One Hundred Ways to Become a God

One Hundred Ways to Become a God

Chapter 11 - The Domineering Patriarch Fell in Love with Me 11

Enjoying Mo Lanyu's ugly expression, He Yan slowly finished that small piece of cake, put down the fork and was ready to slip away. Anyway, today's goal - to annoy Mo Lanyu - had already been achieved, so He Yan didn't want to stay at this boring banquet any longer.

The main reason was that the Mo family head attracted too much attention wherever he went. Sitting next to him, even He Yan was implicated.

Eating something in the corner, he was peeped at countless times by people with various meaningless looks, which was really not a pleasant dining experience. So he pushed the empty plate in front of him to the side and asked Mo Yitao in a low voice, "Brother, how long until the banquet ends?"

Mo Yitao caught the cake plate that was pushed to his side and handed it to a passing waiter. "Not long. Are you tired? Hmm? I'll go and say something, and take you back first."

He Yan hurriedly shook his head and looked at Mo Yitao with an uneasy face, "Will this be very impolite? I can wait a little longer."

But in his heart, he thought, if you dare to agree, I'll throw you into the blacklist right now.

Fortunately, the Mo family head had no principles when it came to He Yan's matters. He immediately expressed seriously, "It's not a big deal. Besides, it's really quite late, and you should go to bed."

So He Yan reluctantly gave the Mo family head a passing grade and stamped it with a "to be observed" seal. When he stood up with Mo Yitao, he was originally loosely holding Mo Yitao's arm, but thinking of Mo Lanyu who was still watching them angrily not far away, He Yan suddenly couldn't help but had a little mischievous thought.

He took his hand out of Mo Yitao's arm and changed to actively holding Mo Yitao's hand.

For a moment, Mo Yitao was a little stunned. After reacting, he immediately held the boy's thin and soft little hand tightly. The boy's hand was much smaller than his, soft and smooth in his hand, as if even the bones were soft, making people not want to let go once they grabbed it.

Mo Yitao couldn't help but look down at the boy with bright eyes, just in time to meet the boy's sweet smile on his face, and suddenly felt a dizzying feeling of being in the clouds.

And not far away, Mo Lanyu, who was staring at their every move with a black face, felt a burst of anger erupting from her chest and rushing straight to her forehead when she saw this scene. What was even more unbearable for her was that when passing by her side, He Yan actually glanced at her and showed her a contemptuous and provocative sneer that was completely different from his usual timidity.

Liar! Mo Qi is a hypocritical liar! They were all deceived by him!!!

Mo Lanyu felt a blackout in front of her eyes, and the wine glass in her hand fell to the ground with a "pop", shattering into pieces.

The rich second generation looked at her in surprise.


After the banquet, Mo Lanyu still couldn't control her ugly expression. The rich second generation originally wanted to show some concern, but Mo Lanyu was full of anger and had no intention of being perfunctory with him.

Facing Mo Lanyu's cold face, the rich second generation didn't want to say anything more. After sending Mo Lanyu home, the two said goodbye to each other, both feeling a little unhappy.

Let's not talk about how Mo Lanyu "exposed" Mo Qi's true colors to Mo Tiangao and his wife when she got home. Let's just talk about He Yan's side. The two returned to the old house of the Mo family.

Mo Yitao immediately fulfilled his promise at the banquet and had the kitchen make a small piece of strawberry cake. The taste was indeed much more delicious than the cake provided at the banquet. However, when the Mo family head said a small piece, it was really a small piece.

Although He Yan had tried to eat it slowly with small bites, it was gone in two bites. He Yan couldn't help but complain in his heart that someone was really stingy.

Faced with the boy's slightly dissatisfied and cute look, the stingy Mo family head had a moment of softening, but the next second, the concern for the boy's health defeated that little softness. The boy's body had not fully recovered, and he still needed a reasonable diet.

"Xiao Qi, I have already asked the lawyer to draft the complaint, and the evidence has also been collected. If you have no objection, we can report to the police tomorrow and file a lawsuit with the court."

After quietly cleaning up the remains of the boy's cake, Mo Yitao tentatively brought up the topic that he had been considering for a long time.

In fact, the evidence had already been obtained half a month ago when he told the boy about what Mo Tiangao and his wife had done. However, considering the boy's mood, Mo Yitao still gave him nearly half a month to buffer before finally deciding to bring up the matter today.

Hearing his words, the boy's originally lively expression quickly dimmed, and he tugged at the quilt without saying a word. Although Mo Yitao felt distressed, he also knew that these things were necessary for the boy to experience in his growth process.

