Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Stuttering Big Boss’s White Moonlight

Chapter 1 - Chapter 1

The sky was filled with a gloomy gray.

Cheng Chu dazedly sat at her desk, staring at the fine rain outside the window.

There was a light knock on the door, and Housekeeper Song's voice came from outside: "Madam, Lawyer Zhou is here."

Upon hearing the sound, Cheng Chu was stunned for a moment before lowering her eyes, covering her bloodshot eyes, and wearily straightening her wrinkled clothes. 

She then whispered, "Please let him in."

Lawyer Zhou entered the room under the guidance of Housekeeper Song. He carried a briefcase, wore a sharp suit, and had meticulously combed hair. He exuded an air of sophistication with every gesture.

"Mrs. Gu, hello."

The room was filled with a pleasant aroma of incense, a cool scent with a hint of bitterness. 

Despite her haggard appearance, Cheng Chu's beauty remained intact. Her peach blossom eyes, slightly reddish, her pale cheeks, and even the few strands of hair scattered on her forehead, all added a touch of pitiful charm to her already stunning features.

This was the first time Zhou Zhong had met Mrs. Gu, but with just one glance, he suddenly understood Mr. Gu's obsessive and crazy thoughts towards her.

"My condolences, Mrs. Gu," Zhou Zhong pursed his lips and spoke softly.

Suppressing the strong bitterness in her heart, Cheng Chu replied softly, "Thank you, Lawyer Zhou." 

Rubbing her forehead wearily, she continued, "May I ask what brings you here today?" 

For several consecutive nights, Cheng Chu's already fragile nerves were pushed to the brink of collapse due to her insomnia. 

At this moment, all she wanted was to get some sleep, even if it was just a few shallow hours.

But even as Cheng Chu lay on her soft bed, her racing thoughts were like the rain outside, growing stronger and stronger, sweeping through her heart like a storm.

As her vision gradually blurred, she thought of what Lawyer Zhou had said: "Mr. Gu had written a will before his untimely death, stating that all his assets would be transferred to your name."


Why was he so good to her? 

Tears finally fell from Cheng Chu's eyes, and the tension in her heart was broken by this sudden news. 

She sobbed uncontrollably, unable to hold back her tears.

The raging rain outside beat against the windows with a loud sound. Cheng Chu tightly closed her eyes, but tears continued to seep out and flow onto the smooth silk pillowcase.

Lost in thought, she suddenly remembered the car accident.

It was also on a rainy day like this.

On that rainy night, the street was desolate and the dim streetlights barely illuminated the roadside.

They sat in the car, polite and distant, as if separated by the Chu River and Han Border.

Suddenly, a blinding beam of light flashed by, and before she could react, Gu Miao pressed her tightly to his chest.

His strength was terrifying, as if he had used all his strength to protect her at all costs.

Cheng Chu only felt her shoulders ache and her feet being pressed down, a piercing sensation.

The car lights illuminated the entire road, and she endured the pain and looked up, only to see Gu Miao's deep, dark eyes. Fresh red blood slowly trickled down his forehead, and his usually cold and pale face was now covered in bloodstains. But he seemed completely unaware, staring at her without blinking, as if he wanted to engrave her into his soul.

"Don't be afraid, Chuchu," he said in a hoarse voice, holding her in his arms that felt as hot as if they could melt a person.

This was the first time he called her Chuchu.

But it was also the last time.

A drop of blood from Gu Miao's forehead fell onto her face, bringing with it a scorching heat.

In the last memory, his voice was hoarse and broken, using up the last of his strength to say to her, "I love you."

It sounded resolute.

Cheng Chu had thought that they were just a business alliance, being married in name only, forced by her father's persuasion to get married after only meeting a few times. 

After getting married, although they lived in the same house, they only greeted each other like neighbors. 

Cheng Chu never expected that when danger came, Gu Miao would protect her so decisively and even put his own life on the line. 

He said he loved her? When did that start? They had only known each other for a short three months, and had been married for just two. 

The first time they met, she straightforwardly told Gu Miao, "Mr. Gu, I'm sorry, but I already have someone I like." 

The small night light on the bedside was on, emitting a warm and gentle yellow light. 

Cheng Chu got up, found her slippers by the light, hastily put them on, and then left the room. 

The window in the corridor was left slightly open, letting in a cool breeze. 

Cheng Chu couldn't help but shiver as she quickened her pace towards the door at the end of the hallway. It was Gu Miao's room. Her mind, which had been in a daze for the past few days, seemed to awaken with the cold wind. Her heart raced rapidly, and her blood seemed to flow wildly through her body. 

Step by step, she walked towards the tightly closed door and exerted a little force to twist the doorknob.

Inside the room, the decor was based on a cold and restrained gray and white color scheme, just like the impression Gu Miao gave people. Neatly arranged on the desk were a few documents and a dark brown photo frame containing a beautiful landscape photo. 

Other than that, there was nothing else.

Cheng Chuqing didn't know why she impulsively came to his room, perhaps it was because of the guilty and regretful emotions in her heart that made her want to understand what kind of person he really was. After all, she knew nothing about him. 

