Golden Silk Hill Myna

Golden Silk Hill Myna

Chapter 3 - Chapter 3

Yan Chong asked from the other end of the phone, "Have you gotten home?"

Xue Liang stood in front of the bedroom window, watching the winding water on the glass and asked, "Not sleeping yet?"

"Can't sleep," Yan Chong said, "but I have an important meeting tomorrow. Say something or read two pages of a book to help me fall asleep."

In the past few years, Yan Chong had been busy with his career and under so much stress that he had a mild form of anxiety and depression. He was often unable to sleep all night and had to rely on sleeping pills to survive. However, not long after Xue Liang arrived, one night he sent Yan Chong home by car and casually chatted on the way, and surprisingly managed to get Yan Chong to fall asleep.

A chatty person more effective than melatonin, this was the greatest value in Yan Chong's eyes, which was why Yan Chong could tolerate his occasional unreliability and transgressions until now.

A rustling sound came from the other end of the phone, and after a moment, Xue Liang said, "Got it, The Smiling, Proud Wanderer. This one should be appropriate."

Yan Chong: "......"

He knew that Xue Liang was petty and vindictive. When someone with the surname Zhu bullied him, he would immediately vent his anger on the one who instigated it.

Xue Liang read in a textbook manner: "Yue Buqun turned his head and glanced at Ling Huchong up and down. After a while, he said——"

He deliberately lowered his volume and vividly imitated the dignified middle-aged man: "Huchong, how many commandments of the Hua Shan Seven have you violated this time you went down the mountain?"

It had been so many years since Yan Chong had experienced the feeling of being called out by a class teacher, his goosebumps had risen, and he guessed he would have a nightmare tonight, so he quickly stopped him: "Eh, respect your seniors, who are you trying to take advantage of? Change the book."

Xue Liang's burst of laughter came from the receiver.

The sound was like a fur brushing against the roots of his ears, and seemed to carry a warm sensation. Xue Liang saw the opportunity and stopped, flipping through the pages of a serious chapter of Comparing the Sword.

"A senior from the Taishan Sect said loudly..."

The sound of rain gradually subsided, and it was nearly dawn. The sound of typing outside had stopped, but Xue Liang seemed to not feel sleepy at all and was still carefully reading the book word by word.

"...Ling Huchong turned his head and looked westward. Suddenly, a mosquito-like sound came to his ears: 'Brother Chong, are you looking for me?'"

Yan Chong had already fallen asleep and vaguely replied "Mm?" when he heard his own name in his half-dreaming, half-awakening state.

Xue Liang said softly and gently, "Sleep, goodnight."

Xue Liang didn't see Yan Chong again in the following days. Including him, there were a total of three assistants under Yan Chong's command. The work was usually handled by Zhou Wenbin, the chief secretary, and Xue Liang only had to help with sorting out a few tables, making a PPT, and doing other miscellaneous tasks like a normal intern.

Xue Liang originally thought that he was just a lowly errand boy, but now it seems that his true role should be as a little white face following behind the boss when he goes out for social events. The first two assistants of Yan Chong are rough and tough men who are not suitable to be taken with him to some occasions. The interns are young and inexperienced, and when they encounter difficult situations, it is most appropriate to use temporary workers to handle them. After all, it is an international practice to let temporary workers take the blame, as long as compensation is made afterwards, he will not speak out.

He was vaguely aware before, only feeling that Yan Chong treated him specially, but he didn't think about it for a while until Zhu's words woke him up from his dream, and Xue Liang tasted bitterness. It's hard to say whether there is more embarrassment from being self-delusional or more disappointment from having unrequited feelings before even experiencing love.

Fortunately, Yan Chong was not here these two days, and he could still pretend to be an ostrich and bury himself in the sand pile called "I don't know anything".

It was the last working day of the week, at 5:30 in the afternoon.

