Fake Slackers

Fake Slackers

Chapter 57 - Chapter 57


"Fighting, as in beating them up?"

Xie Yu absentmindedly hummed in agreement, taking two steps forward. The stick in his hand tapped against the ground, creating a sharp sound on the concrete.

Zhou Dalei, who wasn't ready to fight yet: "..."

Xie Yu was particularly good at provoking fights. Since they were kids, without this big boss, they probably wouldn't have started fighting at all.

Whenever Xie Yu stood in the midst of such an explosive scene, sometimes he didn't even need to say anything. Just one look from him would make the other person feel a sudden surge of anger: Oh, you want to fight? Do you think you're better than me! Do you think I can't beat you!

With that in mind, Zhou Dalei reached out and pulled Xie Yu's arm. "Boss Xie, you...at least wait for me to find a suitable weapon."

Xie Yu handed over the stick in his hand. "Now you have one."


Xie Yu was too conspicuous, and the group of people standing opposite them couldn't help but notice. They spotted a boy among the Guangmao group who seemed to be up to no good. He started shouting, "Alright, today we'll settle this score with you. Sister Mei, we used to respect you as the big sister of this area, but you really think too highly of yourself..."

"Fuck them, why waste time talking to them," the leader interrupted, flicking his cigarette ash and walking without any proper posture. "We came here today to smash Guangmao directly!"

As soon as He Chao heard this, his thoughts to "give the little friend a surprise when he sees me later, I'm definitely the best boyfriend in the world, and when I appear in style, the little friend will definitely be moved, and then we'll hold hands and take a romantic stroll" were shattered.

He Chao squatted at an unfamiliar street corner, staring at the uneven residential area in front of him, and noticed the words "Guangmao".

He thought to himself, the little friend's life of fighting and killing is really exciting.

Xie Yu hung up the phone and walked to the front, whispering, "Who are they and what are they up to?...This group of hooligans is no good."

After listening for a while, Xie Yu realized that these people were just talking nonsense and not providing any useful information. He couldn't understand what they were making a fuss over. He patiently waited to see if they would say anything interesting, but all they did was curse and insult each other's ancestors.

"These people are so annoying, just a bunch of troublemakers from North Street. I really fucking..." Xu Yanmei had just smoked a cigarette and her throat was still hoarse. She wanted to curse some more, but stopped halfway when she noticed Xie Yu looking at her. She turned to him and glared, "What are they up to? I want to know what you're up to, coming over here... Lei-zai, hurry up and drag him back."

Zhou Dalei, who was standing next to them, spoke without hesitation, "I can't."

Xu Yanmei: "..."

To put it simply, Xu Yanmei had a few trucks of goods to unload a few days ago, but there weren't enough people at Guangmao, so she asked the manager to find more workers. The manager was also greedy and wanted to save on the referral fee, allowing these unscrupulous workers to come and do the job.

In the end, when they finished unloading, they found that the number of goods was not right when they were counting.

Before they could hold them accountable, these workers instead started to accuse them, refusing to leave Guangmao's building. They claimed that they were being wrongly accused and that they were being slandered. They even wanted to extort compensation for their mental distress.

It sounds absurd, but this kind of thing happens almost every day in this area.

The general lack of education and chaotic public safety led many to drop out of school and prefer to hang out on the streets, forming small groups of like-minded friends. Although they couldn't make much of an impact, there were still many scattered forces.

Working as a laborer was not something one could do for a lifetime.

They thought they were cool for being involved in the underworld.

Xu Yanmei had been at odds with them for so long because she didn't want to get into a real fight with them. Maybe it was because she was getting older and becoming more soft-hearted, thinking that she should forgive and forget. She had originally wanted to scare them off, but unfortunately, this group of idiots wouldn't back down until they saw their coffins.

When Xie Yu wasn't paying attention, Xu Yanmei secretly threw away the small piece of cigarette butt she had just finished smoking and stood up, saying, "Damn it, I can't take it anymore."

"Trying to scam me," Xu Yanmei said, "and claiming mental distress. If it's medical expenses though, maybe we can consider that."

Xie Yu said, "Beat them up."

Zhou Dalei said, "A beating will make them honest."

People passing by were watching the commotion, but nearby residents looked indifferent. After all, if they wanted to see something like this, they could see it any day. No one called the police, as it was customary to handle one's own affairs on the street.

"You two just beat it and go back!" Xu Yanmei said.

There were about a dozen people on the other side, and they were about the same.

The two groups of people had been milling around for almost half an hour. Xie Yu flexed his wrist a few times and was about to start fighting when suddenly the voices of the crowd around them rose a few decibels.

Xie Yu turned his head and saw a group of people walking towards them from the other end of the street, each holding a weapon. Especially the leader, who walked with a strong presence and a powerful aura.

Although they didn't know what was going on, the onlookers voluntarily made way for them.


Xu Yanmei also looked over and asked, "Who are they, what are they doing?"

