After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

Chapter 39 - Chapter 39

On one side, Jiang Lin was keeping an eye on Fang Shaoyi's scenes, while the producer and art director kept an eye on the scenes that He Han had added. 

This matter of adding scenes was actually quite troublesome, and the entire crew was having a headache over it. Many actors had to film extra scenes to match the added lines, which caused delays in the schedule. Some actors had other projects to film, so they had to leave the set and come back later to film their scenes. Coordinating everything was very difficult, and the director was probably the most stressed out.

However, Jiang Linchuan seemed quite calm and didn't give He Han and his team any trouble on set. 

Fang Shaoyi stuck to the original plan and there weren't any changes to his scenes. The script had forcibly added He Han's plotline, but with or without him the core story was unchanged. The actors might not have noticed during filming, but the audience could see it at a glance.

Jiang Linchuan was reluctant to touch his own movie. He let He Han add scenes, but didn't even bother to consider his part of the film. They might argue about the script until late at night, but He Han's scripts were written by their own screenwriters. After finishing, they would show it to the director, and Director Jiang would make just a few changes. There was almost no controversy.

Everyone has difficulties and compromises they have to make, but Yuan Ye still felt that everything was messed up. 

Sitting on set, Yuan Ye watched the hustle and bustle of the crew, observing the various expressions on everyone's faces. Suddenly, Ji Xiaotao wandered over to the other group and strolled back with a straight face. But as soon as he squatted down next to Yuan Ye, he couldn't contain his desire to laugh and called out, "Brother Ye!" 

Yuan Ye glanced at him sideways and asked, "What's up." 

Ji Xiaotao covered half of his face and whispered, "I suggest you take a walk around the other group. It's fun." 

Without hesitation, Yuan Ye shook his head and replied, "No thanks. Do you think I'm stupid enough to go look at his terrible acting skills? Is your idea of fun that easy to satisfy, kid?" 

"No! The joy today came from little Yang," giggled Ji Xiaotao as he squatted down. After laughing, he continued, "Little Yang has potential, I'll have to get Brother Geng to give him some support." 

Yuan Ye raised an eyebrow and asked, "Why?" 

Ji Xiaotao stood up and pulled Yuan Ye over to see. Yuan Ye followed him and as soon as they arrived, they heard Yang Siran speak and Yuan Ye laughed too. 

"You, how could you do this? Sen Cha is my tenant..." 

"...cut." The producer called for a stop and the set fell silent. 

"I'm very sorry, I apologize to all the teachers," Yang Siran bowed from afar towards the producers, then turned to the camera crew and bowed to He Han in front of him. "I'm too foolish, I've caused trouble for everyone." 

As Ji Xiaotao stifled a laugh, Yuan Ye joined in with a chuckle or two. 

Yang Siran was usually alright with his lines, but today, acting alongside He Han, he had accidentally slipped into a Taiwanese accent. It wasn't too severe, just a little bit, but it was still quite noticeable on camera. It sounded a bit comical, and it was definitely not going to pass. 

"What's going on now, Siran?" the producer was also at a loss. "We've been filming these two scenes for half a day now."

"I'm really sorry," Yang Siran looked apologetic. "I'm just not feeling it today. I can't seem to get into character. It's my fault for being unprofessional, and I'm sorry for holding up the progress." 

After Yang Siran finished speaking, he bowed and next to him, He Han's face looked very unpleasant. He didn't say a word and went to rest on the side. Although Yang Siran was talking about himself, everyone nearby stole a glance at He Han. 

The new actors had no experience, and if their scene partner was good, they would perform well. If their scene partner was not good, they would not be able to act well. This was normal.

Yuan Ye and Ji Xiaotao went back to their own side, and Yuan Ye laughed and said, "He's just a little fox."

"Yeah, he's pretending," Ji Xiaotao laughed and said, "He deliberately spoke like that." 

No one knows if Yang Siran did it on purpose, but later both He Han and his agent looked at him with strange eyes, probably annoyed. Yang Siran was like a newborn calf, fearless and unafraid. No matter how hard you glared at him, he acted like he couldn't see it, and even if he did, he couldn't understand it.

