I Won't Treat This Patient

I Won't Treat This Patient

Chapter 6 - Young Master of a Wealthy Family × Substitute Servant 6

Even after leaving the Qin residence, Qin Zhi still had to continue enduring Qin Feng's oppression and couldn't find a good job.

Even if he temporarily helped Qin Zhi resolve the issue of his surgery, he himself didn't have the ability to go against an heir like Qin Feng who was focused on being cultivated by the family. His older brother should have this ability, but on what grounds could he trouble him to help?

Most importantly, without the impact of his mother's death and the blow from "Su Duan", would Qin Zhi, who wouldn't develop Stockholm syndrome after leaving the Qin family this time, still be able to rise from the ashes like in the original plot?

These questions were still a bit too complex for Su Duan, who was experiencing the ways of the world firsthand for the first time. Even as drowsiness crept up, Su Duan couldn't think of a suitable way to handle it.

No matter how you look at it, Qin Zhi's experiences seem to be a bit too tragic.

Being born as an illegitimate child was not his fault, those were the debts of promiscuity left by the previous generation, and looking similar to his half-brother was only determined by genes.

But it was precisely because of these two reasons that Qin Zhi was first targeted everywhere by his half-brother whom he had never even met, then unreasonably treated as a substitute for his brother by the original owner, and was even tormented into developing a serious mental illness—

He was utterly out of luck.

Su Duan thought, compared to himself who had been spiritually intelligent for thousands of years but couldn't take form, and now had to rack his brains to complete tasks in order to take form, Qin Zhi's misfortune could also be said to be no less.

Although he had only interacted with the other party for a short day and a half, he was after all the person Su Duan had the most frequent contact with since becoming human.

It seemed to be no mistake to say he was the closest person to him?

So when thinking about the problem, he would unconsciously be biased towards the other party a little, this was human nature.

Moreover, Qin Zhi was truly miserable. Even in the eyes of unrelated bystanders, his luck was really a bit too bad.


However, Su Duan couldn't be troubled for long, and soon had no mind to ponder this difficult problem, because he was facing an equally serious yet very urgent issue.

When he only drank porridge and didn't eat meals for the third day in a row, Qin Zhi finally couldn't help but bring up this matter again.

Qin Zhi bent down and asked him, "Young Master, are you dissatisfied with the dishes made by the kitchen?"

After all, he was still young. Although he had experienced the frustration of being picked on by his brother in every possible way and had a preliminary understanding of the cruelty of this world, he was essentially still a young man who had just started out. There was still some rashness and naivety remaining in him.

Seeing that the young master had been behaving obediently these past few days, he couldn't help but let his guard down, forgetting all the rumors and warnings, and treated the other party as a good child of the family.

The good child Su Duan swallowed the mouthful of porridge and shook his head, answering sincerely, "It's quite good."

He had eaten for three days and didn't feel sick of it at all, that the porridge and soup of the Su family could be delicious without repeating every day.

Qin Zhi asked again, "Then why don't you eat the dishes?"

Su Duan didn't make a sound and silently continued to drink the porridge. As a result, he forgot that this was already the last mouthful, and when he opened his mouth, he only bit into a hard, empty spoon.

Su Duan: "..."

Su Duan pulled the spoon out of his mouth, not knowing what else he could do to pretend he was very busy, and incidentally ignore the chatter of the person he was supposed to heal.

Qin Zhi was still questioning him, "What do you want to eat? I'll have the kitchen make it. Picky eating like this will make you thin."

The young master originally had a small frame, and on top of that was only covered with a layer of soft flesh. When he held the person in his arms yesterday, he could still vaguely feel the bones pressing against his chest. When eating, the hand holding the spoon—

If he lost a bit more weight, he wouldn't even have that bit of flesh.

Su Duan looked at the empty porridge bowl in front of him and felt that he probably couldn't escape this disaster today.

Su Duan could only seek help from his only ally, "System, what should I do? If the healing target discovers that I can't use chopsticks, will I be exposed?"

System: "Host, don't panic. I have already analyzed similar situations and solutions in human society for you five minutes ago. After analyzing 1,378 cases, I now have a scientific suggestion—"

Su Duan: "What?"

System: "Act cute!"

Su Duan: ???

He had indeed heard this word from humans and knew what it meant. He had even personally witnessed a demonstration by two sparrows on the tall tree branches above his head.

Thinking of the vague images in his memory, Su Duan fell into contemplation.

System: "Since the healing target's observation skills are not very keen at the moment, belonging to the level of 'can be fooled easily', and also has a favorable impression of the host, the host only needs to show the intention of being willful and not wanting to use chopsticks, and the healing target will have an 85% probability of thinking that the host is throwing a tantrum and acting cute, thereby successfully bluffing through."

System: "The above behavior is in line with the original owner's personality characteristics, so the host doesn't need to worry."

Su Duan: "..."

Is that so?

Although the system's words seemed to make a lot of sense, he always felt that something wasn't quite right.

But seeing that he had been silent for a while, Qin Zhi had already asked again in a low voice. Su Duan couldn't think of any other coping methods for the time being, so he could only follow the system's idea. He pursed his lips, glanced at Qin Zhi, and said slowly, "I don't want to use chopsticks."

