I Won't Treat This Patient

I Won't Treat This Patient

Chapter 12 - Young Master of a Wealthy Family × Substitute Servant 12

Noticing his younger brother suddenly raising his head and looking around, Su Zheng followed his gaze with suspicion, and unexpectedly saw a face that was already on his blacklist.

Su Zheng was furious: "......"

He tightened his grip on his brother's wrist and decisively led him forward with big strides.

President Su thought with a dark face that he must quickly get rid of this lingering Qin Zhi. He was still watching at home, yet this person was already trying to take advantage and get close to his younger brother. What would happen when he got busy for a while and couldn't attend to things at home, would Qin Zhi directly make a move?!

This absolutely cannot happen!

Su Duan originally wasn't standing very steadily, so when he was pulled, his body swayed and he couldn't stop himself from falling forward.

The leaves rustled and Qin Zhi took a step forward, seeming like he wanted to rush out.

Realizing his grip was off, Su Zheng hurriedly reached out to catch him. Although delayed by a few seconds, he still managed to steady Su Duan before he fell.

Regretting his rashness, Su Zheng carefully helped his brother stand firm and asked guiltily: "Sorry, did I hurt you?"

Su Duan shook his head and stood up with his support, still craning his neck to look towards the small grove.

Pretending to have suddenly gone blind and unable to see a certain servant hiding in the trees, Su Zheng patted his brother's soft black hair and tried to turn his head over, gently saying: "Let's walk forward, don't you like feeding the fish? The butler said they introduced a new batch of fish recently that have already adapted to the environment."

Su Duan looked up at him and blinked. After a dozen seconds, he slowly nodded.

Su Zheng removed his hand that was inserted in the black hair and led him by the hand around the corner, expression unchanged.

Su Duan took one last look. Qin Zhi's eyes were blocked by a large leaf, so Su Duan could only see his tightly pursed lips and tense jaw.

Su Zheng urged him: "Duan Duan, watch the road."

Su Duan let out an "en" and slowly turned his head back.


After returning from the garden, Su Duan went to his room to play while Su Zheng went to the study to handle affairs.

However, President Su's mind was obviously not on work, his efficiency frighteningly low. The speed at which he processed documents got slower and slower, finally coming to a complete standstill.

This morning in the garden, President Su actually felt like a feudal patriarch breaking up a pair of mandarin ducks, forcibly drawing a vast silver river between the little lovebirds. The ducks tearfully gazed at each other across the river, the thought of it making one a bit sad.

- Pah, what kind of crappy metaphor is this.

He must have been so angered by that wild boar trying to secretly reach for their family's little cabbage that even his thoughts became muddled.

President Su knocked on his own head and got up to brew some coffee to calm down.

Putting aside the issues of background and character, just based on how much Qin Zhi's face resembled Qin Feng's, the nature of this matter was abnormal. To put it bluntly, his younger brother was using someone as a substitute. How could that be called true love?

Actually, regarding Su Duan's sexual orientation, the Su family had already come to terms with it a year ago during the Qin Feng incident. They could accept Su Duan finding a boyfriend, but the prerequisite was that it had to be a healthy relationship. Something fundamentally off like this should be uprooted and discarded early on.

Moreover... President Su drank a mouthful of coffee in melancholy, he always felt something was a bit strange about the situation.

It was just a substitute, did his brother have to be so sincere?

Thinking of his younger brother's reluctant appearance, craning his neck wanting to catch a few more glimpses of Qin Zhi, President Su felt his vision go dark.

Could it be transference?

The cool-headed, elite businessman President Su, a graduate of a renowned business school, unexpectedly fell into a psychological puzzle on this seemingly ordinary morning.

But he was destined not to reach any conclusion. After pondering for ten minutes, he decided to put it all behind him. Getting the person out was the proper thing to do first.

So that evening, Qin Zhi's detailed information was laid out on President Su's desk.

Of course, President Su had already investigated Qin Zhi's background once when he found out the other party was an illegitimate child of the Qin family. But at that time it was mainly to confirm his harmlessness. Today's file was obviously much more detailed.

The Su family's intelligence capabilities were not to be underestimated. Otherwise, President Su wouldn't have been able to uncover Qin Feng's well-concealed messy private life. This file not only contained Qin Zhi's experiences from childhood to adulthood, but even some details that Qin Zhi himself likely wasn't clear about were all presented within.

After reading through the information, President Su had to admit that Qin Zhi's background and luck were indeed a bit too poor. Although he was the illegitimate son of a wealthy family, the Qin family head was someone who procreated but didn't raise the children, at most just giving them enough money to live on.

Qin Zhi had suffered a serious illness as a child, using up seven or eight parts of the money given by the Qin family head. His mother had barely managed to save up a bit when she suddenly had a heart attack not long after Qin Zhi graduated. After emergency treatment, she was admitted to the ICU which cost several thousand a day, quickly draining their meager savings. They almost couldn't even afford the hospitalization fees when she was later transferred to an ordinary ward.

