I Won't Treat This Patient

I Won't Treat This Patient

Chapter 9 - Young Master of a Wealthy Family × Substitute Servant 9

When Su Zheng saw the scene in the room, his originally calm and steady expression instantly collapsed.

— His state of mind also collapsed along with it.

He looked at the servant who had put his hands on his younger brother's buttocks and was rubbing them around, feeling a surge of anger rushing straight to his head, burning away more than half of his rationality!

What elegance, what calmness, President Su had completely forgotten about them. He watched as the tender and delicate cabbage that he had carefully nurtured was having a layer of leaves peeled off by the hooves of some unknown family's wild boar. His heart ached so much that he couldn't catch his breath, and all he could think about was killing the pig.

And after seeing the other party's face clearly, that anger was like a raging fire doused with oil, completely uncontrollable!

It was from the Qin family—

Although it wasn't the Qin family heir who had teased his younger brother and then didn't intend to take responsibility, seeing that face that had some resemblance to Qin Feng, President Su still couldn't control his hands.

Just as he was about to angrily roll up his sleeves and go beat up the pig, the little cabbage that was being ravaged suddenly spoke up.

Su Duan raised his head from the pillow, tilted his head to look over, and said, "Brother, you're back?"

His voice sounded very calm, without any trembling or anything, and he seemed to be quite sober.

President Su managed to find back a shred of rationality.

Thinking that he couldn't get rough and hit someone in front of his younger brother, he secretly gritted his teeth, forcing himself to control his hands that wanted to roll up his sleeves. He adjusted his expression to a normal range before Su Duan looked up.

He let go of his hand that was tightly gripping the door handle, tried to lighten his force to close the door, then quickly walked to the bedside, taking in the situation on the bed. He tugged at the corner of his mouth and asked, "What is Duan Duan doing?"

Su Duan had been lying on the bed for a while, and was gently massaged on his body, already feeling a bit sleepy. He thought for two seconds before slowly answering, "Applying medicine."

Seeing the medicine jar placed to the side, and the paste-like substance on his younger brother's body and the servant's hands, Su Zheng's mood calmed down a bit more.

But he was still very unhappy.

Su Zheng picked up the white medicine jar that was still half full and smelled it, detecting a bitter scent of Chinese medicine. He put down the medicine paste and gently instructed Su Duan, "In the future, let's have a professional doctor apply the medicine for this kind of thing. Don't casually find a servant for convenience. What if something goes wrong?"

Su Duan blinked.

It was just rubbing some medicine paste on the body, it shouldn't require any professional skills, right? If it weren't for his own limbs still not being coordinated enough and always applying it crookedly, he felt that even if he did it himself, there probably wouldn't be any issues.

Moreover, for this matter, it seemed Qin Zhi had even specifically gone to ask the doctor about professional massage techniques?

Su Duan wasn't very sensitive to these miscellaneous matters, only vaguely remembering Qin Zhi mentioning it to him once. He checked with the system in his mind, and the system gave him an affirmative answer.

Although he wanted to explain to Su Zheng, organizing language was a very troublesome matter. Su Duan wasn't used to saying too many words to unfamiliar people. He opened his mouth, but in the end, he only lightly made an "oh" sound.

In any case... Su Zheng was very busy with work and wouldn't be watching him all day. Let's just appease him for now.

Only then did Su Zheng nod in satisfaction.

The medicine was already half applied, so Su Zheng couldn't possibly tell the person to roll out now and wash his hands to reapply it for Su Duan, right? That would be making things difficult for his younger brother.

He lightly swept a glance at Qin Zhi, who was still frozen there with his hands placed on his younger brother's... unmoving. Enduring his displeasure, he urged, "Hurry up and finish applying it, be careful with your movements."

Qin Zhi's face didn't reveal much expression. He lowered his voice, responded with a "yes", lowered his eyes to look at the young master on the bed, and continued to evenly apply the medicine paste on his injured areas.

Su Zheng pulled a chair over and sat down by the bedside, staring unblinkingly at Qin Zhi applying the medicine for Su Duan, as if as long as the other party had the slightest overstepping movement, he could immediately rush up and beat him up.

No one spoke again, and the atmosphere in the room became a bit indescribably strange for a while.

Of course, Su Duan, who didn't quite understand human emotions yet, was completely unaware of this subtle atmosphere. If it weren't for the system's reminder, he could have just laid on the pillow and fallen asleep like this.

The system said, "After detection, Su Zheng holds quite a bit of negative emotions towards the healing target. The host may be able to start from this aspect to complete the healing target's fate line."

Hearing a certain term, some of the sleepiness on Su Duan's body faded. He recalled the system's words in his mind again, confirming that he hadn't heard wrong, and asked in puzzlement, "Negative emotions?"

The system said, "Yes."

Su Duan asked, "Did they have a conflict before?"

The system answered, "No."

Su Duan still couldn't understand, "Then why would Su Zheng have negative emotions towards Qin Zhi?"