He Han's agent came over and lowered his voice to say, "Little brother, you can't act like this on set."

Yang Siran respectfully replied, "I'm really sorry. I haven't learned how to act, and I've wasted everyone's time."

He Han punched into cotton and turned to talk to the producer. After all, he was from Fang Shaoyi's company, and it wouldn't be good to really embarrass him. His boss was on set, so if he had any complaints, it'd be like targeting Fang Shaoyi directly. 

After the show that night, Ji Xiaotao was carrying some biscuits and pastries he bought outside when he ran into Yang Siran at the hotel lobby.

"Hey, little brother!" Ji Xiaotao called out.

Yang Siran was on the phone, but he saw Ji Xiaotao and smiled, waving his hand in greeting. Ji Xiaotao took out a box of biscuits and threw it to him, giving him a thumbs up. "Little brother, you did well in the shooting today."

Yang Siran pursed his lips and smiled, catching the biscuits. "Thanks, Brother Xiaotao."

Yang Siran had been acting with He Han for the past two days, and although he didn't perform as well as he did with the other actors, it was still passable. After they finished filming their scenes together, Yang Siran wrapped up his part in the movie. All of his scenes were done. 

For his starting point to be Jiang Linchuan film was very high, but this newcomer was still too new. He didn't even have an assistant or anyone to send him flowers. When filming was finished, Ji Xiaotao ordered a bouquet of flowers for him. 

Yang Siran smiled and accepted them, a little surprised. "I still have flowers to receive?" he said.

"How could you not?" Ji Xiaotao replied. "Congratulations on successfully completing your first film, little brother!"

Yang Siran still smiled and said thank you. 

The day after filming was finished, he could fly back to the company on a plane. Ji Xiaotao drove him to the airport and noticed that Yang Siran seemed quite relaxed. They chatted along the way and Ji Xiaotao asked, "You seem pretty happy?"

Yang Siran nodded and rubbed his nose. "Yeah, we finally finished filming."

"How do you feel?" Ji Xiaotao asked. 

After some thought, Yang Siran smiled lightly and said, "It's great to be able to learn something that I didn't understand before and slowly do it well. Brother Shaoyi has taught me a lot, the director is also very good, and Brother Yuan Ye even gave me a red envelope for Chinese New Year. Brother Xiaotao, you have always taken care of me. The process of getting closer is very beautiful, and I will cherish it."

Ji Xiaotao seemed surprised to hear him speak so much at once and turned his head to look at him, laughing and saying, "Keep it up."

The day he sent Yang Siran to the airport, Ji Xiaotao suddenly remembered something he hadn't had a chance to ask before and had since forgotten. Now he remembered and asked Yang Siran, "By the way, little brother, did anyone bully you on set?" 

Yang Siran was taken aback and looked a bit confused. "No, Brother Shaoyi is here. No one has given me a hard time." 

Ji Xiaotao nodded and escorted him to the boarding gate. "That's good. Go ahead."

Life on set was chaotic, like being in a war every day. But looking back, it was all the same, with the same things happening over and over again. This production was estimated to take five or six months, maybe even longer. As time went on, no one bothered to call Fang Shaoyi "Sen Cha" anymore, and there was no need to deliberately exclude him. 

However, Fang Shaoyi still clung to Yuan Ye with this as an excuse, acting childish despite his age. 

Although he didn't say it out loud, in his heart, Yuan Ye was resistant to this film crew. Every time he saw He Han and his agent walking by in silence, with their heads down, their existence was a compromise in his eyes. He was forced to accept it, and although it wasn't obvious on the surface, his emotions could be sensed.

At nine o'clock that night, Yuan Ye was arguing with the director over the script, with other producers in the room. A message from Fang Shaoyi came through on his phone, vibrating in his pocket. Yuan Ye took it out and glanced at it. Fang Shaoyi said: "Yuan Ye-laoshi, come."

Yuan Ye quickly replied: "I'm busy." 

