Deep Sea Drifter Diary

Deep Sea Drifter Diary

Chapter 2 - Chapter 2

Everything before his eyes was so absurd that it felt like a dream. Either the heavens had gone mad or he had gone mad; one of them must be mentally ill.

But whether it was his vision, hearing, or touch, everything felt so real that not a single flaw could be found. Even if it was a dream, it still made people tense and instinctively want to struggle to escape.

However, Xia Chuan had always had a strong adaptability and acceptance. Regardless of whether it was real or fake, avoiding becoming lunch for this behemoth was the top priority. So he was only stunned for less than a second before quickly collecting his thoughts.

But for someone who ran around everywhere after accepting a mission, and rarely had free time except to disassemble and assemble guns or collect cold weapons to play with, expecting him to study prehistoric creatures like dinosaurs was simply a pipe dream.

Xia Chuan's entire knowledge of the huge creature in front of him was limited to one sentence - this guy was the overlord of the deep sea in the Cretaceous period and had no natural enemies after reaching adulthood.

He had long forgotten where he had gleaned this knowledge from, let alone being able to uproot more information. But even with just this one sentence, it was enough for him to realize how dangerous the current situation was.

Before the mosasaurus surfaced from the water, Xia Chuan had already silently adjusted his posture. At this moment, he had one knee pressed against a protrusion on the reef, his feet storing strength, muscles tense, ready to spring up for attack or evasion at any time.

His right hand was still on Dennis's wrist without letting go, but his left hand was behind his back, fingertips grasping an inconspicuous-looking gun.

This was an SPP-1M, a Russian underwater gun.

Xia Chuan had previously kept it hidden close to his left ankle, concealed under the relatively loose trouser leg of his suit, making it difficult to notice.

He had originally kept it just in case, but who knew that after a deep-sea struggle for survival, it would become the only weapon he could use.

Fortunately, it was this SPP-1M that was left. If it were any other firearm, after soaking in the sea for so long, it would have exploded.

Just now, when he finished rolling up his shirt cuffs, as the huge shadow of the mosasaurus gradually surfaced, he had taken out this gun from his lower leg. The critical thing was... the magazine hidden at his waist had disappeared.

Xia Chuan maintained this posture and silently confronted the huge mosasaurus in front of him, not daring to make any extra movements. However, his heart was rapidly calculating the possibility and route of escaping from the mosasaurus's jaws and leaving this reef-

There was one arrow-shaped bullet in each of the SPP-1M's four barrels. With the magazine lost, these four bullets became the only treasures left. Firing one shot meant one less.

However... this type of bullet had strong attack power and penetration underwater, but its trajectory in the air was not very stable, and its effective range was only twenty meters. Faced with a behemoth like a mosasaurus, its effect was really quite limited.

"It should still be barely enough to save the day, every second counts..."

Just as this conclusion emerged from Xia Chuan's mind, it was interrupted by a sharp bird cry.

The mosasaurus floating on the water surface quickly spat out its forked tongue again, moving it left and right as if probing for something.

This living prehistoric creature was indeed Xia Chuan's first encounter, but he was no stranger to snakes. Encountering snakes during missions was commonplace, so naturally, he understood a lot - that slender forked snake tongue was an olfactory organ, used to capture and track prey.

Since the mosasaurus's tongue looked so similar to a snake's, Xia Chuan felt that its function was probably not much different. So when the mosasaurus stuck out its tongue, he maintained the utmost vigilance, even suppressing his breathing to the lightest point.

The mosasaurus's tongue tip rotated a few times, then suddenly retracted. Its huge body then silently sank back below the water surface, so quietly that the sound of splashing water could barely be heard.

Xia Chuan frowned, his gaze fixed on the giant beast disappearing from the water surface. The hand holding the gun behind his waist moved slightly, shifting to the most convenient position to exert force, but still did not act rashly-

Such a fierce sea beast nearly twenty meters long surfacing from the water would definitely not just have a staring contest with him before sinking back.

Sure enough, just as Xia Chuan adjusted the force in his hand, he felt something entangled sweep over his head, casting a large shadow on the reef, accompanied by a rhythm of chaotic flapping and familiar sharp cries.

Without even raising his head, relying solely on the rapidly moving shadow and the source of the sound, he nimbly lowered his body, accurately avoiding the entangled things. At the same time, with a flip, he retreated a body's length towards the back edge of the reef, a few steps further from where the mosasaurus had sunk.

