Death Progress Bar

Death Progress Bar

Chapter 13 - Zero Degree

Lian Jun closed the file and emerged from behind his desk, saying, "Follow me."

Shi Jin was puzzled. "Where are we going?"

"We're going to practice shooting." Lian Jun took off the thin blanket from his knee and gestured for Shi Jin to come and push the wheelchair. He ordered, "Take the dedicated elevator to the second basement floor."

There was actually a shooting range in Nightfall?

Shi Jin was surprised, then his eyes lit up and he eagerly went forward to support the wheelchair.

Through Number Two's introduction, Shi Jin already knew that Nightfall was Lian Jun's private property. Although it appeared to be a normal high-end club, all the guests it entertained were either big shots in the same industry or military cooperation partners with hidden identities. There was not a single ordinary guest. 

These past few days, with nothing to do, Shi Jin asked Xiao Si for help to sneak in through the back door and secretly figure out the detailed layout of Nightclub. He had already discovered that there was a hidden underground level, but he had previously thought it was just a storage room. He never expected it to be a place for practicing with firearms.

Finally, I feel like I'm getting a taste of the underworld... Shi Jin thought to himself.

The elevator arrived, the doors opened, and a reception area that combined a front desk and waiting room appeared. Two ordinary-looking strong men stood guard behind the desk. When they saw Lian Jun, they respectfully stood up.

"Young Master Jun," they called out.

Lian Jun nodded in response and pointed to Shi Jin behind him, saying, "Find someone to teach him from the basics and then pick a suitable weapon for him." 

The burly men looked at Shi Jin with respect as they entered. One of them stepped forward and gestured for Shi Jin to follow him.

Shi Jin hesitated and looked at Lian Jun, asking, "Aren't you coming with me?" After all, his job was to protect Lian Jun...

As soon as he asked, the two burly men standing on the side seemed to have strange expressions.

Lian Jun understood why Shi Jin asked and replied, "No, this is my place. No one dares to come in and cause trouble. You practice well, and I'll have Number One check on your progress later."

Shi Jin grumbled inwardly. Wasn't the Flower Fruit Orchard also Lian Jun's territory? But unexpectedly, one thing after another happened, and the progress bar rose and fell like a roller coaster.

"Maybe I should just go back with you," he said, feeling pained. 

The expressions of the strong men became even stranger, their gazes shifting discreetly between Shi Jin and Lian Jun, as if they had discovered some great secret.

Lian Jun gave them a casual glance and waved at Shi Jin, "Practice well. If you don't improve, you'll have to go back to Number Two's side."

Go back to Number Two? No way!

Shi Jin knew there was no room for negotiation and he really wanted to satisfy his craving for guns, so he obediently agreed.

Lian Jun turned his wheelchair and headed towards the elevator.

"Hey, wait wait, wait for me to eat together, don't eat by yourself!" Shi Jin hurriedly reminded him.

Lian Jun glanced at him through the closing elevator doors, his face expressionless, as if he found Shi Jin's words annoying.

Shi Jin sighed inwardly, "Sigh, your precious Baby actually finds me annoying." 

Xiao Si whispered, "The main problem is that when you and Baby eat together, you act too much like a mother... You're picky about food, you control how much he eats after he's grown an appetite, you don't allow him to drink alcohol, and you only let him drink milk and soy milk. 

"You don't let him touch cold dishes, and if he does, your expression changes dramatically, like a cheap concubine swallowing poison. Your nagging is really scary... What's even scarier is that Baby just lets you arrange everything for him..."

"Who am I doing it for! Haven't you noticed that his appetite has increased lately? Eating a few more bites won't make him uncomfortable anymore!" defended Shi Jin, his voice full of anger.

Xiao Si immediately bent accomodatingly, "Yes, yes, Jin Jin is the best, Jin Jin loves Baby the most, Jin Jin is so sweet." 

"...Shut up!" 


The shooting range at Nightfall was extremely professional, and Shi Jin felt right at home inside. He quickly pushed words like "boring" and "tedious" out of his mind and was as happy as a mouse in a rice bin. He wished he could live there forever.

In his past life, Shi Jin decided to attend police academy because he loved guns. Unfortunately, after becoming a police officer, he didn't have many opportunities to use or practice his skills, and his excellent marksmanship was almost forgotten. Now that he had the chance to immerse himself in guns every day, he was overjoyed.

