Death Progress Bar

Death Progress Bar

Chapter 14 - Dancing

The drink called "Dreamy Night" lived up to its name. It had a beautiful ice blue color and was served in a triangular cocktail glass with a cherry stem floating on top. The combination of ice blue and cherry red was stunning.

Unfortunately, the drink was only for show and not for consumption. It was just a prop to increase the cool factor.

"Remember to secretly pour out some of the drink every now and then to make it look like you've been drinking it. Don't give yourself away," Number Two reminded.

Shi Jin lifted the glass and gave it a playful shake, using his body to block Number Two's view as he flashed an OK sign.

It was time to dance and Shi Jin was ready to show off his moves. The two of them were flirting at the bar, waiting for their prey to take the bait. After about three rounds of drinks, one of their targets appeared - the birthday boy, accompanied by a group of friends, walked into the bar.

Number Two gave a sly wink and mouthed the words "go wild". Shi Jin suppressed the urge to flip him off, put down his drink, and headed to the dance floor as planned.

As a small police officer who loved playing mahjong, Shi Jin naturally couldn't dance. But with Number Two's buff, he could not only dance, but also do it in a particularly coquettish way!

"Wow, Jin Jin, you look so good dancing. Everyone is watching you!" Number Two cheered excitedly in his mind, looking proud of himself. 

Shi Jin felt so frustrated that he wanted to vomit blood. He hypnotized himself into thinking that the people around him were just a bunch of vegetables, following the dance instructions and body movements instinctively given by Xiao Si. He would even occasionally toss his hair and adjust his collar.

"Xiao Jin Jin, you're really good at dancing. I didn't expect that," Number Two's voice came from his diamond earring. Shi Jin rolled his eyes and didn't want to talk to him.

But Number Two didn't let him off the hook and started to report the situation in real-time: "The birthday boy and his friends went to the booth directly facing the dance floor. It seems like they're waiting for someone... They saw you... The birthday boy took a picture of you with his phone and sent it to someone... Oh, why didn't I think of this before? Xiao Jin Jin dances so well, we have to take a picture and show it to Young Master Jun and the others." 

As he finished speaking, the sound of camera clicks could be heard. Finally, Shi Jin couldn't hold it in any longer. He turned his back to the group of birthday celebrants and shouted fiercely at the buttons on his clothes, "Number, Two!" 

"What Number Two Number Three? I'm Chen Er now, you have to call me Brother Er, don't get it wrong later." Number Two's tone was still very provocative, but the sound of camera shutters stopped. 

He continued to report in real-time for a while, and finally Shi Jin heard what he wanted to hear, "Xu Huai is here, you can dance for another five minutes, then come back to me." 

Shi Jin breathed a sigh of relief, replied with a clear understanding, and avoided the nth person who came over to dance with him. He continued to dance for a while, then pretended to be tired, jumped off the dance floor, and returned to Number Two's side. 

With a greasy smile on his face, Number Two draped his arm over Shi Jin's shoulder and rubbed his head against his ear, saying, "My little darling, you're so tempting, I can't resist you."

Shi Jin grinned and asked, "Does my sweat smell good to you?"

"It's okay, you smell like hair dye," Number Two replied, still smiling greasily. He even picked up Shi Jin's glass and handed it to him, lowering his voice and saying, "Xu Huai is watching us, so be a little more provocative."

Taking the glass, Shi Jin bit the stem of the cherry on top of the drink, sucked on it for a moment, then spat it out and leaned in towards Number Two, lowering his voice and asking maliciously, "Is this provocative enough? Here, have a cherry to eat." 

As a straight manly man, Number Two had never been flirted with by a man before. He looked at the cherry covered with what seemed like drool on it, hesitating to put it in his mouth. His expression twisted for a moment before he said, "You're quite vicious."

"It's mutual," Shi Jin replied, satisfied. He turned his face away and rested his head on Number Two's shoulder, acting affectionate towards him. He ate the cherry himself and was about to move away when he locked eyes with a man sitting in the corner.

The man looked familiar, like they had met somewhere before.

Xiao Si exclaimed, "Jin Jin, why did your progress bar suddenly jump up, it's at 760!" 

Shi Jin quickly averted his gaze from the man and felt a sense of unease. He thought to himself, "I don't know either, Xiao Si, check the man sitting in the corner opposite me, the one wearing a dark blue coat. I feel like I've seen him before."

Xiao Si acted quickly and soon gave the result, "The bar's record shows that his name is Long Shi, he is an agent of an entertainment company... Ah ah ah, Jin Jin, he is the agent of your third brother, Rong Zhouzhong! They have a very good relationship!"

Damn it! Seeing someone familiar is never a good thing!

Shi Jin broke out in a cold sweat and quickly stepped back, letting Number Two block him. 

But it was too late, the man actually got up and walked over, politely stopping two steps away from the two of them and saying kindly, "Hello, I am Long Shi, the head of the artist department at Zhongjia Film and Television. You see, I just saw this young man's dance and I think he is very suitable for developing in the entertainment industry. I don't know if he is interested in becoming a star? Don't worry, I'm not a fraud, here's my business card." 

As he spoke, he took out a business card and handed it to Shi Jin.

Number Two was stunned when he heard this, and almost burst out laughing when he understood Long Shi's meaning. He quickly suppressed his laughter with a cough and saw that Shi Jin was not moving while looking at the business card, thinking that he was also stunned. 

