Golden Silk Hill Myna

Golden Silk Hill Myna

Chapter 2 - Chapter 2

Halfway through their drinks, Xue Liang got up to go to the restroom. He washed his face with cold water at the edge of the pool to refresh himself, and was about to leave when his path was blocked by a figure outside the door.

He stepped back and the person turned around, pocket in hand, looking him over from head to toe with an expression of disdain and scrutiny. Then he raised an eyebrow and commented, “These days, even people from X University are out here. Not much to look at either.”

Xue Liang squinted, recalling the conversation they had earlier. This person had been sitting with them the whole time, but had clearly been distracted, paying attention to the other side of the room. He had a guess in his heart, so he smiled at the person and said, “From my observation, people who usually say this are either not able to buy something or unable to sell it. I wonder which one is the case for you?”

“You…” The young man’s face flushed red with anger and he glared at Xue Liang, yelling, “You actually…”

“I’m leaving,” Xue Liang said. “Do you need to use the restroom?”

The young man had his back to the hallway, and as he saw Xue Liang act as if nothing had happened, he was both angry and annoyed. He couldn’t help but sneer, “Stop pretending to be so nice, playing both a prostitute and a signboard. You’ve fooled him…”

“Who has he fooled?”

The cold voice came from behind them. Yan Chong stood not too far away, looking at the two people with a frown. “What’s the matter that can’t be discussed inside? Why did you have to come to the restroom?”

The young man didn’t know how much he had heard, and he stammered, “B-Brother C-Chong.”

Before Yan Chong could say anything, Xue Liang innocently picked up the conversation, “Maybe Mr. Ren feels that this place has more ‘atmosphere’?”

Yan Chong gave him an exasperated glance.

The young man was irritated by this, and directed his anger at Xue Liang. He angrily said, “What are you playing at? My last name is Zhu, not Ren!”

“Oh, not Ren,” Xue Liang walked out of the restroom nonchalantly, and as he passed the young man and walked towards Yan Chong, he said, “If it’s not Ren, why are you calling ‘Brother Chong’? I thought your full name was Ren Yingying.”

The corner of Yan Chong’s mouth twitched, but he quickly flattened his expression. He had a look of indifference and lightly scolded Xue Liang, “Behave yourself.” He then said to the young man, “The intern doesn’t know any better, don’t treat him the same as us.”

This was too much and Xue Liang looked like a scolded puppy. He nodded obediently, “Oh.”

Yan Chong said, “Let’s go,” and gave the young man surnamed Zhu a slight nod. He then led Xue Liang to the elevator, leaving the young man standing there in anger and helplessness, gritting his teeth.

The two of them remained silent until they got into the car. Then Yan Chong asked, “What’s going on?”

"Misunderstanding," Xue Liang laughed indifferently, "He seems to have mistaken me for someone else."

Yan Chong deeply glanced at him and said nothing.

Xue Liang asked again, "Boss, just now... what, will it cause you trouble?"

Yan Chong was about to ask him "what is it," to put this monkey who was quicker than his brain and let his imagination run wild into his place, but for some reason, when the words came to his lips, he changed it into a low soothe: "No, he can't affect me."

Xue Liang felt hot in his ears and he "oh"ed softly, shrinking back into his seat and not moving.

The carriage was quiet again, and only the sudden rain outside the window was heard.

It was close to dawn when the car finally drove into the East Villa District. Xue Liang opened an umbrella and sent him to the entrance. Yan Chong tiredly pinched his nose bridge and said casually, "It's raining too hard outside. If it's inconvenient for you to go back, stay here for one night."

The air was humid and wet, and the trees outside were lush and lush. The sound of rain was lingering in the fog, and the light was blurry in the rain, like the texture of an old movie, inexplicably giving people a vague and romantic illusion. It seemed that this heavy rain could embrace all mistakes and passions, and make everything upside down and muddled.

Yan Chong stood under the entrance lamp and his deep outline was softened by rain and light. The fatigue in his eyes seemed to be another kind of meaning, and Xue Liang's heart moved sharply, like a scholar who had accidentally entered a mountain temple in the rainy night and was fiercely glared at by a thousand-year-old demon.

"No, no need." He backed away in a panic, but forgot the stairs behind him, almost stepping into the void. Yan Chong quickly stretched out his arm to save him, and the water droplets dripping from the edge of the umbrella sprinkled on him, wrinkling his eyebrows and said, "Be careful, so careless."

Xue Liang didn't know how he left Yan Chong's house. When he returned to the house rented by his roommates, his roommate Chen Yuan was still staying up late to play games. He just happened to hear the noise of him coming in during the game, took off his headphones and greeted him, "Oh, Your Majesty has returned. Why didn't you stay outside tonight?"

Xue Liang threw the big black vintage umbrella on the shoe rack, and then threw himself into the sofa, sighed sadly.

"Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh," Chen Yuan, sensing something, stopped his gaming and dropped his four rows of teammates, and sauntered over, sitting out a pit in the sofa: "What's wrong? What made our Majesty so sad?"

"Chen Yuan," Xue Liang held a pillow and meditated for a while. He couldn't help but feel upset. He said in confusion, "I suspect my boss... may be gay."

Chen Yuan jumped three feet high and immediately connected a roller coaster of plot twists in his head. He grabbed Xue Liang's shoulder and shook it wildly: "How did you know? Does he like you and want to 'go under the table' with you? Has he threatened that if you don't agree, he'll make you disappear from the crosstalk world? Does his dad know about this? When is he coming to our house to drop a checkbook?"

"Empress, stop reading brainless novels in the future, your brain cells can't take too much destruction. I can't be sure, it's just a guess. There's a guy who might like him, he stopped me today and said a few words, it seemed like he thought of me as a mistress supported by a boss."

Chen Yuan made a sound of surprise: "This misunderstanding is really big. Our Elder Brother is an upright man, he sits on top of three thousand harem beauties, just an ordinary boss, without hundreds of millions in his family, yet he still wants to climb up to our Elder Brother? Pah!"

Xue Liang reminded him coldly: "He already has hundreds of millions."

"Oh, hundreds of millions, then I think it can still be considered, let him get a number to queue for your love first..."

Xue Liang picked up the pillow and stuffed him firmly into the sofa crevice.

"Come on, let's be serious," Chen Yuan stretched out an arm from the sofa crevice, "Where there is smoke, there must be fire. Could your boss have hinted something outside or expressed something similar to you?"

"How could that be," Xue Liang said, "I was told that I would only be an assistant when I was interviewed, I wouldn't sell my body, and we signed a formal labor contract. Besides, the boss isn't that kind of person..."

He was about to say something else when the phone on the tea table suddenly rang. Xue Liang looked at it and said, "My boss," and made a gesture to Chen Yuan before going to the room to answer the call.

As the footsteps faded away, a gentle, low voice came out of the half-closed door. There was no sharpness in his voice as before. Stuck in the sofa crevice, Chen Yuan leaned his ear and listened for a while. He then narrowed his eyes and sneered, "His soul’s already been hooked by a little demon and flown away, and he's still pretending here. Huh, men."


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