Death Progress Bar

Death Progress Bar

Chapter 21 - Noodles

The progress bar had actually gone down after Shi Jin and Rong Zhouzhong had a full-blown fight.

Shi Jin looked dumbfounded as he glanced at the progress bar in his mind and then at Rong Zhouzhong, who was sitting on the sofa with a black face, adjusting his breathing. He couldn't make sense of what was going on, but one thing was certain - Rong Zhouzhong didn't want to kill him.

Just moments ago, he had handed his gun over to Rong Zhouzhong, who was going mad with anger, but Rong Zhouzhong had turned around and thrown the gun away. This was not the reaction of a killer. A person with real murderous intent would not hold a weapon and not act when pushed to the brink of losing their mind.

There were indeed gaps missing from the plot.

Having confirmed this, Shi Jin felt relieved but also a little uneasy. 

The argument turned into a fight. Although he chose to do so in order to figure out the mystery of the progress bar and eliminate his older brothers' suspicion of being the murderer, he went too far by resorting to violence. Besides, he was not the original owner of this body, so doing these things was neither justifiable nor honorable.

From the perspective of Rong Zhouzhong, today's events were simply a disaster that fell from the sky.

Originally, he was sleeping peacefully at home, but was suddenly confronted by his younger brother who he never got along with...

Feeling guilty for using Rong Zhouzhong as a "mine detector", Shi Jin got up from the ground and looked at Rong Zhouzhong, who was lying on the sofa with his eyes closed and breathing evenly. He tentatively asked, "Um, do your wounds hurt?" 

As Rong Zhouzhong opened his eyes and turned his head, his lips still had a hint of bruising and his peach blossom eyes were filled with cold light. Through gritted teeth, he said, "What do you think? Why haven't you left yet?"

"I can't leave, my leg hurts. I hit the coffee table just now when we were fighting," Shi Jin honestly confessed, stealing a glance at Rong Zhouzhong's face. Feeling guilty, he asked, "Do you still have work to do? Um, the wound on your face..."

Rong Zhouzhong was taken aback, and he raised his hand to touch the slightly painful corner of his mouth. This made him even angrier, and he kicked the coffee table with a bad temper, shouting, "Shi Jin, you really know how to cause trouble for me. Get out, get out, get out! Leave now!"

But Shi Jin didn't leave. Instead, he limped closer and asked, "Where's your first aid kit?"

Rong Zhouzhong turned his head away, looking like he was about to faint from anger. 

"Never mind, let me go get some ice for you to apply. Your face is your livelihood, and treating it is important," said Shi Jin as he headed towards the kitchen.

"You little brat, who do you think relies on their face for a living?" Rong Zhouzhong sat up and glared at Shi Jin, gritting his teeth. "I rely on my strength! Strength! Are you doing this on purpose, Shi Jin? What are you here for today, to die?"

Shi Jin looked at him with a face full of apology and offered him the gun he had retrieved, honestly admitting, "I did do it on purpose... Here, take this. If you're still angry, you can..."

"...Damn it!" Rong Zhouzhong was so angry he grabbed his hair, his expression contorted. "I can what? Can just kill you? Can you just go, hurry up and leave!"

...can vent your anger by smashing a few garbage cans. 

Shi Jin silently placed the gun on the sofa and didn't leave. He turned around and limped to the kitchen.

Watching his brother's back as he left with a limp, Rong Zhouzhong was so angry that he closed his eyes and collapsed onto the sofa, his chest heaving as he tried to suppress his anger.

Having witnessed the entire ordeal, Number Two suddenly felt a surge of sympathy for him. With an unlucky younger brother like Shi Jin, sometimes the thought of pressing him to death didn't seem like such an unreasonable idea.

Shi Jin took out some ice cubes and conveniently started to boil a pot of noodles. After all the commotion, it was already past lunchtime and everyone was probably hungry. 

"First put some ice on the corner of your mouth." Shi Jin placed the ice in front of Rong Zhouzhong and began to scoop noodles from the pot into a bowl, muttering as he worked. "Why do you have nothing to eat in your fridge? Only a pack of noodles and a few eggs, not even a single vegetable. This won't do. Here, eat up and fill your stomach first."

Rong Zhouzhong had already woken up at the smell of the noodles. Now, he saw Shi Jin squatting across from him, skillfully scooping the noodles into a bowl, his face still purple and green. 

Rong Zhouzhong was at a loss for words, feeling a mix of anger and confusion. He thought Shi Jin was crazy and stupid like a pig. His emotions were all over the place, and he felt the fire he had just suppressed rising up again.

"You can cook noodles too?" Number Two inserted himself into the conversation, sitting down next to Shi Jin. 

"Of course, but my skills are not very good," said Shi Jin humbly, as he placed the first bowl of noodles in front of Rong Zhouzhong, the second bowl in front of Number Two, and the last bowl, which was slightly less in quantity, in front of himself.

Rong Zhouzhong stared at the bowl of noodles without moving.

Number Two, who was already quite hungry, began to eat without hesitation. 

The two uninvited guests were now eating noodles in front of the homeowner, slurping loudly as if on purpose.