For a moment, Qin Zhi couldn't control the expression on his face, revealing a trace of surprise.

He seemed to not have expected to receive such a willful answer. After hesitating for a few seconds, he suddenly said as if possessed, "Then... shall I feed you?"

Actually, when he said this, it didn't go through his brain. By the time he realized it was inappropriate and wanted to apologize, the young master had already taken it seriously.

Su Duan looked up, his dark eyes carrying a bit of earnestness, and said, "Okay."

Qin Zhi suddenly couldn't speak.

Even many years later, as time passed, Qin Zhi still always remembered this scene. In Su Duan's bedroom, the young master who had fallen on his bottom said he didn't want to use chopsticks, so he carefully bent over and used chopsticks to pick up the stir-fried vibrant green vegetables, then carefully brought them to the young master's mouth.

When he held out the vegetables with the chopsticks, the young master would quietly open his mouth, take the food from the chopsticks, and chew it carefully with puffed cheeks.

He would eat whatever was fed, behaving obediently the whole time, and only when he took the initiative to ask would he think for a bit and then point out a dish he liked.


Under the devoted care of his healing target, Su Duan truly experienced a period of life where he could be clothed and fed without lifting a finger.

Moreover, by secretly observing Qin Zhi's chopstick movements, coupled with his own private practice and attempts, a week later, when Su Duan's bottom finally hurt less and he could move around normally, he finally mastered the skill of using chopsticks.

Although he often dropped the chopsticks on the ground due to incorrect force, it at least looked somewhat passable.

Su Zheng came back to see him a few times in the middle, but it seemed that the Su family was really busy during this period. Every time Su Zheng returned, he was dressed in a suit and tie, sometimes even carrying the smell of smoke and alcohol, and he almost always had documents in his hands when he left.

Su Zheng had to squeeze out time to come home. Each time he returned, he would first check on Su Duan's condition. If Su Duan was awake, he would chat with him for a bit, then pull the butler aside and inquire carefully.

After doing all this, he would hurriedly leave again, often without even time to eat at home.

Su Duan's parents, far across the ocean, also called him almost every day to ask about his recent situation.

But even with such meticulous care from his family, what gave Su Duan the most real feeling was still his hardworking healing target.

Although Su Duan's parents were his blood relatives, he only came to do a mission and hadn't actually interacted with them, so it was difficult to develop any feelings.

As for Su Zheng, although he could see him often, he looked too sharp. Although the system said that Su Zheng had not become suspicious of him so far, every time Su Duan faced Su Zheng, he would still reflexively tense up his nerves to deal with him.

Only Qin Zhi, who was evaluated by the system as 'will be easily fooled' and personally verified by him, could make Su Duan relax a little.

And sure enough, Qin Zhi did not let him down. After busily serving him for a week, Su Duan received a surprise.

[Ding, the healing value of the healing target Qin Zhi has increased by 10 points. The current total healing value of the healing target is 60. Please keep up the good work, host!]

Awakened by the system prompt in his mind, Su Duan opened his eyes, stared at the ceiling and thought for a few seconds.

These past few days, he had been busy learning to use chopsticks and walk, trying to adapt to life as a human as much as possible. He actually hadn't done what he had envisioned before, which was to be as good to Qin Zhi as possible.

Come to think of it, it was Qin Zhi who had been taking care of him.

But it was in this situation that Qin Zhi's healing value suddenly increased so much.

Su Duan couldn't understand the logic behind it. Although he had long since developed intelligence, he had not yet experienced the ways of the world. He still thought about problems in the most superficial way and did not understand the twists and turns in it.

If he couldn't figure it out, he simply wouldn't think about it. But since he was already awake, Su Duan couldn't sleep anymore, so he simply sat up from the bed, ready to get up.

Su Duan looked at the time, six thirty in the morning.

Qin Zhi usually came to wake him up at seven o'clock. Now it was only six thirty, so Qin Zhi should be busy with other things or had just gotten up to eat.

Su Duan decided not to disturb his healing target in advance and wanted to get up on his own for once.

He sat on the bed for a while, slowly moved to the edge of the wall, and pulled the curtains apart.

With a "swish", a large patch of bright morning light poured in from the transparent floor-to-ceiling windows, dispelling the gloom and darkness of the room.

Su Duan continued to diligently push open the windows to let fresh air rush in and take away the stale air that had accumulated all night.

Just as he was about to pull up the window screen, he caught sight of two figures below out of the corner of his eye.

His room window faced a small garden in the courtyard. It was now mid-March, and pink and purple flowers were blooming in the garden. Clusters of gorgeous blossoms surged together, and the delicate petals blown by the wind fell on the ground, forming a soft carpet of flowers that people were reluctant to step on.

But Su Duan's attention was not on the garden full of flowers.

He was looking at the two servants standing at the edge of the garden. One of them he didn't have much impression of, but the other was very familiar, none other than his healing target in this world.

Something seemed to have happened between the two. Qin Zhi was holding flower shears in his hand, his body stained with dirt, and his expression was not very good. The other person wearing a servant's uniform, however, showed an almost mocking look.

Perhaps noticing the movement above, Qin Zhi suddenly looked up, meeting Su Duan's downward gaze.

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