One Hundred Ways to Become a God

One Hundred Ways to Become a God

Chapter 6 - The Domineering Patriarch Fell in Love with Me 6

On the other side, Mo Yitao was doing the same thing as Mo Qi, and even more.

"Boss, this is the information sent by the bank."

The assistant handed a thick stack of documents to Mo Yitao.

Being the head of the Mo family was not just an empty title. In fact, as the head of the clan, he had the right to know the non-top secret information of all members of the Mo family, and even banks had to give him the green light.

Mo Qi's bank card consumption details, Mo Tiangao and his wife's as well as Mo Lanyu's bank card consumption details and financial status.

Mo Yitao flipped through the pages one by one. As a veteran who had been struggling in the business world for many years, it was obviously impossible for him not to discover the tricks inside. The more he read, the more gloomy his face became.

"What we can know at present is that Mo Lanyu invested a large sum of money in the stock market and lost it all, and Mo Lanyu's family background absolutely cannot come up with this money. In fact, this money should have been transferred to Mo Lanyu's account two months ago by a person named 'Shen Fengyue', who is Shen Cuiwei's cousin."

The assistant dutifully summarized, "Owing such a large amount of foreign debt, Mo Tiangao's family must be in great need of money now."

"So they set their sights on Mo Qi, who has a large inheritance." Mo Yitao closed the folder, threw the documents on the desk, and continued coldly, "What about the analysis results of the medicine?"

Assistant: "It's a new type of special effect drug. Although there is no problem with the drug itself, the drug effect is too strong and is not suitable for the physically weak Young Master Mo to take. Long-term use will cause great damage to Young Master Mo's physical functions."

Mo Yitao's face instantly turned gloomy as if he was going to kill someone.

The assistant silently swallowed in his heart and lit three candles for Mo Tiangao's family. Mo Yitao was really angry this time. Even when Mo Yitao had just taken over the Mo family and faced a bunch of Mo family members who were dissatisfied and made things difficult for him in every way, he had never shown such an ugly expression as he did now.

It seemed that the young master was more important to the boss than he had imagined.

Mo Yitao took a deep breath and said, "Find someone to keep an eye on Mo Tiangao's family and report to me at any time if there is any movement."

The assistant nodded solemnly and quickly left the office.

Although Mo Yitao really wanted to deal with Mo Tiangao's family who had ill intentions towards the boy now, firstly, the information was not enough to be used as evidence for conviction, and secondly, he did not want to simply send those people to prison.

After calming down his anger a little, Mo Yitao began to deal with the documents submitted by various departments again.

Recently, the economic market was in chaos and the stock market was turbulent. Many companies had declared bankruptcy and closed down one after another, including some old companies.

After two years of adjustment, the Mo family had successfully transformed and had not suffered much loss in this crisis, but after all, it was a sensitive period. Mo Yitao had to stay in the company from time to time to prevent any mistakes.

Fortunately, the situation was improving. After this busy period, he would be able to take some time off.

It was already very late when Mo Yitao returned to the old house again. As soon as he entered the door, he asked the butler about the boy's condition today. When he learned that the boy had not come out of the room much all day, had not eaten much for lunch, and had only drunk a small bowl of soup for dinner, he frowned.

Thinking of the information he had found out today, in addition to his anger, his distress for the boy deepened.

Holding a cup of hot milk, Mo Yitao knocked on He Yan's door.

"Come in."

Mo Yitao pushed the door open and went in. The boy was lying on the bed facing the computer. Perhaps because he had just taken a shower, he was wearing loose pajama pants, exposing two slender white legs, and his hair was also wet. He turned his head to look at him, his eyes bright.

Mo Yitao felt his heartbeat suddenly increase in intensity, but that feeling only lasted for a few seconds. He quickly sat down on the edge of the bed with a natural attitude and asked, "Watching a movie? Are your eyes okay?"

"Mm, a little better." He Yan obediently sat up cross-legged and moved the laptop screen towards Mo Yitao. The screen was playing a light comedy that was very popular some time ago. Mo Yitao hadn't watched it, but he knew it had good reviews.

Mo Yitao frowned slightly, "But you can't watch it for too long. Rest early after watching. I made an appointment with a doctor for you. I'll take you there tomorrow to have a good look at your eyes."

He Yan nodded obediently, his little face lowered, not daring to look at him, revealing a small whorl on the top of his head. Seeing the boy's obedient and pitiful appearance, even if Mo Yitao had the intention to scold him a few more words, he couldn't say it.

He put the milk on the small cabinet next to He Yan's bed, "Drink a glass of milk, it's good for sleep."

