I Won't Treat This Patient

I Won't Treat This Patient

Chapter 5 - Young Master of a Wealthy Family × Substitute Servant 5

Qin Zhi subconsciously looked at Su Duan, wanting to find the answer on his face.

But the young master's black eyes were still as clear and pure as before, even with a hint of seriousness. His black hair was slightly messy from lying down, softly draped over his forehead, making him appear even softer and harmless.

No matter what, he couldn't see any trace of deliberate difficulty on that face.

Qin Zhi was a bit confused about the situation and didn't move for a moment, causing the atmosphere to fall into a brief stillness.

In this silence, the system was quietly explaining to Su Duan: "According to the principles of human body mechanics, if the healing target does as the host requests, the physical exertion and fatigue he will feel will be twice as much as now."

Su Duan: "..."

Oh, since he's not familiar with the business, how would he know which posture is more tiring? This mistake can't be entirely blamed on him.

Su Duan said, "Help me see what his current healing value is."

Judging from Qin Zhi's appearance, he seemed to have misunderstood that Su Duan wanted to make things difficult for him. He didn't know if it would cause the healing value to decrease.

The system said, "Ding - Healing target Qin Zhi, initial healing value 50, current healing value 50."

Su Duan breathed a small sigh of relief. It's good that Qin Zhi's healing value didn't drop.

It seems that such small mistakes won't affect the task. He was very satisfied with the healing target's current level of determination and sincerely hoped that he could maintain it, preferably healing on his own without treatment.

The system said, "Rest assured, host. Whether the healing value on the healing target rises or falls, the system will automatically prompt. The host doesn't need to worry about missing task progress."

Su Duan said, "Okay."

After confirming with the system, Su Duan turned his attention to the real situation.

Qin Zhi had already recovered from his brief daze. The knee kneeling on the ground exerted a bit of force, preparing to stand up according to orders.

Although he didn't know what this young master was thinking, the butler had repeatedly instructed him that as a servant, the most important thing was to be obedient.

Seeing this, Su Duan hurriedly called out to him, "Don't move."

It should still be in time to correct the mistake now.

Qin Zhi had already half-risen. Hearing his words, he paused and asked softly, "Young Master, do you have any other instructions?"

He was now half-squatting, in a very awkward posture. Almost all the strength in his body was pressed on his ankles. He could barely support it for a short time, but if it was longer, his ankles would become very sore.

Su Duan opened his mouth and said, "You kneel down."

Qin Zhi: "..."

Su Duan: "..."

The atmosphere seemed to become even stranger.

Su Duan felt that he seemed to have said the wrong thing again, and it was much more serious than last time. He couldn't help but move his ankles.

Feeling that the ankles he was holding wanted to retract, Qin Zhi quickly increased his strength, not letting Su Duan pull his ankles away, lest he move around on the bed and pull his coccyx, causing him to frown in pain again.

After all, from his observation for the entire day yesterday, he hadn't seen much of the young master's rumored bad temper, only that he was really clumsy and made people worry.

The palm tightly grasped the slender ankles that seemed like they would break with a twist. Qin Zhi lowered his eyes and met Su Duan's gaze, which seemed to carry a hint of nervousness. He softly responded with an "okay" and resumed kneeling on one knee.

If this was making things difficult for him, the difficulty was really too weak. Although he was doing something willful, it made people unable to get angry at all.

As Qin Zhi helped the young master put on the other pant leg, he oddly thought that instead... it felt like being cocquettish?

-- The kind of cocquettish that was clumsy.

After waiting a few seconds and still not hearing the prompt sound of the healing target's healing value decreasing, Su Duan put down his raised heart a little. He glanced at Qin Zhi and saw that he was quietly helping him put on his pants with his eyes lowered, seemingly without any bad emotions on his face.

In order to avoid saying anything terrible again, Su Duan simply lay on the bed playing dead, not saying another word the entire time.

A set of clothes, the kind that was very loose and easy to put on, take off, and move in. But because the place Su Duan injured was really too awkward, it still took the master and servant nearly ten minutes to finish dressing.

After washing up, it was time to eat. Because the injury on his coccyx made it inconvenient to move, even going downstairs became a very difficult matter. So for this breakfast, Su Duan ate it in his own bedroom.

Qin Zhi brought a movable small table and placed the light meal on it. Su Duan carefully sat on the bed edge that had two extra layers of soft cushions and ate cautiously.

Midway, the butler came up to take a look. Seeing that Qin Zhi was attending to him very attentively, he didn't disturb Su Duan's meal and quickly left.

As the person currently managing all matters big and small in the entire Su Residence, the butler's main task was to take good care of the whole estate. He actually didn't have much time to run back and forth by Su Duan's side.

Although the cushions were soft, a sitting posture itself pressured the coccyx. This was something that even the softest cushions couldn't completely offset, so there was still a dull ache that made Su Duan feel very uncomfortable.

Su Duan still only used a spoon to drink the porridge. He wanted to learn to use chopsticks, but Qin Zhi was still watching from the side. If he picked up the chopsticks, wouldn't he expose the fact that he didn't know how to use chopsticks at all in front of this person?

Qin Zhi watched over the injured Su Duan as he ate, to prevent any accidents from happening again while eating -- after the bathroom incident, he didn't quite dare to let Su Duan stay alone, always feeling that he would cause some mishap -- and a strange feeling gradually surfaced in his heart.

Actually, he had noticed since yesterday that these past few days, Su Duan only drank porridge or soup and wouldn't even touch anything else.

