One Hundred Ways to Become a God

One Hundred Ways to Become a God

Chapter 10 - The Domineering Patriarch Fell in Love with Me 10

Hearing him mention the person he brought, Mo Yitao's face flashed with a hint of gentleness. "Mr. He is joking. This is my younger cousin. He was bored, so I brought him out to have some fun. The kid is a bit shy, so please don't mind him, Mr. He."

He Yan stood beside Mo Yitao, holding his right arm in a well-behaved manner. The teenager had extremely fair skin, black eyes, and pink lips. Anyone who saw him would have to sigh and say he was exquisitely cute. The teenager seemed a bit timid, originally lowering his head slightly as if feeling embarrassed. Upon hearing Mo Yitao's introduction, he shyly smiled at the portly Mr. He in front of him. The teenager wasn't tall. Due to a physical defect, he was not even 1.7 meters tall despite being almost an adult. Mo Yitao was at least twenty centimeters taller than him. The two of them standing together made him look even more petite and delicate, unconsciously arousing people's protective instincts.

Mr. He said cheerfully, "Not at all. It's an honor for the young master to come. As long as he has fun, that's all that matters."

The people present were all shrewd. Although he had never heard that Mo Yitao had any close younger cousin, since Mo Yitao brought this child to attend this banquet and acted so intimately with him, it undoubtedly indicated the importance of this so-called younger cousin in his heart. Therefore, Mr. He did not dare to neglect him in the slightest. Moreover, this child looked not even fifteen, right? He was handsome and had a well-behaved and shy appearance, which naturally made people feel good about him.

He Yan had a smile on his face, but inwardly he was cursing. He really didn't want to attend this kind of boring banquet at all, especially with Mo Yitao who seemed to have improper thoughts about him. He had to act obedient and hold onto this guy, always feeling like he was taken advantage of in many intangible ways. But being "cared for" meticulously by this family head at home, it was better to come out and anger his dear older female cousin!

With his super strong memory, he clearly remembered that Mo Lanyu would also come to this banquet.

He wondered if his older female cousin, who had always been wholeheartedly secretly in love with Mo Yitao, would be so angry that she would smash her glass upon seeing her younger cousin, whom she had always looked down upon, intimately holding the arm of the man she liked and appearing in front of her in such a righteous manner.

He Yan thought happily. Recently, after learning that Mo Yitao might have impure thoughts about him, he always felt a suffocating feeling in his heart, making him feel uncomfortable. According to his consistent logic, if he was not happy, of course he had to make others unhappy along with him. Since he hadn't figured out what to do to Mo Yitao yet, the unlucky Mo Lanyu who ran into the line of fire became the one he vented his anger on.

Using his spiritual power to observe Mo Lanyu who was not far away, He Yan thought of a good idea. A fleeting smile appeared on his face. He gently shook Mo Yitao's right arm. The man who was exchanging pleasantries with someone noticed his little movement and immediately ended the pleasantries in a few words. After Mr. He's family left, he lowered his head slightly and asked him, "What's wrong, Xiao Qi? Come tell your brother."

He Yan looked at the man's chiseled and extremely handsome features under the light, inwardly pouting. His face still had a small, shy smile as he timidly pointed in a direction and said, "Brother... I want to eat the mousse cake over there."

The man raised his eyebrows upon hearing this. "Little glutton, as soon as you enter, you know to stare at the food."

After living together for so long, he had gradually figured out this little guy's tastes. He disliked milk and seafood with a fishy smell, and liked all sweet foods, especially orange juice and cake.

If you didn't keep an eye on him, he could eat a big plate, eating until his belly was round and he was burping. This led to him having to limit the little guy's portions later to prevent him from getting an upset stomach.

He Yan: "..." Curse your whole family, what little glutton.

The place He Yan pointed to was just right, not too far from Mo Lanyu, ensuring that she could clearly see the actions of the two.

Mo Yitao dismissed the other guests who still wanted to chat with him, and holding his hand, walked to the mousse cake. He had the waiter cut a small piece of cake and also got some orange juice. He personally carried it and placed it on a small table on the side for guests to rest and dine.

At the banquet, everyone was busy with social interactions and pulling connections, so these tables and chairs placed in the corner were not used by many people and were very quiet.