Zhou Dalei looked at them and felt a sense of familiarity, "This guy, seems a bit...familiar?"

Xie Yu didn't say anything, but cursed in his heart, damn it.

"Have some more, how does it taste? If it's good, I'll give you another bowl of rice!" By the time Xie Yu came back to his senses, he was already sitting at Aunt Mei's dinner table.

He lightly stirred the rice in his bowl with his chopsticks, then watched as Comrade Xu Yanmei used her chopsticks to pick up a piece of braised pork - the chopsticks passed over him and finally landed in the bowl of the person next to him.

He Chao thanked them several times, saying, "It tastes especially good, like this braised pork, it's fatty but not greasy, and the saltiness is just right."

Aunt Mei placed another piece in his bowl. She was pleased with the praise, and said boldly, "What are you thanking me for, no need to be polite with me."


Xie Yu put down his chopsticks and didn't feel like talking.

But Zhou Dalei didn't think there was anything wrong. He was quite happy and said, "Hey, you were so cool just now. Where did you find so many people, bro?"

He Chao said, "I found some temporary extras at the internet cafe on the next street."

Zhou Dalei: "..."

Earlier, He Chao had come with a group of people, looking like he was in charge. With his acting skills, the others thought he was some kind of gangster. Zhou Dalei watched in amazement the whole time, and finally laughed so hard he had to hold his stomach and crouch on the ground, saying: "Boss Xie, your friend is amazing...He's definitely going to do big things in the future."

Xie Yu thought to himself: Yes, he's going to be the top dog in the excavator industry. How could he not be amazing?

Aunt Mei's dining room at home was small, barely separated from the living room. In the past, if they wanted to have a meal with a lot of people, they would set up a folding table in the backyard and check the calendar and weather forecast to find a good day with calm winds and smooth waters.

Xie Yu could lean against the wall just by leaning back.

"What's wrong?" He Chao also put down his chopsticks, his hand hanging under the table, and touched him. "Why aren't you eating?"

Xie Yu struggled for half a day before saying, "I'm taking it slow."

Xu Yanmei had a particularly good impression of He Chao. Putting aside the fact that this was the first time Xie Yu had brought a classmate home, this person had a sweet mouth and knew how to talk. In the end, Zhou Dalei could barely get a few pieces from the plate of braised pork before it all went into He Chao's bowl.

"Aunt Mei, don't give him anymore," Xie Yu sat on the side and watched Aunt Mei endlessly picking food for He Chao, saying, "He can't eat anymore."

Only then did Xu Yanmei put down her chopsticks and reflect, "It seems like I fed him a little too much."

It sounded like she was feeding a pig.

After finishing their meal, Xu Yanmei still held onto them and asked, "How is our Little Yu doing in school? He has a quick temper, so if you can, please try to advise him..."

Xie Yu wanted to advise Comrade Xu Yanmei instead: this semester he had gotten into several fights at school, all of which were with the person in front of them.

He Chao spoke up, "Our Little Yu...no, your Little Yu, is doing well in school."

Xie Yu's right eyelid twitched, and he had a vague feeling that something wasn't quite right.

Sure enough, the next second he heard He Chao's nonsensical rambling about being serious in class, studying hard, unity and friendship, and following school rules and regulations.

Afraid that he would exaggerate even more, Xie Yu pinched He Chao's hand under the table.

Xu Yanmei didn't notice anything wrong.

She felt embarrassed by all the compliments, so she decided to point out a flaw herself: "Our Little Yu's grades aren't very good."

"It's okay," He Chao said, "I'm even worse than him."

Xu Yanmei: "..."

Zhou Dalei didn't have lunch and was starving, stuffing leftover braised pork into his mouth.

Xu Yanmei turned to the kitchen to cut fruit, wielding the knife like she was attacking someone, making loud clanging noises.

Xie Yu had been holding onto He Chao's hand, with just a finger lightly tugging on, and asked, "What are you here for?"

He Chao leaned in and whispered, "To find you."

The two didn't speak anymore, locking eyes and suddenly there was no need for words.

Xie Yu couldn't help but notice that He Chao's ear, the one that he was speaking into, seemed to be a little red.

Although Xu Yanmei was quite noisy when cutting, the fruit platter she cut looked pretty good, with a circle of walnuts arranged around it in a very unique way.

He Chao hesitated and asked, "...This is?"

Xu Yanmei wiped her hands and walked out of the kitchen, saying in a straightforward manner, "Eat it, to nourish your brain."

Xie Yu: "..."

He Chao: "..."

When they left, they were each given two bags of walnuts. They were even shelled.

Who knew how long they had been prepared for. Xie Yu felt a bit complicated as he carried the red plastic bag.

He Chao, on the other hand, was quite happy. This happiness lasted until they walked side by side to the bus station platform, and he couldn't hold it in any longer: "Does this count as meeting the parents?"


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