Xue Liang had finished all the work at hand, packed his backpack, and was eagerly waiting to celebrate the weekend after getting off work. Just as he was about to step out of the office door with one foot, his pocket mobile phone suddenly vibrated and sang happily: "Love is like a clear sky with blue sky and white clouds, then suddenly there's a storm..."

On the screen, two big words were shining– "Boss".

Xue Liang: "..."

He felt like he was holding a bomb, wishing to throw the mobile phone directly into the elevator. At this moment, the elevator "dinged" and arrived at this floor, and the alloy door slowly opened. Yan Chong, holding a mobile phone, and Xue Liang, who did not answer the phone, looked at each other in surprise.

"You haven't left yet, just in time," Yan Chong hung up the call, stepped out of the elevator, "Go back to pack a few clothes and go out with me. We’ll be back on Monday."

Xue Liang: "Ah?"

"I'll explain the specific situation in the car later," Yan Chong said, "Don't just ‘ah’, hurry up, I'll come over to pick you up later."

The dog-shit feelings were just beginning, what's worth loving about such a shameless boss!

Xue Liang rushed back home in a hurry, packed a small bag, and worried that he would not have time to eat at night when he drove, so he opened a package of biscuits to fill his hunger. At seven o'clock, Yan Chong sent him a WeChat message to ask him to go downstairs, and Xue Liang hurried downstairs with his bag. When he bumped into Chen Yuan, who was returning home from work at the unit door, he was surprised.

"Liao brother, where are you going? Going out?"

Xue Liang said: "Accompany the boss on a business trip. Be back on Monday."

Chen Yuan stretched his neck and glanced at the luxury car downstairs. The person in the car seemed to have been paying attention to the movement here, and the window slowly lowered, revealing Yan Chong's frowning face with an impatient tone: "Not coming yet?"

Chen Yuan coldly glanced at him, and immediately spun around to mumble “damn”. Xue Liang quickly said “let’s go” and hurriedly said goodbye to Chen Yuan as he prepared to get into the car. Chen Yuan moved quickly and pulled him back, and leaned in close to Xue Liang’s ear, speaking in a meaningful tone, “Big Brother Liao, be careful when you go out tonight. Your boss isn’t a good person, don’t let him take advantage of you.”

Xue Liang looked at him in confusion.

Chen Yuan pushed him towards the car and gave a friendly wave to the people in the car, “Have a good journey and be careful, Big Brother Liao.”

The people in the car nodded slightly without any expression.

Once they were in the car and drove out of the neighborhood, Yan Chong asked casually, “Is that your roommate just now?”

Xue Liang was still thinking about Chen Yuan’s words and replied, “Yeah.”

“What did he call you?”

“Ah?” Xue Liang touched his nose, feeling a little embarrassed as he laughed, “It’s just a nickname, something he made up.”

Yan Chong stared at him for a while, then said in admiration, “Big Brother Liao, a lark, it’s a bird that can sing the best.”

Because there was a rare character “Liang” in his name, Chen Yuan did some research and with his creativity, came up with the nickname “Big Brother Liao” for him, as a way for him to go out and do business. He even said it was to pay homage to “Big Brother Mountain Chicken”.

Xue Liang laughed dryly and said, “Boss, what you don’t know is that I’m actually a quiet and shy person, not good with words…”

Yan Chong nodded seriously and said, “Big Brother Liao is good, smart.”

Although it was not the same species as the canary, at least it was the same family, which was better than a golden monkey.

After a while, the car was about to reach the outskirts of the city, and Xue Liang finally remembered the real purpose of the trip and asked, “Boss, where are we going?”

The people in the car said, “A resort that a friend of mine invested in. He’s getting married soon, so this is a chance to introduce his wife.”

So it was a social gathering, and it seemed like he had to take the bullet again. Xue Liang thought of this and asked again, “So what do I need to do?”

The people in the car raised their eyes slightly and swept across his face, then looked away as if casually, “You don’t need to do anything, just be a bird…no, a big bird that follows people.”

Xue Liang: “...”

Chen Yuan was so insightful. Is it still possible for him to jump off the car now?


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