Even a Shaman Needs Evening Self Study

Even a Shaman Needs Evening Self Study

Chapter 7 - Emperor's Essence

Even Professor Mo, the number one victim, felt an urge to immediately agree upon hearing this proposal!

Who could resist the temptation of having artifacts date themselves? Just imagine how much help this would be for their current excavation work. And not just for this tomb, but for other Spring and Autumn and Warring States period tombs as well?

However, he was also rational. For this kind of thing, he needed to listen to the professionals on whether it was actually possible.

Based on his current thinking, it seemed there was room to operate, after all it was confirmed that someone could control the Xiong Hui.

It's just that while Bureau 404 said they do cross-domain collaboration, they hadn't really assisted the archaeology field before—and there weren't that many spirits that had archaeological value, had worked for the Chu emperor, had been sealed and living until now, and had been captured.

It might depend on whether the archaeological value of this Chu emperor's tomb was enough for them to do this.

Mu Fei looked at the eager eyes of the experts and cautiously assessed, "To be honest, our Bureau 404 is a cross-domain collaboration office, and we do cooperate with non-humans in our work, but that's within the industry. Lending to you for archaeology... I can help submit a report up the chain, but it may not succeed.

"Also, we need to first confirm if this Xiong Hui really has value."

"Right, like how is its memory? Can it still remember after over 2,000 years!" Professor Mo said, unable to hide his excitement as he rubbed his still palpitating heart. His body was still weak, and he was really afraid this shock would harm his health.

"Then there's no time like the present, let's just ask." Mr. Xu slapped his thigh and said, "I can let it borrow my body to appear and we can discuss."

Mr. Xu acted as soon as he spoke. In any case, the tomb was right next to them and the inner coffin had already been excavated but not yet transported away.

They arrived at the temporary warehouse where the inner coffin was located. Mr. Xu held up a small piece of snake skin he had picked up in the tomb, looked at it, and then did something the onlookers didn't expect—he suddenly put the snake skin in his mouth!

This action made everyone's eyes go wide. No one thought he would suddenly stuff it in his mouth.

Tan Xiao, a spirit master, had the most cracked expression, closing his eyes with a pained look.

Then, Mr. Xu made a hand seal, closed his eyes and chanted, "I invite, I invite the sect's people, strongly requesting the immortal to come and instruct!"

This was originally Mr. Xu's incantation for inviting immortals, now adapted to invite the Xiong Hui.

When he opened his eyes again, Mr. Xu's eyes had turned into a pair of yellow vertical pupils!

Tan Xiao took a step forward, his disgust at seeing him eat the snake skin not yet gone, and his upper body couldn't help leaning back as he asked, "Xiong Hui?"

Mr. Xu's voice had changed, as if several voices were overlapping and mixed together, and his tone also carried a bit of an ancient Chu region accent: "It's you, spirit master..."

His tone was "dragging", with an indescribable sticky feeling.

And in the Warring States period, Chu shamans were called spirit masters, also meaning shaman.

Hearing this, Mu Fei pouted to the side and said, "How come it still sounds bubbly, tsk."

The Xiong Hui couldn't understand. Tan Xiao almost laughed out loud, feeling quite novel as he looked at the Xiong Hui. This was his first time seeing this kind of possession scene. "You recognize me? We wanted to discuss something with you."

The Xiong Hui's vertical pupils flashed and it lowered its head. "What do you have to instruct us to do."


Mu Fei couldn't help but take out a notebook and even started deducing, "What does that mean, the Xiong Hui's consciousness isn't singular? Each of your bodies has an independent consciousness?"

The Xiong Hui looked over, its multiple voices mixing: "We were originally independent. We came from the great mountains and marshes of the nine states. The Shaman King found us and turned us into Hui. We were born powerful and will always be so."

Mu Fei's note-taking hand paused, shocked.

She had originally thought the Xiong Hui had disappeared like many species going extinct. Later, seeing the Xiong Hui's transformation, she thought it was because they could hide well... She didn't expect they were man-made products concocted by the Chu shamans!

Their consciousnesses could fuse with each other, and their bodies could also intertwine, drifting between yin and yang, substance and illusion, combining into "Hui".

It didn't need to eat or cultivate. From the moment it was born, it possessed power, but that power would also never change.

