Lie Huo Jiao Chou

Lie Huo Jiao Chou

Chapter 37 - Chapter 37

Without thinking, Xuan Ji pointed his finger like a knife and swiped it back towards his side. 

His left hand held half a cigarette, while his right hand had turned into metal, sharp as a knife, with flames flickering at his fingertips.

Aluojin laughed sharply and with a "whoosh," he flipped into the air. 

Suddenly, a huge white bone butterfly appeared out of the night sky and landed steadily under his feet. Its bone wings stirred up a strong wind, while the ember on the cigarette struggled to stay lit.

Xuan Ji was first stunned by this dramatic entrance, but then he finally realized his duty as a guard.

"Wait!" Xuan Ji's face turned pale as he thought to himself, 'Could this Witch Clan chief have flown all the way from the outskirts on this thing?' 

Even though it was the middle of the night, the city was full of night owls and the surveillance cameras were still on! 

Who would be responsible if this made front page news tomorrow? 

How could they explain it away?

But Aluojin didn't care about any of that. He strutted around with his butterfly kite, showing off in mid-air. 

The hotel was located right in the city center, next to a major transportation hub, with a three-story overpass in front of it. Passing drivers only had to look up to see this strange giant kite. Although there weren't many cars on the road at this hour, if someone did happen to look up and catch a glimpse of Aluojin and his "steed," it could cause a serious accident!

Last time, when the Emperor himself got involved with this guy, they caused a mountain to collapse, leaving nothing but skulls behind. 

But that was just a mountain, and no one complained. This forty-story hotel couldn't afford to collapse.

They had to lead him away. Xuan Ji had a sudden change of heart and turned around to run, jumping straight off the sixth-floor observation deck. 

To avoid being seen, he didn't open his cool-looking fire wings, but landed with incredible lightness, as if his bones were a few pounds lighter than everyone else's. 

He rolled with the momentum and landed without a scratch. Then he darted into a narrow alley next to the hotel, used the receptionist's phone to log into his WeChat account, and called Ping Qianru directly. 

"Create a group chat! Quick, drag in those guys from Wind God Team One and let them lend a hand... What are they sleeping for? The bad guys are already up and about!" 

Before he could finish his sentence, a fierce wind came at him from behind. Without looking back, Xuan Ji leaped onto a nearby trash can, and the flimsy plastic lid bounced him up a meter high without breaking under his weight. 

Something flew past his pant leg and made a "whoosh" sound as it sliced into the nearby cement wall - it was actually the wind! The wind blade left a crack in the cement wall before dissipating. 

Through the reflection in an open window, Xuan Ji caught a glimpse of Aluojin's "mount" - too flashy to fit through the narrow alley, its wings were each half stuck and it looked like a "screenshot not fully loaded" butterfly. 

Aluojin didn't seem to care about his mount, and his appearance became even more terrifying. The broken wings of the butterfly reminded Xuan Ji of the dismembered skeletons in the Witch's Tomb, stirring up an indescribable feeling in his heart. 

"Little clan leader, I know you're wronged, your whole family is wronged," Xuan Ji's feet didn't stop, and his mouth didn't stop either. "What grievances and demands do you have? Can't we all sit down and talk about it? Why do we have to be at odds with each other? Be clear-headed, where did I get the Vermilion Bird scent from? Clearly, there's only the smell of fried chicken!"

Unfortunately, his proficiency in ancient language was only barely passable, and his spoken language was really not good. He tried to mix modern and ancient language in a few sentences, completely missing the mark. 

Aluojin didn't have the same language talent as the emperor, and couldn't translate for himself, so he was immune to all of Xuan Ji's "flowery language." He waved his robe sleeve, which was billowed by the night wind, and the second invisible wind blade was about to take shape, measuring over two meters long and wide enough to cut through a narrow alley.

In a moment of desperation, Xuan Ji suddenly shouted, "Dan Li!" 

Finally, Aluojin understood a word. The name "Dan Li" made him pause for a moment. 

"I don't believe it. We still can't clear this up today," Xuan Ji gasped for breath, lightly tapping h1is toes and turning to face Aluojin. He used the same set of body language he used to communicate with his foreign friends, pointing to himself and saying, "I really am not Dan Li." 

Aluojin tilted his head and watched him dance around without saying a word. 

"That's right! Your brother lied to you! Your brother's conscience..." Xuan Ji gestured to his chest to represent "heart," but couldn't think of a gesture to describe the conscience, so he pinched his nose with one hand and held the "conscience" far away from himself with the other, as if he were holding a hot, steaming diaper. 

"Your brother's conscience is just as disgusting!" 

With his hands stretched out, the ghostly expression on Aluojin's mask flattened as he murmured, "You are not Dan Li."

Xuan Ji was on the verge of tears, "Yes, yes, finally you understand. I...oh!"

Before he could finish his sentence, three wind blades came crashing down, narrowly missing him.

"You are the 'Fire-keeper'," Aluojin's cold gaze locked onto him as he conjured up more wind blades, "He said that in order to reignite the flames of Chiyuan, he must first eliminate the 'Fire-keeper'. I will kill you."