Half a month flew by in the blink of an eye, and Shi Jin had tried every type of gun at the shooting range and practiced every mode available. In the end, he chose a small pocket-sized gun as his personal weapon and was then thrown out by his instructor. 

"You shouldn't come anymore, it's too discouraging for others who are practicing shooting." The coach's tone was stern as he looked at Shi Jin with a complex expression, seeming to admire, appreciate, and grit his teeth all at once.

Shi Jin felt wronged and said, "But I still have several simulated scenarios that I haven't cleared yet."

"The simulated scenario area needs to be renovated and will be temporarily closed for a period of time," the coach replied with a frown, looking at Shi Jin's increasingly white complexion and milky face, his heart aching. He couldn't help but ask, "Are you really not yet of legal adult age?"

Shi Jin nodded in confusion and emphasized with a frown, "You can't discriminate against me just because I'm young, and besides, I'll be turning eighteen at the end of next month!" 

Discriminate? Who would dare to discriminate against someone who can act cute with Young Master Jun and insist on having meals with him without being rejected? Do they feel like they've lived too long?

The coach had an expression like shit had been shoved in his face, glancing at the hands that hadn't even worn out a callus, and after holding back for a while, he said, "Take good care of Young Master Jun and don't let him down." After speaking, he threw him into the elevator and pressed the close button.

Shi Jin was swept out of the door of the underground second floor like this, and returned to Lian Jun's study dejectedly, and tried to pass the time by improving Lian Jun's lunch menu.

Lian Jun obviously didn't expect Shi Jin to become qualified in marksmanship so quickly. He watched Shi Jin silently for a while, staring at his back until his hairs rose, and finally made another move - he called Number Two back. 

Number Two rushed back in a hurry, still dressed in a high-end suit. Who knows what he was doing before.

Facing Number Two's questions full of doubt and anxiety, Lian Jun put down the documents and pointed to Shi Jin, who looked innocent on the sofa, and ordered, "Take him out and find something for him to do."

Number Two's nervousness thanks to the emergency summons dissipated all at once. He looked at Shi Jin and said, "But Young Master Jun, you can't be unprotected, and I need to show my face for the things I'm doing now..."

"Call Number Nine to come and follow me. Shi Jin needs to accumulate practical experience now. You take him out and let him learn more from you." Lian Jun was not to be refused. After speaking, he waved his hand and picked up the documents again, looking like he didn't want to waste any more words.

Number Two wisely kept his mouth shut and looked at Shi Jin. 

Shi Jin smiled innocently. 

Number Two rolled his eyes and gestured for him to follow as he turned and left the study. 

Once outside, Number Two couldn't hold back any longer and leaned in close to Shi Jin, lowering his voice to ask, "What did you do to make Young Master Jun kick you out?" 

"It's because Jin Jin wanted to force my Baby to drink soup! But my Baby doesn't like soup!" Xiao Si shouted loudly in response. 

Shi Jin rubbed his forehead, unwilling to admit that he had been kicked out by Lian Jun for being disliked. He put on a thick-skinned face and replied, "I guess I'm just too talented. Young Master Jun doesn't want to bury a talent like me." 

Number Two said, "...I believe that." 

"Thank you for your trust," Shi Jin said sincerely. 

Number Two expressed his current mood with a downward-pointing pinky finger. 

After half a month, Shi Jin finally breathed in air outside of the clubhouse. Number Two shoved him into a sleek black luxury car and ordered the driver waiting in the driver's seat, "Take us to the nearest mall."

The driver nodded and started the car.

Shi Jin asked in confusion, "What are we doing at the mall? By the way, what have you been busy with lately and what do I need to do?" 

"Let's go to the mall and get you some new clothes. You look too rough right now," Number Two tugged at the tie around his neck and relaxed back into his seat. He pulled out his phone and opened an encrypted document, unlocking it before tossing it to Shi Jin. 

"I've been working on a mission to get closer to a target. There's an old retiree from the government who's been up to no good lately. He stole an important official document and wants to sell it overseas. The government wants to take him down, but they don't have any concrete evidence. So they asked Young Master Jun for help to find out who the old man is dealing with and where the transaction will take place. That way, they can catch the big fish behind him." 

So exciting?

Shi Jin's expression became serious as he carefully flipped through the document. 

