Fake Slackers

Fake Slackers

Chapter 12 - Chapter 12

After receiving some comforting words from her colleagues in the office, Xu Xia felt the knot in her heart loosen a bit. She then picked up the roster and headed to the classroom. By the time she left the office, she was already more than ten minutes late for the scheduled class meeting.

Xie Yu was not intentionally late. He took some time to organize his things before heading to the teaching building. He was prepared to be stopped at the classroom door, but to his surprise, the homeroom teacher arrived later than him.

As Xie Yu passed by the window, the previously noisy classroom suddenly became quiet. Everyone sat upright, looking straight ahead, even though there was nothing written on the blackboard. 

"My fellow classmates, my name is Liu Cunhao, yes, Liu Cunhao. I believe many of you have heard of my legend in the school. Last year, I served as the class monitor for Class 7 of our Year 1 and gained a lot of experience in managing a class. However, I hope that if we have to elect class committee members later, please do not choose me."

Everyone was as quiet as a chicken, except for one boy who was still standing with his back to the window, continuing to speak.

He was a smooth-talking boy, and his hands couldn't help but gesture in the air as he spoke: "Don't choose me, leave the opportunity for those who need it more, especially those who have never been a class monitor before. I think it is very necessary to give them a chance to train themselves." 

The people around him were frantically winking and gesturing towards the window, but Liu Cunhao didn't understand the meaning behind it at all. "Anyway, just don't choose me. What are you guys doing? Don't throw flirtatious glances at me. I have no plans for early romance."

It wasn't until Xie Yu knocked on the door that Liu Cunhao looked over and was instantly speechless. 

His desk mate whispered, "Brother Hao, everyone was hinting so obviously just now, and you were still immersed in your monologue."

Liu Cunhao had a thousand words in his heart but didn't know how to express them. He could only sit down silently and pretend that nothing had happened. "Couldn't they just it directly, what good is all the winking for."

Xie Yu was a well-known person. 

From the moment he entered school, there was already a reputation of him being a cheater due to a plagiarism scandal. 

At first, everyone was discussing how amazing he was, how he had the guts to cheat even during the high school entrance exam, and how it was rumored that he couldn't even have gotten into No. 2 without cheating.

But later on, Xie Yu became famous for skipping class and getting into a fight outside of school, where he took on five people alone. The whole school was notified of his punishment, and a big poster was hung on the bulletin board for almost an entire semester. He became famous overnight.

Now, Xie Yu stood at the door with his backpack slung over one shoulder and his hands in his pockets, his face expressionless. 

The classroom is already full, and even those who were absent due to illness had their classmates save them a seat, afraid of sitting next to this "king of hell" when school starts. 

Xie Yu looked around and saw that only the last two seats in the back row of the second group were empty, so he walked to the back row at a leisurely pace.

Some classmates whispered to each other, "Is it a good idea for us to do this? Won't it just let those two sit together? As they say, two tigers cannot share the same mountain. What if they create some chemical reaction and blow up the whole class?"

"Then why don't you go sit with Xie Yu?"

"...I don't want to die."

After about five or six minutes, Xu Xia finally entered the classroom with a book in hand. "Is everyone here? Who's missing?"

Liu Cunhao, who had gotten used to being the class monitor, raised his hand reflexively and said, "Teacher, one person is missing."

Xie Yu had some drinks last night and was still feeling dizzy. He just rested his head on his arm and slept on the table. 

Xu Xia glanced around and paused on a certain person in the back row for a moment before furrowing her brows and shifting her gaze away. "Let's not worry about those who didn't show up. After the meeting, go downstairs to get your books. You all know where to get them, right? Now, let me briefly go over a few key points of the meeting..."

Xu Xia didn't want to deal with the latecomer, but the person walked in with great confidence. 

"Excuse me," He Chao stood at the door, very polite. "I'm sorry I'm late."

This person at the door had a striking figure, wearing a black t-shirt and dark blue jeans with the cuffs folded up. He spoke with a casual smile, and it was clear that he was a popular figure among the girls, the type of person who could make you forget your troubles just by looking at him.

He was nothing like those lazy and sloppy delinquents who didn't seem to have any sense of direction. He was quite energetic. 

Xu Xia was a bit surprised. 

She had never taught Xie Yu or He Chao before, but she had heard all about them through the grapevine. In her mind, she had imagined a boy who walked with a slouch, was lazy and unskilled, and would often kick tables and chairs, unable to even dress himself properly.

Today, however, she had seen them both in person - although her impression of Xie Yu was limited to the back of his head.

Xu Xia's child was about to enter junior high school, so she didn't have the mindset of a little girl anymore. If she didn't like someone, she didn't like them. She was just about to vent her frustration when she saw He Chao reach out and pull someone over from the side.

"Please allow me to explain why I was late," he said. 

Round Glasses fell and stumbled as He Chao pulled him out from the side. "Hello everyone, I am Shen Jie from Class 8 of the second year. Today, I suddenly fell ill in the corridor. Thanks to Classmate He for his kindness, I have chronic... um, chronic..." 