Rong Zhouzhong's forehead bulged with veins, his face showing theat he was desperately holding back his anger. Finally, unable to bear it any longer, he sat up and glared at Shi Jin, who had buried his head in the bowl of noodles, ready to unleash his anger. But just then, Shi Jin suddenly looked up.

"Eat quickly. The noodles will become mushy if left for too long and won't taste good," Shi Jin advised in a gentle tone, pushing the bowl towards Rong Zhouzhong. 

As Rong Zhouzhong met his innocent gaze, he found himself at a loss for words. He had wanted to say something, but the words got stuck in his throat, leaving him unable to speak. 

His eyes darted around before he finally picked up his bowl and began to eat his noodles with a vengeance. He chewed with such force that it seemed as if he was trying to take out his frustration on the food. 

He had lost the fight earlier because he had not eaten all day, not because he was weaker than his opponent. That little brat who pretended to be crazy was going to get what was coming to him!

But when Rong Zhouzhong finished his meal and prepared to deal with the little troublemaker who refused to leave, he was surprised to see that Shi Jin had already washed the dishes, swept the floor, and even taken out the trash. He politely bid farewell and warned Rong Zhouzhong to be careful of the stalker fans, as he had found his way here thanks to them. 

Rong Zhouzhong took a deep breath and squeezed three words through his teeth: "Get, out, now."

"Well, I'm leaving then." Shi Jin picked up the garbage and headed towards the door. But just as he reached the entrance, he suddenly turned around.

Rong Zhouzhong immediately glared at him, his body tense and ready for a fight.

"Third Brother, I'm sorry about today." Shi Jin apologized, bowed deeply to Rong Zhouzhong, and then left with Number Two. He didn't even look back. When he closed the door, he did it carefully and quietly, showing great politeness.

Click. The villa returned to silence.

Rong Zhouzhong stared at the entrance, and then stared some more. Finally, he couldn't help but kick the stool next to the entrance and cursed angrily, "Damn little brat!"

As soon as Shi Jin got in the car, he slumped into the seat, frowning and rubbing his leg. 

"What's wrong, are you really hurt?" Number Two asked.

Shi Jin nodded and replied, "It seems swollen."

Number Two frowned, took a cigarette but didn't light it, and started the car. "Hold on, we don't have a first aid kit in the car. Let's go back to the club. Say, fighting is one thing, but secretly letting your brother win? What's the point? He hit you for real, and you even gave in by trying to avoid his face. He has a bruise on his mouth, but look at your own face. I don't even know what to say to you."

"I didn't want to fight in the first place..." Shi Jin felt guilty and smiled at him, trying to please him. "Thank you for coming with me today. I'll treat you to dinner later." 

"Treating me to the free food from the club?" Number Two gave him a sideways glance and said, "Alright, alright. Don't force yourself to talk if you're in pain. Think about how you're going to explain your injuries to Young Master Jun when we get back to the club."

Shi Jin: "..." Shit, he had forgotten about that.

During lunch that day, Lian Jun didn't see Shi Jin, so he asked Number One and found out that he had brought Number Two out with him, apparently to return something to Rong Zhouzhong. Lian Jun didn't show any emotion, but he ate half a bowl less than usual.

Not long after lunch, Shi Jin and Number Two returned. Number Two was unscathed, but Shi Jin was limping.

"What happened?" Lian Jun furrowed his brows and put down the documents in his hand.

Shi Jin felt a little guilty and glanced at him before replying, "My brother and I got into a fight." 

"Did you win or lose?" Lian Jun continued to ask.

Shi Jin hesitated for a moment before replying, "I guess I won. I managed to pin my brother down and beat him up." Although in reality, he was the one who sustained more injuries.

Lian Jun glanced at his bruised and swollen face and waved his hand, "Go tend to your wounds."

Was he not going to punish him for going out to fight without permission?

Shi Jin immediately felt relieved and flattered Lian Jun with several compliments before limping his way to the medical room.

After he left, Number One, who had been standing by Lian Jun's side, furrowed his brows and asked, "Young Master, are you really going to let him handle the new mission in cooperation with the authorities?" 

"His age is the most suitable," replied Lian Jun. Seeing that Number Two had not left yet, he explained, "There were some news from the government. Give some short-term training to Shi Jin during this time. The authorities will also send someone over, prepare to get in touch with them." 

Number Two frowned and looked worriedly in the direction Shi Jin had left. He nodded and responded softly. 

After Shi Jin finished treating his wounds and returned to his room, Xiao Si suddenly spoke up, "Jin Jin, your progress bar dropped to 880 just now." 

It dropped again? 

Shi Jin was puzzled and was about to ask for more details when his phone in his pocket suddenly rang. He took it out and saw that Rong Zhouzhong had sent a text message, which was short and crude: You're dead meat! 


The progress bar dropped as the text message came in, almost as if they were connected. Shi Jin stared at the message for a few seconds, smiled, and typed back: Okay, Third Brother, remember to apply medicine to the wound. 

Rong Zhouzhong: ...Get lost! 

Shi Jin's face was filled with a fatherly love, and he sighed contentedly, "If threatening me with death can make the progress bar drop, I wouldn't mind him coming to curse me every day." 

Xiao Si: "..."


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