Deep Sea Drifter Diary

Deep Sea Drifter Diary

Chapter 4 - Chapter 4

The tall, completely naked man looked down at Xia Chuan for a few seconds. Probably finding the distance too far to see clearly, he squatted down with that huge "millstone", kneeling on one knee, his right hand horizontally propped against the edge of the "millstone".

Because his chin was resting on the back of his hand, his tightly pursed lips were slightly raised, softening the fierceness between his brows and eyes. In his expression, there was more curiosity and inquiry, without any hostility mixed in.

In fact, when this oddball with an exhibitionist streak calmly entered the cave, Xia Chuan already understood in his heart - he and Dennis had most likely been dragged into the cave and taken care of by this weirdo, who even conveniently started a fire for them.

But influenced by his professional nature, Xia Chuan on one hand loved adventure, while on the other hand was extremely cautious, never easily letting his guard down in front of anyone. After all, starting a fire was not only for "driving away dampness and cold", sometimes it could also be used to "barbecue reserve rations"...

And this oddball in front of him was definitely not someone easy to deal with. The solid muscles all over his body were visible, the lines clearly showing explosive power, neither thin nor overly bulging, definitely not the kind just for show through training.

Moreover, even if Xia Chuan fainted a couple more times, he wouldn't misread the situation -

He had been knocked out by the mosasaurus's tail. That legendary deep-sea overlord ancestor of the Cretaceous era couldn't possibly just hit and run, abandoning its food, right?

Yet this oddball in front of him was actually able to drag him and Dennis back to the cave right under the mosasaurus's nose, squatting here completely unscathed. If told to others, it would simply be an Arabian Nights tale.

And this oddball living in this hellish place with dinosaurs running all over, obviously couldn't be escaping the tiger's den so smoothly for the first time...

In short, no matter how you look at it, this is an extremely terrifying person.

So, when this oddball, with an expression of "still can't see clearly", lowered his head again to get closer to Xia Chuan, Xia Chuan's tiger claw bone on the side of his ear moved. Almost as a conditioned reflex, he raised his left hand, curling it into an eagle claw shape, instantly pressing it against the oddball's carotid artery.

The explosive movement pulled at the muscles on his shoulders and back. Xia Chuan only felt the pain on his body suddenly intensify, his face instantly turning another shade paler.

His skin was already very white to begin with. With this movement, even the last bit of color on his lips faded away completely, making him look extremely weak. But the force in his hand remained taut, not relaxing in the slightest.

However, that oddball didn't mind his vital point on the neck being pressed against, as if the other person wasn't preparing to attack, but tickling him. He didn't even pause for a moment before getting into a face-to-face position with Xia Chuan, even twitching his nose tip, not knowing what he was smelling.

Earlier when he was a bit farther away, Xia Chuan didn't pay attention to this oddball's eyes. Now with a distance of less than ten centimeters, those eyes occupied most of his field of vision - they were a very beautiful deep blue, rich and pure, like the deep sea thousands of meters below.

However, no matter how beautiful or rare these eyes were, even if they flashed in seven-colored neon, Xia Chuan had neither the time nor mood to appreciate them, because this oddball really didn't act according to common sense -

After getting close to Xia Chuan's face, almost nose-to-nose, and looking for a while, he frowned again, pondering for a bit with an expression of "still don't quite understand". Then he directly lowered his body, straightening his slightly cool nose bridge to press directly against Xia Chuan's neck.

Xia Chuan's entire body stiffened abruptly. He almost wanted to ignore the pain, sit up and throw this lunatic straight into the sea to die! But the moment he made a move, a finger accurately pressed on his numbing acupoint, making half his body go numb and tingly without sensation.

That oddball restrained Xia Chuan with one hand, while using his nose tip to move bit by bit along Xia Chuan's neck with the other, seeming to be searching for something.

A moment later, this oddball with deep blue eyes finally settled down a bit. His nose tip stopped near Xia Chuan's carotid artery close to the collarbone, not knowing what he was thinking.

After staying still for a long time, he suddenly stuck out his tongue and touched that spot of skin with the tip.

Xia Chuan: "..."

What a tall freak.

Just as Xia Chuan's face completely cooled, that oddball finally lifted his head from his neck. He seemed to have confirmed something, and the inquiry and curiosity in his expression were put away.

When this oddball had no emotions, his fierce and cold aura would become especially obvious, diluting a bit of the "pervert" image...

If he could find a piece of cloth to cover up.

The oddball didn't continue provoking Xia Chuan's temper, but stood up frankly, picking up that "millstone" in his hand and turning to walk towards the fire.

As he turned around, Xia Chuan glimpsed something like a tattoo on the back of his right shoulder, a short line in Shen Lan, the words not very big. As that oddball walked farther and farther away, it became a bit hard to make out.

Xia Chuan frowned and focused for a good while before seeing clearly what it was.

It was a simple combination of English words and numbers - shenlan02

This kind of combination looked too much like a password or code name... Xia Chuan was more inclined to the latter.

Then the code name of this oddball in front of him was Shen Lan? As for 02, it meant... he wasn't alone, there was at least a 01 before him.

The appearance of this line of tattoo indicated that this person with the code name Shen Lan should be like Xia Chuan, entering this world full of dinosaurs due to some reason by mistake.

But why did he enter by mistake? How long had he lived here? Had he tried to find a way back?

...Questions popped up one after another in Xia Chuan's mind, causing him to have quite an investigative interest in this Shen Lan. It's just that with his current inconvenient movement and lack of strength, he could only temporarily hold back some questions and observe for now.