Shen Jie couldn't remember what illness he had and started stuttering.

He Chao reminded him, "Non-atrophic gastritis."

"Can't you give me one with a simpler name?" Shen Jie complained.

He Chao replied, "A longer name sounds more impressive."

Xu Xia was furious but couldn't express it. 

Did these two think she was a fool?

"You two are singing a duet, aren't you?" She pointed to the audience below. "I don't want to waste everyone's time. You can find a seat first, next to that person who is sleeping soundly." 

Xie Yu, who was sleeping soundly, stirred. Perhaps he heard something, or maybe he felt the gaze of dozens of eyes. He propped himself up and slowly opened his eyes: "..."

He Chao: "..."

The atmosphere was odd. 

And quite subtle. 

Liu Cunhao passed a note to his desk mate, which read: Are they going to start fighting? 

His desk mate replied: I can already feel the energy clashing in the air, it's intense.

But amidst the anticipation of the crowd, He Chao only said one word: "Friend?" 

Xie Yu: "..."

"It's fate," He Chao continued, "Such a coincidence."

Although no one knew what was going on, or when these two big shots had become friends across the two floors of the East and West buildings, the entire class of sophomores breathed a sigh of relief. 

They had all imagined a thrilling and bloody scene in their minds.

Xu Xia briefly talked about some things, such as seating arrangements, class committee elections, and left a few sets of homework, concluding the first meeting with the hope that everyone could welcome the new semester with a new look.

"There is still some time left. I will call on students according to the attendance list to briefly introduce themselves."

Amidst a round of applause, He Chao also casually clapped a few times.

Xie Yu felt dizzy and lowered his head again.


"I'm Wan Da. I have many interests, such as reading and sports..."

"Hello everyone, my name is Xue Xisheng. I hope we can work together, strive, and make progress."

"Fu Pei."

"Ding Lianghua..." 

After listening for a while, He Chao patted Xie Yu's shoulder and asked, "Hey, do you know which one Xie Yu is?"

Xie Yu was lying on the table and turned his head to look at him, "Huh?"

One classmate on stage was shy and spoke like a mosquito. After struggling for a long time, he finally came up with one worde, "swimming," and walked off the stage like he was relieved of a huge burden.

He Chao added, "That's the one, the idiot from the West Building who paints his nails black."

He Chao was curious about the legendary leader of the West Building, Xie Yu, who had many achievements that he had not paid much attention to. However, for some reason, he remembered the detail of black nail polish very deeply and looked around the class but couldn't figure out who it was. 

He could only lament that the person was really good at hiding their identity and had easily removed the nail polish without anyone noticing. 

Xie Yu looked at him with a complicated expression.

"Friend, do you really know him?" He Chao asked eagerly. "...Actually, I'm quite interested in him. If there's a chance, I'd like to exchange a few moves with him."

Xu Xia shouted from the stage, "Next up, Xie Yu."

Xie Yu slowly stood up, not bothering to see what expression He Chao had on his face. He walked up to the stage and wrote the two characters "Xie Yu" on the blackboard with a sharp and beautiful stroke.

Then he threw the chalk into the chalk box and brushed off the chalk dust on his hands. He gave a brief and concise self-introduction: "I'm Xie Yu, and by the way, I don't wear black nail polish." 

As Xie Yu uttered his final words, his eyes were fixed on a certain idiot, but the guy surnamed He didn't seem the least bit embarrassed. In fact, amidst the awkward silence of the crowd not knowing what to say, the idiot took the lead and applauded, giving Xie Yu face. "Good! Well said!" he exclaimed.

Xie Yu: "..."

Damn it.

After Xie Yu finished his self-introduction and returned to his seat, He Chao unabashedly stared at his hand. Xie Yu was idly scribbling on a piece of paper and was startled by the stare, causing him to drop his pen. "Are you crazy?" he asked.

He Chao said, "You really didn't paint your nails? The way you were described in the legend wasn't like this." 

In the west building big shot's legend, the nail polish played a very important part. At least, He Chao remembered his name because of the non-mainstream nail polish.

"...What crap legend." 

He Chao grabbed Xie Yu's hand directly and said, "Don't move, let me take a look." 

Xie Yu didn't expect him to do this, and by the time he came to his senses, his hand was already in He Chao's grasp. 

Xie Yu's hand looked delicate and even a bit gentle. 

It was clean and slender, with distinct joints and neatly trimmed fingernails. 

When he was young and his family was still well-off, Gu Xuelan suggested that he learn to play the piano because his fingers were thin and long, which was quite suitable. However, Xie Yu enjoyed fighting so much that almost every day parents would bring their children to their house and ask, "What's wrong with your child? Why does he keep hitting people?" 

Gu Xuelan never mentioned the piano again. 

He Chao had just grabbed his hand and hadn't had a chance to examine it closely when Xie Yu exploded, pulling his hand back and cursing, "...Fuck, what the hell is wrong with you?"


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