Deep Sea Drifter Diary

Deep Sea Drifter Diary

Chapter 3 - Chapter 3

Within a single day, Xia Chuan was knocked down twice in a row, for reasons that were difficult to explain. It was the first time in his professional career, as if he had used up eight hundred lifetimes of bad luck.

However, despite being hit by the double whammy of a "sea disaster" and a "critical hit from a prehistoric beast", which would have sent eight out of ten people straight to heaven, he still managed to hold on to his life. This could probably be considered a stroke of incredible luck amidst the terrible misfortune.

The two mixed together, slamming into him from head to toe, to the point that when Xia Chuan gradually regained consciousness, he couldn't find a second suitable emotion besides being speechless.

Of course, when Xia Chuan truly regained his senses and opened his eyes from the coma, he had no energy or mood to feel any emotions at all—because the pain in his body was unbearable!

The feeling was like lying on a road full of gravel, being repeatedly crushed by several tons of container trucks. His bones were shattered, more loosely than bean dregs. Just grabbing a handful, one could scatter them in the sea.

Even for someone like Xia Chuan, whose pain tolerance was at the max level, he was sweating profusely from the torment.

His brows were locked in a deathly furrow, his lips pale. His eyes were half-squinted but could never focus, his vision blurred into a piece by the pain. Except for color patches, he couldn't see anything clearly.

It took a long time before he could barely adapt to this feeling of his whole body being crushed. He gradually recognized the outlines of the objects in his field of vision—

The place where he was lying now should be a stone cave. The ceiling was extremely high, but it was not very spacious. Although Xia Chuan couldn't move much and his hands and feet were a bit numb, he could still feel his not fully stretched feet touching the stone wall.

The cave was a bit damp, especially in the corner where Xia Chuan was lying. The stone walls were all wet, covered with a thin layer of moisture, smelling of a lingering sea scent that made Xia Chuan frown.

The sound of waves hitting the reef could be vaguely heard in his ears, intermittently, sometimes loud and sometimes small. It allowed him to determine that the stone cave was either located in the sea or right next to the shore.

However, none of this was anything special. What really made Xia Chuan's nerves tighten after waking up was a fire in the stone cave.

It was a bonfire set up with a pile of messy wooden branches, just about five or six meters away from Xia Chuan, near the entrance of the stone cave.

The bonfire was built with great skill, not stuffy or scattered, burning with a "crackling" sound, the momentum very strong. The flames danced and jumped very high. From Xia Chuan's lying angle, it seemed to almost lick the top of the stone cave, just blocking the entrance, making it impossible to see the scene outside...

In short, no matter how you look at it, that bonfire was set up by someone other than him to help him, and it was someone who had experience in outdoor living...

Xia Chuan's gaze slowly moved to the other person lying in another corner. That person was about the same height as him, around 1.83 meters, which was not tall among Europeans and Americans, but definitely not short either.

But the place where he was curled up was a size smaller than Xia Chuan's, causing his whole body to twist in an extremely ungraceful posture, contorted in a unique way.

That was none other than Dennis, who had done nothing but take one look at the Mosasaurus and passed out with a "roar".

Xia Chuan: "..."

With one glance at Dennis, he was absolutely certain that this bonfire with a decent technical level was definitely not set up by this guy...

Actually, the moment he saw the bonfire, a thought surged in Xia Chuan's mind—perhaps those prehistoric beasts he saw before were just a dream he had while he was unconscious, just like those few faces that floated up from under the sea, except that the sensation was too real. They were still in the original normal world, and were fortunate enough to be rescued when they were about to die, temporarily placed in such a stone cave.

However, as soon as this thought emerged, he instantly regained his composure and suppressed it again. At the same time, a distant, vague "elephant trumpet" confirmed that his calmness was not without reason.

Although extremely absurd, the fact was that they had really come to a place where prehistoric creatures were rampant.

The Bermuda Triangle had been well-known for a long time, with endless legends, including things like time-space travel. Xia Chuan had heard a lot about it, but didn't believe much.

But he never thought that such a thing would fall on his head, for better or worse.

If he had known earlier, half a month ago, when the Wes Company contacted him, he should have resolutely and simply said that he didn't have the free time for now, and rejected the task of "protecting research products and researchers" in one go.

To be precise, if Wes hadn't offered that special "commission reward", he wouldn't have come on this trip anyway.

But now it was too late to say anything.

Xia Chuan frowned and swept his eyes around the cave again, and his vigilance grew stronger and stronger—in this alien space where dinosaurs roamed, as far as he could see, the only ordinary people who appeared here yesterday were him and Dennis.

He had just woken up from a coma, and Dennis, not far away, was still sticking out, without any movement...

So... who exactly lit the fire for them?

With even time-space travel happening, Xia Chuan felt that even if he was told now that the one who lit the fire for them was not a person but a ghost, he would accept it without a second word, without even frowning.

As soon as this thought emerged, Xia Chuan saw the bonfire five meters away suddenly shake. Then, the entrance of the stone cave, which was largely blocked by the firelight, suddenly showed a blurry human figure outline, out of nowhere, as if it had appeared out of thin air.

Xia Chuan's breath suddenly lightened.

If it were normal times, he would have concealed himself in a proper position in the blink of an eye, changed to a suitable attacking posture, and put his finger on the trigger.

However, he was now in so much pain all over his body that he couldn't even lift a finger, only the tips of his fingers twitching subconsciously.

Xia Chuan narrowed his eyes and roughly made out the appearance of the person at the entrance under the illumination of the firelight—

It was an extremely tall man. When entering the stone cave, he had to lower his head to pass through the entrance, so much so that the first thing Xia Chuan saw was his brown-black short hair, dripping with water droplets as he moved.

When he raised his head after entering the cave, Xia Chuan saw his face. His features were very handsome, but his brows and eyes looked a bit fierce.

But this was not the point.

The key point was... as he walked step by step towards the cave, less and less of his body was blocked by the firelight, and more and more was exposed...

Xia Chuan discovered that this water ghost-like person had not a single piece of cloth on his entire body, just walking up to him completely naked, without any cover at all, his expression quite unperturbed, as if the concept of "shame" didn't exist at all, so he had no fear of losing it.

Xia Chuan: "..."

If his hands and feet were free to move at this moment, he would have surely grabbed this shameless lunatic in front of him and thrown him straight out of the cave.

Unfortunately he wasn't...

So he could only watch expressionlessly as the tall man stopped in front of him, and with a "clang", heavily planting in front of his body the large millstone-sized object he had been carrying in his hands, and then lowered his head, staring at him as if in a staring contest.

That expression was very familiar to Xia Chuan - a week ago, when Dennis was looking at the two new fish he bought through the fish tank, his expression was exactly the same as this tall man's. Then, not two days later, Dennis accidentally killed them...


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