One Hundred Ways to Become a God

One Hundred Ways to Become a God

Chapter 2 - The Domineering Patriarch Fell in Love with Me 2

After standing like a wooden person and watching his boss stare at the young man from multiple angles at close range for a full fifteen minutes, the assistant finally couldn't take it anymore. He walked over to Mo Yitao's side and reminded him in a low voice, "There are still fifteen minutes left, boss, we still have a meeting to attend."

They were originally going to the company for a meeting, but since the hospital was closer to the company, they took a detour to visit this disaster-prone branch heir. However, if the boss kept staring like this, the upcoming meeting would probably have to be directly cancelled.

Mo Yitao withdrew his gaze and nodded, then got up and left the room with his assistant.

After the sound of the door closing, He Yan, who was lying on the bed, opened his eyes again.

This head of the Mo family seemed to be acting a bit strange.

In Mo Qi's original life, he didn't have much of a relationship with this young patriarch who had just left. Except for gathering once at the Mo family's main residence during the New Year, Mo Yitao would occasionally show concern for him out of respect for Mo Qi's father, but they had no contact in daily life.

However, Mo Yitao's behavior just now really did not match the attitude a normal person should have towards a distant relative they weren't close to.

Who would stare at someone they had no contact with for more than ten minutes?

He Yan narrowed his eyes indifferently, his head aching terribly. He was too lazy to guess what Mo Yitao was thinking. He closed his eyes again and fell asleep in the warm quilt.

He Yan slept all the way until the next afternoon before feeling a bit better.

Not long after he woke up, the nurse who had been paying close attention to his condition brought him the medicine he needed to take. He Yan took a large pile of colorful pills in front of her, holding them under his tongue with warm water. After the nurse left, he spit the sticky pills onto a tissue, balled it up and threw it into the trash can, then took another cup of hot water from the automatic water dispenser next to the bed and rinsed his mouth to dispel the bitter taste.

The medicine prescribed by the doctor seemed to have no problems on the surface, but it contained several overly potent specialty drugs. Mo Qi was already physically weak, and although these drugs could improve his physical condition in a short period of time, in reality, the overly strong drug properties would quickly backlash against his body.

After the improvement, there would be an even more rapid weakening. Although these drugs were not fatal, they were quite insidious and would slowly hollow out a person without them realizing it.

In the evening, Mo Qi's current guardian, his aunt Shen Cuiwei, brought his cousin Mo Lanyu to deliver his meal.

Shen Cuiwei was already forty-four this year, but because she took good care of herself, she looked to be in her early thirties. She was not tall, had a plump figure, and a beautiful face. Even though she was approaching fifty, she still had the capital to attract the attention of men.

He Yan turned his face to look at this nominal aunt-in-law, and thinking of the original's experiences, a feeling of disgust suddenly surged in his mind.

Mo Qi had been physically weaker than ordinary people since he was a child. Although he didn't have any chronic illnesses, his weak immune system made it very likely for him to get sick if he wasn't careful. Once he got sick, it was also very easy for it to worsen, developing from a minor illness into a major one.

Therefore, when his parents passed away unexpectedly, he was only fourteen years old and completely unable to live independently. So the main Mo family stepped forward and entrusted a couple within the clan to take care of him until he came of age, using the portion of the estate Mo Qi inherited as compensation.

This family belonged to a relatively remote branch of the Mo family, and their family circumstances could only be described as having enough food and clothing, considered a moderately well-off family. However, the couple were relatively honest and upright, and their family reputation was also good.

At the time, the main family had also deliberated for a while before choosing this unremarkable couple as Mo Qi's foster parents.

But no one had imagined that it was precisely this couple, who appeared honest and upright in the eyes of outsiders, who step by step caused the death of that weak and naive child. Mo Qi's sudden blindness this time was also their handiwork.

In Mo Qi's original life trajectory, this sudden blindness lasted for nearly a year, and he was eventually burned to death in a villa with the doors locked during a sudden fire.

And the purpose of the two harming Mo Qi was also very simple, it was for the inheritance in Mo Qi's hands.

Mo Qi's father was originally a member of the previous generation's Mo family direct line and a strong contender for the position of heir. However, under the pressure exerted by the family, he voluntarily gave up the qualification of heir in order to marry Mo Qi's mother, who was of common origin, and split from the main family.

Mo Qi's father had a very high aptitude for business. After leaving the main family, he founded a company after a period of hard work, and the development momentum was fierce, clearly a dark horse in the industry. After Mo Qi's parents passed away unexpectedly, a large number of shares and a huge amount of wealth were all left to their only son, Mo Qi.

