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Chapter 15 - The Cucumber Feast

Xu Huai was unsurprisingly drunk from all the alcohol poured by Shi Jin. Before he completely passed out, Shi Jin had Xiao Si give him a "voice temptation buff" and whispered in his ear, coaxing him to leave the private room with him.

The birthday boy and his group of friends looked on, revealing ambiguous smiles. Number Two secretly rolled his eyes and closed them, pretending to be drunk and unaware of everything.

"Baby, I know a good place. Let's go there and have some fun," Xu Huai was supported by Shi Jin, still trying to take advantage of him.

Shi Jin grinned and replied, "Sure, let's go have some fun. I promise it will be unforgettable."

The two stumbled into a secluded small room and locked the door behind them. 

After about half an hour, the door to the private room opened and Shi Jin walked out alone. He deliberately put on a face of dissatisfaction and ignored the teasing and flirting of Xu Huai's group of friends in the private room. 

He grumpily told them to go to the small private room to pick up Xu Huai, then woke up Number Two who was pretending to be drunk, and left without looking back.

Back in the car, Number Two immediately perked up and asked, "What did you do with Xu Huai?"

"Just got him to speak. There were too many people in the private room, so I couldn't really do much," Shi Jin replied. 

The real reason was that there were too many people in the private room and it wasn't convenient to use some not-so-ethical buffs.

Number Two didn't dwell on it and continued to ask, "So what did you find out?"

"Important news," replied Shi Jin, as he detailed his discovery. "I suspect Xu Huai is the person who was sent out to make the trade. When he was drinking with me earlier, he let slip that he was going to make a fortune overseas soon and become richer than you, asking if I wanted to join him. 

"Just now, I took him to a private room and coaxed him into revealing more about his plans. He mentioned that he and his friends were going on a cruise soon and then leaving the country, but I couldn't get the exact date out of him. He passed out drunk."

Number Two stared at Shi Jin as if he were a monster, unable to believe that he had actually obtained such valuable information.

Shi Jin felt uneasy under Number Two's gaze and said, "Can't you hear what's happening on my side? What's with that look?" 

Number Two pulled out a hidden earphone from his pocket, looking at a loss for words. "When you and Xu Huai went to the private room, I could hear Xu Huai's...moans through the earphone. It was too much for my ears, so I took them off. I thought you had sacrificed yourself for the mission and actually did it with Xu Huai..." 

Shi Jin raised his hand to strike, but Number Two quickly dodged and tried to flatter him instead. 

"Don't don't don't, don't hit me. It was just a joke. I know you have boundaries." Number Two then continued to flatter, "Xiao Jin Jin, you're amazing. You've completed most of the mission already. Once we verify this information, we can take a good vacation." 

Shi Jin was confused. "What do you mean? We're not going to deal with this matter anymore?" 

"Who cares? The rest will be handled by the government officials now. We small folks can't do anything about these cross-border deals," said Number Two lazily, signaling the driver to take them back to the club. 

He turned his head to glance at Shi Jin and remarked, "But I never expected you, Xiao Jin Jin, to have such a good drinking capacity. You can handle a thousand cups without getting drunk."


As if a spell had been lifted, Shi Jin, who had been alert and clear-headed just a second ago, suddenly turned red and slumped back in his chair. He covered his mouth with his hand and looked at Number Two with a hazy gaze, weakly saying, "Damn, I feel like vomiting..."

Number Two: "???"


Buffs have a time limit. Once the time limit is up, the body will have to suffer the consequences. 

After getting drunk, Shi Jin was acting half-crazy. After vomiting, he was given a bottle of water by Number Two and finally regained some consciousness. But as soon as he did, he started clinging to Number Two, arguing and making a fuss about wanting to go see if his Baby had eaten well.

Number Two really wanted to knock him out, but seeing his pitiful drunken state, he couldn't bring himself to do it. Thinking of giving him some more water, he saw Shi Jin fumbling for his phone and dialing a number.

When Number Two saw the name "Young Master Jun" on the phone screen, he almost choked on his own saliva and frantically tried to grab Shi Jin's phone, urgently saying, "I was wondering who your Baby was, but you really are lusting after Young Master Jun! Hang up quickly, don't you see what time it is now? Don't be reckless!" 

Shi Jin dodged and twisted around, showing off his incredible strength. Then, the scene that Number Two least wanted to see happened - the phone call went through.

Lian Jun's voice came through the phone, sounding a bit low and clearly he had been woken up. He called out softly, "Shi Jin?"

Number Two quickly tried to remedy the situation and loudly replied, "Sorry, Young Master Jun. Shi Jin is drunk and just randomly dialing numbers. You can go back to sleep-"

"Baby!" Shi Jin suddenly roared, shocking everyone. He slapped Number Two and continued to speak into the phone, "Why don't you like drinking soup? Soup is so delicious, don't you know it's good for your stomach? Do you still want to be sick? Do you want to be healthy? You're an adult, how can you be so picky? You're too much!" 

Number Two took a deep breath and covered Shi Jin's mouth with his hand, speaking into his phone, "Young Master Jun, he's really drunk. I'll take care of him. You go back to sleep. He doesn't know what he's doing. Don't be angry."
"Mmm...Baby!" Shi Jin struggled to make a sound.
Number Two wanted to kill him. He pressed down on him and reached for his phone.
Just when Number Two thought Young Master Jun had hung up, his voice came through again, "Bring him back to me immediately." And then he hung up. 