"If you don't say anything, I'll take it as your agreement, okay? Xiao Qi, don't be soft-hearted at this time. If they did something wrong, they have to bear the corresponding consequences. If you are soft-hearted with them, sooner or later, they will commit more serious mistakes."

Hearing this, the boy's face showed a struggling expression, but in the end, he nodded imperceptibly.

Mo Yitao touched his lowered head distressedly, didn't say much more, and reminded the boy to remember to wash before going to bed, then quietly left.

After Mo Yitao left, He Yan stood in front of the bathroom mirror, looked at the docile and harmless face in the mirror, slightly narrowed his eyes, and showed a smile with unclear meaning.

Just as Mo Yitao promised, early the next morning, Mo Tiangao and his wife was detained and sued by the Mo family in court on the charge of "intentional homicide".

Because the emergency call was made by the head of the Mo family himself, the police did not dare to be negligent at all, and the work efficiency was extremely high. Almost as soon as Mo Yitao hung up the phone, the police went out and arrested Mo Tiangao and Shen Cuiwei from the small villa that belonged to Mo Qi.

This small villa left by Father Mo and Mother Mo was located in a famous wealthy area in the city, and the neighbors were all prominent local figures, so when the police came to arrest people with sirens all the way, it caused a very big sensation.

At that time, the Mo family was still having breakfast. When the police broke into the door and pressed Mo Tiangao and Shen Cuiwei on the dining table with a tough attitude and handcuffed them, Mo Lanyu was completely stunned.

"You are Mo Tiangao and Shen Cuiwei, right? You are suspected of attempting to murder your nephew. Please come with us to the police station."

In an instant, countless guesses flashed through Mo Lanyu's mind in a chaotic manner. In a panic, seeing that the police had already begun to escort her parents out, she rushed over and pleaded with tears in her eyes, "Police officers, have you made a mistake? My parents are such kind people, how could they try to murder someone? This must be a misunderstanding! Please give them a chance to explain, okay?"

The police had no intention of showing any mercy. Let's not even mention that the person who called the police was the head of the Mo family himself. Who is the head of the Mo family? Why would he bother to frame two powerless and moneyless distant relatives?

Just looking at the evidence, it clearly shows how this couple attempted to that poor young master from a wealthy family. They've seen plenty of seemingly kind-hearted murderers. If they only judged based on appearances, what's the point of having evidence and police?

So in the face of Mo Lanyu's entanglement, the police directly pushed her away and said impatiently, "Enough, whether there's any injustice or not will be determined after the interrogation. You're their daughter, right? Please cooperate and don't obstruct our work anymore. By the way, please move out of the victim's house within three days, otherwise you will be sued."

Mo Lanyu stumbled and fell to the ground after being pushed. Outside the door, neighbors who heard the police sirens and came to watch the commotion pointed at Mo Tiangao and Shen Cuiwei, who were being handcuffed and escorted into the police car, and whispered amongst themselves. Those fragmented voices seemed to be amplified countless times, entering her ears one by one.

"Hey, what did I tell you at the beginning? Those two people looked so greedy, taking the Mo family's support money and still having the audacity to live in their house. How could they have good intentions?"

"That's right. This family of bloodsuckers wore gold and silver every day, spending money that all belonged to the Mo family's young master. Not only did they spend his money, they even tried to kill him!"

"Young Master Mo is too pitiful. He lost his parents at such a young age, leaving behind such a large family business with no one to help him manage it. Even if he tried to protect it, he couldn't."

There were even people who glanced at Mo Lanyu, who was still sitting on the ground, with a mocking smile and said, "Do you think their daughter knows about the disgusting things her parents did..."

Mo Lanyu reacted, suddenly stood up, and slammed the door shut.

Nephew? Mo Qi? Impossible! Her parents treated Mo Qi so well, how could they try to murder him? It was clearly Mo Qi who was the two-faced person, deceiving their family for so many years. To think she used to sympathize with this sickly cousin!!

Could it be that Mo Qi was behind this?

Thinking of the mocking smile Mo Qi showed her at the banquet last night, Mo Lanyu couldn't help but feel a chill in her heart.

Author's Note:

I suddenly discovered that my male classmates seem to be a bit different from what I imagined.

A few days ago, our class went out for a meal together and played truth or dare. When it was the boys' turn, a group of them started shouting:

"Go to the next table and confess to a guy."

"Grope the class monitor's chest (male)."

"Kiss a boy for more than thirty seconds."

"Go next door and princess carry XX (male) back."

"Pole dance for XX (still male)."

When it was the girls' turn, it was just: "Kiss the girl next to you."


Emmmmmm... In an engineering major with a five-to-one male-to-female ratio, they're this naughty?

————— By the author with a silly face who was forced to kiss the girl on the upper bunk


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