Lie Huo Jiao Chou

Lie Huo Jiao Chou

Chapter 38 - Chapter 38

When Aluojin appeared near the hotel, Sheng Lingyuan immediately sensed it. 

At that time, he had already gone around the mysterious underground garage for eight laps. He didn't want to attract too much attention, but in his haste, he couldn't care less. 

If the person behind the Yin Sacrifice ritual knew the true identity of the Fire-Keeper, that madman Aluojin would tear apart the little demon with his bare hands.

Sheng Lingyuan raised his hand and the ceiling of the garage collapsed, triggering various alarm sounds. He directly crawled out of the hole and arrived at the shopping mall lobby on the first floor, smashing the glass and breaking out of the window.

Little did he know, this was not the end. 

Just as he escaped, several strong lights swept towards him and the sirens sounded twice: "Don't move! Put your hands up!" 

It turned out that while His Majesty was still trapped in the underground, Xuan Ji and his team had already completed a round of "homestay demolitions" and moved south with the "big kite" Aluojin, leaving behind a chaotic scene...and three aftermath department personnel who were at a loss for what to do - the Director of the aftermath department was even temporarily reassigned as a field agent.

During the peak tourist season, the various security departments in Dongchuan were already on edge. When they heard that someone was demolishing houses on a street of homestays in the middle of the night, and the insane "criminals" even broke into a room and knocked out a tourist, which was extremely shocking, the police immediately responded and rushed to the scene. But before they could even park their cars, the underground garage of the nearby hotel exploded.

The police took a look and found that there were still some "accomplices" who hadn't escaped yet. They had such audacity, but they were caught! 

And so it was that Sheng Lingyuan found himself surrounded by a circle of flashing red and blue police cars at the entrance of a large shopping complex in the bustling city center. 

The leader of the operation used a colleague's flashlight to take a peek at the "suspect" and saw that this person was wearing a completely empty "skirt" made of a material that looked like woven grass rope, and had a wig styled in a rather impressive manner. 

"This suspect...could there be something wrong with their mental state?" the police officer asked the person next to them. "They may have carried a weapon with them to blow such a big hole in the floor. Quick, we need backup!" 

Sheng Lingyuan remained silent. Meanwhile, Ping Qianru, Yang Chao, and Luo Cuicui hid nearby, afraid to show themselves and unsure of who to contact first.

The Bureau is a secret department. They requested cooperation from the public security department, but they had to follow the formal process of "top-down" and show their work permits to the police. However, the police would not recognize them and might even think they were crazy. 

Meanwhile, their department leader was in "flight mode" and could not be reached for the time being.

Watching his two precious hairs on the verge of falling out, Luo Cuicui was at a loss and pulled out his phone to call Xiao Zheng. The phone rang for a moment and then hung up.

On Xiao Zheng's side, the sword made of condensed white mist trembled and pointed at an undercover agent in the crowd. Before anyone could react, the agent shuddered violently, fell to his knees, and shouted, "What the hell is this?!" 

As soon as he finished speaking, he slightly moved the tip of his sword and pointed it towards the person next to him. 

The second field agent stiffened until the sword tip pointed towards someone else, then he jumped up in terror: "Something just passed through me!" 

The group of field agents erupted into chaos, as if an invisible ghost was using their bodies as springboards, playing hide-and-seek with the sword made of white mist.

Meanwhile, the sparks swirling around the sword made of white mist grew larger and larger, and the sound of thunder from the sky grew closer and closer. Several lightning bolts flashed across the night sky, one after another, as if they were about to connect with the electric light on the "sword". 

The field agents outside the scene were horrified to discover that they were playing a deadly game of "hot potato", not knowing which unlucky person would be struck by lightning along with the invisible enemy. 

Xiao Zheng gritted his teeth and said, "Everyone except for those who specialize in lightning magic, scatter...uh..." 

Before he could finish his sentence, a wave of icy coldness washed over him. It felt as though he had been submerged in cold water, unable to control his limbs and with his senses blocked. He could feel the hairs on his arms standing on end. Just then, his colleague Luo Cuicui called him on the phone. Xiao Zheng cursed the ancestors of the aftermath department in his mind, as he was engulfed in a flash of lightning. 

Surrounded by his colleagues, he had no choice but to gather all his strength and try to minimize the range of the lightning attack. The violent lightning broke through his mortal body in an instant, and he felt as though his veins were about to burst. 

Amidst the thunderous explosion, a white figure disappeared in a flash, accompanied by a mournful roar.

After making a phone call that resulted in her Father Xiao, who could have provided them with compensation for the demolition, being killed, Luo Cuicui couldn't reach Xiao Zheng. 

She looked at Ping Qianru and Yang Chao with a panicked expression and silently mouthed, "What do we do now?"

