Fake Slackers

Fake Slackers

Chapter 68 - Chapter 67

On the cover of two brand new <Complete Solutions to High School Textbooks>, printed in bold red letters, read: "Poor grades don't matter, choosing the right study guide is the key to success!"

After copying down two practice problems, Wan Da closed his workbook and was still pondering over the issue of He Chao's shower habits. "I've noticed that you and Chao take showers at odd timings. Was it the same last time? Do you both have OCD or something..."

As soon as he finished speaking, he remembered the four words that Xie Yu had replied to him with before: "None of your business." So he shut his mouth again.

Xie Yu stood by the desk and casually flipped through a few pages. He discovered that the line of text on the cover was not just an empty boast.

This set of study guides was well-written, with thorough explanations of the key concepts. From the example problems in the book to the after-class exercises, everything was carefully explained. By following its logic, one could grasp the main points of each lesson.

"Whose is this?" Xie Yu pointed to the page number on the book, not seeing any owner's name. He felt that these two books looked suspicious and wondered if someone had accidentally left them there. After asking, he added, "Take them away quickly."

Liu Cunhao was wiping the blackboard when he heard this and turned around with a cloth in his hand, asking, "What is it?"

Wan Da always liked to get involved in everything, so when he heard this, he immediately ran over and sat in the empty seat in front of Xie Yu, saying, "Books? Aren't these yours, Brother Yu?"

Xie Yu asked back, "Do you think they look like mine?"

Wan Da: "..."

Well, they definitely don't look like his.

In their class, there were two experts at being at the bottom of the class who never did their homework. The pile of books on their desks was the same as it was when they were first given them at the beginning of the school year. They hardly touched them, and they looked as new as freshly printed books.

Apart from that, there was nothing else related to studying.

Xie Yu's desk was clean and empty, while He Chao's occasionally had a few candy wrappers that he hadn't thrown away.

Every time the teacher explained a problem, the two of them could never find their test papers. They were always missing a page or two. Sometimes, they got lucky and were missing different pages, so they could put them together and listen together.

Every time, the teachers were exasperated, "What's wrong with you two? Can't you keep your own test papers safe?"

"I was the first one here and I haven't seen anyone from our class come in," Liu Cunhao also thought it was more likely that the books were misplaced. "Let's wait until everyone arrives and ask around then."

As more people arrived, Xie Yu went up to ask with the two textbooks in hand, but no one claimed them.

Watching from below, Liu Cunhao noticed that Xie Yu seemed quite suitable to be the class representative, with a strong presence. Standing on the podium and scanning the room, the whole class immediately quieted down.

"I'll ask one last time," Xie Yu said, "Whose are these?"

Xu Qingqing shook her head, "Don't look at me, I don't know, they're not mine."

Luo Wenqiang had already bought a set of books, which he had marked up with various colored pens. He went off on a tangent as he spoke, "This set of books is really good. My private tutor recommended it to me before. I sincerely recommend it to everyone. Just flip through it for a minute, and you'll fall in love with this complete guide to teaching materials, just like me."

Xie Yu: "..."

It was almost time for class when He Chao finally entered the classroom.

He walked to the back door and saw a group of people gathered in the back row, chattering away about something.

"What are you guys doing?" He Chao raised his finger and knocked on the door, "It's so lively early in the morning."

Xie Yu was getting a headache from the noise of the group. When he heard this, he propped up his forehead with his hand and turned around to look back.

He Chao wore a thin sweater under his school uniform jacket, his hair still damp, and held a data cable in his hand as he leaned against the door. He folded his sleeves up twice, revealing half of his wrist.

Their gazes met in the air for two seconds.

As their eyes met, the other sounds suddenly became distant.

He Chao thought to himself that it was just a weekend, but it felt like it had been so long. This thought didn't last long before he heard Xie Yu say, "I don't know which idiot put two books on my desk."

He Chao: "..."

"Do you know anything about these books, Brother Chao?" Wan Da asked, looking up.

He Chao: "Huh?"

Wan Da continued, "No one could have come to the classroom on the weekend, and our classroom doors and windows are locked. How could two books suddenly appear?"

Although the classroom doors and windows were locked, there was a window in Class 3 that was easy to loosen even when locked. It could be manually pried open by pushing it upwards.

He Chao, who had climbed through the window to deliver the books over the weekend, coughed awkwardly, unsure of what to say. "Uh..."

Wan Da and the others speculated, but it was the same old story: "It's either Old Tang or someone who secretly admires Brother Yu. They're struggling to come up with a gift and can't think of anything more unique than this <Complete Solutions to High School Textbooks>..."

He Chao: "..."

As Wan Da spoke, he suddenly felt a sense of familiarity with this story. Slapping his forehead, he exclaimed, "Isn't this just like the email that Brother Chao got? Could it be two sisters?"

Xie Yu's temple twitched.

Wan Da hadn't had a chance to analyze the emails and teaching materials together when the bell rang for class, and everyone had to return to their seats. Just as the bell stopped ringing, Old Tang walked in with a book and a stack of reading exercises.