After sending his response, he continued to argue with the director. Before this incident, Yuan Ye had also argued with the director, but now every time they discussed the script, he became even sharper and they would always end up arguing. 

This was normal in the crew, so it wasn't a big deal. Yuan Ye's sharpness wasn't because he was intentionally trying to cause trouble, but because he truly believed that the script was no good and a waste of time. Therefore, no matter how they discussed it, there was never a good outcome.

No one could convince anyone, so they had to put it aside for now. Yuan Ye went to Fang Shaoyi's room with a chip on his shoulder, still smoking a cigarette. 

When Yuan Ye knocked on the door, Fang Shaoyi opened it and saw his expression, laughing as he asked, "Did you have another fight with the director?"

"This film is going to be a disaster," Yuan Ye entered the room and said, "No matter how we film it, it's a waste of time."

Fang Shaoyi comforted him, "Director Jiang is still worth trusting." 

After hearing this, Yuan Ye blinked and looked at him without saying a word. After finishing his cigarette, Yuan Ye asked Fang Shaoyi, "Why did you call me here?"

Fang Shaoyi smiled candidly, "Nothing, you haven't been pursuing me much lately."

"..." Yuan Ye was a bit speechless, but he really hadn't been pursuing him much lately. The incident with He Han had scattered his emotions, and this current situation was just too frustrating. He was a person who took things seriously from the bottom of his heart, and he felt tired of this environment and didn't like it, so he put aside other things for now.

He had changed a lot, but at the same time, he was still the same.

Fang Shaoyi sat there, having just finished exercising and taking a shower. He stretched his arms and said, "You have to keep pursuing me." 

Yuan Ye smiled helplessly, "Alright, I'll pursue, pursue you." 

Fang Shaoyi leaned against the headboard with a pillow behind his back. The small yellow lamp on the bedside made him look especially handsome. Yuan Ye's heart softened and he asked him, "Did you wash your face?" 

Fang Shaoyi didn't say anything, just shook his head. 

"Want a face mask?" Yuan Ye raised his eyebrows and asked. 

Fang Shaoyi remained noncommittal. 

Yuan Ye smiled and went to get a jar of face mask. He came back and sat on the bed, patting his own leg. 

It was only then that Fang Shaoyi smiled faintly and moved over to lie on Yuan Ye's lap. Yuan Ye's fingers dotted and pressed all over Fang Shaoyi's face to make sure the mask was evenly applied. 

On a night like this, with such an atmosphere, how could one's heart not be softened? Both of them were breathing quietly, with Fang Shaoyi's eyes closed and Yuan Ye looking down at him with open eyes.

Before him was the person in his heart, and before him was also the passage of time. 

Yuan Ye lightly tapped Fang Shaoyi's nose with his index finger, and then a smile appeared at the corner of his eye.

Fang Shaoyi spoke up and called out to him, "Yuan Ye."

"Mm," Yuan Ye softly responded.

Fang Shaoyi opened his eyes and locked gazes with Yuan Ye, both seeing their own faces reflected in each other's eyes. Fang Shaoyi slowly spoke to him, "You can't become less enthusiastic towards me just because there's something you're unhappy about. Just like how you can't stop pursuing me just because you dislike certain people in the crew." 

Suddenly, Yuan Ye laughed and asked him, "Are you pretending to be aggrieved because I haven't been pursuing you lately?"

"No," Fang Shaoyi still looked at him, staring into his eyes, his voice steady and low. "I'm telling you that I can sense what you're thinking and feeling. If I disappoint you or if there's something you don't like here, you have to tell me. If you don't express anything and just become distant, I'll wonder if you're tired."

Yuan Ye didn't say anything at first, but then he grabbed Fang Shaoyi's ears and lightly pinched them, saying, "I'm not. Losing something once is enough, baby."

Fang Shaoyi sighed and said, "I'm getting old. There are some things I can't put into words anymore." 

Yuan Ye smiled and asked, "What do you want to say?" 

Fang Shaoyi closed his eyes and whispered, "Even with just a glance between us, I can feel it and my heart starts to race."


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