A weak and sickly rich young master with a huge inheritance attracting greedy hyenas was actually not hard to imagine.

Meeting He Yan's gaze, Shen Cuiwei's face stiffened. After being dazed for a moment, she tentatively asked, "Xiao Qi, your eyes... can you see?" Wasn't he unable to see anything yesterday? How did he suddenly recover today?

He Yan replied with a confused expression, "When I woke up, I could see a little, but it's still a bit blurry, sometimes good, sometimes bad."

Hearing this, Shen Cuiwei relaxed a little. The medicine she had been feeding Mo Qi was slow-acting. Maybe it still needed a bit more time. At most, after another month, she refused to believe that Mo Qi wouldn't become a complete blind man.

Mo Lanyu, on the other hand, showed a happy expression. She was unaware that her parents were poisoning Mo Qi, and she didn't pay attention to Shen Cuiwei's unnaturalness just now.

Seeing that Mo Qi had the possibility of recovering his vision, she immediately said with a joyful face, "That's great, cousin. When you get better, I'll take you to the park to see the lake."

Her little cousin had been in poor health since he was a child, and his parents had passed away early. If he went blind as well, it would really be too pitiful.

Shen Cuiwei's expression had already returned to normal. She put the three-tiered lunch box she had brought on the bedside table, tidied the stray hairs by her ears, and said to Mo Qi with a smile, "When I came in the morning and at noon, I saw that you were still sleeping, so I didn't wake you up. You haven't eaten for almost a day, you must be starving now."

Then she held He Yan's hand with concern and instructed Mo Lanyu, "Lanyu, help your brother take out the food." Then she set up a small table on the bed for eating.

He Yan, disgusted in his heart but expressionless on his face, pulled his hand out of Shen Cuiwei's grasp, and incidentally glanced at Mo Lanyu, who was setting out the food.

Mo Lanyu inherited all the advantages of Shen Cuiwei's appearance. Her features were exquisite and pleasant, and there was an air of heroism between her brows and eyes, which was very eye-catching.

However, at this moment, her face was a bit gloomy, and it was unknown whether she was worried about "Mo Qi's" condition or troubled by the losses in the stock market.

That's right, the stock market. Although his cousin was only a sophomore in college, she was a true genius born for business. From high school, she had shown a keen business sense, which made her ordinary parents overjoyed. They had high hopes for Mo Lanyu.

After verifying their daughter's exceptional talent several times, they handed over all their assets for her to take a shot. However, Mo Lanyu was too young and impetuous. She quickly suffered a big setback in the stock market, losing all the family's savings and incurring a lot of debt.

So this couple, who had become obsessed with getting ahead in life, finally set their sights on their weak and powerless adopted son, who held a large inheritance, in order to pay off their debts and provide their daughter with some startup capital.

The dishes Shen Cuiwei brought were very sumptuous, laid out all over the table, and the rich aroma instantly filled the entire hospital room.

He Yan sneered in his heart. Duck blood winter melon soup, chicken ginseng soup, braised lamb, and stewed turtle were all unsuitable for those with weak constitutions. Even a normal person would get nosebleeds from eating too much of these things at once. Shen Cuiwei must be afraid that the previous medicines wouldn't kill him.

Shen Cuiwei asked with a gentle and caring face, "Xiao Qi, can you see clearly? Do you want your aunt to feed you?" She then picked up the spoon, ready to personally feed He Yan.

He Yan silently shuddered with goosebumps and promptly took the spoon from Shen Cuiwei's hand. "Thank you, Auntie. I can eat by myself."

It seemed that this little brat's vision was much better than she had estimated. Shen Cuiwei concealed her inner disappointment and smiled warmly, gently urging him to eat more, with the appearance of a loving mother. From the outside, one couldn't tell at all that she was a vicious woman at heart.

Mo Qi's death could be said to have been single-handedly orchestrated by this woman.

Previously, most of the money Mo Lanyu had used in the stock market was borrowed by Shen Cuiwei from a relative in the Shen family. Now that Mo Lanyu had lost everything, she naturally had no way to repay the borrowed money as scheduled.

The relative who had lent her the money had already come to collect twice. She was truly at the end of her rope. The inheritance in Mo Qi's hands was the only lifeline she could think of. More than anyone, she hoped that this sickly nephew would die soon.

Mo Qi held the spoon and took two small sips perfunctorily before stopping. He had already died once and cherished his life.

Shen Cuiwei showed some concern on her face and said to He Yan, "Xiao Qi, you haven't eaten all day. Eat more, be good."

