After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

Chapter 57 - Chapter 57

The decision to cut the scene was made by director Jiang Linchuan. Fang Shaoyi knew this from the beginning, but Yuan Ye was unaware until the end. In the end, they both had to take the blame, but it was mainly on Yuan Ye, and Fang Shaoyi was dragged into it.

However, Yuan Ye and Fang Shaoyi were tied together in this mess. If he claimed he didn't know, no one would believe him. After all, they were all in this together.

But Jiang Linchuan was not a coward. He had made the decision to cut scenes out of necessity, weighing the pros and cons. He knew there would be backlash, but he accepted it for the sake of the film. He decided to wait until everything had settled before making any changes.

However, He Han did not expect Jiang Linchuan to speak up so soon. That night, he announced that the length of the film and the desired effect had led to the decision to cut many scenes, including those of several key actors. This was an inevitable outcome in the film industry. The first cut was over 200 minutes long, but it was eventually trimmed down to the final product.

His Weibo post was far from perfect, with plenty of flaws that left him open to criticism. As a result, most of the backlash was directed at him, drawing some of the fire away from the other side.

"What are you saying, Director?" Yuan Ye said on the phone to Jiang Linchuan. "It's no fun talking like this."

Jiang Linchuan personally called Yuan Ye and admitted that Yuan Ye had been wronged this time, owing him one. Yuan Ye replied on the phone, "I've been criticized for so many years, I'm used to it. It's nothing, don't worry about it. Besides, it really did come from me, there's no denying that."

Yuan Ye's words that He Han's agent was beating a stray dog when it was done were said right in front of the director's face, and no one was spared from the scene. The agent had been so arrogant that even if Yuan Ye wanted to keep quiet, he couldn't. That's why Fang Shaoyi told him to calm down, to prevent what happened today. He wanted to protect Yuan Ye from being targeted like this, but it didn't work.

Fang Shaoyi listened to Yuan Ye's phone call and got up to make him a cup of tea.

There were many times when he felt helpless. Even with his background and status, he couldn't guarantee that Yuan Ye wouldn't be affected. When he was young, he didn't want him to be involved in this industry at all, but later he realized that it was impossible to avoid it.

Yuan Ye didn't mind getting scolded for what he said, but it also affected Fang Shaoyi and made him feel a bit angry and complicated. He felt a sense of defeat, like he had messed up again.

He said to Fang Shaoyi, "You told me not to act impulsively and to hold back my anger, but at that time, I was still angry. How could I hold back? Now I understand."

Fang Shaoyi patted his head and said, "Then don't hold back. Just stay like this."

"That also sounds nice," Yuan Ye smiled. "Anyway, we're going to get scolded no matter what, so we might as well enjoy ourselves first. I regret not scolding more at that time. If there's a next time, I'll definitely say it with gusto. Even if I get scolded again, it won't be a loss."

Suddenly, Fang Shaoyi realized that what he said made sense. Before, he only wanted to rein Yuan Ye in a little, so others wouldn't have any leverage to use against him and he wouldn't get scolded. But now, he thought that if Yuan Ye just followed his heart, at least he would be freer than he is now.

Fang Shaoyi looked at Yuan Ye sitting there drinking tea, and as he watched, he even laughed. Yuan Ye looked at him with some surprise, and Fang Shaoyi smiled and said, "I regret not letting you scold them more back then. What should we do now? Should we scold them now?"

Yuan Ye also laughed along, and after chuckling for a while, he said, "Should I go on Weibo and scold them?"

Fang Shaoyi picked up the tablet next to him and handed it over, saying, "Go ahead."

Yuan Ye took the tablet and really logged into his Weibo account. He couldn't stop laughing. He knew he wasn't good at cursing, but what He Han and his friends wanted was attention, and all the cursing they would receive gave them just that. They weren't afraid of being criticized, in fact, they wished Yuan Ye would expose all their messy secrets.

Nowadays, even if someone climbs into bed with a sugar daddy, they won't be criticized, and ordinary people will just eat popcorn and move on. More topics mean more hot searches, and being teased is something they crave for.

As soon as Yuan Ye logged onto Weibo, the first message that popped up on his homepage was a post by Ji Xiaotao sharing a post by Yang Siran: "I've been on the set for a few months now, and Brother Yuan Ye has always taken care of me. He even gave me a red envelope for Chinese New Year. I was really nervous when I first joined the set, but I'm grateful for Brother Yuan and Brother Shaoyi's guidance and advice. I've learned a lot from them. They've been patient with me and never said anything harsh. I'm really grateful."

There was also a praying hands emoji at the end.

Yuan Ye clicked his tongue and said, "Is this post by Little Yang arranged by the PR?"

Fang Shaoyi glanced at it and said nonchalantly, "I'm not sure."

Yuan Ye said, "I hope it's not something he posted himself, or he'll get criticized. Whoever associates with me will be finished now."

It was Yang Siran who posted the Weibo himself, without consulting anyone. But he's doing pretty well in the movie, with a likable appearance and a silly but cute character. He's even gained some fans, mostly those who are fans of his looks. Later, it seemed like Geng Jinwei had arranged a variety show for him to film with other new actors. If they promote it well, it should gain some popularity.

The Weibo post was a bit impulsive, and his assistant was quite frustrated, saying beside him, "I told you to just post some photos on Weibo, and not say too much! How come you can't remember that? Look now, all the past rumors are being dug up again! These kinds of scandals will ruin your image!"