Born to serve the shamans, the Chu emperor used it as a living tomb guardian beast, so why would it need to cultivate? Was it to let it cultivate until it grew claws and transformed into a flood dragon and flew away?

So more than 2,000 years later, the Chu emperor had turned to white bones, but the Xiong Hui still acted as his coffin binds, in an undying state.

And because of this, the techniques of the Chu shamans still had extraordinary control over it compared to others.

Tan Xiao was momentarily at a loss for words...

No wonder others suspected he wanted to keep the Xiong Hui?

The Xiong Hui didn't care how shocked they were and spoke on its own. Before Tan Xiao could discuss terms with it, it started saying, "Spirit master, take us out of the coffin. We want to bathe in the moonlight... We are willing to assist you in becoming the next Chu emperor."

Non-human races, especially yin-attributed ones, always yearned for moonlight, especially with the once-in-sixty-years Gengshen day approaching.

Tan Xiao suddenly started coughing. Amidst the teasing gazes of the others, he waved his hand and said, "I don't have such grand dreams."

The Xiong Hui's mixed voices were especially alluring: "With us, it's not a dream. You will become the greatest shaman in Chu, and also the greatest emperor. We helped Xiong Yu achieve this before..."

Xiong Yu? Old Ji and Professor Mo's eyes lit up as they furiously wrote it down.

They had been researching all along. With a little recollection, they confirmed the identity of the tomb owner—Xiong Yu, posthumous title Emperor An of Chu.

"Let's not paint pipe dreams first. If we keep talking, we'll be sidetracking too much. I see you don't even know Qin Shi Huang*!" Tan Xiao was anxious. Hearing it, he didn't feel the slightest temptation, only feeling the generation gap with the Xiong Hui was too big.

*T/N: Qin Shi Huang is a famous emperor. There was a joke going around where he was used as a scam nowadays by people claiming to be Qin Shi Huang.

Sure enough, at the mention of Qin Shi Huang, the Xiong Hui showed a look of confusion.

Words that were originally very alluring and shocking didn't feel right in this situation.

"You should listen to me instead," Tan Xiao exchanged glances with Mu Fei. Seeing her nod, he said, "There is indeed an opportunity now that may let you break free from the coffin."

—In any case, it couldn't be allowed to stay on the coffin. This place would probably be turned into a museum on the spot in the future. There was really no need for a living treasure to guard it.

"But you need to accept a job, which is to be a cultural relic consultant for the archaeology team and make contributions." As Tan Xiao spoke, he glanced at Mu Fei and saw her nod, confirming that saying this was fine.

"What is a cultural relic consultant? We'll just do it..." Xiong Hui's bubbling voice became even heavier, sounding like he didn't care what kind of work he was going to do, as long as he could go out and bask in the moonlight. "What can we do for you..."

Professor Mo couldn't hold back any longer and raised his hand, "Excuse me, Mr. Xiong Hui, I'd like to ask, in the tombs of the same period, the sacrificial altar is usually outside the tomb, but for Emperor An of Chu, also known as Xiong Yu, the sacrificial altar is inside the tomb. Was this his intention? Or was there a different custom at one point?"

As soon as he heard that the Xiong Hui might work for the archaeological team, he addressed him as "Mr." every time, unbelievably polite. Those who didn't know would definitely not be able to tell that he had been badly hurt by Xiong Hui.

Xiong Hui's eyes moved, as if recalling something from a thousand years ago, "Yes and no. The burial objects are all his, but originally the sacrificial altar was also outside. However, during the grand funeral, the crown prince saw the coffin moving and believed that Xiong Yu had already been received and ascended to heaven by the Primordial Phoenix, so he added a sacrificial altar. In fact, we were just struggling."

Even though he was a creature that had been concocted, he knew it was better to stay outside.

Only then did Old Ji and Professor Mo understand why there was an abnormal sacrificial altar in the tomb.

They asked a few more questions, and Xiong Hui answered them one by one.

When ancient emperors built their own tombs, they started as soon as they ascended the throne. Xiong Hui had worked for Emperor An of Chu for many years and knew quite a lot, remembering some things.

As he answered, Old Ji and Professor Mo felt like they had obtained a treasure, and even brought up questions about other tombs from the same period. Even if Xiong Hui didn't know, he could still provide a general direction.