Only after Xia Chuan stabilized his body and raised his eyes for a glance did he clearly see what had flown over his head!

It was two... pterosaurs, entangled in a fight for some reason.

Two pterosaurs, large enough to wrap around his entire body with their wings spread...

Xia Chuan: "..."

He lifted his eyelids with a cold face and woodenly swept his gaze into the distant sky, then woodenly retracted his gaze-

So those things he saw when he opened his eyes earlier were not some large seabirds at all, but "fossils" that could only be seen in a paleontology museum, screeching and dancing in a frenzy in front of him.


Fortunately, the two pterosaurs started fighting each other, crashing to less than two meters above the sea surface, temporarily unable to pay attention to him. Otherwise, with just Xia Chuan's four arrow-shaped bullets, he and Dennis would likely have become lunch for these prehistoric ancestors.

However, just as this thought emerged, the sea surface less than ten meters in front of him suddenly erupted with a huge splash. The foam-covered waves rolled up more than a meter high, rushing straight towards the reef.

The mosasaurus that had inexplicably sunk back into the water earlier surged up several meters amidst the white waves and foam. It opened its jaws full of sharp teeth, fast and accurate, its lower jaw even folding back, and bit down on the two pterosaurs with wingspans larger than a person, effortlessly locking them between its teeth.

The struggles of the two pterosaurs were like tickles to it, having no effect at all.

The mosasaurus twisted its body, crashing back into the sea like a small mountain, stirring up even bigger splashes, drenching the two people on the reef from head to toe.

Dennis had passed out and had no reaction.

Xia Chuan, who was fully conscious, tightened his fingers at the sudden commotion. Even though he had been on edge and mentally prepared, witnessing such a predatory scene at such close proximity was still heart-stopping.

He suddenly felt that his previous estimation was simply overconfident and a bit foolish. With just an underwater gun, in the face of such a creature, even using it for emergency rescue might be a joke--

He had never seen a fool trying to fight for his life by tickling.

But in the current situation, even if he knew he was being foolish, he had no choice but to give it a try.

At the moment when the mosasaur fell back into the water, Xia Chuan raised his hand to block the spray in front of him and quickly scanned the surrounding water surface amidst the splashing water droplets.

For creatures like mosasaurs that hunt by lurking, even with their huge size, they are experts at concealing their movements. There must be some fish and beasts in the sea that were previously unaware of the danger and are now startled by this huge commotion, hurriedly fleeing.

Obviously, Xia Chuan's judgment was correct. He did see a fish fin gliding across the sea surface to the left, about to pass behind the reef and leave this sea area, avoiding the mosasaur.

In a desperate situation, one takes desperate measures. Moreover, this reef was still nearly a hundred meters away from the shore. No matter how good a swimmer he was, he couldn't be faster than those born to live in the sea.

Xia Chuan glanced at the sea surface where the mosasaur had fallen back. The waves were still surging and the water was splashing, but obviously the two pterosaurs didn't have much breath left. The red blood spread from that area of the sea and was diluted beyond recognition in an instant.

Seeing that the mosasaur seemed to be temporarily ignoring everything else, and the fish fin gliding through the water happened to reach a distance he could take advantage of, Xia Chuan made a nimble and agile side flip, intending to roll into the sea along the sloping surface of the reef to reach that fish fin.

Just as he had grabbed the fish fin and raised the underwater gun in his other hand, he heard another loud splash from the direction of the mosasaur behind him.

Xia Chuan was startled and instinctively looked back, only to see the mosasaur's huge tail, which accounted for half its body length and was nearly ten meters long, slamming down towards him.

Xia Chuan: "..."

The first thought that popped into Xia Chuan's mind was actually a phrase like this: "Eating from the bowl while looking at the pot, never letting go of any food as long as it's edible." He almost couldn't react--

Because before he could react, the tail had already hit his back. He only felt a mouthful of blood surging up, and before he could spit it out, his vision went black and he lost consciousness again.

On the side, the fierce-looking mosasaur gulped down the food in its mouth with a plop, then opened its mouth and stuck out its forked tongue, probing in Xia Chuan's direction a couple of times but not detecting any obvious signs of life.

It floated on the surface for a few seconds, then twisted its body to the side and dived underwater with a swoosh, swimming to the vicinity of the unconscious and sinking Xia Chuan. It then swayed its tail and bent the tip to poke Xia Chuan a couple of times.

The other party was completely motionless, as if he were dead.

Mosasaur: "..."


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