I Won't Treat This Patient

I Won't Treat This Patient

Chapter 4 - Young Master of a Wealthy Family × Substitute Servant 4

This is... a fall?

It sounds like a pretty serious fall.

Thinking of the young master's small frame that looked like it couldn't handle much, even though Qin Zhi knew that the other party's character might be problematic, he couldn't help but feel nervous.

He didn't dare to hesitate. He pushed open the door that only had a crack left, and quickly walked in.

The bathroom door wasn't locked. He gripped the handle and pressed down, and the door opened smoothly.

As expected, the bathroom was a mess.

Things were knocked over everywhere, and the shower head was also on, spraying water out with a sizzle. As luck would have it, it was facing the direction of the bathroom door. As soon as Qin Zhi entered, he was first sprayed with a face full of steaming hot water. He dodged to the side and wiped the water traces from his face.

After wiping away the water and clearing his vision, Qin Zhi saw Su Duan who had fallen to the ground.

Su Duan's shirt was already taken off, leaving only a pair of white pure cotton fabric pants on his body. Half of the bath towel was covering his body, and the other half had fallen to the ground, soaked with water. There were also some water traces on his two thin and white legs.

His posture was very strange. When normal people fall on their back, they would all try to prop themselves up with their hands on the ground and attempt to stand up. But Su Duan wasn't like that. He seemed to have completely given up struggling, his whole body lying on the ground like a fish out of water.

Hearing the sound of him coming in, Su Duan moved his gaze to him. Perhaps because of the pain, his black eyes appeared more moist than usual.

Su Duan, who had no idea how to stand up, moved his lips and sent out a cry for help to his treatment target: "Hug... help me up..."

He fell accurately and heavily this time. The caudal vertebrae area hurt so much that it was almost numb. Under the stimulation of intense pain, his originally not very skillfully used limbs had no idea how to command, and even his speech was a bit inverted.

Qin Zhi's heart suddenly trembled a little when he looked at him. He also didn't notice his wording error. He took a step forward, half-kneeling down, took the bath towel off Su Duan's body and threw it aside. He supported his shoulders and used a little force, wanting to help him up from the ground.

There was a layer of drizzling water traces on the ground. The fabric on Qin Zhi's knees was quickly soaked by the water on the floor. However, most of his body had already been wet just now, so this little bit didn't make much difference.

The more tricky situation now was the pitiful little young master lying on the ground in front of him.

Su Duan's body was wet and slippery to begin with. His whole body was also stiff as hell, not knowing at all how to cooperate with his movements. He had just gotten up a little but quickly slid down again, causing Qin Zhi to be unable to help the person up from the ground no matter what by just supporting his shoulders.

There was no other way. Qin Zhi could only clasp one hand on Su Duan's shoulder, pass the other hand under the boy's knee bends, and carefully picked him up in a princess carry.

Although he looked thin, he still had the strength he should have.

Holding the boy with a small frame, he felt light as a feather.
—Has he really come of age?

Qin Zhi thought about when he was eighteen years old. He was more than a bit heavier than Su Duan.

It wasn't until he had already held the person in his arms that Qin Zhi had the chance to think about whether this little master would be angry because of his overstepping actions.

He lowered his head, wanting to see the expression on Su Duan's face, but he only saw the top of his jet-black hair with a small whorl. The little young master obediently nestled in his arms without making a single sound, not knowing what he was thinking.

Because the injury should be at the caudal vertebrae, when Qin Zhi put him on the bed, he adjusted him into a prone position, then quickly notified the butler.


Because of Su Duan's sudden fall, the Su Residence was in a flurry again. By the time the doctor finished applying medicine for Su Duan and left, it was already close to dawn.

The diagnosis result was that there was a slight fracture in the caudal vertebrae, not reaching the extent of requiring surgery, but he would still need to rest well for at least half a month and could not engage in strenuous exercise.

Although this injury wasn't considered severe, any minor illness or injury on Su Duan's body needed to be taken seriously.

The butler called Su Duan's older brother, but the company was too busy with affairs and he couldn't come back tonight.

After notifying Su Zheng's side, he also called the doctor again, not feeling at ease, and confirmed the precautions.

Although he had suffered minor and major illnesses continuously since childhood, those were all injuries suffered due to low immunity. A serious external injury like a fracture was the first time.

—Although the doctor had explained countless times that a slight fracture and a fracture were not the same concept at all, the butler still couldn't help being shocked by this term.

As the only master in this villa who needed to be served, Su Duan was injured, and it brought an indescribably tense atmosphere to the entire Su Residence.