But after a few questions, Xiong Hui had already vaguely realized the nature of the so-called "cultural relic consultant" and refused to answer anymore. After all, he had worked for a monarch and had some scheming. Those vertical pupils stared straight at Tan Xiao, "Spirit master, wait until you fulfill your promise before we talk more..."

After saying that, Mr. Xu shook violently, spat out that piece of snake skin with a "wa," and when he opened his eyes again, the vertical pupils were gone.

He smacked his lips, feeling a bit fishy, spat and asked, "How was it?"

Old Ji nodded vigorously at him.

Mr. Xu smiled and said to Mu Fei, "Then let's write a report."

Mu Fei nodded, "If it works out, we still need to find a way for Xiong Hui to communicate conveniently."

Otherwise, they couldn't always have Xiong Hui possess Mr. Xu's body.

Tan Xiao raised his hand uncertainly, "I might have a way...?"


A week later, after further research and a decision by the Bureau 404, it was agreed that Xiong Hui, the main subject of Case No. 202x4032 (i.e., the Chu emperor's tomb Excavation Case) of the Chu Province, would serve as an archaeological consultant. The shackles could not be removed for the time being, and after going through the procedures, a method would be used to allow it to survive by borrowing land.

"Borrowing land" was actually a term used by Taoist priests, similar in nature to the "barrier" mentioned by some sects. Originally, it referred to borrowing a piece of land to perform a ritual by first drawing out the boundaries. When applied to Xiong Hui, it meant restricting it to a certain area and placing it under supervision.

Moreover, due to the unusual nature of this matter and its high confidentiality, Tan Xiao also signed a confidentiality agreement.

At the same time, Tan Xiao also helped them restore and make a "spirit garment."

- When Tan Xiao had helped them look at the shaman figurine earlier, one of the human figurines was wearing a distinctively styled robe with a red and black checkered pattern. This was actually unique to Chu shamans when performing rituals in ancient times, and it was said that its function was to help shamans cross the boundary between yin and yang. However, in modern times, it had long been replaced by a variety of colorful ritual garments.

Tan Xiao was also inspired by the shaman figurine. Xiong Hui's form was wandering between yin and yang, neither ghost nor demon. If a spirit garment was used, perhaps communication with it could be achieved.

The reason for saying perhaps, of course, was because Tan Xiao only had theoretical knowledge and didn't know if it would be successful in practice.

After it was made, Tan Xiao performed a consecration ceremony for it before sending it to the excavation site. This time, only Mu Fei was at the site, and Mr. Xu was not seen.

"Tan Xiao is here. Wait a moment, let me finish writing this section." Mu Fei was working on a tablet computer. Although Xiong Hui's case was almost done, she hadn't completed the process yet and hadn't left Nanchu. But she was already remotely handling other official duties.

Tan Xiao knew that Mu Fei was a civilian servant. He stood beside her and took a look. It seemed to be a draft used by their unit for evaluating and commending.

[First, innovative development. Using the information platform as a starting point, innovatively improve the application of supernatural case handling methods in the new era to create a safer and more comfortable environment for the coexistence of various ethnic groups.]

[Second, coordinated linkage. Strive to promote full regional integration, urge the responsible units of various sects to work closely together, quickly handle non-human management issues, and achieve a work pattern of joint management instead of fighting alone.]

[Third, comprehensive development. Consolidate the business foundations of law, techniques, and tools. Carry out supernatural case inspections in urban areas around the clock and establish a long-term mechanism; regularly organize training and learning to cultivate elite personnel who can subdue demons, suppress evil, and transcend...]

Tan Xiao couldn't help but ask, "What are the new handling methods? Have you invented automatic spell-casting machines?"

As a student, he didn't really understand these unit documents and processes.

Mu Fei: "Uh, it's just shaking people up to fight monsters through WeChat groups."

Tan Xiao: "..."

Okay then.

Mu Fei put away the tablet computer. "Let's start and see how well you made this spirit garment."

Actually, their Bureau 404 also had various magic tools. If they looked, they could find something useful.

But previous experiences told Mu Fei that using Chu shaman tools might be the best. After all, this Xiong Hui was a great weapon concocted by the Chu emperor, and the things of Chu shamans often worked wonders against it.