Cheng Chu reached out and opened the drawer under her desk, only to find it filled with work files. She turned around and searched through the small drawers embedded in the bookshelf, finally discovering a photo album.

The album seemed a bit old, with its deep black cover faded, but its owner clearly cherished it, as even the sturdy corners were covered in protective leather.

Cheng Chu impatiently opened the album, but the photos inside made her fingers tremble uncontrollably.

They were photos of her. More accurately, they were photos of her during her high school years.

In the photos, the girl sat on a piano chair, with a dazzling spotlight shining in the background, as she played the piano with focused concentration.

When were these taken?

Cheng Chu couldn't help but take the photo out of the album and examine it closely, only to find a line of text written on the back.

Chuchu's first performance. 

She felt a sourness rising in her heart, sniffed, and put the photo into the album.

As she continued flipping through, every protagonist in these photos was her.

Eating, laughing with classmates, and focusing on studying.

It was almost her entire high school career.

But these were obviously not taken without her knowledge. In fact, in a few of the photos, she was even smiling at the camera.

Where did these photos come from?

Suppressing her doubts, she continued flipping through. At the end of the album were two class graduation photos. Class 2 and Class 3 of the third year.

Class 2 was Cheng Chu's class, and she quickly found her place in the photo, standing at the back with a faint smile.

But she wasn't in Class 3?

Cheng Chu took out both graduation photos and flipped them over. 

On her graduation photo, it said "Happy Graduation" with her in it. 

But on the one without her, a line was written in black pen with utmost sincerity. 

'I really want to take a graduation photo with you.' 

Did he appear in the graduation photo of Class 3? 

Cheng Chu's heart was already in turmoil, her hand holding the photo was trembling. She carefully searched for Gu Miao's figure in the photo, but he was nowhere to be found. 

How could this be? This time, she looked from the first row, one by one, and finally found him at the edge of the last row. He was completely different from now. 

In the photo, he wore a pair of dull black-framed glasses, his long bangs covering his forehead, and the smile on his lips carried a hint of reluctance. He exuded a gloomy and decadent aura. 

During her time at Haishi No.1 High School, there was a rule that during their second year, students in the advanced class and regular class could switch between classes based on their grades. 

Those who did poorly in the advanced class would be sent to the regular class, while those who did well in the regular class had the opportunity to move up to the advanced class.

Cheng Chu once thought she would be sent to the Class 3, a regular class, due to being sick and missing an exam, but she performed well on subsequent exams and was able to return to her original class.

However, during the half semester she spent in Class 3, she never noticed Gu Miao, or more accurately, she didn't even know he existed.

Perhaps at that time, he was already interested in her...

Cheng Chu felt a sourness in her eyes as she stared at the words written below the graduation photo. She felt as if her heart was being pricked by countless needles. Outside the door, there were faint footsteps. 

Housekeeper Song tentatively knocked on the door, "Madam, are you in there?"

Cheng Chu wiped her eyes discreetly and said, "It's me."

"Madam, you haven't slept for several days. How can you endure this? If the master finds out, he will be heartbroken," Housekeeper Song said.

Mentioning Gu Miao, Cheng Chu felt even more uncomfortable. Tears welled up in her eyes and she wiped them away with the back of her hand. 

"Aunt Song, you should go to sleep first. I'll tidy up and go to bed later."

Housekeeper Song didn't say anything else and sighed before returning to her room.

The room returned to silence. Cheng Chu carefully held the photo album in her arms and struggled to stand up, leaning against the floor. As soon as she got up, her heart started pounding like crazy, her vision went black, and all her strength seemed to be drained in an instant. 

The next second, she fell to the ground with a loud thud.

The world seemed to be engulfed in boundless darkness.

"Miss, miss, wake up! You're going to be late for class!" 

Cheng Chu grumbled and reluctantly opened her eyes.

A middle-aged woman was standing by her bed, looking at her with concern.

"Aunt Zhao?" Wasn't she the nanny who took care of her in high chool?

"Hey, I've already made breakfast. Hurry up and eat." Aunt Zhao saw that she was awake and left the room with relief.

Cheng Chu looked around the room, with light blue wallpaper, a white princess bed, and a wind chime with crystals hanging on the windowsill. The bright sunlight shone on the crystals, reflecting dazzling light. This was the house her father bought for her next to the school when she was in high school.

Didn't she faint in Gu Miao's room? How did she end up here?

Cheng Chu got out of bed and walked into the bathroom. The girl in the mirror had fair skin, black hair that was soft and flowing down her shoulders, and peach blossom eyes that were slightly upturned and shining with a lively light. As her eyes flickered, they emitted a playful glow.

This was her during high school.

Cheng Chu stared blankly at her slightly immature face in the mirror and fiercely twisted her own hand.


A sharp pain shot up her arm, causing her to instinctively furrow her brows. But the joy in her heart was like a burning flame, heating up her cold and hopeless heart.

Heaven had given her a chance to start over, and this time, she would firmly grasp it.


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