mo family side branches who had given Mo Yitao trouble were nearly driven to bankruptcy and came to make peace with Mo Yitao, before Mo Yitao himself had even said anything, his assistant Xiao Di cursed them out viciously without holding back, truly kicking someone when they were down.

She had known about Xiao Di's character for a while, so why did she have to impulsively leave in a moment of anger, foolishly throwing away the chance to talk to Mo Yitao.

"Well, he said..." He Yan slowly began to speak.

Mo Lanyu's eyes lit up as she looked at him expectantly.

He Yan said calmly, " take care of my health."

Right, one would say that when visiting a sick person... Mo Lanyu pressed further, "Did he say anything else?"

He Yan shook his head.

The smile on Mo Lanyu's face became a bit strained.

She was truly a bit disappointed. Did Mo Yitao really not mention her at all?

Makes sense. The man had already achieved success and fame, so in his eyes, she was still just a little girl.

But she was confident. Her previous losses in the stock market were due to someone intentionally misleading her. This lesson also made her wiser.

Next, she didn't plan to wade into the muddy waters of the stock market anymore, but intended to go into real business, starting with information technology. The information industry was the main business area of the Mo family. If she could make some achievements in this area, it would definitely make Mo Yitao see her in a new light.

Now she just needed some startup capital and she believed she could stage an impressive comeback within two years.

But forget about startup capital, her family hadn't even paid off their debts yet. Mo Lanyu was a bit worried.

Thinking of this, Mo Lanyu had an idea. She heard from her parents that when Mo Qi's parents passed away, they left him a large sum of money. Could she borrow some money from Mo Qi first...

Mo Lanyu looked thoughtfully at the quiet boy sitting on the bed. The boy also happened to look up at her. Her gaze met the boy's dark eyes for a moment. She couldn't help feeling her heart jump and suppressed the thought in her mind.

Forget it. With how much importance Mo Qi placed on his parents, he definitely wouldn't agree to lend her the assets his parents left him. Besides... she didn't know how long Mo Yitao's attention on Mo Qi would last.

If Mo Yitao found out she borrowed money from her cousin, he would definitely think she coveted Mo Qi's inheritance. She wasn't that kind of person and didn't want to give him that misunderstanding of her.

"Alright, I won't disturb you anymore. Get some rest." Feeling disappointed, Mo Lanyu patted the boy's thin shoulders. "Remember to drink the milk before going to bed."

After the door closed, He Yan didn't hesitate to take off the shirt Mo Lanyu had patted, threw it and the diamond-patterned long-sleeve into the trash can with disgust. God knows how much effort it took for him to restrain himself from swatting away Mo Lanyu's hand earlier.

Then he looked at the steaming glass of milk and let out a light chuckle.

Mo Qi had the habit of drinking milk before bed. After Shen Cuiwei found out, she specifically had Mo Lanyu bring him a glass of hot milk every night. And the drug that caused Mo Qi's blindness was mixed into this nightly glass of hot milk.

He Yan took the milk to the bathroom, poured it into the toilet and flushed it clean. Then stripped down to just a pair of white briefs, wrapped himself in the quilt and fell asleep.


Mo Yitao came over during breakfast.

After being mocked by Xiao Di yesterday, Shen Cuiwei was more well-behaved. At least the breakfast dishes were normal, and she even added a few light dishes out of consideration for his health.

When Mo Yitao entered, the three people at the dining table besides He Yan were all very surprised. Especially Mo Lanyu. Yesterday, the man had caused her mood to rise and fall.

After returning to her room, she had tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep until midnight. Seeing Mo Yitao suddenly visit today, her heart was instantly filled with an inflated joy—she knew Mo Yitao wasn't completely uninterested in her.

Her mother had once told her that in the entire Mo family, only her looks and talent could match Mo Yitao.

Her gaze swept over the man's tall stature and handsome, sharp brows and eyes. Strongly suppressing her inner excitement, she only showed the man a brilliant smile. But Mo Yitao's gaze only lightly passed over her without lingering.

Shen Cuiwei and Mo Tiangao had guilty consciences. Mo Yitao's appearance was more shocking than joyful for them. While feeling uneasy, they were also more level-headed than Mo Lanyu who was blinded by love.

As the head of the household, after a moment of surprise, Mo Tiangao was the first to stand up and invite Mo Yitao to sit. "Mr. Mo, how do you have time to visit?"

He spoke slowly. Because of the smile on his face, the corners of his eyes were forcibly squeezed into a few wrinkles.

As usual, Mo Yitao didn't know how to be roundabout. Or rather, faced with this couple he had no good feelings for, he didn't have that much patience. He slightly nodded and said concisely, "I'm here to take Mo Qi back to the old house to live for a while."

"What?" Mo Lanyu couldn't help exclaiming.

She was overwhelmed by heavy disappointment and grievance. Mo Qi, why was it Mo Qi again? Just what about her skinny-as-bones cousin who looked malnourished could attract Mo Yitao's attention more than her?


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