Number Two was very satisfied with his focus and continued, "This old man is very cautious and cunning, he is very careful in his actions, but he has a big weakness - he has an illegitimate son who is being raised by someone else. His son's name is Xu Huai, he is a playboy who only knows how to eat, drink, gamble, and womanize. As a casino owner and a drug dealer, I have already infiltrated his circle of friends. My next target is to talk to him directly and try to pry some information about his father from him."

Shi Jin quickly scanned the information and frowned, "But what if Xu Huai doesn't know anything? You said the old man is very careful, and Xu Huai is so unreliable, he may not have told him such an important thing." 

"There's always a solution even if he doesn't know anything," said Number Two as he took a cigarette and placed it in his mouth, his expression full of meaning. "If legal means can't get us the information we need, then we'll have to resort to something more drastic. Xiao Jin Jin, pay attention and learn well. If you want to stay by Young Master Jun's side, you need a strong heart."

Shi Jin furrowed his brows in deep thought and turned to meet Number Two's enigmatic gaze. He reached out and took the cigarette from his mouth, offering sincere advice. "Smoking is harmful to your health. You should quit."

Number Two: "..." Damn, can't you let me act like a respectable elder?

Upon arriving at the mall, Number Two dragged Shi Jin into a high-end styling salon and called for the most expensive hair designer to give him a trendy and shiny new hairstyle. 

Shi Jin felt hopeless, but he knew that this was a task he had to complete, so he had to let it go. 

A few hours later, when Shi Jin emerged from the mall, he had transformed into a trendy and stylish young man. He had a head full of naturally curly gray hair, was dressed in the latest fashion brand clothing, wore an expensive watch on his wrist, diamond earrings on his ears, and limited edition sneakers on his feet. He was now a genuine and cool fresh-faced young man, and a particularly eye-catching one at that. 

"This look is not bad. Come on, let me take a picture for Young Master Jun to see," said Number Two. He had Shi Jin lean against the station, put a pair of sunglasses on his nose, and snapped away with his phone. 

Shi Jin lowered his sunglasses and gave Number Two a threatening look, his gaze lingering on him in a menacing way. After getting a good shot, Number Two sent the photo to Lian Jun and Number One, so they could get familiar with Shi Jin's new look and avoid mistaking him for someone else when they meet again. 

Then, he pulled Shi Jin into the back seat of the car and with a grand gesture, said, "Drive to Zero Degree Bar."

The driver obediently started the car. Shi Jin took off his sunglasses and asked, "What's the deal with this Zero Degree Bar?"

"Zero Degree is one of Xu Huai's favorite entertainment venues. The owner is a friend of Xu Huai's. I found out that one of Xu Huai's shady friends is having a birthday party there tonight, and Xu Huai will definitely show up. We're going there to catch him," Number Two explained.

Shi Jin nodded in understanding and asked, "What do I need to do when we get to the bar? Do I need to pretend to be a wealthy playboy who knows everything about eating, drinking, whoring, and gambling?" 

"No need, your character setting is not like that. Xu Huai is a fan of good looks, regardless of gender. He just broke up with his internet celebrity girlfriend and I think he wants to try something new. Your image is that of a young man I am sponsoring, according to my investigation, he happens to like this kind of clean and pure temperament." 

Shi Jin: "..."

"Remember to act a little wild later. Xu Huai is very chauvinistic and although he likes a clean and pure appearance, he doesn't like his target to be too reserved. He's particularly difficult to please." Number Two added some more points. 

Shi Jin leaned back in his chair with a headache. He suddenly felt that it was more comfortable to stay by Lian Jun's side and watch him review documents. The air outside was not fresh at all, but rather polluted and chaotic. 

After spending too much time in the mall, the two finally arrived at the bar when the night had already fallen. It was just in time for the bar to start getting lively.

In the car, Number Two changed into casual clothes and messed up his hair, instantly exuding a rebellious and carefree vibe.

"In the bar later, stick close to me and don't accept any cigarettes, alcohol, or candy from anyone else. Even if you do accept them, don't consume them. They might be spiked. My character might require me to get physical with you later, so hold it in and don't vomit the bread you just ate."

Shi Jin asked seriously, "Can I turn the tables and get physical with you instead?"

Number Two paused, then grinned and bared his teeth at him.

Shi Jin gave him the middle finger. 

The bar wasn't crowded yet, and Xu Huai and his gang of friends hadn't arrived. Number Two went straight to the bar and sat in the most prominent spot in the middle. He ordered himself a whiskey and got Shi Jin one of the bar's signature drinks, the "Dreamy Night".


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