Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Chapter 2 - Chapter 2

Aunt Zhao's breakfast was as delicious as ever.

After finishing breakfast, Cheng Chu grabbed her backpack and headed out the door.

The high school she attended, Haishi No.1 High School, was ranked first in the city. The students who could get into this school were either exceptionally academically gifted or had outstanding talents.

Cheng Chu happened to possess both.

She had been playing the piano since she was four years old and had a natural talent for it. Almost all of her teachers had praised her for her hard work and dedication.

From the preschool group, to the children's group, and then to the youth group, she had won almost every piano gold medal in each age group.

Life seemed to be particularly kind to her.

Coming from a wealthy family, with outstanding looks and top grades, she had been living a life where everyone looked up to her since she was young. It wasn't until her senior year of high school that her brother died in a plane crash while on a business trip, and not a single person on board survived. Her parents, worried about the future of the family business, demanded that she give up her music studies and instead pursue a degree in business.

Watching her parents grow increasingly thin and grey-haired overnight, Cheng Chu could only nod in agreement. She felt as though she had lost her soul, becoming a puppet controlled by her parents' wishes as she went to school, graduated, got married, and inherited the family business.

In the end, she died in a way that was almost absurd.

She felt an endless amount of regret - for her brother's death, for her unfulfilled dreams, and for the death of Gu Miao.

Cheng Chu believed that she had not wronged anyone in her past life, except for Gu Miao, who had lost his life trying to save hers.

That's why this time, no matter what, she was determined to make things right. It was November in Haishi, but winter had not yet arrived and the morning breeze carried a hint of warmth. 

Cheng Chu strolled leisurely down the street, basking in the gentle sunlight that seemed to warm her heavy heart. 

Her current home was purchased by her father for the convenience of attending Haishi No.1 Middle School, which was only a short five-minute walk away. 

Crossing the street, she saw the golden characters of "Haishi No.1 Middle School". 

Cheng Chu walked briskly into the campus, her heart filled with joy and anticipation for her new life. 

Following her memory, she climbed the stairs to the third floor and entered the classroom. 

Class 2 was an advanced class, and most of the students were extremely diligent in their studies. Although it was still twenty minutes before morning reading, most of the class was already almost full. Cheng Chu entered through the back door, her steps light, but still noticed by the classmate sitting in the last row.

The person turned around and, upon seeing Cheng Chu, their gaze flickered uncertainly as they asked, "Cheng Chu, did you forget something?"

"Huh?" Cheng Chu blinked in confusion, looking at him with uncertainty.

Cheng Chu had a pair of captivating peach blossom eyes, clear and bright like a small stream in the spring mountains.

Being stared at so directly, Yu Yan couldn't help but feel a surge of heat rising in his face. He awkwardly scratched his head and whispered, "Class 3 is downstairs."

The classroom was so quiet that even the sound of breathing could be heard clearly, so even though Yu Yan spoke in a hushed voice, a few people in the back row still turned to look at him. The joy of being reborn came too suddenly for Cheng Chu, like a huge pie falling from the sky, leaving her disoriented. 

She was so happy that she didn't pay attention to anything else, and now she found herself "exiled" to Class Three because she missed the exam due to illness.

The old Cheng Chu might have been upset about being transferred to an ordinary class, but now all she could think about was getting closer to Gu Miao by going to Class Three.

She smiled at Yu Yanxiao and didn't seem embarrassed or unhappy at all. Her tone was light and cheerful: "Thanks, I forgot."

"No need to thank me," Yu Yan scratched his head. He followed Cheng Chu's excited figure with his eyes until she disappeared into the hallway before turning back.

The staircase was crowded, so Cheng Chu hugged the wall and slowly made her way down.

When she reached the door of Class Three, she finally slowed down her pace. The warm morning sun shone into the hallway, and Cheng Chu stood in a patch of sunlight, looking inside through the window.

In the classroom, only a few people sat in groups of two or three. Cheng Chu felt like her heart was wrapped in frost, looking at the hot water so close yet fearing the steam would scorch her.

She clenched her dress tightly with both hands, lips pursed. After a moment, she couldn't suppress her desire any longer and began to search for his figure.

Her gaze passed through the first row, the second row, and finally stopped at the last row.

In an instant, Cheng Chu's nose tingled with excitement, her heart trembling with anticipation, and a hint of warmth rose in her eyes.

Her vision became a bit blurry, and she discreetly wiped her eyes, staring at him intently.

The classroom was filled with golden sunlight, but he sat in the corner of the last row, the only dark corner. Groups of students were gathered around, chatting and discussing various topics. However, he sat alone, staring down at his textbook, occasionally pushing his black-framed glasses up his nose.

Suddenly, he closed his textbook, picked up his water bottle, and stood up.

As the gentle morning breeze blew through her long hair, Cheng Chu unexpectedly met Gu Miao's gaze.

Finally, she saw those dark and profound eyes, like the vast night sky.