Shen Lan picked up that "millstone", walked to the edge of the fire, reached out to touch the leaping flames, then flipped the "millstone" front and back. He propped it up vertically and pushed it towards the fire, letting one side be completely immersed in the flames.

Previously, Xia Chuan's attention was entirely focused on Shen Lan, not noticing what exactly that "millstone" was. Moreover, the side facing Xia Chuan earlier was stained with some mud, obscuring its true appearance. Now that it had been flipped over, with the side facing the fire exposed, the patterns on it were suddenly revealed.

It had a spiral pattern, radiating from the center, with one line making a complete circle... like a giant circular conch.

Xia Chuan had an impression of such things, classified together with dinosaur fossils in prehistoric fossil museums, very similar to nautilus shells, also living in the sea, but he couldn't recall the specific name at the moment.

However, regardless of what it was called, he had only seen fist-sized or plate-sized ones... but the one in Shen Lan's hands had a diameter of nearly one meter.

After supporting that thing for a while, Shen Lan's expression became a bit impatient. He swept his gaze to both sides, his eyes falling on a rock on the ground behind him. The height of that rock was probably just above the knee, and it looked quite heavy.

However, Shen Lan lifted that large rock with ease, smashing it on the ground in front of his feet, perfectly propping up that millstone-like giant conch, preventing it from falling over.

After securing it, he retreated a few steps to the side. Although he dared to directly touch the fire, he didn't seem to like it. Xia Chuan noticed that he preferred to lean against the slightly damp stone wall in the corner.

After fixing the giant conch and standing by the stone wall for a while, Shen Lan seemed to finally remember that he was still completely naked. He glanced at Xia Chuan, then looked down at himself, and without a word, walked towards Dennis's direction.

Xia Chuan watched as he squatted down, grabbed one of Dennis's hands, and roughly flipped him over. Without hesitation, he reached his claws towards Dennis's shirt.

Back on the reef, the shirt had already been torn in several places. Now, under Shen Lan's hands, it was like tofu skin, easily torn off with a casual pull. Shen Lan held up the shirt, shook it, looking very disgusted, but still pinched his nose and wrapped it around his waist like a towel.

Dennis, who was thrown back to the ground, moved his hands and feet, seeming to show signs of waking up. However, after struggling a few times, he became still again.

Xia Chuan suspected that he might have hit his head earlier and passed out again.

As for Shen Lan... who knows what was wrong with this guy. After wrapping the shirt around his waist, he circled around Xia Chuan again, as if he had gotten a new toy, studying Xia Chuan intently. He always stared for a long time, and eight out of ten times, his gaze would fall on the area near Xia Chuan's collarbone, not knowing what he was studying.

Xia Chuan was puzzled by his stares. It took a long time before he remembered that more than ten days ago, he had been grazed by a bullet near his collarbone, and there were still some traces left after the scar had faded. But scars are something everyone has, so it shouldn't be enough to make someone stare at it over and over again...

Apart from that... Xia Chuan frowned and thought for a long time but couldn't think of anything else.

Fortunately, after staring for a while, Shen Lan's attention returned to the bonfire. One side of the giant conch had already turned black at the edges from the fire. Shen Lan touched it, seemingly unafraid of the heat, directly picking up the giant conch and flipping it over again, letting the other side soak in the fire.

At first, Xia Chuan didn't understand why he was fiddling with that millstone-like giant conch, until he smelled the fragrant aroma of meat being roasted.

Xia Chuan: "..."

The aroma quickly permeated the entire cave, wave after wave, growing stronger and stronger.

Shen Lan looked down at the giant conch, feeling that it was about done. He carried it to the side of the stone wall and smashed it against the wall without a word. The hard shell, which had been roasted over the fire for quite a while, had become much more brittle. Unable to withstand his force, it cracked with a sound.

Xia Chuan watched as his slender fingers touched the crack. Somehow, his fingertips inserted into it, and with a light twist, the shell was completely split open. From the crack, it could be seen that the shell was not thin, but Shen Lan's fingers didn't even have a single cut, as if he had just peeled open an egg.

With the shell peeled, the meat inside was exposed. Instantly, the aroma of barbecue became more intense, hot and fragrant, rushing into the nostrils.

Before Xia Chuan could react, he heard a rustling sound not far away. He turned his head and saw Dennis, who had struggled a few times earlier without waking up, had opened his eyes at some point.

He hadn't lost half his life from being hit by the mosasaur's tail, so he was much more lively than Xia Chuan. The most serious injuries on his body were just some scrapes and bruises. So after opening his eyes, he quickly sat up. Before his mind had even cleared, he was already sniffing with his nose, mumbling, "Ah, food... ah, so hungry..." He had really lost all his dignity.

He sniffed and groggily moved towards Shen Lan, following the fragrance. After a few steps, he blinked, fully waking up.

With his mind completely clear, Dennis abruptly stopped moving. He first looked at Shen Lan with a blank expression and muttered, "Who are you?"

Then he moved his gaze to the giant conch in Shen Lan's hands, rubbing his eyes hard and said, "Is this... an ammonite?!"

Even in this situation, he could still recognize that it was an ammonite, quite impressive.

Xia Chuan glanced at Dennis, rarely having the patience to listen to his nonsense. He thought that with Dennis's expression, he might say something meaningful. But unexpectedly, he opened his mouth, then closed it, swallowed, and asked, "Is it cooked?! Can we eat it now!"

Xia Chuan: "..."

Shen Lan completely ignored his existence from beginning to end, not even sparing him a single glance.


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