One Hundred Ways to Become a God

One Hundred Ways to Become a God

Chapter 3 - The Domineering Patriarch Fell in Love with Me 3

Duck blood, ginseng, hen, mutton, and soft-shelled turtle are all highly nourishing foods, but the young man had a cold constitution and weak body, and absolutely could not touch these supplements that were too abundant in yang energy.

Mo Yitao raised his chin at the assistant standing to the side, who immediately understood and removed the small dining table placed over the hospital bed.

Shen Cuiwei inwardly thought this was not good, feeling apprehensive, but still maintained a surprised and confused appearance on the surface: "Xiao Qi currently needs to nourish his body, and the things I made for him are all top-quality supplements."

"Supplements are not suitable for those with a weak constitution. What a coincidence, the dishes you made for Young Master Ge all have potent medicinal properties. If Young Master Ge really drank them all without leaving a drop, I'm afraid he would have lost half his life here today."

Mo Yitao's gentle and elegant assistant said with a smile on his face but a sarcastic tone as he used his index finger to push up his glasses.

Having followed by Mo Yitao's side for many years, turning into a sharp-tongued debater on behalf of his boss when needed was a necessary skill for a good assistant.

This criticism was really too sharp. Shen Cuiwei, who was already feeling guilty, turned pale with fright from Xiao Di's words, and could only say awkwardly: "It's all my fault, I nearly caused a huge mistake by accident. I will definitely be more careful in the future."

Assistant: "Hehe."

Mo Lanyu's face also showed some embarrassment. Although Shen Cuiwei's actions were inappropriate, she was still well-intentioned. Watching her own mother being criticized like this, especially by the assistant of the person she admired, she couldn't help feeling a little aggrieved. She pursed her lips and explained, "Mr. Mo, Mom didn't do it on purpose. Besides, my cousin only drank a little, he should be fine."

Mo Yitao glanced at her expressionlessly, not responding.

Not on purpose? Shen Cuiwei had been through a lot in her life, how could she not know this basic common sense?

Mo Lanyu's attempt was in vain. She lowered her eyes in grievance, but inadvertently met the gaze of the young man. The young man was thin, curled up in a ball on the bed, his pale face sickly, and his unfocused eyes were dark as they looked at her. She thought of the consequences of the young man drinking the soup under the persuasion of her mother and herself, and couldn't help but feel a jump in her heart. She awkwardly shifted her gaze away.

"Mom, I'm leaving first." She felt uncomfortable, and even the presence of the man couldn't put her at ease. She said goodbye to Shen Cuiwei in a low voice and hurriedly left the hospital.

Shen Cuiwei, having lost face, also found it difficult to stay. After Mo Lanyu left, she received a phone call and, as if relieved, left after saying she would come to pick up Mo Qi in the evening.

Mo Yitao instructed Xiao Di to buy some light-flavored food. Only He Yan and Mo Yitao were left in the ward.

After staring at the few strands of hair sticking up on the young man's head for a while, Mo Yitao suddenly spoke, "How do you feel now?"

He Yan answered honestly, "Not good." The feeling of spiritual exhaustion was still hard to bear, and there was an indescribable sense of fatigue mentally.

He still couldn't understand what Mo Yitao was trying to do. As the head of a large family, why would Mo Yitao suddenly take an interest in an inconspicuous branch heir?

It should be noted that in the original trajectory, Mo Yitao didn't even show up today. Now, this family head seemed to be possessed, eagerly coming to visit him, with an attitude so attentive that one couldn't help but feel suspicious.

It was true that Mo Yitao and Mo Qi's father had some connections, but in the end, it was just ordinary business dealings between companies, quite shallow. Would Mo Yitao really care for an ordinary young man with little use just for that bit of connection?

He Yan wasn't sure.

Or... did this family head have some special fetishes? After all, Mo Qi's appearance was not bad, and this kind of delicate and fragile young man was most likely to attract the attention of certain specific groups, especially in the military, where such things were never uncommon. He Yan, who had been in the military for more than a decade, couldn't help but suspect.

Because of this guess, he raised his head and stared at the man with unfocused eyes for a while.


After seeing the man's eyes, He Yan quickly dismissed his previous guess. There was concern, tenderness, and... affection in Mo Yitao's eyes, but indeed no lust or malice.

Although he couldn't mobilize his spiritual power, his perception ability had not disappeared, and he could still perceive people's emotions with eight or nine out of ten accuracy—as long as the other party couldn't use spiritual power to hide their emotions.

However, in the previous information, there was no mention of spiritual power in this world, and he had not detected the existence of spiritual power in the few people he had just come into contact with.

Mo Yitao's mind went blank for a moment when the young man's watery eyes stared at him.

He paused for a while before asking, "Where does it hurt?"

He Yan: "My head hurts."

His body reacted before his brain. By the time Mo Yitao realized what he was doing, his hand had already touched the corner of the young man's eye.

He was stunned for a moment. Doing this... wasn't it a bit too offensive?

He Yan was also a little dazed. He used to detest other people's touch, and the closest action he had done with others was nothing more than a handshake, and even then, he was wearing gloves.

But now... the corner of his eye was touched by someone, and he didn't even feel disgusted.

Putting down his hand without saying a word, Mo Yitao's lips curved into a faint smile, which melted his sharp brows and eyes, making him look much more approachable. "You're not comfortable staying at Mo Tiangao's place? Why don't you come back to the main family with me? The environment there is good and suitable for your recuperation."