She suddenly thought of that rainy night, when they were confined in a small car, feeling each other's breath, and Gu Miao was also looking at her with those same eyes.

Cheng Chu's heart couldn't help but tremble. She stared at him, unable to speak the words that were stuck in her throat. Gu Miao was momentarily stunned, but quickly lowered his eyes and hurried past her.

Cheng Chu felt a sense of emptiness and disappointment. But then she realized that this was her first time in Class Three, and Gu Miao probably didn't know her, so his reaction was normal.

Little did she know, as Gu Miao walked towards the water dispenser, his hand holding the cup was trembling lightly, and his feet were in a panic as if they were on fire.

When he reached the water dispenser, he stiffened his hand and turned on the tap. Without even opening the lid of the cup, he thrust it under the tap, and the boiling water splashed out, scalding his forehead and making him flinch in pain.

"Hiss." Gu Miao gritted his teeth and turned off the tap, then walked over to the sink and rinsed his hand with cold water. The piercing pain in his hand gradually subsided. 

It was the eve of morning reading, and the teaching building was packed with people. Cheng Chu hesitated whether to enter the classroom or not, when she saw the homeroom teacher of Class Three walking towards her from afar.

"Cheng Chu, didn't I ask you to come to my office first today? Why are you waiting at the classroom door?" Lin Yue asked.

Cheng Chu felt embarrassed, "I'm sorry, Teacher Lin, I forgot."

Although Lin Yue was the homeroom teacher of Class Three, she had taught Cheng Chu in her first year of high school, so she was very familiar with her.

She always liked this student, so she didn't mind and just patted her shoulder, saying, "It's okay, you can go in first and sit in the second row on the left."

As someone was transferred to Class Three, naturally someone from Class Three was promoted to Class Two. That second row seat was originally belonged to that good student. 

But Cheng Chu was secretly scheming in her heart. 

She looked at the seating arrangement in the classroom and cautiously asked, "Teacher, can I sit in the second to last row? I'm afraid I'll block the people behind me if I sit in the second row."

Cheng Chu was tall, standing at 1.72 meters, which was considered quite tall among the girls.

"Sure, go ahead," Lin Yue didn't know what was going on in Cheng Chu's mind and readily agreed.

Cheng Chu was overjoyed. The second to last row was just in front of Gu Miao, which meant she would have more opportunities to get closer to him in the future.

She quietly entered through the back door, trying to walk as softly as possible. 

But in an instant, the entire class's attention was focused on her.

The noisy classroom suddenly quieted down, leaving only whispers.

"Wow, is it Cheng Chu who was transferred to our class this time?" 

"She's the one, she's the one! She was standing at the classroom door for so long, I thought I was seeing things."

"Oh my goddess, I am so lucky!"

"Where is she sitting? It should be in Luo Ye's old seat."

"I also want to sit at the same table as the goddess."

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Cheng Chu walked from the first group to the last row, and finally placed her backpack in the corner of the classroom.

Her new desk mate was a girl with big eyes, who was staring straight at her with her watery eyes.

"Hi," Cheng Chu smiled at her.

The new desk mate grinned foolishly, "Hi, I'm Luo Qianqian."

Cheng Chu's heart was pounding rapidly. She turned her head and saw Gu Miao, who was studying with his head down.

The classroom window was open, and the slightly cold wind outside blew a few strands of his hair up. On his straight nose bridge sat a pair of black-framed glasses, making his already pale skin look even paler. 

Cheng Chu felt her facial nerves twitching with nervousness. She took two deep breaths and forced a sweet smile, "Hi, how are you?" 

Upon hearing her pleasant voice, Gu Miao's stiff body turned into stone. His hand holding the pen clenched so hard that his knuckles turned white. 

A few rays of sunshine shone through the window, and Gu Miao lifted his eyes slightly to see the girl in front of him smiling brightly. 

The young girl's fair skin glowed in the sunlight, and her sparkling peach blossom eyes were adorned with two small dimples on her cheeks, as if sprinkled with sweet sugar powder. 

Gu Miao felt like his heart skipped a beat. His fingertips, which had just been scalded by boiling water, still throbbed with a slight heat. But that heat, which was not very clear, seemed to be magnified countless times in this moment.

He felt like his heart had melted with this one smile.

Cheng Chu felt like her face was about to freeze from smiling, but the boy in front of her still had a cold face, his eyes indifferent like they were covered in winter snow.

She drooped her shoulders in disappointment.

Gu Miao was always a cold person, so it was understandable for him to have this attitude towards someone he barely knew.

The homeroom teacher entered the classroom, and the students sat up straight. Qianqian kindly patted her, indicating that she should sit down quickly.

Cheng Chu was about to turn her head when she heard Gu Miao's low voice.

"Nice, to, meet, you." For some reason, he spoke with a peculiar pause between each word, as if they were being bounced out one by one.

But it was these short words that made Cheng Chu remain happy for the next two classes.


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