Ping Qianru was even more frightened than him, afraid of the long-haired man. 

Although their leader claimed that he was just a "sword spirit" and could be identified with Wind God's penetrating eyes, Ping Qianru had a gut feeling that when she saw the man's face, she immediately thought of the scene where he killed someone and disposed of the body with a smile. 

She felt that if this big shot became unhappy, he would start a killing spree on the spot. To her surprise, when surrounded by the police, Sheng Lingyuan did not react violently. 

He only glanced in the direction of a few officers who were trying to clean up the mess, and then even cooperated by raising his hand - although his gesture was not quite right, as he only raised one hand when asked to raise both.

The head of the police team was furious. This lunatic had been destroying public property in the middle of the night, and now he dared to mock the police when caught!

"I told you to raise both hands, not to answer a question in class!" 

Ping Qianru was sweating profusely and wanted to rush over to cover the mouth of the police officer.

Just then, Sheng Lingyuan's calm voice suddenly sounded in her ear, asking, "What do you usually do in this kind of situation?" 

The sound was like a thin thread, and she knew it came from far away, but it was as clear as a phone call, piercing through her ears without anyone else noticing. 

Ping Qianru shuddered. 

"It's just a message, don't panic," Sheng Lingyuan said in unfamiliar Mandarin. 

"Just answer me quietly, I can hear you." 

Ping Qianru peeked out and realized she was at least fifty meters away from Sheng Lingyuan. She felt helpless and thought, only a radar would be able to hear me? 

But since it had come to this, she had no other choice but to try. 

She whispered, 'In the past, if someone saw something they shouldn't have seen, we used 'Echo Sound' to deal with it. It's a special sound wave that can quickly modify people's memories.' 

Sheng Lingyuan watched as several police officers approached and handcuffed his wrists. 

He didn't resist and asked, "Why didn't you use force?" 

"I'm not sure," Ping Qianru whispered, "using the 'Echo Sound' device requires very high environmental standards. You have to first evoke the memories of the parties involved through conversation, and then play the audio. The principle of Echo Sound is brain resonance, which weakens the neural synapses associated with the memory and stimulates the hippocampus to input the modified memory and reattach it. It's very complicated because the memories to be modified generally come with a lot of strong emotions. 

"When the parties involved recall these things, there will also be other physiological reactions - such as the amygdala being activated and the HPA axis continuing to be stimulated. Sometimes, even if a memory is modified, the person's other neural activities cannot be coordinated together, and the parties involved may experience unexplained seizures and fear afterwards. If not handled properly, they may even collapse. To handle this well, even the most experienced person would have to go back and rework it.

"Many times...sigh, actually, ever since Sister Bi - Bi Chunsheng came, things have been much easier with her special abilities, but..." The speaker trailed off, lost in thought. 

Sheng Lingyuan: "..." Who is this little girl? Why is her hometown dialect so difficult to understand?

Sheng Lingyuan: "Can you simplify it? What's the problem?"

"I don't have time, and we don't have enough manpower," Ping Qianru said. "Little Yang is too empathetic and can't handle this. 

He always gets carried away by the people involved. I've never used the 'Echo Sound' device before, and it's just me and Brother Luo. My experience is not that rich..."

Sheng Lingyuan interrupted her: "It's okay."

Ping Qianru hurriedly said, "And the Echo Sound can only be played in a closed environment, otherwise the range of sound wave radiation is too large, and any passerby's brain can be resonated. The operator's mental state cannot handle it."

Sheng Lingyuan said, "Install it, I'll do it." 

After some thought, Ping Qianru had no other ideas and could only comply. She gritted her teeth and pulled out a small round box from her bag, about the size of a palm, and placed it on the ground. 

Immediately, several antenna-like "tentacles" extended from the corners of the box. 

When traveling outside, the only option for handling emergencies was to bring a simple and convenient 'Echo Sound' device. This 'travel kit' could only operate within a very limited range and target one or two people, and even then, it required a mental amplifier.

Luo Cuicui and Yang Chao looked at each other in confusion. Yang Chao asked, "Qianru, what are you doing?"

Ping Qianru didn't have time to answer and instead handed the specially made earplugs to Luo Cuicui and Yang Chao, instructing them to put them on. Then, she opened the lid of the round box and took out a device that looked very similar to wireless earphones. 

"I only brought one pair of ten-fold amplifiers, how can I give them to you?" 

Sheng Lingyuan was wearing handcuffs and was pushed by a police officer, stumbling a half step, but he showed no signs of anger. 

His voice and tone remained very calm as he asked, "Amp...what is that?"

He didn't even know what an amplifier was, and he couldn't even speak Mandarin properly. How could someone like that operate an Echo Sound?

