Even a Shaman Needs Evening Self Study


Even a Shaman Needs Evening Self Study

Even a Shaman Needs Evening Self Study



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  • Action
  • Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Shounen Ai
  • Supernatural
  • Ancient China
  • Confident Protagonist
  • Ghosts
  • Spirits
  • Handsome Male Lead
  • Human-Nonhuman Relationship
  • Magic Formations
  • Modern Day
  • Mythology
  • Power Couple
  • Schemes And Conspiracies
  • Secret Organizations
  • Sentient Objects
  • Slow Romance
  • Special Abilities
  • Strong Love Interests


Tan Xiao, the inheritor of a famous shaman family in Chu Province, has been observed by tourists since childhood while receiving his family education:

"We are inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, successors of folk culture, and official mascots... You must get into a good university and then come back to expand and strengthen our folk culture and tourism brand."

Tan Xiao: "Got it, scientific inheritance, I should choose science and math as my majors."

Unexpectedly, the first time he presided over a ritual, it... manifested a spirit?!

Tan Xiao: ?

Even more unexpectedly, the spirit that appeared turned out to be his classmate.

Tan Xiao: ???

Tan Xiao: "No way, even deities have to take the college entrance exam these days?"

Kong Xuan, son of the Primordial Phoenix, whose beauty surpasses all three realms, transferred to South Chu City No. 1 High School, stunning everyone at school.

Tan Xiao to Kong Xuan: "Have you seen where Kong Xuan went?"

Kong Xuan: "...You don't know what Kong Xuan looks like?"

Tan Xiao, who suffers from severe face blindness: "With so many people watching him, he must be quite handsome."

Kong Xuan: ...

It's said that Tan Xiao from Class Three is very aloof, ignoring both classmates and teachers as he walks.

Tan Xiao: ... "Ah, those are my classmates?"

Later, Kong Xuan: "Come with me to catch a demon."

Tan Xiao: ... "Fine, let's wait until after evening self-study."

With demons frequently appearing, Tan Xiao fights bravely on the front lines, vanquishing foes far and wide.

His companions and the ghosts and demons exclaim: "Aren’t you just a mascot?!"


Chapter 1 - The Grand Nuo Mourning Dance19 May 2024
Chapter 2 - Constraining Yoke19 May 2024
Chapter 3 - The Phoenix Bird Hanging Drum19 May 2024
Chapter 4 - Nine Headed Snake24 May 2024
Chapter 5 - Striking Hunger31 May 2024
Chapter 6 - Enlightenment07 Jun 2024
Chapter 7 - Emperor's Essence14 Jun 2024
Chapter 8 - Transfer Student31 May 2024
Chapter 9 - Kong Xuan07 Jun 2024
Chapter 10 - Offending the Tiangou14 Jun 2024


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