Xuan Ji asked, "Who is he?"

After the successful sacrifice, Bi Chunsheng made several demands to the spirit he had summoned, most of which were for personal revenge. 

However, it was the last demand, "Reignite the flames of Chiyuan", that was particularly eerie and it was this statement that truly enraged the heavenly demon. 

Upon closer inspection, it seemed that the two Yin Sacrifice rituals were indeed the work of the same person, with the goal of "reigniting the flames of the abyss."

Aluojin didn't respond, instead conjuring up another wind blade with his hands.

"Wait!" Xuan Ji hastily called out, "I still have something to say! Wait..."

But Aluojin wasn't interested in listening to his nonsense, and the wind blade quickly swept towards him. 

Xuan Ji had intended to dodge, but he was backed up against a homestay - one of those small inns commonly found in tourist areas, all decorated in an antique style, with windows facing towards the alley.

Perhaps due to poor sound insulation, the guests staying in the homestay were startled by Aluojin's piercing laughter and turned on the lights to peer out the window. Xuan Ji caught a glimpse of a figure behind the window, lazily reaching out to pull the curtains...

If he dodged, that person would surely be cut in half at the waist! 

Without thinking, Xuan Ji turned his back and opened his wings like a shield, hoping it would be enough to block the attack. At the same time, he smashed open the window of the inn and threw the curtain over the tourist's face, knocking him out with a coin. 

The tourist stumbled and was about to fall, while the icy wind blade grazed the feathers on Xuan Ji's wings. 

Suddenly, someone shouted, "One second!" 

Time froze. 

His teammate had arrived! 

Xuan Ji's coin in mid-air turned into an iron chain, pulling the tourist to the ground as he rose up. 

The frozen time effect wore off, and the wind blade that had been forcibly stopped flew twice as fast, slicing through the inn's wall like tofu. Several figures landed in the narrow alley, and three "Wind Gods" rushed out in their pajamas, creating a scene like a pillow fight. 

"Let the aftermath department handle the scene, the rest of us will lead him away!" 

Wang Ze forgot once again that Director Xuan was in charge of the aftermath department and shouted at him, "Director, why are you unarmed? Where is your sword?"

Xuan Ji was furious, "I sold it for scrap metal!"

Wang Ze may have been surprised to hear that someone could be so angry about losing a sword, and kindly advised, "Oh, don't worry about it. We've all had to make do before. What else can you do?"

"Stop talking and lead him out of the city!"

"Alright," Wang Ze confidently pointed the way, "Follow me, we're heading south!"

Little did Xuan Ji know that the esteemed Wind God Leader was actually directionally challenged on the ground. 

He blindly trusted him and without a word, took to the air and flew towards the south.

The bone butterfly of Aluojin, with its "toothless grin," shattered into pieces, yet it still chased after them relentlessly! 

On the hill of the witch's tomb, the story unfolding in the white mist projection kept all the field agents rooted to the spot, unable to distinguish friend from foe. 

Suddenly, the white mist contracted and solidified into a sword, with swirling incantations and faint electric sparks dancing along its edge.

But there were other symbols superimposed on the "projection"!

At the same time, the sky darkened abruptly, thick clouds gathering and distant thunder rumbling in unison with the sword made of white mist.

The tip of the sword slowly turned, pointing towards one of the field agents in the crowd.

The pit dug out by the Emperor was certainly not just a "camera". 

When he sealed away Aluojin for the second time, he left behind both the "projection" and a "Nine Heavens Divine Thunder" on the corpse. 

The person behind the Yin Sacrifice ritual must have been acting under restrictions, and may even not have a physical body. 

After removing the nails from Aluojin's body once again, the most likely scenario is that he will stay in place and blend in with the field agents, attaching himself to someone. This not only allows him to control the situation, but also makes it easier to avoid Sheng Lingyuan.

As for Aluojin... 

Sheng Lingyuan originally intended to let the cunning little demon delay Aluojin temporarily, while he went to deal with the hidden figure and catch the mice who dared to disturb his sleep. 

He never expected that the fire that the little demon was a keeper for, was actually the Chiyuan Fire - the most troublesome thing was that he saw the thirty-five stone tablets next to the Chiyuan altar in the little demon's memory. 

In other words, that little demon was the last seal of the fire, and the Vermilion Bird bone seal was already partially broken. No wonder all sorts of evil spirits have come out. If something happens to that little demon, won't Chiyuan set everything ablaze? 

The wise may have a thousand plans, but they can still make mistakes. 

Sheng Lingyuan had made Xuan Ji fly off in a fury, but he finally remembered something important and couldn't waste any more time pretending to be mysterious. 

He turned around and chased after them. 

However, even many native residents of the modern high-rise luxury hotel can still get lost, so how could an ancient person possibly find their way around? 