Ping Qianru looked extremely desperate and said, "Simply put, it's a tool that allows your consciousness to dominate within the range of the Echo Sound."

Sheng Lingyuan replied, "No need for that, just do it."

Ping Qianru thought to herself, what kind of method is this? 

It's like asking for death. However, just as she hesitated, she suddenly found that her hands were not under her control, as if they were a mouse reaching for discounted items on Singles Day. She widened her eyes in horror and watched as she put on earplugs and pressed the play button. A special sound wave "wooo" suddenly rose up and spread in all directions, quickly covering the entire area.

Sheng Lingyuan didn't quite understand what "Echo Sound" was, but he could make a comparison.

If "Echo Sound" was similar to Bi Chunsheng's ability, then he probably understood how to operate it. 

As Ping Qianru mentioned, Bi Chunsheng had a bit of the "Nightmare Clan" bloodline, which was quite rare and almost drowned in the flesh of ordinary people. If it weren't for her going crazy, he might not have been able to smell it. 

The true "Nightmare Clan" was extremely difficult to deal with. The experts of the Nightmare Clan could single-handedly trap an entire army in the dream world it created, unable to distinguish reality from illusion until they were trapped to death. 

In order to deal with the Nightmare Clan, the human cultivators and the Witch Clan tried every method possible. In the end, they joined forces to create a "Windproof Stone" - after being refined in a special way, it was cut in half. One half was carried with them, and the other half was given to their comrades in the army. 

If either side was trapped in the Nightmare formation, the other side could sense it through the "Windproof Stone" and use it to keep the trapped individuals clear-headed, breaking the formation from both inside and outside.

When the Windproof Stone was activated, the two people holding the same stone could share the same joy and sorrow, just like the "Echo Sound" that Ping Qianru spoke of, but this "Echo Sound" was much more sophisticated. As the audio started playing, countless noises filled Sheng Lingyuan's ears. The sound waves captured all the active brainwaves, whether the person was awake or asleep.

Ping Qianru widened her eyes in surprise. She knew for a fact that she did not connect the "amplifier" to her device, yet the indicator light was on.

She quickly recalled the principle of the amplifier she learned during her training. The amplifier contains an energy conversion device that can expand the range of the Echo Sound's influence. This "Mr. Sword Spirit" had a special ability that allowed him to simulate the Echo Sound's signal using his own ability. 

He treated himself as an amplifier.

The range of the Echo Sound's influence suddenly expanded by a hundred times or more! 

Ping Qianru couldn't believe that it was possible to operate in such a way! 

The police officers holding Sheng Lingyuan saw the person they caught lift their head, pause for a moment, and then meet their gaze with a pair of eyes as deep as an abyss.

As soon as the police officers saw those eyes, their minds went blank with a "buzz", and they stood there in a daze. 

The "suspect" smiled at them, silently uttered something, and with a gentle flick of their wrist, the sturdy handcuffs slipped off their hands like oversized bracelets.

Everyone heard a dreamlike voice say, "Just now, what did you all see?"

The voice carried a powerful enchantment, like the demon in Faust tempting the dying, and for a moment, everyone who heard it recalled what had just happened. 

Sheng Lingyuan pinched a hand gesture and silently merged his illusion technique with echoing sound waves. 

Countless people were pulled into the illusion, where the night was calm and their chaotic thoughts were forcibly settled. Some unwilling consciousnesses instinctively struggled and rebounded through the echoing sound. 

Sheng Lingyuan furrowed his brow slightly, and his face lost some of its color. Like a calm sea, he accepted and then devoured countless fearful thoughts. After an unknown amount of time, the resistance became weaker and weaker. The echoing sound was like a thin thread, piercing Sheng Lingyuan's temple. 

At the same time, the people around him were first confused and then gradually calmed down. The closest police officer to Sheng Lingyuan fell down first, and Sheng Lingyuan caught him effortlessly, gently placing him against the nearby car. 

Then, one after another, people fell down as if they had been infected with a sleeping sickness, and finally, there was silence within the range of the echoing sound.

In front of the bustling hotel entrance, there was only the figure of a man in a long robe standing.

The aftermath department team, who had their ears blocked, looked on in shock as Sheng Lingyuan turned his back to them and waved his hand, indicating that Ping Qianru could turn off the Echo Sound device. 

Luo Cuicui stepped on the small box that was playing the Echo Sound and suddenly pulled out his earplugs, exclaiming, "Wow! What brand is Director Sheng's sword? This function is too powerful!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Sheng Lingyuan swayed and barely managed to hold onto the hood of the car next to him, preventing himself from kneeling down. 

At the same time, Yang Chao let out a cry of pain and crouched down, holding his head. Yang Chao's ability to react was extremely weak, only able to empathize with exceptionally strong sensations, indicating the intensity of the feedback.