The system replied, "Su Zheng's feelings for his younger brother, that is, you, are very deep, and he has placed himself in the position of a 'protector', so he will naturally generate hostility towards some people who may cause harm to the host."

Su Duan felt that he was getting more and more confused, "He thinks Qin Zhi wants to hurt me?"

System: "Strictly speaking, it is like this."

Su Duan: "..." He felt that Su Zheng's train of thought seemed to be a bit abnormal?

The system continued to explain, "Before the host took over this body, 'Su Duan' had once liked the healing target's half-brother Qin Feng, and because of this, he suffered a setback and became very ill. After analysis, the system's speculation is that Su Zheng may be worried that this kind of thing will happen again."

So it was still because of Qin Zhi's face that looked a bit similar to his older brother...

Su Duan felt that Qin Zhi was really unlucky. Obviously, even he, a plant, knew that appearance was something that couldn't be controlled by human power, but there were still people who successively vented their emotions on Qin Zhi for this ridiculous reason.

First it was Qin Feng's flawless targeting, then it was the original owner's coercion, and now it was Su Zheng's prejudice.

Su Duan asked, "Are people always this bad?"

The system said, "No, according to the information, human nature is relative, and good and bad are not absolute."

Su Duan said, "Oh."

He felt that asking this question to a system composed of programs seemed to be a bit unwise. The two of them were both non-humans who didn't understand emotions, so what result could they discuss?


After completely applying the medicine paste, Qin Zhi slightly leaned over, extending his arm to try to reach for the tissue on the bedside table.

In the next second, the tissue was thrown in front of him by Su Zheng.

Qin Zhi's movements paused for a moment. He took out a few tissues to wipe the slippery ointment off his hands, then hooked his fingertips under the edge of the small piece of fabric that had been pulled down, and gently lifted it up.

Then he pulled up the loose pants on the outside as well.

His movements were so light throughout that it was impossible to find any fault.

However, Su Zheng, who was watching from the side, saw Qin Zhi's fingertips sliding all over his younger brother's body, taking who knows how many liberties. It made him so angry, but he had to repeatedly warn himself not to show a violent side in front of his brother, which was the only way he could barely keep himself fixed in the chair.

In fact, he was already cursing in his heart:

He's only been here a few days and he dares to touch his younger brother's butt. If more time passes, will he dare to casually hold him in his arms?

No, this Qin Zhi seems to be serving his younger brother now, and his younger brother has had difficulty moving around these past few days, even having trouble taking care of himself. So things like hugging and holding must have already happened who knows how many times.

Thinking of this, Su Zheng felt like he could breathe fire: "..."

So after applying the medicine, Qin Zhi was mercilessly driven out and ordered not to come over in the afternoon.

After Qin Zhi left, Su Duan turned over in bed and adjusted the position of the pillow, seeming to have no intention of getting up.

Su Zheng lightly coughed, wanting to talk to his younger brother about emotional issues.

"Duan Duan..."

But as soon as he started, Su Duan slowly interrupted him, "Brother, I'm sleepy and want to take a nap."

Su Zheng paused. If he remembered correctly, according to his brother's usual schedule, he should have just woken up from his afternoon nap. How could he want to sleep again?

He frowned and asked, "You didn't take a nap this afternoon?"

Su Duan said, "I did."

"Why are you so sleepy? Are you not feeling well?" Su Zheng reached out, wanting to feel his forehead to check his temperature.

But out of instinctive vigilance, Su Duan subconsciously tilted his head to the side, avoiding his hand.

Su Zheng's movement paused, and he slowly withdrew his hand.

Su Duan curled up in the fluffy quilt and explained, "I'm not unwell, just want to sleep more."

Seeing Su Duan looking a bit tired, Su Zheng couldn't force him. He swallowed what he wanted to say and reassured him, "Then sleep a little longer."

Su Duan nodded and said to him, "Bye."

After walking out the door, Su Zheng stood in the hallway thinking for a while. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that his younger brother seemed to dislike him.

Could it be because he drove away that servant named Qin Zhi?

Su Zheng's face turned slightly gloomy.


On the other side, Qin Zhi, who had been driven out, was also a bit distracted as he walked.

While passing through the garden, he stumbled and stepped into a puddle of mud, staining his pant leg. Looking carefully, even his upper body had been splashed with some black and brown mud spots.

It was only a little more than half a day, and he definitely couldn't continue his activities in the Su residence wearing dirty clothes. So he returned to his room to change.

His living quarters were quite good among the servants - an independent small single room. Although not large, the advantage was that it was only him, and the environment was clean.

Qin Zhi took off the vest he was wearing and lowered his head to unbuckle the belt tightly fastened around his waist and hips.

With a click, the buckle made a crisp sound as it was undone, but halfway through pulling out the belt, Qin Zhi's movements slowed and eventually came to a complete stop.

He raised his eyes and looked at himself in the dressing mirror. A little below his hands, there was an obvious bulge.

Qin Zhi pursed his lips slightly, what he was thinking was unknown. A hint of obscurity flashed in his eyes.

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