After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

Chapter 56 - Chapter 56

Being together with someone you love is a daily dose of warmth. No conflicts, no disputes, just a peaceful and beautiful relationship that gradually fills the voids of past regrets and small wounds.

Fang Shaoyi had been on a break since he finished filming in April, almost a year ago. He didn't take on any work during this time, except for occasional promotional events and film festivals. His life slowed down drastically, almost to a standstill.

It was undeniable that his relationship with Yuan Ye had grown rapidly over the past year. After all, they had no conflicts to begin with, and their relationship was meant to be smooth sailing. However, if external factors keep igniting the fire, who knows if it will explode from within like before. Only time will tell.

A year ago, Fang Shaoyi went on a few promotional tours and participated in several events. Jiang Linchuan's movie was a hit during the Chinese New Year season and Fang Shaoyi's two movies that followed were also successful. Despite having completely different styles, both movies were well-received and Fang Shaoyi's acting skills were praised by netizens.

Film critics had mixed reviews for the two movies, but they all had kind words for Fang Shaoyi. There wasn't much criticism directed towards him because, for actors, it's all about their work and acting skills. If a movie doesn't do well, the blame falls on the director and screenwriter, not the actors.

As an artist, Fang Shaoyi didn't have any major flaws before his divorce. He has always been very ethical in his work.

Last year, Fang Shaoyi was a hot topic with a variety show and two successful movies. Most people would have taken advantage of this popularity to climb even higher, but Fang Shaoyi chose to stop and declined all offers except those from his previous collaborators. It may seem like a missed opportunity, but perhaps he values loyalty and quality over quick success.

Geng Jinwei didn't have much to say about his affairs, after all, Fang Shaoyi was already mature enough. And in this kind of relationship between them, Geng Jinwei wouldn't say much, especially when it came to making money. If Fang Shaoyi didn't want to earn or take on a job, Geng Jinwei would give a few reminders and that was enough.

Over the years, they have worked together without any conflicts, always in harmony and understanding. This is also related to both of them being clear-headed and considering each other's needs. Geng Jinwei never forced Fang Shaoyi to make money or take on any jobs, always respecting his wishes. Fang Shaoyi also tried to cooperate as much as possible, bringing along anyone that Geng Jinwei asked him to.

Relationships rely on communication, and working with someone who understands you is the easiest. At the beginning of the year, as usual, Geng Jinwei made a work plan for Fang Shaoyi. Fang Shaoyi accepted it and Geng Jinwei said, "At least tell me, how much longer do you plan to take a break? I also want to see how to arrange it. You have to tell me your plan."

Fang Shaoyi smiled and said to him, "I really don't know. Let's not plan for work this year. In the past, my work took priority over my life, but in the future, I want to focus more on life."

"Retiring from the entertainment industry?" Geng Jinwei raised his thick eyebrows and looked at Fang Shaoyi. "Can you let it go?"

Fang Shaoyi lowered his head and thought for a moment. After a while, he seemed to smile and said lightly, "I can."

At this time of year, Geng Jinwei was particularly busy and often had to go on business trips. Whenever he had time, Fang Shaoyi would go to the company to help him share some of the workload. However, Geng Jinwei did not relax, and the busier he was, the more trouble he caused.

But it wasn't Fang Shaoyi who caused trouble, it was Yuan Ye.

Ji Xiaotao ran up from downstairs to find Fang Shaoyi, showing him something on Weibo. At first, Fang Shaoyi thought it was nothing, but after reading it, his face became a little serious.

He called Yuan Ye and said he would come to pick him up later. Yuan Ye probably didn't see the seriousness of the situation and asked him what he wanted to eat tonight in a cheerful tone.

Fang Shaoyi lowered his voice and said, "You decide, I'm fine with anything."

"Okay, we'll talk about it later," Yuan Ye said on the phone.

"Okay," Fang Shaoyi said before hanging up.

Putting down his phone, he turned to Ji Xiaotao and said, "Use your own account to post on Weibo."

Ji Xiaotao nodded and asked, "Okay, what should I say?"

"Stir up some trouble first," Fang Shaoyi frowned, "They're trying to control the narrative. You stir things up and stabilize the situation, then let the PR team handle it."

As Fang Shaoyi was speaking, Geng Jinwei's phone rang. Ji Xiaotao answered the call and promised, "Okay, brother."

The Weibo post was made by He Han, directly mentioning Yuan Ye and pointing his sword at him: "@Yuan Ye, Yuan-laoshi, no wonder you said those things back then. These days, I finally understand what you meant. You said I was relying on others for support, but where do I have any support? Thinking about all the effort and hard work, it's so ridiculous! Now you can beat a stray dog when it's down."

The accompanying photo showed him on set, in character, and there was also a screenshot from a previous Weibo post by He Han hinting at the two male leads.

His agent reposted the message, adding in his caption: "The words "relying on others for support" and "beating a stray dog when it's down" were all from Yuan-laoshi's mouth. It was extremely humiliating. However, in order not to affect the production of the show, He Han endured it. But he didn't receive the same level of reward for his efforts, and there is nothing to say. Hope that the heavens would treat those who worked hard and persevered kindly!"

In the comments section, fans had taken over, expressing their sympathy for poor He Han, who had been taken advantage of by the production team and bullied on set. Yuan Ye's words were too vicious.

The hot search results were all about He Han's lack of popularity despite his years of hard work. People shared photos of him from his early idol dramas, evoking nostalgia and using the hashtag #ThoseYearsHeHanGaveUsGirlsDreams#. Some even added the rumor that Yuan Ye was a bully on set, with Fang Shaoyi acting like a big shot. They were known to pick on new actors and even made a young actress cry.