He reached out and took the business card on his behalf, saying, "Sorry, my friend and I need to think about this carefully. You..." 

"There's no need to think!" Shi Jin snapped out of his thoughts, snatched the business card from Number Two's hand, and shoved it back to Long Shi. He gave Long Shi a dry smile and refused, "I have no interest in becoming a star. Thank you for your appreciation, goodbye!" 

He then grabbed Number Two and tried to leave.

This time, Long Shi was stunned. He had previously seen Shi Jin enjoying being the center of attention on stage and thought he was one of those young people who liked to show off. He didn't expect him to refuse the invitation so decisively.

After hesitating for a few seconds, he couldn't bear to miss such a good talent like Shi Jin. He took a step forward and said, "Young man, you can think about it again. I'm really not a fraud. If you don't believe me, I can have my artist, Rong Zhouzhong, call you. You recognize him at least, don't you?" 

"I don't know him!" Shi Jin's head felt like it was about to explode. Seeing that Long Shi was persistent, he was afraid that he would really lead Rong Zhouzhong over. 

He turned around and blocked his footsteps, sincerely saying, "Mr. Long, please don't follow me. I really don't want to be a celebrity. Being a celebrity is too tiring and there's no privacy. It's too hard. Compared to being a celebrity, I prefer being a sugar baby. As a sugar baby can lie down and make money. Have you seen the rich man next to me? He's super rich and I love following him." 

As he spoke, he pulled on the sleeve of Number Two next to him.

Number Two understood his meaning in an instant and cooperatively put his arm around Shi Jin's shoulder to help him act, saying, "Of course, darling. I love you the most. Whatever you want, I'll give it to you. Being a celebrity is nothing compared to being my lover." 

"Exactly, what's so great about being a celebrity? Rong Zhouzhong, he's just a male actor with a mother who knows how to sleep well. There's nothing special about him." A slightly rough male voice forcefully interrupted the conversation, quickly causing the atmosphere to explode.

Long Shi's expression sank as he turned his head to look over.

Number Two and Shi Jin also followed his gaze and were surprised to find that the people speaking were none other than their ultimate target for the night - Xu Huai.

"Watch your mouth," Long Shi spoke unhappily.

Xu Huai gave Shi Jin a look that said "It's a small problem, this brother will help you out" and, relying on his bulky physique, walked up to Long Shi with an imposing manner, staring at him and saying, "You dare to be so arrogant on my turf? Get out of here before I have someone carry you out." 

Long Shi had been in the entertainment industry for many years and considered himself to have a good temper. But at this moment, he couldn't help but feel angry. He looked at Xu Huai with a deep gaze and asked, "What's your name?"

"Ha, what, are you planning to come back and cause trouble? Then you better remember my name clearly. Xu Huai, my name is Xu Huai. I'll be waiting for you to come and settle the score with me." Xu Huai forcefully patted Long Shi's chest, causing him to take a big step back.

Long Shi's expression became even uglier. He brushed off his chest and said, "I'll remember you, Xu Huai." After speaking, he looked at Shi Jin with a hint of resentment and regret, then turned around with a black face and walked away. 

As Long Shi left, Shi Jin watched him go and mentally cursed Xu Huai - offending Long Shi was equivalent to offending the Rong Zhouzhong. Rong Zhouzhong was known as the "King of Hell" in the industry for his vengeful nature, he would repay all grudges in full. Everyone feared him, even ghosts. 

Xu Huai was in trouble now.

Feeling like crying, Xiao Si said, "Jin Jin, your progress bar went up to 770, right after Long Shi looked at you before he left."

Shi Jin was stunned at the news and felt like crying too.

No matter how much he tried to prevent it, he couldn't stop a pig teammate from suddenly appearing. He'll remember Xu Huai's name now!

Although the plan didn't go as expected, Number Two's mission was still accomplished tonight. Through this "heroic rescue," he successfully struck up a conversation with Xu Huai and followed him to his friend's birthday party. 

Shi Jin felt hopeless and increasingly realized that staying by Lian Jun's side was the best option - safe and peaceful. Later, when Xu Huai intentionally or unintentionally tried to get him drunk, Shi couldn't help but feel angry. He asked Xiao Si to give him a "thousand cups not drunk" buff and boldly drank back.

Xu Huai had never met someone like Shi Jin before. He was handsome and charming, with a fiery dance and a bold and generous personality. Even his love for money was expressed in a straightforward manner. He was full of contradictions and irresistible charm, making people itch to see more of him.

The more Xu Huai interacted with Shi Jin, the more he liked him. He almost forgot that there was a wealthy sponsor, Number Two, by Shi Jin's side. Xu Huai even moved his seat from facing Number Two to facing Shi Jin, and then to sitting next to Shi Jin. His eyes were practically glued to Shi Jin. 

Number Two was surprised to see how Shi Jin let loose after entering the private room and was in a great mood. He decided to let Shi Jin be and fade into the background, not wanting to draw attention to himself. 

Their only mission for the night was to strike up a conversation with Xu Huai, in order to establish a deeper connection for future endeavors. With that goal accomplished, He didn't see a need for Shi Jin to stick to the script and just let him enjoy his drinks. After all, he was by Shi Jin's side to keep an eye out for any trouble.


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