Mo Lanyu also chimed in, "Yes, brother, eat a little more. Mom made all of this herself. She's been in the kitchen making these since noon today."

He Yan blinked at her innocently and said softly, "But I really don't want to eat. My stomach feels uncomfortable." In his heart, he sneered. She didn't even know the common sense that those with weak constitutions couldn't handle tonics. Were Mo Lanyu's wits all focused on how to make money?

Just as Shen Cuiwei was about to persuade He Yan to eat more, the door to the hospital room suddenly opened.

Seeing who had come, Shen Cuiwei's eyes flickered. "Mr. Mo, how do you have time to come?"

Although Mo Yitao was the head of the Mo family, he was not a true member of the Mo family, but the adopted son of the previous head. When the previous head announced that Mo Yitao would succeed his position, almost all the Mo family members were dissatisfied with an outsider taking the position of head. Some people grumbled quietly in their hearts, while a few members of the Mo family's main branch felt they were more qualified than Mo Yitao to be the head and tried to trip him up after he took over.

However, in just two short years, Mo Yitao had subdued all those who had tried to trip him up and firmly grasped all of the Mo family's businesses and resources in his hands.

Naturally, such a man was worth a look from all the wealthy young ladies. Moreover, Mo Yitao was only thirty-seven years old this year, and his physique and appearance were very outstanding. Who knew how many women in their circle wanted to establish a relationship with him?

Especially the women of the Mo family. In the past, the position of the head's wife had nothing to do with them, but now there was an opportunity, so they naturally became restless.

Almost all the branch members wanted to marry their daughters to this head who had no blood relation to them, in order to become the main branch of the Mo family in this generation at one leap.

Of course, Shen Cuiwei was also interested. Mo Lanyu's figure and looks were not inferior to the other women of the Mo family's branches, and she also had extremely high talent in business. The Mo family's main source of income was business. Presumably, compared to a showy vase, a beautiful and intelligent wife would be more to Mo Yitao's liking.

Shen Cuiwei glanced at her daughter inconspicuously and saw the joy in her eyes, which was not surprising.

The caregiver she had arranged here told her that Mo Yitao came yesterday, she still regretted not being able to let Mo Lanyu meet him. She didn't expect this man to come again so soon. It was truly an unexpected delight.

"Mr. Mo also came to see Xiao Qi?" Mo Lanyu couldn't help but reveal a smile. Mo Yitao was her ideal boyfriend candidate. He was wealthy and powerful, never had any gossip, had a tall and straight physique with muscles that weren't overly exaggerated, and the strong masculine aura on his body made her heart race.

She smiled, "Mr. Mo is really thoughtful."

She had only seen Mo Yitao a few times at the Mo family during the New Year and had never spoken to him alone. Now, the man's handsome face was right in front of her, and she couldn't help but feel nervous, her heart pounding wildly.

He Yan watched this scene from the bed, feeling it was very interesting. In the information he had obtained, although Mo Lanyu indeed had some unspeakable thoughts about Mo Yitao, Mo Yitao had no feelings for her at all and did not respond to Mo Lanyu's enthusiasm.

Moreover, after Mo Lanyu plucked up the courage to confess, he rejected her without any regard for her feelings. Afterwards, Mo Lanyu's love turned to hate, and she regarded her feelings for Mo Yitao as a dark history. After making a name for herself in the business world, she even deliberately ran in front of Mo Yitao to show off.

Today, he was going to witness the dark history that the future winner in life would later regret for a lifetime. Seeing Mo Lanyu's current infatuated fangirl appearance and thinking of her future frustration and regret, He Yan couldn't help but reveal a small, gloating smile.

Mo Yitao, who had been paying attention to the boy, saw the mischievous smile on the boy's face and couldn't help but raise his eyebrows. In his impression, this child had always been silent and expressionless, dully following behind his father.

Now that he had grown up, he seemed more lively, and his every move could attract his gaze.

Mo Yitao stared at Mo Qi without responding, making Mo Lanyu a little puzzled. After a light cough, she pointed to the chair beside the hospital bed and suggested, "Mr. Mo, why don't you have a seat first."

Nodding indifferently at the woman, ignoring the chair Mo Lanyu pointed at, Mo Yitao naturally walked over and sat on the edge of the bed. The boy had already put away his smile and was lowering his head, stirring the soup bowl with a spoon, leaving a small, exquisite whorl on the top of his head.

With just a glance at the soup bowl, Mo Yitao furrowed his brows and turned to Shen Cuiwei, displeased, "How can you let him eat this?"

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