This suggestion was made by the butler. Although Mo Qi was seventeen years old, he looked even smaller than when he was fourteen or fifteen. Although he looked pitiful and cute like this, making him want to hold him in his arms and rub him, it still made people distressed.

He Yan was just worrying about how to "unintentionally" hint to Mo Yitao that Shen Cuiwei had drugged him, when this Mo family head considerately delivered the prop, which couldn't be more understanding. So He Yan frowned and stammered, "I... um... I don't want to drink this... I'm sorry."

Mo Yitao rarely took the initiative to be considerate to others, but his good intentions were not accepted. If it were someone else who was so ungrateful, he would have sent them away long ago, but facing the boy, he couldn't even raise such thoughts.

Especially when the boy was still looking at him eagerly, stammering apologies to him, afraid of angering him, he couldn't help but feel a piece of softness in his heart.

Mo Yitao's tone was so gentle that even he himself didn't notice it, "It's okay, if you don't want to drink it, forget it, it's not a big deal."

He Yan continued to maintain his persona of a pitiful little punching bag, his voice small as if he was ashamed of letting Mo Yitao down, "I'm really sorry... Auntie Shen used to make me drink milk every day, but I really don't like it, I really, really don't want to drink it anymore..."

Although Shen Cuiwei was his aunt by blood, that little blood relationship was actually so thin that it could be directly ignored, so there was no need to call her auntie.

Moreover, he didn't want such an aunt who kept thinking about how to kill him every day.

Mo Yitao couldn't help but reach out and rub his fluffy head, comforting, "It's not your fault, don't be so restrained, okay?"

He Yan nodded with a red face.

However, his face was red not from shyness, but from anger. From his soul, he was already an adult, so being treated like a child like this felt quite subtle. It was only because he had a good impression of Mo Yitao and didn't dislike his touch, otherwise he really wouldn't have been able to keep up this well-behaved child image.

After this matter was glossed over, Mo Yitao accompanied He Yan to finish watching that light comedy movie. The film quality was good, and both of them watched quite attentively, so the atmosphere was harmonious.

After watching the movie, it was about time to sleep. After saying good night to the teenager and receiving a small reply, Mo Yitao walked out of the room with a gentle face, but as soon as he closed the door of the teenager's room tightly, his face sank.

Looking at Shen Cuiwei's actions, she clearly wanted to ruin the teenager's body, so how could she be so kind-hearted to urge the teenager to drink milk every day? Moreover, the teenager clearly disliked it, yet she still forced him, which was too unreasonable.

When something unusual happens, there must be a demon behind it. It's not that he was being paranoid, it's just that the malice held by Mo Tiangao's family was too obvious.

And the results of Mo Qi's physical examination the next day also confirmed his speculation.

Mo Qi's eyes were not caused by illness, but the result of being poisoned by a slow-acting poison.

"Mr. Mo, you don't need to worry too much. Perhaps because the poisoning duration is still short, the amount of toxins in Mo Shao's body is not much, so the probability of blindness is very small. With the right medicine, the toxins can be cleared in a few months." The doctor carefully explained Mo Qi's condition to Mo Yitao, "However, because Mo Shao's immunity is inherently poor, you still need to pay more attention to his diet."

Mo Yitao tightly pursed his lips, his face looking very bad. "Prescribe the medicine."

A young master who has lost both parents, has a weak body, and carries a large inheritance suddenly gets poisoned under the care of distant relatives. If you say there's no foul play here, even ghosts wouldn't believe it.

How sinful. Thinking of the teenager's obedient and timid appearance during the examination, and his frail body that did not match his age, the doctor shook his head and sighed in his heart without changing his expression in the face of the Mo family head's cold face. In wealthy and powerful families, there are always some unspeakable private matters like this.

After leaving the hospital, Mo Yitao put away the examination results before sitting in the sedan waiting outside the hospital with a seemingly normal face.

The teenager who had been waiting in the car for a long time saw him and revealed a fleeting cute smile, pure and without any haze.

Mo Yitao's heart gave rise to a trace of tenderness due to the teenager's adorable appearance. This tenderness intertwined with the anger and remorse originally in his heart, forming a complex and sour emotion.

He couldn't help but reach out his hand, pull the teenager close to his side, wrap his arm around the teenager's thin shoulders, holding him tightly, and pressing him tightly against his body.

In the air-conditioned car, the temperature from the teenager's body was transmitted to him through the thin clothes. He lowered his head and met the teenager's wide-open eyes, unconsciously revealing a hint of a gentle smile.

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