Heaving a sigh of relief, He Chao relaxed.

Xie Yu casually placed the two teaching materials aside.

"Based on your midterm exam scores, I found that you lost a lot of points on the reading questions. Today's class will focus on a few reading exercises. We will finish them in class and discuss them immediately," Old Tang handed out the papers and added, "Be sure to carefully read and understand the questions. If you encounter any problems, think about why."

Xie Yu took the paper passed over by the student in front of him and handed one to He Chao, then pressed the paper against his arm, ready to take a nap.

He Chao nudged him, "Old Xie."

"What?" Xie Yu asked.

He Chao didn't know what to say, so he held his pen and said, "About that...book."

Xie Yu thought He Chao was jealous. This guy would get jealous over the smallest things, and even when playing games, he would remind Xie Yu not to play anything too risky.

Xie Yu thought for a moment and felt like he understood He Chao's meaning. "I won't accept it."

He Chao asked, "...Then where do you plan on putting the book?"

Xie Yu decided to give his boyfriend a sense of security. After all, keeping the book wouldn't do any good, and he could just return the money later. "Throw it away."


During Chinese class, they had read three modern articles, and He Chao was targeted by Old Tang. Every few sections, Old Tang would call on him to answer a question.

Xie Yu dozed off for half a class and when he opened his eyes, he happened to hear Old Tang say, "He Chao, stand up and answer this question. Why did the author shed tears in this part? How did you answer it?"

He Chao stood up, but before he could speak, Wan Da and the others had already started laughing.

Old Tang asked, "What are you all laughing at?"

Liu Cunhao bravely replied, "We're laughing out of respect."

He Chao didn't disappoint Liu Cunhao and the others' expectations. He analyzed the reasons why the author shed tears from various angles, including the possibility of a fragile soul, a real man not shedding tears easily, and even the potential reason of eye disease.


After He Chao finished speaking, the whole class was silent for a few minutes before suddenly bursting into thunderous laughter. "Brother Chao, you never disappoint us," they exclaimed.

He Chao replied modestly, "You flatter me too much."

Xie Yu pressed his temples, feeling a bit hopeless.

"If you have time, come to my office," Old Tang was even more desperate than Xie Yu. He was almost out of breath and had to drink two sips of wolfberry tea before continuing, "Bring your paper with you when you come."

Whenever Old Tang said "find time to come," they would usually use not being able to find time as an excuse.

Who would want to run to the teacher's office for no reason? They hoped to drag it out as long as possible. They even hoped to drag it out until the end of time, maybe Old Tang would get too busy and forget about it.

During break time, He Chao ganged up with a few boys from the next class over for Luo Wenqiang's instant noodles snack. Luo Wenqiang almost jumped up to hit them, "That's enough, if you take any more, I won't have any left."

He Chao took one and reached out to take another.

Luo Wenqiang asked, "Are you a bandit?"

He Chao was talking while breaking apart a piece of bread, "There's also my desk mate."

Xie Yu finished a game on his phone and heard this, so he stuffed it into his pocket and got up to walk over.

Luo Wenqiang thought that finally someone with a conscience had arrived and immediately cried out, "Brother Yu, save me!"

Xie Yu rolled up his sleeves and said to He Chao, "You broke it too small, I'll do it myself."

"..." Luo Wenqiang was shocked, "You two are bandit desk mates?!"

He Chao, who should have gone to the office, didn't go, but Wan Da was very diligent in his eavesdropping.

At the slightest hint of any movement, in order to gather intelligence, Wan Da would even knock on doors with a question in hand and pretend to ask about it.

This led to Old Wu and the others jokingly asking him every time they saw him with a question, "Are you really here to ask a question or what?"

"After a while, there will be a cultural performance," said Luo Wenqiang, who just had some of his instant noodles snacks stolen away by the bandits. Wan Da came back from the office and reached into the packaging bag of the instant noodles as he spoke. "Each class has to perform, so our class's cultural committee can start preparing early. Let's aim to win from the start."

The cultural committee representative of Class 3 was a girl who had been studying dance since elementary school. She was excited to hear the news. "Really?"

Wan Da replied, "In half a month, it will be the school's anniversary, so there's no way it's fake."

As soon as the topic of the cultural performance was mentioned, the class became lively again, except for Luo Wenqiang, who was sadly staring at the crumbs in his packaging bag.

Usually, for this kind of activity, each class would select more than ten people to perform, including dancing, singing, and skits. The more people, the stronger the atmosphere, and losing in momentum was not an option.

The cultural committee representative had already started selecting people. He Chao turned his head and asked, "Are you going, Old Xie?"

Without hesitation, Xie Yu replied, "No way."

"Why not?" He Chao thought of the incident with the black nail polish, as well as the time when Xie Yu dominated the scene with his black nails. "You have experience, from that time in your street..."

"I advise you not to mention it, or else I'll beat you up," Xie Yu said.


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