However, just as everyone had worried expressions, Su Duan, who had just had medicine applied and felt a cool breeze on his buttocks, secretly let out a sigh of relief as he lay on the bed.

The system was also happy along with him: "That's great, this way the host can be reasonably paralyzed from the waist down."

Su Duan: "..."

He was just a bit slow in his movements, how could that be considered paralyzed from the waist down?

The accuracy of this system's wording was actually even worse than his.

But Su Duan was too lazy to argue with the system about wording issues: "Mm."

Although the system's description seemed a bit strange, in any case, not having to work hard to make himself appear the same as normal people was indeed a good thing.

Originally, Su Duan was full of interest in being human, and the original body's living conditions were also very comfortable, very suitable for him to slowly explore. But today, Su Zheng's appearance gave him some pressure.

He came to do a mission, but before doing the mission, he had to ensure that he wouldn't be discovered as abnormal. He and the system had no money and couldn't afford the props in the mall. Once he was driven out by the Su family or put under surveillance, how could the mission continue?

Although the system said that as long as the personality change was reasonable, behaving differently from the original owner wouldn't affect the mission rating, but no matter how drastic the personality change, one wouldn't suddenly become paralyzed from the waist down.

No... what paralyzed from the waist down, was he infected by the system?

Su Duan silently recited in his heart again that he was just a bit slower in movement compared to ordinary people, that's all.

The system said: "The host can take this half month to secretly learn about the human way of life, then think about how to heal the mission target. Although there is no time limit for the mission, generally speaking, the faster the mission is completed, the higher the rating will be."

"Of course, these criteria are all secondary. Over ninety percent of the rating criteria are related to the final healing value of the treatment target, so the host should still focus on the task itself." The system added supplementarily.

Thinking of the generous initial fifty healing points the system had bestowed upon Qin Zhi's head, which currently remained completely unmoved, Su Duan said, "Okay."

After being reminded by the system that he still had a task to complete, Su Duan thought seriously for a while about how to accomplish this task.

Although the system was very poor, the task information provided was quite detailed.

According to the information introduced, Stockholm Syndrome is not a disease engraved in genes, but one that develops during the process of being "imprisoned". Although there are indeed susceptible populations, it generally will not develop on its own without triggering factors.

Generally speaking, the population prone to developing Stockholm Syndrome is mostly mentally fragile females, because compared to males, the psychological defense line of females is more easily broken.

Of course, this does not mean that men will not get this disease. Qin Zhi is an example.

According to the information, under the double blow of long-term suppression by his elder brother and the death of his mother, Qin Zhi's psychological defense line dropped to the lowest point, and only then did he develop Stockholm Syndrome under the stimulation of the original body.

There are three key factors here. One is the original body's love interest, Qin Zhi's elder half-brother. But this person is the heir of the Qin family. Although Su Duan is very favored in the Su family, he actually doesn't have much real power and has no ability to influence the behavior of the Qin family heir, so this doesn't need to be considered for now.

The second is the death of Qin Zhi's mother. The death of Qin Zhi's mother is actually very regrettable. She had coronary heart disease, and the coronary artery hardening had already reached ninety percent, which is a very serious stage. When Qin Zhi finally earned his first month's salary and was preparing for surgery, she suddenly had a heart attack and passed away.

However, there is still a month before Qin's mother falls ill. There's no need to be in a great hurry. After a while, he'll find an opportunity to borrow money for Qin Zhi, so that he can have his mother undergo surgery early.

The third is himself, which is also the most easily controlled factor at present.

As long as he treats Qin Zhi a little better... it should be fine, right?

Su Duan sorted out his thoughts and went to sleep on the pillow with peace of mind.

So the next morning, when Qin Zhi came to perform the routine wake-up and dressing service, he received the sudden care of the reportedly moody young master.

He was putting pants on Su Duan. Because the coccyx was injured, sitting would be very painful, so Su Duan was lying on the bed. He was half-kneeling, putting the rolled-up pant legs on Su Duan's calves little by little. In a moment, he would let him stand up and pull them up.

Su Duan thought for a moment and said, "You can stand up to dress me."

In the etiquette of this world, kneeling to a stranger seemed to be a very humiliating thing. Since he had figured out that he should treat the healing target a little better, he couldn't let Qin Zhi always kneel like this to serve him.

Qin Zhi, who had just put on one pant leg and was about to put on the other: "..."

The bed only reached his knees. The young master was now a fragile item that had to be handled with care. If he stood, he would have to bend down deeply in order to put on his pants without hurting him, which would be much more tiring than now.

Qin Zhi pinched Su Duan's ankle and fell into contemplation. Could this be a belated difficulty?

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Qin Zhi: ????


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