Tan Xiao then shook out the spirit garment and tried it on himself first, putting it on and talking to Xiong Hui.

- Now Xiong Hui was placed in a painting hanging on the wall. It could be the floral pattern on the coffin, so of course it could also be in a painting.

"Hello?" Tan Xiao tried talking to Xiong Hui.

Xiong Hui's voice indeed rang out, "Spirit Master..."

Tan Xiao looked at his Professor Mo and Old Ji expectantly and nodded, indicating that the signal was fine.

Since the signal was through, Tan Xiao was about to take off the garment and let Old Ji try it. Xiong Hui called out to him again, "Hehe, I just found out that the Chu state has been destroyed."

Tan Xiao looked at it and asked questioningly, "Are you happy or unhappy about this?"

"I just wanted to tell you that you can come find us anytime, even though the Chu state has become Chu Province, it doesn't hinder anything," Xiong Hui's nine-layered voice overlapped. "You can be our new master, and we will help you control the Chu lands..."

Xiong Hui's mentality was a bit strange. He didn't want to be trapped in the coffin and had a certain yearning for freedom. But as a product created by the Chu sorcerer, he seemed to have an innate urge to find a master.

"What did he say?" Ji Lao asked curiously.

"Before the college entrance exam, he's already painting me a pie in the sky, telling me to chase my dreams in the political arena and become a provincial governor," Tan Xiao explained to everyone what was going on with Xiong Hui.

"What era are we in?" he complained, "Is this any different from claiming to be Qin Shi Huang and asking me to kowtow to him fifty times?"

The few people present couldn't help but chuckle.

Tan Xiao said to Xiong Hui in exasperation, "Alright, stop thinking about masters and whatnot. Don't just look at history; take some time to understand social structures too."

With that, he took off the spirit garment.


18th, Gengshen day.

Nanchu No. 1 Middle School, Class 3, Grade 11

Tan Xiao was writing his English test with his head down when he felt his deskmate nudge him with his elbow. He turned his head to look.

"Brother Xiao, what do you think this is?" His deskmate Lin Yang showed him his phone.

Tan Xiao glanced at it and looked away. "Evidence that you're slacking off? Why didn't you hand in your phone? You're either reading novels or surfing the net."

"Don't be like that. This is called learning and entertainment, both not neglected," Lin Yang enlarged the image displayed on the screen. "I'm planning to get a new haircut. What do you think?"

"Why do you want to change your hairstyle? Isn't this one very good?" Tan Xiao strongly opposed. He relied heavily on seating arrangements and hairstyles to recognize people, especially at school. If Lin Yang changed his hairstyle, he would have to guess which one was his deskmate when he came to school tomorrow.

"You think I look very handsome now?" Lin Yang touched his hair. It was rare for Tan Xiao to be willing to discuss this kind of thing with him. "But it's too short. I need to get it trimmed. This hairstyle is popular; everyone is getting it lately."

"Sigh..." Tan Xiao let out a sigh. It was precisely because everyone was getting it that he was even more annoyed. The streets were full of people who looked the same.

At this moment, a classmate shouted, "Quick, look at the moon! It really is a supermoon!"

Everyone looked out the window together.

"Wow, is it just me, or is it big enough to see with the naked eye?"

"Tonight's moon is indeed exceptionally clear. It seems Nanchu is truly the best observation point."

Even the teacher supervising the evening self-study didn't stop everyone from looking at this astronomical phenomenon during their break, which might have something to do with him being a geography teacher.

Tan Xiao also looked up. In the boundless sky, there were no clouds obscuring the view. The moon, which was particularly full today, emitted a radiance that was more beautiful and mysterious than usual. Its reflection in the school's artificial lake shimmered, as if illuminating the entire lake.

According to Mu Fei, tonight's moonlight was filled with the Emperor's Essence far surpassing the usual essence of the sun and moon, only humans couldn't see it. Even in a certain place in Nanchu, Xiong Hui, a new member of the archaeology team, should be absorbing the the Emperor's Essence under supervision.

As he looked, the silvery light seemed to be so bright that it was a little dazzling...

Tan Xiao rubbed his eyes. Perhaps it wasn't the moon that was dazzling, but rather that he had been writing the test for too long.

Author's note:

Xiong Hui: Why the hell can't you be my master?


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