Yang Siran lowered his head and apologized, "I'm sorry, Brother Zheng, I was impulsive."

"It's normal for newbies not to handle their own Weibo accounts. I only let you do it because you were obedient. Look at you now, what are you going to do?" Zheng Guang furrowed his brows and said to him, "The higher-ups are asking me about this. We both will get scolded!"

"Just say you didn't know and that I posted it myself." Yang Siran said apologetically, "That's how it was supposed to be, it's my own business."

Zheng Guang let out a long sigh, "Can't you just not provoke President Geng, ancestor..."

"I didn't mean to provoke anyone," Yang Siran pursed his lips, "Brother Yuan Ye has been good to me, I just wanted to say something."

"When it comes to loyalty," Zheng Guang looked at him and said, "the entertainment industry is not a place for it."

Yang Siran glanced at him and then looked away without saying anything.

But his impulsive Weibo post wasn't a big deal. Those who were scolding Yuan Ye were doing so blindly, and whoever supported Yuan Ye would also get scolded, but that only increased the numbers of both Yuan Ye and Fang Shaoyi's fans. Besides, he was originally from Fang Shaoyi's company, although it hadn't been announced yet. Eventually, he would have to be tied to the company.

It wasn't a big deal, otherwise Ji Xiaotao wouldn't have reposted his Weibo. Ji Xiaotao's intentions were basically the same as the higher-ups.

Yang Siran didn't have an agent until later when he was assigned his current assistant, who acted as both a half-assistant and half-agent. Yang Siran was always cooperative. Later, Zheng Guang secretly asked him what he had been doing before, as he had almost ruined his career.

Yang Siran didn't say anything, he just shook his head lightly. He didn't want an agent, but he was willing to accept and cooperate with any arrangements the company made.

This time was an accident. Yang Siran knew about the situation on the set, and he couldn't bear to see Yuan Ye and Fang Shaoyi being scolded. Even though he didn't have many fans, he still had to say what needed to be said. The assistant said that the entertainment industry is not a place for loyalty, but who knows if that's true. Regardless of where you are, you should always keep a bit of humanity.

As humans, we have emotions, and places with emotions should not be completely indifferent.

As the direct target of the attack, Yuan Ye couldn't ignore it any longer. He had to respond. He didn't want this matter to drag on, and the other party was waiting for his response so they could continue the argument. Yuan Ye had to make them hold their tongues. Besides, their bickering was undignified, like dogs fighting over a bone. Let them say whatever they wanted.

So, in the end, Yuan Ye sent a message that was neither salty nor bland: "Let's all work hard. Actors should act well, writers should write well, and those who use underhanded methods should think twice. Everything we want is within reach."

That was enough. He wouldn't respond any further. He left the rest to Geng Jinwei. It was a small matter, and Geng Jinwei could handle it easily.

This kind of trivial matter wouldn't really affect anything, Yuan Ye will do what it does, but it does affect the mood. Originally, the two of them were happily in love, but these past few days Fang Shaoyi's mood hasn't been too high. Yuan Ye lazily walked up from downstairs, planning to flirt with Fang Shaoyi, but the phone rang at a very inconvenient time.

Yuan Ye glanced at the phone, it was Guan Zhou calling. They haven't talked in a while, so he couldn't ignore it. Before answering the phone, Yuan Ye said to Fang Shaoyi, "Smile for me."

Fang Shaoyi looked up at him and didn't hesitate to pull up the corners of his mouth, revealing a very handsome smile.

Yuan Ye looked at his phone and sighed. Before answering the call, he tilted his hips and gave Fang Shaoyi a sly smile.

"... " With that look, he clearly starting to act up again. Yuan Ye turned around to leave, but Fang Shaoyi reached out and hooked his belt. Yuan Ye looked back at him, and Fang Shaoyi hinted with his eyes to the spot next to him, inviting him to stay.

"Hey there?" Yuan Ye greeted Guan Zhou with a smile as he sat down next to Fang Shaoyi.

Guan Zhou had just finished a busy season of parties and events at the end of the year, and had finally found some free time to make a phone call. They hadn't seen each other since the New Year, so he wanted to invite him out for a meal.

"Sure," Yuan Ye said calmly as he chatted on the phone and untied his belt, leaning against the headboard. "Let me know in advance when you're free, and bring Silly Lu along. I'll ask him how much he spent of that 60 million yuan he's already spent."

After finishing the phone call, Yuan Ye was ready to do whatever he wanted. He reached over to where Fang Shaoyi was sitting, but then a phone rang again, this time it was Fang Shaoyi's.

Fang Shaoyi stood up to answer the phone, but Yuan Ye grabbed onto his pants, just like how Fang Shaoyi had hooked his belt earlier. Fang Shaoyi turned around and laughed, "At least let me answer the phone."

Yuan Ye blinked and then flipped onto Fang Shaoyi's back like a monkey, saying, "Go ahead and answer it."

Fang Shaoyi had no choice but to carry him while he answered the phone and asked, "Have you not climbed a tree in a while? Your hands are itchy, always crawling on me."

Yuan Ye laughed and breathed into Fang Shaoyi's ear, "Just a little bit."

Fang Shaoyi turned his back to Yuan Ye with one hand, while the other picked up his phone. He glanced at it and answered, "Hello? Leader."


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