One Hundred Ways to Become a God

One Hundred Ways to Become a God

Chapter 1 - The Domineering Patriarch Fell in Love with Me 1

After an unknown amount of time, He Yan slowly opened his eyes.

Before him was a hazy whiteness.

His spiritual sea was still fragmented, flickering with tiny starry shards. This degree of damage should have been enough to cause brain death, yet for some reason he was still able to think with clear logic.

His head still throbbed with a faint ache, but it was within a tolerable range. Before He Yan could figure out why he couldn't see anything, a flood of information surged into his mind, occupying his attention.

After spending a few minutes reading through this information, he first painstakingly squeezed out a bit of spiritual power to temporarily restore his vision. With his shattered spiritual sea only shrouded in an extremely thin layer of spiritual power, after restoring his vision, he lacked the strength to further repair this weak body.

Once his vision was restored, He Yan quickly surveyed the room he was in. A stark white ceiling, stark white bedsheets, and very primitive ancient Earth medical equipment.

Sure enough, this was no longer the world he was familiar with.

Turning his head to look, the time chart at the head of the bed clearly displayed 6:30 pm Beijing time. Beijing, the capital of the Chinese nation in the final centuries of ancient Earth - he had at least learned this bit of historical trivia from history books.

He was originally an admiral in the Third Fleet of the Alliance military. After a battlefield defeat due to faulty intelligence, in order to cover the retreat of his men, he was unfortunately killed by the enemy in the asteroid belt. Yet for some unknown reason, he woke up again in an unfamiliar place, and even...seemingly crossed through time and space, returning to ancient Earth four thousand years ago.

He turned his head to look out the transparent glass window beside him. It was already late in the day, and through the gray-blue sky, the glass window clearly reflected a young man with delicate features, refined brows and eyes, a pale complexion, and a blue and white striped hospital gown hanging loosely on his body, exposing a fair neck and deep collarbones, making him look even more frail.

Suddenly, the young man curved his lips, revealing a smile of relief.

No matter what opportunity allowed him to come to this era that existed in history textbooks, and to possess some memories of the future, to be able to obtain a second life was, in any case, something to feel fortunate about.

He Yan reorganized the information that had just flooded into his mind.

This body was originally named Mo Qi, seventeen years old this year, the heir of a branch of the Mo family. Three years ago, his parents passed away in a plane crash. He was now being raised by his uncle Mo Tiangao from another branch of the Mo family and his wife Shen Cuiwei. Mo Tiangao and Shen Cuiwei had a daughter named Mo Lanyu, who was nineteen this year and in her second year of university.

It's just that these two temporary foster parents didn't seem to be particularly friendly to Mo Qi.

Mo Qi's hospitalization this time for "sudden blindness" was the work of those two foster parents.

After roughly flipping through "Mo Qi's" future experiences, He Yan couldn't help but frown, but after a few minutes, he couldn't resist the weakness of this body and the extreme fatigue in his mind. He fell back onto the bed.

Yawning wearily, He Yan pulled the covers up a bit. Restoring his vision had consumed all the spiritual power he could muster at the moment. He was now so tired that he didn't even want to open his eyes, and he didn't have the energy to consider matters regarding this body. He just wanted to bury his head and have a good sleep.

However, just as he had closed his eyes, he heard a commotion outside the door, followed by the sound of the door opening.

He Yan kept his eyes closed, displeased that his sleep had been disturbed, frowning slightly. He replayed Mo Qi's experiences during this period in his mind and quickly guessed the identity of the person who had come.

—Mo Yitao, the head of the Mo family who had taken office two years ago.

After thinking for a bit, he didn't open his eyes.

Through his spiritual power, the figure of the person who had come appeared clearly in his spiritual sea.

The man who pushed open the door and entered had a tall stature and knife-sharp, sharp features, his brows and eyes filled with coldness. He wore a silver-gray suit but no tie, the buttons of his inner shirt unbuttoned to the third, revealing extremely sexy collarbones.

A very imposing person, looking very difficult to deal with. He Yan came to a conclusion.

Behind him followed a man who was slightly shorter than him, gentle and handsome, with a mild temperament. He should be an assistant.

Mo Yitao walked slowly to the front of the bed and looked down at the sleeping boy.

Gradually, a hint of surprise appeared in his eyes.

The boy's face was sickly pale, his features delicate and small, his brow faintly weary. His figure was a bit frail, and he lay curled up on his side. His entire body, nestled on the bed, only made the covers rise slightly. A few strands of his soft, clean black hair stuck up, making him look a bit silly. utterly pitiful little kitten.

After standing by the bed and examining the boy for a while, he sat down on the edge of the bed and leaned down slightly.

The boy's eyelashes were as thick and slightly curled as small fans, his pink lips slightly pursed. The man looked at him for a long time, finally reaching out to pull up the boy's cotton quilt, which was already touching his chin and didn't need to be pulled up at all.

He kept his gaze on the boy's delicate face, and a strange feeling couldn't help but rise in his heart.

He had seen Mo Qi before. Although he didn't like to interact with those clansmen who had various intentions, according to custom, on the first day of the new year, the people of the branch families had to return to the main family to pay their respects.

So at that time, for the sake of face, he would also exchange a few polite words with those countless branches of the Mo family. His first meeting with this child was during the New Year a few years ago.

In his impression, Mo Qi had always been a child with a very low sense of presence. Because of his poor health and somewhat shy personality, he didn't like to communicate with people and often followed his parents without saying a word or talking to anyone.

Mo Qi's father's company had business dealings with him, and the two were quite familiar before Mo Qi's father's accident, so the number of times he had seen Mo Qi was actually not small. But in the past few years, this teenager had not left a deep impression in his mind, only to the extent that he could recognize him when they met.

The number of words they had said to each other could be counted on one hand. Even this time, it was only because of his relationship with Mo Qi's late father that he took less than half an hour at his assistant's reminder to visit this sick child in the hospital.

But this time, just by seeing the sleeping face of the boy, his perception of the boy changed. That gray figure that had always existed in the corner of his vision, at this moment, for some reason, suddenly became colored and came alive.

On the side, the assistant who followed Mo Yitao in had a slightly distorted expression on his handsome face as he watched his boss's series of actions, feeling quite conflicted inside.

He deeply pondered if the person who said he was coming to visit the young man out of courtesy, just to make a superficial gesture before arriving, and the one who was now staring at the young man with a perverted gleam in his eyes and even touching the unconscious youth, were they really the same person?

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