Number Two finally managed to snatch the phone, but it seemed useless now. He hung his head with a defeated expression, watching as Shi Jin struggled in his grasp before finally closing his eyes and falling asleep. 

Frustrated and helpless, Number Two let go of him and muttered, "Go ahead and cry all you want, there's nothing this brother can do for you now."

When they returned to the clubhouse, Shi Jin was completely passed out from drinking. Number Two had no choice but to carry him to see Lian Jun. 

Lian Jun was waiting in his study, dressed in a sleeping robe. When he saw Shi Jin being carried in horizontally, he furrowed his brows and took in Shi Jin's flashy attire. He then turned to Number Two and asked, "How did the mission go?" 

"We've made contact with the target, Xu Huai, and have obtained some information from him. We've preliminarily confirmed that he is the one conducting the transaction, and it should take place on a cruise ship," Number Two replied. 

Seeing that Lian Jun was looking at Shi Jin again, he quickly added, "Thanks to Shi Jin's help, everything went smoothly. He drank with the target to get closer and gather information, it wasn't intentional."

Suddenly, Shi Jin, who had been left on the couch, moved and muttered, "Baby...drink soup..."

Number Two's alarm bells went off in his head, and he quickly raised his voice to report the unexpected interruption of Long Shi, trying to drown out Shi Jin's call of "Baby". 

But obviously, Lin Jun's hearing was working fine. He slid his wheelchair over to the sofa and looked at Shi Jin's ugly and silly sleeping face. He slowly reached out and pinched Shi Jin's slightly open mouth.

Shi Jin twisted his head uncomfortably, looking even more foolish.

Number Two: "..."

"Go check on that Long Shi," Lin Jun said, retracting his hand after pinching Shi Jin's mouth shut. He took off the earring from Shi Jin's ear and threw it to Number Two. He continued to instruct, "Verify the information that Shi Jin obtained and make sure it's accurate before handing it over to the authorities." 

After speaking, he waved his hand, indicating for Number Two to take Shi Jin to bed, and then he left in his wheelchair.

Number Two was stunned, finding it hard to believe that everything had ended so easily today. He looked at Shi Jin, who was still sleeping soundly, and vaguely sensed a strange aura - it seemed that Young Master Jun was particularly... tolerant towards Shi Jin?


The hangover headache was unbearable, and Shi Jin had no idea what time it was when he woke up. He stumbled to the bathroom and took a quick shower, then ran to knock on Number Two's door with his faded hair. 

Number Two opened the door and looked at him sympathetically. "You're awake. Let's go eat. Young Master Jun is still waiting for you." 

Shi Jin was slow to react and took several seconds to nod, asking nervously, "I vaguely remember calling Young Master Jun last night. Did...did I say anything inappropriate?" 

Number Two sighed heavily and patted his shoulder heavily. 

"I, I did?" Shi Jin's throat tightened. 

"You called Young Master Jun 'Baby' and accused him of being picky...sigh, just go and I'll pray for you." 

Tears streamed down Shi Jin's face like a river as he mechanically turned around, struggling not to cry out loud in his mind, "Xiao Si, you weren't lying to me..." 

Xiao Si felt very wronged and replied, "Why would I deceive you about something like this?" 

"Then why didn't you stop me last night..." 

"I did try to stop you, but you didn't listen." 

Both man and system fell into a silent standoff, but eventually Xiao Si softened first and comforted him with a lack of confidence, "It's okay, Baby loves you so much, he won't blame you for drinking too much." 

"You don't understand, this has nothing to do with drinking..." It had everything to do with that word "Baby"... Shi Jin sighed deeply and tried to pull himself together, heading towards the dining hall. 

As the dining hall doors opened, a table full of cucumbers appeared before him. Lian Jun sat at the head of the table, a bowl of soup in front of him, scrolling through something on his tablet. 

"Young Master Jun," Shi Jin called out weakly. 

"Sit down and eat," said Lian Jun without looking up.

Shi Jin sat down and looked at the cucumber dishes in front of him - cucumber with soy sauce, stir-fried cucumber, cucumber and egg vermicelli soup, cucumber salad... a pile of cucumber dishes. He couldn't help but feel the malice behind Lian Jun's choice of food. 

He tentatively spoke up, "Young master Jun, yesterday..."

"Don't be picky," Lian Jun put down his tablet and picked up the soup in front of him, taking a sip. "After a hangover, it's not good to eat too much greasy food. Eat up, don't waste the chef's good intentions."

But this good intention was too heavy.

Shi Jin glanced at the soup in front of Lian Jun and picked up his chopsticks, lowering his head. It seemed that Lian Jun was really angry, so angry that he was forcing himself to drink soup... but luckily, Shi Jin wasn't picky about the taste of cucumber, unlike the original owner who hated it. 

First, he scooped half a bowl of cucumber, egg, and vermicelli soup into his bowl, then picked up a piece of egg and stuffed it into his mouth.

"Rong Zhouzhong posted a Weibo this morning, looking for the young person who was dancing at the bar last night," Lian Jun suddenly spoke up. "He wants to sign him to his company. There was even a video attached of the young person dancing on the bar's dance floor."

Shi Jin sprayed the egg he had just eaten out of his mouth.


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