Sheng Lingyuan was dizzy from the winding corridors and had to listen to the walls for a long time before finally finding his way into the elevator. The complex layout of the hotel left him confused as to which floor to go to. The hotel was located in a city complex, and all floors below the fourth were called "such and such hall". He didn't recognize the Arabic numerals and English, so he had to rely on his intuition and press the bottom floor.

Generally speaking, if a person is too scheming and overthinks everything, their intuition is usually not accurate. Sheng Lingyuan was startled by the elevator buttons that lit up as soon as he touched them, and was then directly pulled into the pitch-black underground parking lot.

The strong smell of gasoline gave him a headache and made him even more confused. 

Just then, the night duty security guard happened to be on patrol and saw a figure in the distance, so he raised his flashlight to shine it on him. 

This was a matter of life and death. The security guard stumbled upon a figure with disheveled hair, standing alone in the empty parking lot in the middle of the night, covered in blood! 

The guard was so frightened that before Sheng Lingyuan could even ask for directions, he let out a scream and flailed his limbs in a doggy-paddle motion, howling as he swam away like a torpedo.

Sheng Lingyuan: "......"

Several "Wind God" agents somehow managed to get a car and sped off at a speed that would have gotten their licenses revoked eight times over. 

Xuan Ji followed closely behind them, attracting firepower by bobbing up and down in mid-air to prevent Aluojin from wielding his knives everywhere. Sometimes he flew in a breaststroke style, and other times he flew in a backstroke style, but the strong winds blew his hair back, and he could still speak without any delay. 

"Chief, you were always deceived and helpless during your lifetime. Why are you still like this now? Do you even know what kind of person summoned you? How can you trust him like this? Look at what's happening now. If it weren't for someone using a Yin Sacrifice ritual to disturb your rest, would the Witch Clan's altar be destroyed like this?"

As soon as the words "Witch Clan's altar" were mentioned, a bloody flash passed through Aluojin's eyes, who had been chasing behind him.

Xuan Ji said, "I just don't understand. What do you villains, who make destroying the earth your life's goal, want? If the world falls apart, how does that benefit you? Chiyuan is a perfectly good dormant volcano. Why do you have to make it erupt? What about geological it, my darlings!" 

As they spoke, a flock of birds flew towards them. Caught off guard, they found themselves in the midst of danger. Wind blades came at them from both sides. 

Exclaiming a curse, Xuan Ji quickly extinguished the flames on his wings and gathered all the frightened birds into his embrace. They plummeted towards the ground in free fall.

The wind blades grazed the tips of his wings, shaving off two fiery red feathers. 

Xuan Ji suddenly spread his wings, causing the birds to scatter in all directions. He soared towards the south like a brilliant sunset.

"Did Chiyuan provoke you?" Xuan Ji asked.

Aluojin softly uttered a word in the language of the witches. It swept over Xuan Ji's wings with the wind, but he didn't understand. 

"What did you say?"

"The demon clan can traverse heaven and earth, the Shadow clan can move between yin and yang, the Mountain clan possesses the power of iron, and our clan is blessed by the mountains and waters, all thanks to the Chiyuan. But he used us, causing the various clans to hinder and destroy each other, using forbidden techniques to trap our souls and powers in the Chiyuan Fire Prison, eradicating all abnormal energy from the world. From then on, only you ordinary mortals remained in this world!" Aluojin's voice became erratic in the raging wind, "I demand that you return it all!"

Xuan Ji was momentarily distracted and narrowly avoided being sliced in half by a wind blade that came from behind. 

He stumbled in the air and managed to grasp the key point in Aluojin's words, "Wait, are you saying that the Chiyuan is the source of abnormal energy?" 

In other words, special abilities are becoming rarer and rarer. The new generation recruited by the Bureau is not as good as the previous one. 

The Yue De Sect even struggles to meet their KPIs and begins to consider using dark magic... 

All because the Chiyuan has been sealed, and the abnormal energy in the world is decreasing.

"Abnormal..." Aluojin's mask on his face twisted into a smile that was both crying and laughing. Then, the mask and its owner burst into laughter together.

This is the world thousands of years later. 

There are no demons, no humanoid races, and most of the magic and spells have become legends on paper. The Chiyuan continuously absorbs spiritual energy, and when it occasionally leaks, it becomes an "abnormal energy reaction" that makes the authorities panic.

In this world, prosperity and peace are built on the bones of the entire witch race. 


"Once the Chiyuan is reignited, the world will return to its original state," murmured Aluojin. "The mountain god of Dongchuan will give birth to a new tribe of witches, and we are..."

Children of the mountain god.

Xuan Ji watched as he began to lose his mind and quickly called out, "What are you thinking? 

Do you have any scientific evidence? 

Do you think people are carrots that can grow out of the ground? You..."

"Shut up! Shut up!" Aluojin interrupted.

Xuan Ji's scalp tingled, and he immediately had a sense of foreboding. 

The next moment, a huge vortex formed in mid-air around Aluojin, and Xuan Ji's pupils contracted violently. 

It was too late to dodge as the sharp wind blades rained down like a torrential downpour, enveloping him completely!


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