Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Chapter 32 - Chapter 32

The lights in the shop were bright, like little stars falling on the slender figure of the girl.

Gu Miao's dark eyes revealed a hint of anticipation and nervousness as he gazed at her.

He was afraid that the girl would be angry because of the boss's teasing, but at the same time, he hoped that she would react differently.

In the silence, the girl laughed lightly and said, "Boss, don't tease him."

Gu Miao couldn't see her face, but he keenly sensed from her tone that she was not angry.

He breathed a sigh of relief, but a faint melancholy rose in his heart.

The boss glanced at the two of them and chuckled, "Alright, alright, let's go look at some frames." 

He led the two of them to the display case and pointed to a row, saying, "These are the most popular ones recently, take a look." 

Cheng Chu lowered her gaze and carefully examined them, then pointed to two of them and asked, "Can we try these two on?" 

The shop owner heard her and took out the two frames. 

Both were extremely elegant styles, which complemented Gu Miao's handsome and clean appearance. 

One was a silver half-frame, and Cheng Chu calmly checked the price: 360 yuan. 

The other was a gold wire glasses, which looked very similar to the one she had seen with Fu Rong when they went shopping, but the workmanship was much rougher, and the price was 620 yuan. 

To be honest, Cheng Chu still preferred the gold wire glasses, but the price difference was almost half. 

She pursed her lips, feeling a bit hesitant. 

The shop owner watched the two of them and hurriedly began to promote: "I feel like the young man would look great in this gold one. When he tried it on earlier, his whole demeanor brightened up." 

The silver half-frame made Gu Miao look refined and handsome, while the gold rim added a touch of restraint to his pale face. 

Both pairs looked good, but of course the owner hoped they would buy the more expensive one. 

The shop was quiet, and Gu Miao looked down, his gaze fixed on the two frames on the counter, lost in thought. 

He was tight on money and naturally wanted to choose the cheaper one, but what did she think? 

Gu Miao couldn't help but look up at the girl. Outside, the potted plant by the door rustled in the cold wind, and the girl's delicate eyebrows furrowed in distress. 

Gu Miao noticed that her gaze was more often directed towards the gold-rimmed glasses. He reached into his pocket and secretly counted the money he had brought, finally breathing a sigh of relief.

Luckily, he had enough money.

The boss cleared his throat, "Has the young lady made a decision?"

"How about choosing the silver-rimmed ones?" The girl looked up with clear and pure eyes, "I think they're more suitable. What do you think?"

Gu Miao was stunned for a moment before responding, "Um, okay, then let's go with these."

The boss looked a bit disappointed, but didn't say much. He only asked for Gu Miao's prescription and then let them choose the lenses.

Naturally, the prices of the lenses varied, but Gu Miao chose the cheapest one.

By the time they returned home, it was already dark outside. 

Warm yellow lights spilled onto the street, bringing a slight warmth to the cold pavement.

The night sky was without a moon, only dotted with a few scattered stars. 

The girl stood at the entrance of the community, took a few steps, and suddenly turned back. Her bright peach blossom eyes were even brighter than the night sky.

"Gu Miao."


A smile spread from the corner of the girl's eyes.

"See you tomorrow." She said softly.

Gu Miao's heart was burning, his voice trembling, "See you tomorrow."


Every advanced class has a group of study-loving, grade-devoted nerds. Usually, the day when grades are released is the most anticipated day in their long and boring school life.

In the past, the top three in each grade were always fixed, with their class taking up one spot and another advanced class taking up two spots.

But now, a newly emerged ordinary class student has taken up one of those spots, and the group of people in Class 2 can't sit still. 

Sitting in front of Cheng Chu was a girl named Yu Xinlu. 

She was not particularly focused on her grades in the honors class, but she curiously asked Cheng Chu, "Hey, Chuchu, didn't you go to Class Three before? You must know this guy named Gu Miao, right?"

"Yeah," Cheng Chu nodded.

They were quite familiar with each other.

Yu Xinlu became interested and turned around eagerly to ask, "What's he like? Is he handsome?"

"Very handsome!" Cheng Chu suddenly became spirited. 

Her peach blossom eyes lit up slightly, and her tone became lively, "He's a really good person, a bit introverted and shy, but very kind."

"Really?" Yu Xinlu was a bit skeptical.

She was an active member of the year group and knew many people, but she had never heard of Gu Miao before. 

"Have I never heard of him if he's handsome?" She asked, half-believing.

Cheng Chu propped his head up lazily and replied, "Well, I think he's quite handsome."

Yu Xinlu raised her eyes to look at Cheng Chu.

A ray of sunshine slanted in through the window, highlighting the girl's delicate porcelain-like face. Her slightly upturned peach blossom eyes were adorned with a glimmer of light.

What stood out the most was the butterfly bow in her hair, which held her slightly curly hair together in a fluffy and attractive way.

"Your butterfly bow is so pretty, where did you buy it?" She forgot about the previous topic for a moment, her eyes fixed on the butterfly bow in Cheng Chu's hair, filled with envy.

