Death Progress Bar

Death Progress Bar

Chapter 20 - Fighting

The security in the villa area where Rong Zhouzhong lived was very strict, and visitors cannot enter casually. After calling Rong Zhouzhong's phone for half a day with no answer and receiving no reply to his text messages, Shi Jin decided to climb over the wall with Number Two instead of using the main entrance.

Number Two was speechless. "How did you know this is a blind spot for surveillance?"

"I've climbed over here before," Shi Jin lied with his eyes wide open. He patted the dust off his clothes, roughly determined the direction, and led Number Two towards the corner of the villa area.

Number Two followed him without suspicion and asked, "What if Rong Zhouzhong really isn't home?"

"If he's not here, we'll come back next time," Shi Jin said nonchalantly.

Number Two raised an eyebrow. "Come back to climb the wall again?"

"If he still doesn't answer the phone, then we can only climb again," Shi Jin replied with a shrug. 

Number Two gave him a thumbs up.

They walked all the way to the quietest and most remote area of the villa district. Shi Jin stopped in front of a villa with a small courtyard and rang the doorbell.

After a while, someone finally answered the doorbell. The video phone on the door lit up, and Rong Zhouzhong's voice came through: "Who is it?"

Shi Jin angled his big face close to the camera on the phone.

There was silence on the other end of the phone for a few seconds, and then it hung up. The door clicked open from the inside.

Shi Jin pushed the door open and walked in, with Number Two following slowly behind him, taking a look around before stepping inside. 

The villa gate was open, and Rong Zhouzhong was sitting on the sofa facing the entrance in his pajamas. His hair was a bit messy, indicating that he had just woken up. He looked lazy and unfriendly when he saw Shi Jin coming in. 

"What are you here for?" he asked in a bad tone.

Shi Jin had already expected his attitude, so he didn't react much to his words. 

He sat on the sofa opposite him, put the cucumber pillow on the coffee table, and said, "I'm here to return this to you." 

In the original plot, Rong Zhouzhong was one of the brothers whose character development was most clearly portrayed. Even when Shi Xingrui was still alive, he would sometimes show concern for the original owner, but his acting was not sincere. He only knew how to spend money on gifts for the original owner and would often make excuses to avoid answering the original owner's phone calls. 

After Shi Xingrui's death, he was the first to drop his disguise and no longer concealed his impatience and dislike for the original owner. Whenever he had the chance, he would stab the original owner in the heart with his words, and his tongue was especially sharp.

Rong Zhouzhong glanced at the cushion and asked, "What do you mean by this?" 

"When you gave me this, you said you wanted me to look at it more and eat more vegetables, and not be picky. You said if I got any fatter, I wouldn't be handsome anymore." Shi Jin's face was expressionless, his tone deliberately stiff. "But now I understand. That's not it. You gave this to me just to annoy me."

Rong Zhouzhong raised an eyebrow and looked Shi Jin up and down, then suddenly laughed, not very kindly. "I can't believe it. Even with a brain like a pig, there's still have a day when you become smarter. The eldest was right, you really are different from before."

Shi Jin's heart skipped a beat when he heard this - the information had come. Shi Weichong had discussed him with Rong Zhouzhong before. 

"Indeed, I used to be like a pig, and yours and eldest brother's care was so perfunctory and false that I didn't even notice," self-mockingly said Shi Jin, continuing with a blank expression and a harder tone, "fortunately, I have awakened now before it's too late."

Rong Zhouzhong had a look of "I know you're up to something" on his face, gesturing for him to speak quickly, his eyes looking down on him with disgust mixed with a hint of pity.

Shi Jin looked up at him and asked seriously, "Have you really never treated me as a younger brother?"

Rong Zhouzhong sneered, as if he had heard the biggest joke in the world.

Shi Jin frowned and continued to ask, "Then what about the gifts you gave me in the past..." 

"It was all chosen by eldest brother's helpers." Unexpectedly, Rong Zhouzhong was frank and stabbed Shi Jin's heart, "I only picked one gift, that pillow. As for the reason for giving it, you already know."

Shi Jin: "..." Suddenly felt that Rong Zhouzhong deserved a beating.

"Are you done asking? If you're done, then get lost. I don't have time to play your boring question and answer game." Rong Zhouzhong stood up and wanted to leave, but not before throwing the pillow into the trash can next to the sofa.

Number Two, who had been quietly listening, frowned at the sight and felt that Shi Jin was being treated unfairly. He took a step forward, but unexpectedly, Shi Jin pulled out a weapon and aimed it at Rong Zhouzhong, saying coldly, "Sit down, I'm not done asking yet." 

Number Two stopped in his tracks and looked at Shi Jin. Seeing his tense expression, he furrowed his brow and silently retreated, taking the opportunity to close the curtains and lock the villa's door.

Seeing Shi Jin holding a gun, Rong Zhouzhong took a step back and sneered, "How pathetic. Who do you think you can scare with that toy?"


Shi Jin shot the trash can next to the sofa without even blinking.

"Interesting," Rong Zhouzhong sat back down, smiling on his face but with cold eyes. He raised his chin and said, "Ask away. I'm curious to know how much you've changed since we last met."

"Not much, just almost like a completely different person," Shi Jin retrieved his gun, silently asking in his mind, "Xiao Si, has the progress bar increased?" 

"Still 900, no increase," Xiao Si replied.

No increase, even with this? 

Shi Jin was surprised. Rong Zhouzhong was known for being petty. He even threatened him with a gun, but he still didn't show any signs of wanting to kill him. Could it be that his big thigh was really too strong?

He couldn't figure it out, so he decided to be even more ruthless.

He looked at Rong Zhouzhong and continued his questioning, "Did you intentionally post the dancing video? Did you recognize me at that time?"