Ping Qianru quickly approached, "Are you okay..."

But before she could finish her sentence, Sheng Lingyuan's figure had already moved ten meters away in an instant.

Ping Qianru said, "Wait..."

Sheng Lingyuan turned his head and nodded at her, "Thanks for your help with the rest."

Before she could respond, he had already disappeared.

Ping Qianru was stunned. 

In her previous job, she had encountered "non-human" beings with similar consciousness. These things were either powerful or strange, with varying levels of intelligence, but without exception, they did not respect human social norms - some of them could not even understand them.

But this "sword" was different. 

She had a strange feeling that he was very familiar with the confidentiality regulations of the Bureau. 

"Wow, it's so spiritual..." 

"Don't be amazed, hurry up!" cried Luo Cuicui. "I'll clean up the scene, Little Yang, you come up with a story for the accident, and Qianru, you handle the surveillance and all kinds of driving records!" 

Over ten green ivy vines fell off Luo Cuicui's body, quickly taking root on the ground and growing into a lush cluster of ivy. Old Luo gritted his teeth and lifted a police officer who was almost twice his weight, and the ivy vines tried to help and quickly realized that plants couldn't handle physical labor. 

The sturdy police officer, unaware of his surroundings, lunged forward and crushed Luo Cuicui and the pile of stems and leaves underneath him, releasing a fragrant scent of plants.

Yang Chao quickly ran over and used both hands and feet to rescue Luo Cuicui, who was covered in grass juice. Together, they dragged and pulled the police officers and stuffed them into separate cars.

Ping Qianru asked, "Brother Luo, are you okay?"

Luo Cuicui, covered in green, had a sticky green vine broken on his neck. He forced a smile and said, "What's the big deal? Watch my skills."

As he spoke, he held his breath and his face turned from green to red. He made a constipated expression and a new wave of green vines crawled out of him, rolling into several straw men on the ground.

Luo Cuicui turned around and got into a police car. The straw men followed his actions and got into the other police cars, perfectly copying his movements of shifting gears and stepping on the gas pedal. 

They drove the police cars back to where they came from. The aftermath department team had a god-like teammate, and their work went smoother than expected. 

In contrast, things were looking grim for Director Xuan. 

Aluojin was provoked by his words and suddenly erupted, unleashing a storm of wind and rain. Xuan Ji had nowhere to hide, but then his huge wings evaporated into thin air, and his body quickly turned to metal. 

The wind blades struck him with a "clang" but couldn't penetrate his "metal body." 

Meanwhile, the metal body couldn't resist the force of gravity and fell straight down from mid-air. Zhang Zhao leaned half his body out of the car and pressed his stopwatch. 

All the wind blades were frozen in mid-air. 

As Xuan Ji fell, he slid horizontally at the same speed and instantly slid out of the wind blade area. He rolled in mid-air and suddenly pulled out his wings less than ten meters from the ground, narrowly saving himself.

"Beautiful!" shouted Wang Ze, who was driving.

"Thank you!" Xuan Ji's voice came from mid-air. "But can you please tell me where the hell this is?"

Xuan Ji had trusted Wang Ze, but this lousy navigation had led him out of the city and towards the south... where there was a large forest park in Dongchuan.

The ecological environment in Dongchuan was really impressive, but the only problem was- 

"Mr. Wang, hello? Do you remember that I'm an arsonist? Why don't you just tie me up and hand me over to the other side when you take me to the forest park?" 

Xuan Ji couldn't take it anymore and questioned, "Which side are you on?"

"It's not like that," Wang Ze cried out, "North up, south down, west left, east right - the map says there's an inland lake to the south. Director Xuan, are you also lost?"

Gu Yuexi focused her gaze, piercing through their boss's flesh and seeing his phone map. 

She was speechless, "Boss, you got our starting position wrong."

Wang Ze said, "That's impossible, the real-time location is marked!"

Zhang Zhao said, "The signal is bad near the hotel, there's a delay in the real-time location."

Xuan Ji: "..." 

It was impossible to fly out of this forest with Aluojin. 

Although Aluojin was a bit slow, he grew up in troubled times and had been fighting with the Emperor since he was a teenager. The first time they fought together, Aluojin realized that Xuan Ji was constrained by the environment. 

Although he didn't understand why, he could feel that Xuan Ji dared not set fire in the forest park. Without hesitation, the white bone butterflies under his feet suddenly disintegrated into a bunch of arrows, shooting towards Xuan Ji's outstretched wings.

Xuan Ji finally saw the shape of those bones - they were all human bones. He didn't need to think about where they came from and shuddered all over. 

He quickly dove down, and the "bone arrows" followed him like cruise missiles, relentlessly pursuing him around the corner.


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