Fake Slackers

Fake Slackers

Chapter 11 - Chapter 11

Although the name Da Mei sounded a bit feminine, he was actually a boy.

He is the youngest of the three and had always been protected by them. Even his nickname, Da Mei, was jokingly given by Zhou Dalei: "Since you are my little brother, I'll give you a name. How about Da Mei? From now on, we'll be brothers in arms."

Because of his small stature, Da Mei was often bullied and didn't know how to fight back.

Zhou Dalei protected him like a mother hen and sometimes called on Xie Yu to help when they were outnumbered. 

Later, Da Mei suddenly grew rapidly, reaching a height of almost 1.85 meters. He felt like he had grown up after all these years of watching people fight, even though he had never actually fought with them. One time, he became so arrogant that he blocked in front of Zhou Dalei and said, "Let me teach these idiots a lesson."

However, the difference between theory and practice was like night and day. Da Mei's fighting skills were weak, and Zhou Dalei had to drag him away, saying, "What are you trying to teach them? Can you even fight? Besides being taller than most people, what advantages do you have with your skinny arms and legs? You're driving me crazy."

"That little brat gave me a broken flower pot. What did he give you before he left?" Zhou Dalei became angrier the more he thought about it. "No, that doesn't even count as a gift. At most, it's making me care temporarily for it." 

Xie Yu looked up at the power lines, seemingly reminded of something from the past, and a smile crept onto his face. "Rubik's Cube," he said.

"Ah?" Zhou Dalei was confused.

"Better than yours. Da Mei gave me a Rubik's Cube before he left," Xie Yu explained.

In reality, Xu Yanmei wasn't the best cook. Her dishes looked good, but always had a unique taste due to her forgetfulness when it came to adding seasoning.

"This is delicious, beyond words," Zhou Dalei swallowed a mouthful of bok choy. "But I have a question for you. If you don't add salt when cooking, why did you send us to the store to buy some?"

Xu Yanmei couldn't believe it. "Did I forget to add salt? That's impossible. I felt like I put a lot of effort into this dish."

Xie Yu chimed in, "Why don't you try it yourself?" 

This meal was a disaster, they couldn't even meet the basic standard of being full, so they ordered some crayfish takeaway to save the day.

"Come on, cheers!" Aunt Mei had a few drinks and was practically standing on the table with one leg crossed over the chair, patting her chest. "Drink, damn it! Xiao Yu is starting school tomorrow, let's all say a few words."

Xie Yu reached out and moved the plate of shrimp shells in front of Xu Yanmei to the side, afraid she might accidentally knock it over.

Zhou Dalei stood up first with a glass of cold water in hand. "Boss Xie, I'll go first. I wish you all the best and success at Liyang No. 4 High School..."

"No. 4?" Xie Yu couldn't help but laugh and kicked him. "Your mother's at No. 4, I'm at No. 2."

Liyang No. 2 High School had been established for over 60 years and was quite well-known in A city. Although the teaching staff is average and the enrollment rate is not high, the school is located in the suburbs, which, to put it nicely, provides a peaceful and serene learning environment with good air quality. However, it is awkwardly situated next to several newly built low-quality vocational schools.

But the entire campus is built quite well, and in the past two years, the teaching buildings have been renovated one after another, giving no sense of "decline." After all, a city like A is still a well-known metropolis, and the suburbs are still bustling with traffic and thriving commercial streets.

The school gate is grand and imposing. Looking inside from the entrance, besides the green plants and shrubs, the most eye-catching thing is the bronze statue in the center of the small square, Rodin's "The Thinker." The marble base and the entire bronze sculpture are in a tar-like color, shining brightly.

On the base, the school motto is engraved in neat small characters: "Heart of a Child." 

Four simple words, with a layer of gold, shining brightly in the sunlight.

On the day of returning to school, the campus was bustling with activity.

Many new students came to report, and a large banner hung at the entrance - "Welcome high school freshmen to join the family of No.2 High School, learn, progress, and create brilliance together."

Most of the second years crowded around the bulletin board at the entrance to check their class assignments. They were packed tightly together, sweating profusely. After looking for a while, they all involuntarily gasped, "What's going on with Class 3?"

"Class 3? Oh my god, amazing! Is it a battlefield?"

"...Thank goodness I'm in Class 5."

"Why do I suddenly feel a chill?"

"Two school bullies in the same class? What were they thinking? Are they trying to blow up the school?"

"Xie Yu, He Chao...Damn, this is explosive." 

They were about to enter their second year of high school. When they first entered high school, there were over a dozen classes. Due to the delayed construction of the new teaching building, they had to be split into two parts and crammed into the east and west buildings, facing each other from afar.

Although the two buildings were designed as a connected structure with a corridor between them, mainly for the convenience of teachers and students moving around, the students in the two buildings hardly interacted with each other.

However, there were two notorious characters among them - He Chao from the east building and Xie Yu from the west building.