The comments section was filled with insults, but after just ten minutes, the topic quickly shifted to criticisms planted by a water army. Waves of criticism were directed at Yuan Ye, with people bringing up his divorce and appearance on variety shows as evidence of his poor character. The foundation for his bad reputation had already been laid, so no matter how much dirt was thrown at him, it was believable.

Fans were unsure of what to say, afraid of speaking out of turn and being ridiculed. As a result, their responses were weak.

Meanwhile, both Fang Shaoyi and Yuan Ye's Weibo accounts were flooded with comments asking for a response. However, neither side had said anything. It was Fang Shaoyi's assistant who first spoke up, posting a picture of the original script with the actors' names listed in order of their importance. Fang Shaoyi was listed as the first actor, while He Han was fifth.

The caption read, "[Smiling emoji] According to the order, he's only the fourth male supporting character. Where did the two male leads come from?"

With him speaking up, Fang Shaoyi and Yuan Ye's fans now dared to speak up too. They immediately retort, poking at He Han's sore spots, mocking his acting skills and for daring to compete with Fang Shaoyi for the lead role. Are you not afraid of being beaten up? They even start digging into He Han's dark history over the years, with this producer and that director. You've worked hard, He Han!

He Han was indeed tricked by the director, adding so many scenes that were ultimately not included. This is a grudge that cannot be swallowed. The director even kept the entire crew in the dark, but the hype that He Han could gain from that was not as strong as what he could get from Fang Shaoyi and Yuan Ye. He had to get whatever he could from them, there was no loss to him.

There are always some people in this industry who will do anything for fame and attention, without any sense of shame.

Geng Jinwei called Fang Shaoyi and said, "I'll be back tonight, don't make a sound."

"You do your thing," Fang Shaoyi said in a deep voice, "No need to come back, it's not a big deal, I'll talk to the PR myself."

"Forget it," Geng Jinwei sneered, "You can't stay calm when it comes to Yuan Ye. I'll come."

Geng Jinwei asked again, "Did Yuan Ye say those things?"

Fang Shaoyi frowned and said, "Yes, the circumstances forced him to say it. If he didn't, I would have said it myself."

"You couldn't have," Geng Jinwei laughed, then said, "Some people deserve to be scolded. When will this bastard climb down from his sugar daddy's bed..."

He didn't finish the sentence, but it was clear that as soon as this bastard climbed down, Geng Jinwei would make his move. He had been putting up with his antics for so long, only because of giving his current benefactor some face.

Just because Fang Shaoyi had a good temper didn't mean his company did too. Over the years, anything unpleasant that Fang Shaoyi wanted to say was always said by the company. Geng Jinwei knew he didn't have the same level of self-control as Fang Shaoyi.

Fang Shaoyi said to him, "I might not make movies anymore in the future. I don't care if I get criticized."

This meant that they needed to minimize the negative impact on Yuan Ye as much as possible. Geng Jinwei understood his meaning immediately and sighed, "You don't want Yuan Ye to be criticized, and I don't want you to be criticized either. I'll have to deal with this damn thing sooner or later. Why does this cheap bastard keep coming to me?"

After cursing for a couple of sentences, he hung up the phone.

Fang Shaoyi rubbed his forehead after putting down his phone, feeling truly annoyed. He couldn't accept the fact that Yuan Ye was being cursed at, those words burned his eyes.

Yuan Ye was one of the few "good people" in this industry, a truly good person. Fang Shaoyi only considered himself "not bad", but he couldn't be considered good.

Over the years, Yuan Ye had spent almost 70% of his income on free libraries, building schools in underdeveloped areas, and public healthcare. Fang Shaoyi always felt that Yuan Ye had the love of a scholar, and seeing him being attacked left a deep pain in Fang Shaoyi's heart.

When Fang Shaoyi picked up Yuan Ye, he clearly didn't know what had happened yet. His face still had a smile on it as he shrunk his shoulders and got into the car, saying, "It's so cold today."

"You didn't wear enough," Fang Shaoyi also laughed and spoke to him, "I told you to wear something thicker this morning but you didn't listen."

"I thought since you were picking me up both ways, it wouldn't matter what I wore," Yuan Ye rubbed Fang Shaoyi's cheek with the back of his hand, "but I forgot how far it was from the gate to inside, I froze my ass off. Is it cold?"

Fang Shaoyi rubbed his hand and lightly smiled, "Not really."

Yuan Ye looked at him and after a while suddenly asked, "What's wrong? You don't seem very happy today?"

Fang Shaoyi had originally planned to say "no". According to his usual style, he would definitely have said "not much" to Yuan Ye. But the words were on the tip of his tongue, and he didn't say them. Instead, he hit the brakes at the red light and asked Yuan Ye, "If I stop acting in movies, can Yuan-laoshi support me?"

Yuan Ye was waiting for him to speak seriously, but when he heard this, he couldn't help but burst out laughing. Without thinking, he said, "Of course," before asking, "Why would you stop acting?"

This time, Fang Shaoyi didn't hide the truth. In a low voice, he said, "He Han posted a Weibo, talking about how he relied on his connections. You got caught in the crossfire and got criticized again."

Yuan Ye blinked its eyes and looked at Fang Shaoyi. The smile on its face had not yet faded as he touched his head and softly asked, "Have I caused trouble for you again?"

Fang Shaoyi shook his head and said, "I just suddenly hate all of this... I've never hated it like this before."


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