He Yan looked at the piece of cake in front of him that was only a little bigger than the fork in his hand, and inwardly gave the Mo family head a big cross. Mo Yitao had become more and more of a nag recently, wanting to control everything, even calculating how much cake he ate.

Mo Yitao didn't know whether he saw the dissatisfaction in his heart through that obedient and harmless little face. He leaned close to his ear and said helplessly, "The things here, who knows if they are fresh or not. Eating too much is not good. If you want to eat, wait until we get home and I'll have someone make it for you."

He didn't know if it was intentional or unintentional, but Mo Yitao leaned in very close, so close that He Yan could feel this person's breath from his mouth blowing on the tip of his ear when he spoke, making him a bit uncomfortable. However, this bit of discomfort immediately disappeared after seeing Mo Lanyu's reaction.

After clearly seeing the person intimately holding Mo Yitao's arm, Mo Lanyu's face became even more unsightly.

Wasn't that her sickly dear younger cousin?

The rich second generation naturally also saw. His face immediately showed a look of great interest as if discovering a new continent, and he gossiped, "Who is that little boy beside the Mo family head? I must say, he is really good-looking. No wonder there are rumors that the Mo family head doesn't like women. It seems there is some truth to it... Hehe."

Hearing this, Mo Lanyu's heart jumped. She fiercely frowned. "Don't talk nonsense. How could the Mo family head possibly like men."

The rich second generation snickered. "How is it impossible? Don't you dare not believe it. In this circle, liking men is not some fresh matter. The Mo family head is attentive to that little boy in every possible way, even personally serving him and feeding him. I've never heard of any young miss getting this treatment in front of the Mo family head in all my life. If it's not someone he holds dear, would he go this far?"

Then he paused, his tone a bit hesitant as he said in a low voice, "It's just... this kid looks like he's not even an adult yet. The Mo family head is really willing to do it."

Mo Lanyu's face completely darkened. She fiercely glared at the rich second generation and said, unable to control the anger in her tone, "Enough, what are you making up these nonexistent things for, thinking of others so filthily all day!"

The rich second-generation heir was a bit bewildered. Mo Lanyu had been acting strange the entire day. It was one thing for her to be indifferent towards him before, after all, he was the one pursuing her, so it was fine for him to lower his stance a bit.

But before he could even say a few words, Mo Lanyu suddenly flared up at him for no apparent reason. Although he wasn't exactly someone who strutted around arrogantly, he was still a rich second-generation heir who had been spoiled by his family. He had never suffered such an attitude from a woman before, so he instantly became unhappy.

He only had some good feelings towards Mo Lanyu, but that didn't mean he would be her servant. "Why are you lashing out at me? I didn't force you to come if you didn't want to. Who are you putting on airs for?"

Mo Lanyu also knew that she had said the wrong thing. The hand hanging by her side clenched tightly, her nails digging into her palm. "I'm sorry, I'm not feeling well today. I didn't mean it."

The rich second-generation heir's family still had some influence, so she had indeed been too impulsive just now.

The rich second-generation heir's good feelings towards her had been stirred up by this argument that wasn't really an argument, and there wasn't much left. Upon hearing her words, he didn't show concern for Mo Lanyu like he used to, and only said, "If you're not feeling well, go rest in the reception room."

He Yan observed Mo Lanyu's frustrated appearance through his spiritual power and instantly felt refreshed. Even the Mo family, who had been sneaking up to him and trying to take advantage of him, looked much more pleasing to the eye.

Actually, to be precise, Mo Qi's death was entirely orchestrated by the couple Mo Tiangao and Shen Cuiwei, and had nothing to do with Mo Lanyu directly.

But unfortunately, He Yan was a bit petty. Whenever he thought about how Mo Lanyu used the money she gained from Mo Qi's life to make her fortune, and how she tried every possible way to whitewash Mo Tiangao and his wife after learning the truth that they had murdered this innocent cousin of hers, without showing the slightest bit of remorse, He Yan couldn't stand the sight of her.

In short, seeing Mo Lanyu unhappy made him happy.

Beside him, Mo Yitao watched He Yan eating a small cake with such a satisfied expression that his eyes were narrowed. He couldn't help but imagine that if the boy had two furry beast ears on his head, they would surely be adorably standing up right now, and might even twitch at the tips.

These hands seemed to be getting more and more disobedient.

The Mo family head thought with a solemn face.


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