I Won't Treat This Patient

I Won't Treat This Patient

Chapter 3 - Young Master of a Wealthy Family × Substitute Servant 3

Su Duan thought for half a minute and finally decided to pretend to be asleep.

Based on how much Su Zheng cared for his younger brother, he probably wouldn't forcibly wake him up while he was sleeping.

So he pulled the blanket over, closed his eyes, and lay still on the bed.

Out of habit, he was actually more accustomed to lying completely still like this. He lay there breathing steadily, looking as if he was really asleep.

So when Su Zheng pushed open the half-closed door and entered, what he saw was his younger brother buried softly in the bedding, sleeping obediently and properly.

His movement paused for a moment as he gently closed the door behind him.

"How long has he been asleep?" After walking a bit further, Su Zheng asked the butler beside him.

The butler respectfully said, "He just took his medicine 20 minutes ago and probably fell asleep soon after."

Su Zheng nodded and asked about Su Duan's activities today. Although his voice was indifferent, his inquiries were very detailed.

The two walked towards the study, talking along the way.

Although he had specially rushed back to see his younger brother, since he was home anyway, he might as well pick up a few documents.

When he reached the top of the stairs, Su Zheng glanced down and saw an unfamiliar figure. His footsteps paused.

He asked the butler, "Is this the new servant?"

The butler looked at Qin Zhi who was busy working in the living room, lowered his eyes and replied, "Yes, the last one who messed with the young master's medicine was fired, so we hired a new one. He just started yesterday, is quite diligent, and the young master seems to like him."

Actually, Qin Zhi wasn't hired through the usual recruitment process of the Su family, but was specially brought in at the young master's request. Seeing that face that bore a vague resemblance to the Qin family's eldest son, he could probably guess the reason.

But these harmless little details were best kept hidden for now, lest the eldest son refuse to go along with the young master's wishes and fire him, causing the young master heartache once again.

Busy with company matters, Su Zheng didn't have time to concern himself with the miscellaneous affairs of the household. A few years ago when Madam Su was still around she would pay some attention, but after Master and Madam Su went abroad, these matters were all handled by the butler.

He didn't initially doubt the butler's words about just hiring a new servant. But after seeing Qin Zhi suddenly raise his head, his brows furrowed slightly.

This person's appearance seemed to resemble that Qin family heir his younger brother had desperately fallen for some time ago?

Su Duan had fallen quite ill over this matter a few years back, so he still retained some impression of Qin Feng's face.

Of course, it definitely couldn't be called a good impression.

Qin Zhi's perception had always been keen. After Su Zheng's gaze fell on him, he raised his head like a vigilant young beast, meeting Su Zheng's eyes.

Su Zheng stood at the top of the second floor stairs, wearing a well-fitted, rigid black suit. His handsome features carried a cold, hard aura, his expression indifferent. His entire being exuded the air of someone in a high position, like a sharpened blade, its cold edge piercing the eye.

...This should be the eldest young master of the Su family, Su Zheng if he remembered correctly.

Realizing the other party's identity, and afraid of displeasing the master of the house, Qin Zhi quickly lowered his head and continued with his work.

Su Zheng looked at him for a few more seconds, glanced at the stern-faced butler, but ultimately said nothing and continued leading the butler towards the study.

After arriving at the study, Su Zheng sat down at the desk and pulled out two files marked with yellow tabs from the file rack.

Removing the tabs from the files, he suddenly asked, "What's the name of that servant from earlier?"

The butler was silent for a few seconds before slowly saying, "Qin Zhi."

Qin Zhi.

Surnamed Qin.

Su Zheng's fingertips lightly tapped the desktop twice.


Having the system help monitor Su Zheng's movements, and waiting until he left the Su residence, Su Duan's eyelashes fluttered as he opened his eyes.

But after opening his eyes, he didn't hurry to get out of bed. He continued to lie there motionless. Except for having his eyes open, he looked no different from earlier.

After lying there quietly for about half an hour, Su Duan slowly climbed out of bed and pressed the call bell at his bedside.

This time, the one who entered wasn't Qin Zhi who had been attending to him all day, but the stern-faced butler with prominent nasolabial folds.

The butler asked about his condition. After receiving a shake of the head indicating he was no longer in pain, he bent down to help him put on his vest.

As the butler helped him dress, he said, "It's 5 o'clock, will the young master go down to eat some dinner?"

Seeing the butler's expression that seemed even more serious than usual, Su Duan lightly nodded and said, "Porridge."

Although he had seen people eat with chopsticks before, and the original body's memories contained relevant scenes, he still lacked confidence in wielding those two thin wooden sticks well.