Rong Zhouzhong seemed surprised that he was being asked this question. After observing his expression for a moment, he replied in a bored tone, "I just suspected it. I posted on Weibo to collect more live videos."

"How did you recognize me?" Shi Jin asked. This was the most puzzling part for him. 

Rong Zhouzhong sneered, "Just when I thought you were smart, you proved me wrong. Shi Jin, don't you know how much you and your mother look alike?"

The original owner's mother? 

Shi Jin was stunned and furrowed his brows. The original plot barely mentioned the previous generation of the Shi family. Shi Xingrui died at the beginning of the story, and the mothers of the five older brothers were like transparent figures. 

As for the original owner's mother, she died shortly after giving birth and there wasn't even a photo of her in the house. The original owner had no idea what his mother looked like, and neither did Shi Jin, who inherited his memories.

But Rong Zhouzhong claimed that the original owner and his mother looked alike. Had he seen the original owner's mother?

Shi Jin wondered this to himself and asked Rong Zhouzhong the same question. 

Upon hearing this, Rong Zhou's expression faded and he looked somewhat listless as he replied, "Of course I've seen her. In fact, everyone in the Shi family has seen her except for you. Shi Xingrui is just like a dog, wanting to show off the woman he likes to everyone. Have you finished asking your questions? If so, then hurry up and leave. I still need to catch up on my sleep."

Shi Jin had a feeling that Rong Zhouzhong wasn't telling him everything and was avoiding something. He wanted to probe further, but seeing Rong Zhou's impatient expression, he decided to suppress his thoughts and stick to the original plan. "Third brother, were you jealous of me?" he asked.

"What?" Rong Zhouzhong looked at him as if he had just heard a ridiculous story. His listless expression disappeared and he frowned at Shi Jin, as if he were looking at a lunatic. 

"Jealous that Dad loves me and keeps me by his side. I heard from the old housekeeper that before I was born, you were Dad's favorite child. It must feel terrible to have everything taken away by me, right? And it must feel even worse to have to please me in order to win Dad's favor. While I am showered with all of Dad's love, you still have to work hard in the entertainment industry. 

Even though you were already so famous, Dad never gave you a single glance, and when the media talks about your past, they always say 'father is unknown'. Do you know how your black fans laugh at you?" 

Rong Zhouzhong sat up, clearly angry, and said, "Shi Jin, you better shut up!" 

"Why should I shut up? You've been playing the role of a good brother in front of me for over a decade, trampling on my sincerity. Now, why should I be the one to keep quiet!" 

As Shi Jin stood up, he leaned forward and grabbed Rong Zhouzhong's collar, looking into his eyes and angrily saying, "Every time I called to check on you, were you just laughing at me? And those birthday gifts I spend so much time preparing for you every year, did you just throw them in the trash like that pillow earlier? I looked forward to your visits, your calls, your words, but instead you all conspired against me, deceived me, and laughed at me behind my back. 

"Rong Zhouzhong, people have hearts made of flesh, but yours are not. Your hearts are filled with knives and murderous intent, yet you don't dare to stab the one who truly betrayed you. You only know how to aim your cowardice at me again and again. You are all cowards!" 

"What do you know!" Rong Zhouzhong was really angry. 

He grabbed the hand that was pulling at his collar and pushed back forcefully. "Stop trying to make yourself look good! I may not be a good older brother, but are you really a good younger brother? Stop making yourself sound so pitiful and noble. Do you think we don't know how that old bastard taught you? 'Those five people are not your brothers, they are just subordinates trained by Dad. You don't have to treat them too seriously, just act on the surface.' Does that sound familiar? Do you remember when you answered, 'Dad, I understand'? "

As soon as Shi Jin heard this, he immediately remembered when this conversation took place and couldn't believe it. "You actually took the words of a nine-year-old seriously? Do you have to hold a grudge and be so narrow-minded!" 

"You really remember!" exclaimed Rong Zhouzhong, as if he had gotten leverage on him and wanted to push Shi Jin off. He angrily shouted, "Get out of here! I must have been out of my mind to let you in today!"

But Shi Jin had undergone training and couldn't be easily pushed away. Seeing that the progress bar hadn't moved, he made a decision and aimed a punch at Rong Zhouzhong's handsome face, shouting, "You narrow-minded person! When have I ever treated you as a subordinate? It's always you who looked down on me!"

Rong Zhouzhong was stunned by the punch, then furious. He retaliated with a punch of his own, shouting, "Shi Jin, you're asking for it!"

The two of them started fighting, throwing punches at each other with no technique, just purely venting. Number Two watched from afar, feeling speechless, and decided to just be a wallflower and enjoy the show. 

After more than ten minutes of fighting, Rong Zhouzhong couldn't beat the trained Shi Jin and was getting furious. Finally, Shi Jin pinned him to the ground, leaving him with no dignity. Rong Zhouzhong angrily said, "Shi Jin, I will definitely kill you!"

"You can try!" Shi Jin flipped him over, took out his own gun and put it in Rong Zhouzhong's hand. He then extended his neck and said, "Go ahead, kill me. Here is my heart, here is my trachea. Come on, do it!"

Rong Zhouzhong was forced to hold the gun, staring at Shi Jin with clenched teeth. Suddenly, he threw the gun away, pushed Shi Jin hard and said through gritted teeth, "Shi Jin, you are a lunatic! Get out of here and never let me see you again!"

Shi Jin fell to the ground and didn't move. He asked Xiao Si, "How's the progress bar?" 

Xiao Si was almost scared to death by Shi Jin's sudden outburst. Its voice was trembling and filled with confusion and disbelief as he replied, "Jin Jin, the progress bar has dropped and now it's at 890."

Shi Jin exclaimed, "What?!"


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