To make matters worse, Qin Zhi, because of his face that clearly showed the Qin family genes, was targeted by that hypocrite Qin Feng. Despite being a top graduate from a famous university's popular major, after struggling in the job market for over half a year, he could barely afford his mother's medical expenses.

In the end, in order to scrape together the surgical fees for his mother, he even chose to become a servant waiting on others.

The main credit for all this should go to Qin Feng.

The enemy of an enemy is a friend. Based on this theory, President Su's impression of Qin Zhi improved slightly.

- But overall, he still had to be resolutely opposed.

However, President Su thought, if Qin Zhi was clear-headed, he could give him a bit more severance pay when dismissing him, and also provide some job opportunities to promote him.

President Su was not a kindhearted philanthropist, but he was willing to try any method to aggravate Qin Feng.

Looking at Qin Zhi's resume, he felt the man did have talent, just lacked some luck and ambition. If Qin Zhi could be a bit more aggressive and fight Qin Feng for the Qin family, pulling Qin Feng down from his position as the Qin family heir, that would be perfect.

Of course, President Su was just casually thinking about it. As the proper heir, although the head of the Qin family was promiscuous, he didn't favor his illegitimate children much. Not to mention, Qin Feng also had the support of his mother's family, so his position in the Qin family was quite stable.

Even if Su Zheng put himself in Qin Feng's shoes and thought about it, he felt it would be too difficult to seize the Qin family from him.

At this time, President Su just held a laid-back attitude of "casually sowing a seed, maybe there will be a miracle". Although he saw that Qin Zhi was a potential talent, he didn't really place much hope on Qin Zhi to take down Qin Feng.

So a few years later, when he learned that Qin Zhi had really relied on the little bit of support he had casually thrown to take down Qin Feng, Su Zheng felt it was extremely absurd.

Especially since Qin Zhi shamelessly continued to reach out to his younger brother after taking down Qin Feng, President Su had countless times in the years that followed questioned in his heart why he had to meddle and help Qin Zhi.

But the current Su Zheng had no way of knowing what would happen in the future. He smoothly planned everything, then casually threw Qin Zhi's information into his desk drawer.

Everything was ready, only Qin Zhi was missing.


When Qin Zhi was informed by the butler that the eldest young master of the Su family wanted to talk to him, he even had a feeling that a rock that had been hanging in his heart, swaying and about to fall, had finally crashed down.

There would always be such a day, Qin Zhi thought, it was actually his own fault. He had never had such a feeling towards a person where he wished he could keep the other person in his sight every minute and second. His feelings were like a flood that couldn't be stopped. Even though he knew that his every move could not escape the family's monitoring, he still couldn't control his desire to get close.

Because they were at home, Su Zheng was not wearing that serious suit, but after all, he was a person who had been struggling in the business world for several years. When he wanted to give the other party a sense of oppression, it was still effortless.

Especially when facing a student who had just started out.

Although the corners of Su Zheng's mouth were hanging with a smile, it didn't fall into people's eyes with any kindness. At least the moment Qin Zhi's eyes met Su Zheng's, his body couldn't help but tense up.

Su Zheng took a sip of coffee and chose a beginning that Qin Zhi did not expect. He said lightly, "I heard your mother has coronary heart disease?"

Hearing this unexpected sentence, Qin Zhi's pupils slightly constricted.

His mother's coronary heart disease had actually never been diagnosed until two months ago when she suddenly had a heart attack and was rescued back to life. Only then did the doctor announce that it had reached a very serious stage and a heart stent surgery needed to be prepared as soon as possible.

In fact, heart stent surgery is not expensive. An ordinary stent costs only thirty to forty thousand yuan. His mother's condition was more serious, and the doctor suggested placing three stents, but it was estimated to cost around one hundred thousand yuan, which was about right.

But the problem was that Qin Zhi couldn't even come up with this one hundred thousand yuan. All their family's savings had been spent when Qin's mother first entered the CCU ward. Let alone one hundred thousand, even ten thousand was difficult.

In fact, a bank loan was also a method. One hundred thousand was not a very high amount, but Qin Zhi tried several banks and without exception, he failed at the bank's asset assessment stage. When he consulted a lawyer, the lawyer told him that there was still hope, but the fact was that he was rejected every time. After a few times, Qin Zhi also knew that something was wrong. There was most likely someone behind the scenes pulling strings.

As for who this person was, apart from his half-brother with the same father, there was probably no one else who would be so bored.

In the end, with no other way, he even tried to sell the house, but the result was unsurprisingly the same.

So at his wits' end, the Su family's recruitment was simply like a life-saving straw for him.

The salary the Su family offered him was twenty thousand a month, and the butler also promised him that if he passed the first month's probation period and signed a formal labor contract, he could also get an advance on part of it. On his side, he could thicken his face and borrow from old classmates with good relationships. If the situation was good, he could gather the money within two months and have the surgery first.

His mother's condition was already very serious. The longer the delay, the greater the possibility of not being able to be rescued if it recurred.

So this was also why... he attached so much importance to this job.

Qin Zhi gritted his teeth, and the muscles at the corner of his lower jaw were tense due to the force.


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