After all, it looked very difficult.

The butler, even more solemn than usual, nodded and said, "Just porridge?"

Su Duan nodded again, using a bit more force than earlier to show his determination not to give himself away.

After finishing dressing Su Duan in his vest, the butler stood up straight. "There's porridge stewing in the kitchen. Please wait about ten minutes to freshen up. It should be ready by the time you go downstairs."

Su Duan sat on the edge of the bed and continued nodding, then watched as the butler exited the room.

He could tell the butler was nervous.

And he knew why he was nervous.

The system had a function to monitor the plot characters of the mission world. Just now with the system's help, he had overheard Su Zheng and the butler's conversation in the study.

Naturally, he also found out that Qin Zhi's identity as Qin Feng's half-brother had been exposed.

But unlike the butler, as the real mastermind behind everything, he wasn't very nervous.

Because in the original plot, Su Zheng had also discovered that Su Duan had secretly instructed the butler to bring Qin Zhi in. But in the end, he didn't interfere and just pretended not to know, treating Qin Zhi as an ordinary servant.

Su Duan went downstairs and used the easy-to-operate spoon to drink some porridge. Then under the butler's guidance, he watched some TV. His body soon felt a hint of fatigue.

Although he had slept the entire morning, this body was weaker than usual due to illness and would feel tired after just a bit of activity.

In any case, as the spoiled younger brother relying on his family and older brother, there was nothing he needed to busy himself with. Su Duan turned off the TV and returned to his room to sleep.

But according to human habits, one needs to take a bath before going to bed.

And before taking a bath, one needs to take off their clothes.

For Su Duan, who still couldn't control his body well, taking off clothes was not an easy task. The small vest on the outside was fine, with some effort it came off stumbling, but the shirt inside would probably not be so easy.

The buttons on the shirt were thin and dense. Even a normal person would have to spend some effort to undo them one by one, let alone

Su Duan tried for ten minutes and found that he had only unbuttoned two buttons. He completely gave up on being self-reliant and pressed the call bell at the head of the bed again.

This time it was Qin Zhi who came.

He had just been pulled aside by the butler and told a bunch of Su Duan's taboos, and was warned again, causing the vigilance he had just put down because of the young man's illness to be raised again.


What's the situation?

The young master sat on the edge of the bed, his shirt wrinkled from being tugged, with two buttons undone, his two delicate eyebrows furrowed together, looking at him with eyes that were definitely not pleasant.

Qin Zhi, who had just been warned by the butler, suddenly felt his heart constrict.


Seeing him come, Su Duan didn't care whether he would lose face or not, and directly demanded with justification, "Help me take off my clothes."

Although Qin Zhi was the target that needed treatment in his world, he was also his servant. It was natural for him to instruct the other party to do something within his duties.

However, after hearing this request, his treatment target and servant stood frozen in place without moving.

The butler warned him that even if the young master deliberately made things difficult for him by making some demands, he could not refuse unless he wanted to give up this job.

--It came so quickly.

Su Duan urged him with his eyes. Qin Zhi took a deep breath, prepared for being deliberately picked on later, knelt down in front of him, and unbuttoned the remaining buttons as cautiously as possible.

What puzzled him was that until the last button was undone, Su Duan didn't say a word.

It was a bit puzzling.

After all the buttons were undone, he loosened his hand and the shirt naturally parted to both sides, revealing a small patch of fair skin.

It was the kind of paleness that hadn't seen the sun for years.

Afraid of offending the other party, Qin Zhi was stunned for a moment and then averted his gaze, asking in a low voice, "Young Master, do you have any other orders?"

Su Duan said, "Yes." He seemed to think for a moment before slowly saying, "Take out my bath supplies."

Qin Zhi went and took out the bath towels and shower caps from the wardrobe in a daze, and then handed them over at the other party's indication.

Su Duan took the soft and fluffy bath towel in his arms and said, "You can go."

After saying that, regardless of his reaction, he got up from the bed with the bath towel in his arms and went into the bathroom.

Now he was going to try taking a bath as a human for the first time, and had no time for tasks. The treatment target could leave on his own.

Qin Zhi had no idea what this young master wanted to do. If he said he was making things difficult for him, it didn't seem like it from his attitude. If not, it was too unreasonable to call him over just to unbutton and get a bath towel.

Unable to figure it out, Qin Zhi could only convince himself to resign himself to fate, one instruction at a time.

Seeing that Su Duan had already entered the bathroom, he obeyed the order and walked out of the bedroom.

It's just that as soon as he was about to close the door, he heard a bang from the bathroom, as if something heavy had fallen to the ground.

Qin Zhi: "......"


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