Although the kitchen's porridge had many ingredients added and was stewed until fragrant, soft, and appetite-whetting with just a sniff, only drinking porridge and refusing to eat other foods seemed like it might lead to unbalanced nutrition?

Perhaps it was because the young master's behavior these two days was completely inconsistent with the rumors, causing him to let down some of his guard. Qin Zhi bent slightly at the waist and pushed a dish of green and tender stir-fried asparagus towards Su Duan. "Won't you eat some vegetables?"

Su Duan looked at the plate of cute and enticing asparagus. After pausing his gaze for a few seconds, he firmly shook his head.

Although this plate of plant-based corpses of the same species was made very temptingly, in order to not expose his true colors, he could only pretend to be a good spirit herb with love for its own kind.

Qin Zhi had no choice but to give up. He was just a servant, and speaking up was already overstepping his bounds. Since Su Duan had clearly expressed his unwillingness, he shouldn't keep pressing the issue.

Otherwise, should he mention it to the butler? After all, it concerned the young master's health.


If Su Duan found out he had tattled to the butler, would he get angry and kick him out?

Qin Zhi decided to observe a bit longer.


At noon, Su Duan's older brother returned to the Su residence again.

When Su Zheng entered the room, Su Duan had just finished his lunch under Qin Zhi's attendance.

-- Of course, as expected, Su Duan only touched the soup bowl this time as well, leaving everything else untouched.

When Su Zheng came in, Qin Zhi had just cleaned up the leftovers. Excusing himself to Su Duan, he pushed the dining table and prepared to leave.

The two brushed past each other.

Su Zheng swept a glance at Qin Zhi from the corner of his eye, then quickly shifted his gaze to his younger brother.

Su Duan obediently called him "brother".

Five minutes ago, he had already learned from the system's reminder that Su Zheng was back. However, having made preparations in advance this time, he didn't try to avoid the issue by pretending to sleep. Instead, under Qin Zhi's watchful eye, he calmly finished drinking an entire bowl of soup.

After Su Zheng's sudden return last night gave him a sense of crisis, he carefully flipped through the original's memories. With the system's help, he simulated possible conversation scenarios and finally gained some confidence.

Facts proved that yesterday's preparations were indeed useful. Su Zheng didn't discover that he had changed personalities. After expressing concern about his injuries, Su Zheng casually asked, "You seem to be in a good mood these past few days?"

Actually, Su Zheng was somewhat aware that Su Duan had a bad temper in front of the servants. However, people's hearts are biased. As long as Su Duan didn't do anything too outrageous, he wouldn't interfere.

Besides, all the servants in the Su residence were hired with their money to serve Su Duan in the first place.

Su Duan thought for a moment and said, "Mm... it's alright."

The original always behaved in a quiet and obedient manner in front of his family, which greatly reduced the difficulty for Su Duan to bluff his way through.

Su Zheng asked him a few other minor things. Because Su Duan was injured, the two didn't talk for long before Su Zheng left again.

After Su Zheng left, Su Duan inwardly called out to the system.
System: "Does the host have any questions?"

Su Duan asked, "If Su Zheng doesn't intervene this time, what will happen to Qin Zhi's fate?"

Although Su Zheng doted on and favored the original, he was at least a normal person with bottom lines. In the original plot, after learning that the original had tortured Qin Zhi into developing Stockholm syndrome, he had Qin Zhi leave.

To make up for Su Duan's recklessness, he found a psychologist to treat Qin Zhi. In the end, he even gave Qin Zhi a sum of money.

It was by relying on this money that Qin Zhi, who had experienced a huge blow but got back up, used an investment to gain a foothold in the business world. He ultimately trampled his half-brother who had always oppressed him and indirectly caused his mother's death, taking over the Qin family.

He was here to treat Qin Zhi, so naturally he couldn't torment Qin Zhi to the point of illness like the original host. And based on the degree of Su Zheng's indulgence towards his younger brother, as long as basic bottom lines weren't touched, he wouldn't interfere.

In other words, this time Su Zheng very likely wouldn't have Qin Zhi leave the Su family.

Although Su Duan felt that if Qin Zhi could cure his mother's illness and live peacefully, that would also be a very comfortable thing. Why make life so difficult?

To be reborn from the ashes, one first had to go through excruciating pain.

But on Qin Zhi's side, there was still an elder brother who had always targeted him.

Despite graduating from a famous university's popular major, Qin Zhi could never find a job after graduation. Even if he found one, he would quickly be fired, naturally unable to save up money for his mother's surgery. Behind this was the handiwork of his elder brother, Qin Feng.

So in the end, his mother passed away because she couldn't get timely surgery. The person Qin Zhi hated most was Qin Feng.

Qin Feng was like a sharp blade constantly hanging over Qin Zhi's head. Qin Zhi had to become strong himself in order to escape Qin Feng's control.

The system replied, "The fate line of the healing target cannot be changed. If the final outcome differs too much from the original plot, it will affect the final mission rating."

Hearing the words "mission rating", Su Duan couldn't help but show a solemn expression.

"Didn't you say the final healing value accounts for ninety percent of the factors?" Su Duan asked.

"Yes," the system said. "But of the remaining ten percent, the fate line of the healing target occupies the vast majority. Moreover, if this line has a high degree of completion, there will be bonus experience points."

System: "So, if Su Zheng is of no use, then the host will have to find a way himself."

Su Duan: "..."

If Su Zheng doesn't drive the person away, does that mean he has to get rid of him himself?


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