Transferring Mo Qi's guardianship to Mo Tiangao's family was a decision made by his adoptive father when he was in power. At that time, he didn't pay much attention to it, but now it seems that this decision was obviously a bit hasty, at least Shen Cuiwei still had other intentions.

He Yan suppressed the complex feelings in his heart and continued to look at him with a confused face, "But isn't Uncle Mo my guardian?"

"Your guardianship can be transferred to me," Mo Yitao insisted.

He Yan hesitated for a moment. Although he had taken over this body halfway, no matter what, since he had already become "Mo Qi", of course, those two annoying relatives who had poisoned the original body blind, letting them off like this was really not in line with his principle of reciprocating favors.

However, Mo Yitao was, after all, the head of the family. If he insisted on taking him back to the main family, Mo Tiangao and his wife would not be able to stop him at all.

However, thinking from another angle... if Mo Yitao was willing to step in and handle this matter, it wouldn't be a bad thing. Mo Yitao had vast influence, and as the family head, he could rightfully deal with Mo Tiangao and his wife, which would be much more convenient than if he did it himself.

When someone hands you a gun - and such a good gun at that - there's no reason not to use it, right?

Moreover, aside from being a bit cold, there was nothing wrong with Mo Yitao's character. He had a large family and a thriving business. Although the inheritance he received would be an unattainable sum for Mo Tiangao and his wife in their lifetime, compared to Mo Yitao's wealth, it was not even worth mentioning. Therefore, surely the Mo family head was not after that bit of inheritance.

Thus, he first had to give a hint to this family head who was insistent on getting close to him no matter what. He blinked his eyes and looked at the man with a puzzled expression, saying softly, "Ah... there's no need to rush like this. I'll be an adult next year. Wouldn't it be too troublesome to keep transferring me around?"


Mo Yitao's heart skipped a beat.

The boy's unintentional words reminded him that although the boy's health was not good, the sudden onset of an eye condition was too suspicious. Why didn't it happen earlier or later, but instead occurred just as the boy was about to come of age?

The assets left by Mo Qi's father were no small amount. Money could sway people's hearts, and Shen Cuiwei was too impatient.

He Yan inwardly smiled wryly. He had already given such obvious hints. For Mo Yitao to be able to sit firmly in the position of Mo family head despite all the opposition, his intelligence and emotional quotient must be up to par. Of course he couldn't possibly fail to see through Shen Cuiwei's schemes.

Since he realized it, what would he do next?

Seeing the innocent and clueless look on the boy's face, Mo Yitao felt even more uneasy about letting him stay under the same roof as Shen Cuiwei who harbored ill intentions. So he took a step back and suggested, "Why don't you go stay at the old residence for a few days to recuperate?"

But before he could get the boy's answer, the nurse came in carrying medicine.

Mo Yitao took the medicine, poured a cup of hot water, and handed them together to He Yan. Then he instructed the nurse, "You can go out first."

However, the nurse shook her head with a troubled expression. "Dr. Xu ordered me to make sure Young Master Qi finishes his medicine."

Mo Yitao's face darkened.

"Get out!" He looked coldly at the nurse. "Do you not understand?"

What a Shen Cuiwei, did she really think everyone else was a fool?

The nurse was frightened out of her wits by the man's icy gaze. She had only recently started working and followed all the instructions of the attending physician. Being coldly reprimanded, she immediately turned pale and left in a fluster.

After the nurse left, Mo Yitao turned around and saw the boy holding the medicine, his eyes wide with confusion as he looked at him. The boy's eyes were dark and moist. No matter how much anger he had, the moment their eyes met, it all dissipated.

He took the medicine from the boy's hand and placed it on the bedside table with a tissue underneath. He gently reassured the puzzled boy, "Don't take this medicine for now."

He Yan still looked at him with complete bewilderment.

Mo Yitao frowned. Judging from the nurse's attitude, there was likely something fishy in the medicine. The boy was too pure and gentle. He didn't want these shady matters to taint the boy's innocent thoughts. Just then, Xiao Di entered, carrying food. Mo Yitao avoided the boy's questioning gaze and took the porridge, opening it for him.

Xiao Di had bought lotus seed and red date porridge. The thick white rice porridge was dotted with plump lotus seeds and red date flesh, emitting a faint fragrance. He Yan had always liked light foods. This body had been hungry all day and was already starving. Seeing the appetizing white porridge, his eyes lit up and he began drinking it without any reservations.

Seeing the boy's bright eyes like a little kitten, Mo Yitao felt inexplicably satisfied. After admiring the boy's eating posture for a while, while the boy's head was lowered to drink the porridge, he sent Xiao Di a text message: "Take the medicine on the table and have it analyzed."

Xiao Di took out his phone, glanced at it, and while the boy was focused on drinking the porridge, he sneakily pocketed the medicine.

After He Yan had finished the bowl of porridge clean, Mo Yitao spoke again, "Pack up in a bit. I'll take you to stay at the old residence for a few days. Be good."

So he had made up his mind to intervene in this matter?

There was no reason not to use a gun that was handed to him on a silver platter. If Mo Yitao didn't handle those two to his satisfaction, he could always follow up with a couple more stabs later.

However, thinking of his lovestruck cousin, He Yan's mischievous side emerged. He narrowed his eyes and gave the man a soft smile, "Then can I go back with you tomorrow? I want to go home and pack some things first."


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