The group of students gathered together, talking non-stop, but eventually fell into silence.

The only thing left in their minds were the words "terrifying".

Those who were assigned to Class 3 of their second year were trembling with fear: they might not be able to attend school anymore... These two people were rumored to be ruthless gangsters who wouldn't bat an eye at killing someone. 

Social brother Xie Yu didn't know what had happened. He dragged his suitcase and planned to go back to his dormitory first to put his things down before going to the classroom to get his books.

Gu Xuelan wanted to accompany him to the dormitory building and even wanted to go up and see his dormitory. However, Xie Yu suddenly remembered that a whole set of "Wu San" questions that he hadn't finished was lying on the table in his room, which was not very ideal.

Although the dormitory was for two people, he had always lived alone. 

The school culture of No. 2 was free, and since it encouraged students to live on campus, it considered all aspects of student accommodation. For example, students had the right to change dormitories at any time until they were satisfied, without worrying about conflicts with roommates. If it didn't match, they could just move out.

Therefore, when they heard the name Xie Yu, all his former roommates avoided him and didn't even want to meet him. No one dared to live with him. 

As Xie Yu dragged his luggage into the room, a boy with Round Glasses and a buzz cut ran up from downstairs and stopped in front of the room opposite Xie Yu's.

"Hey, is Brother Chao here? Brother Chao?" Round Glasses knocked on the door for a while, but there was no response.

"Is this the right dormitory? Did they trick me?" Round Glasses muttered to himself for a moment, then raised his hand to knock on the door. He found that the door wasn't even locked and with a creak, he pushed it open.

"I, I'm coming in..." 

Round Glasses pushed the door open and looked around. He saw someone on the bed to his right.

He saw He Chao, who was squinting and rubbing his eyes. He was sitting on the bed with his back against the wall, and he pulled out a box of candy from the head of the bed and asked, "What's all the noise about?" 

Round Glasses whispered mysteriously, "Brother Chao, I have huge news. Have you seen the class allocation list? Oh my god, the whole grade is going crazy."

"I haven't seen it," He Chao picked out an orange one from inside, tore open the candy wrapper in three or two strokes, and threw it into his mouth. "Class allocation, how else can they divide it? What's so interesting about it"

Round Glasses stared blankly, forgetting for a moment that he had come with huge news. "Am I blind? What is this, a lollipop? You're eating a lollipop?"

"I quit smoking recently," He Chao said.

After speaking, he saw that Round Glasses was still staring at him like a fool, so He Chao said, "What, do you want one too?"

"No, no, no, I'm good," Round Glasses shook his head repeatedly.

He Chao crunched the candy, holding the stick in his mouth, feeling it was a little too sweet. "So, what's your huge news?" 

Round Glasses suddenly remembered his mission and slapped his thigh, "Damn, I almost forgot. Brother Chao, this year is really terrible, it's some god-tier coincidence...Xie Yu is in your class."


"The Xie Yu from the west building."

In the office of the second year group, the teachers were discussing the class assignments.

"Who was in charge of the class assignments this year? Was it randomized by computer or the grade director? The class assignments shouldn't be so chaotic," the teachers couldn't accept it even though they knew about the class assignments in advance.

A female teacher stood by the water dispenser, getting water. "There are only three academic classes in this grade, and they were divided based on grades. Class three is at the bottom, so I'm not surprised they were assigned like this." 

Liyang No.2 High School is a school with a focus on art. Its students may not be able to compete with those from other schools in terms of academic performance, but they have a decent chance of getting into college thanks to their artistic talents. In their first year of high school, the school encouraged everyone to pursue the arts, and in their second year, they even separated the academic students from the art students.

After pouring herself a glass of water, the female teacher said, "Those two kids may be mischievous, but they're still just kids. We don't know for sure that things are as bad as we think they are."

The other female teacher, who had been sitting silently the whole time, turned pale and finally spoke up, "Do you really think you can handle them? If you do, then why don't you take over?"

"..." The teacher who had just poured herself water remained silent. 

"Teacher Xu, don't be angry. It was just a casual remark from Little Liu," the other teachers tried to console her, sensing the situation was not good. "The class division this time was indeed too extreme. Nobody would be happy being the homeroom teacher of Class 3."

Xu Xia, the homeroom teacher of Class 3, almost fainted when she saw the list of students for the first time.

She had been in the teaching profession for more than ten years, although she had not achieved much, at least her qualifications were better than Teacher Liu's. She believed that the school had no reason to make things difficult for her. 

Little did she know that her straightforward and impulsive personality, coupled with her lack of tact, had offended many people. 

"Why me? Why did this class have to be assigned to me? Isn't the school intentionally trying to make things difficult for me?" Xu Xia was so angry that she didn't even want to prepare anything for the upcoming class meeting. 

"What were they thinking? Did they think it would be better to let these two pieces of rat shit troublemakers ruin my whole class?"


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