There were rules in Haishi No. 1 High School, no dyeing or perming of hair, no wearing of jewelry, and no altering of pants cuffs. 

Most of the girls in the advanced class had messy hair and didn't care about their appearance, burying their faces in piles of homework all day.

But Yu Xinlu and Cheng Chu were two oddballs in the class, who made sure they looked radiant every day, down to every strand of hair.

However, Yu Xinlu didn't know how to strike the right balance with her appearance like Cheng Chu did, and was often criticized by the teacher.

Now, looking at Cheng Chu's eye-catching but still within school rules appearance, Yu Xinlu couldn't help but feel envious.

A cool breeze blew outside the window, lifting the stray hairs on Cheng Chu's cheek. 

She gathered her hair and said, "I bought this on Taobao a few days ago, I'll send you the link later."

"Great, can I borrow it and try it on first?" Yu Xinlu looked at Cheng Chu's shiny black hair with envy in her eyes. 

Cheng Chu didn't say anything, she simply took the bow from her hair and handed it to Yu Xinlu. "Here, try it on."

Yu Xinlu pulled out a mirror from her drawer and held the bow up to her hair, examining it closely. 

After a few seconds, her shoulders slumped. "Ugh, it looks so ugly on me. I won't buy it."

She handed the bow back to Cheng Chu and sighed, "You know what? I've been so annoyed lately. The class monitor keeps chatting with me on WeChat every day."

In the few months since Cheng Chu had left, Yu Xinlu had been suffocating. 

She didn't dare talk to other girls about these "girly things" for fear of being seen as showing off. Only Cheng Chu could understand the pain of being surrounded by boys.

"Oh," Cheng Chu replied, lowering his head to fix his hair and not even glancing at her. 

Yu Xinlu was furious. "Why are you so indifferent? Just now when we talked about Gu Miao, you were so excited. I feel like you like him!"

Before she could continue her accusations, the homeroom teacher walked into the classroom in high heels.

The homeroom teacher of Class 2 was a very gentle teacher who taught Chinese. Everyone liked her.

She casually held a Chinese textbook in her hand and walked gracefully to the podium, followed by a handsome and tall young man.

His face was handsome, with a pair of silver-rimmed glasses on his high nose bridge. 

His eyes were deep and exuded a scholarly aura that put people at ease.

The classroom instantly erupted into whispers.

"Wow, the new student, is that the guy ranked second?"

"He's quite handsome."

"Yeah, he's elegant and refined, but a bit cold."

The chairs in front rubbed against the floor, making a slightly harsh sound. 

Yu Xinlu turned her head, her tone filled with excitement: "Oh my god, Chu Chu, he's really handsome! You didn't lie to me! The goddess' taste is reliable after all!"

Cheng Chu raised his eyebrows proudly in response.

There was a commotion in the classroom, and the homeroom teacher cleared his throat softly from the podium.

In an instant, as if their throats were being choked, everyone fell silent.

"As you all should know by now, our new classmate and the second highest scorer in our grade, Gu Miao, is joining our class. Let's give him a warm welcome," the homeroom teacher announced.

A round of enthusiastic applause followed.

Class 2 has always been known for its academic achievements, and everyone looked up at Gu Miao on the podium with admiration and envy in their eyes.

Gu Miao felt this pure and genuine warmth for the first time, and he was a bit at a loss, stiffening up and not knowing how to react. 

As he pushed through the noisy crowd, his eyes landed on Cheng Chu, who was sitting at the back of the classroom.

The girl looked up at him with a bright, pure joy in her eyes. She was clapping along with everyone else, but seemed to be even more enthusiastic than the rest.

A chilly breeze blew into the classroom, but Gu Miao felt a pair of gentle hands soothing his tightly wound heart.

His lips, which had been tightly pursed, relaxed and his calm, dark eyes began to shine. The icy coldness between his eyebrows melted away in an instant.

The homeroom teacher patted his shoulder and said, "Come on, Gu Miao, introduce yourself to everyone."

Gu Miao's fingertips trembled slightly as he looked past the crowd and gazed at the peach blossom eyes that made his heart flutter.

After a moment, he cleared his throat and suppressed the surging emotions in his heart before speaking in a deep voice, "Hello everyone, my name is Gu Miao." 

This time, he didn't stutter.

For the first time in years, he spoke smoothly and fluently, managing to say a whole sentence.

There was a moment when his nose tingled with a slight sourness.

Cheng Chu looked at the young man on the podium.

He was like a dusty gem, once casually thrown into a box, but now broken out of its confines, dusted off, and finally shining brightly.

A few rays of dazzling sunlight shone into the classroom, and the young man stood in the hazy light, wearing a worn-out winter school uniform.

The classroom fell silent.

The teacher chuckled awkwardly, but spoke kindly, "Our new classmate's introduction was very concise, haha."

"Come on, go to the back row, right next to that girl." The teacher pointed to the only empty seat in the class. 

In the quiet classroom, the young man walked steadily towards Cheng Chu, with the dazzling sunlight shining behind him. 

The author has something to say: Gu Miao: 

I will work hard to get closer to you. 


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