After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

Chapter 38 - Chapter 38

Yuan Ye was the kind of person who wouldn't regret his actions, once he had expressed his emotions at the time, he wouldn't think about it again. He never looked back. 

So when he said at that time, "I want to turn back," Fang Shaoyi was definitely moved, because this sentence was especially precious coming from him.

In this matter, he felt that Jiang Linchuan was not being upright or loyal, and with Jiang Linchuan's temperament and way of speaking, his attitude at the time was considered acceptance. This kind of thing couldn't be said to be right or wrong. 

The investors had even looked for the screenwriter, so they had to add He Han's role. Jiang Linchuan didn't want to break ties, which was understandable. 

Afterwards, Fang Shaoyi had a private conversation with the director for over two hours, just the two of them. After the chat, the matter was considered settled. 

Although it was an exaggeration to say that there were two male leads, He Han's role did undergo significant changes, with his screen time second only to Fang Shaoyi's. Yuan Ye was thoroughly disgusted with the situation and felt nauseated. 

Since Fang Shaoyi had agreed to it, Yuan Ye couldn't say anything more. They had to present a united front to the public, or else it would be a joke if they both said different things. 

Undoubtedly, he would listen to Fang Shaoyi in every aspect. 

Therefore, Yuan Ye's anger flared up for a moment but he had to swallow it back down like a dud firework. He couldn't accept He Han coming back to add more scenes, nor could he speak to the other party's agent in the same confrontational manner as last time. 

"Brother Ye, don't get angry with idiots," said Ji Xiaotao to him.

Yuan Ye nodded silently, not saying a word, and lowered his head to fiddle with his camera. He had been quite idle lately, as He Han's scenes were written by the screenwriter he had brought over himself. Yuan Ye did not participate, nor would he participate. It would be a futile wish of theirs for him to help He Han revise his scenes. 

In the director's room, Yuan Ye exploded, which was quite bold. No one dared to be too outrageous in front of the director, but Yuan Ye's attitude was quite clear. Although he didn't go after the director at the time, his intentions were obvious. 

However, Jiang Linchuan didn't have any emotions towards him and acted as usual. Jiang Linchuan really liked Yuan Ye because he himself had a straightforward personality, but in this line of work, it was impossible to always follow one's heart. Yuan Ye had a unique spirit, like the prideful and unrestrained nature of a literati, but he also had his moments of delicacy. He was a contradiction in himself. 

People in this industry have become cold and selfish, but not Yuan Ye. He is still sincere. Every time he discusses the script with the director, he puts his heart into it. When things get heated, they almost argue. Jiang Linchuan's films are difficult to shoot and write, and he is stubborn. Few people are as determined as Yuan Ye to argue with him. The director knows this, and he wouldn't think any less of Yuan Ye because of this matter.

Yuan Ye was tinkering with his camera in his room when Ji Xiaotao went to the crew's kitchen to borrow a stove. He cooked a few dishes and brought one to Fang Shaoyi on set, and brought the rest back to Yuan Ye. They were eating when Jiang Linchuan unexpectedly knocked on the door.

Ji Xiaotao quickly greeted him, "Oh, Director, what brings you here?" 

Director Jiang walked in with a smile and said, "I saw you cooking just now, did you save some for me?" 

"Of course, please have a seat!" replied Ji Xiaotao. 

Yuan Ye called out to the director and he came over to sit next to him. Yuan Ye asked, "Aren't you keeping an eye on things today?" 

"No, Old Liu is keeping an eye on things today." Ji Xiaotao cleared his own bowl and chopsticks, and handed the director a pair of chopsticks and poured him a cup of tea, which he set aside to cool. Jiang Linchuan took a bite of food and then pointed at Ji Xiaotao with a smile, "You're so good at cooking, why didn't you do it earlier!" 

Ji Xiaotao chuckled and moved to sit on a small stool, far away from the others, to check his phone. 

Currently, they were split into two groups and being filming simultaneously, with He Han's scenes being filmed separately on the other side. Yuan Ye chatted with the director for a while before asking, "Are you not worried about the quality of his acting causing the film to fail?"

The director glanced at him and chuckled, "Are you feeling bitter?"

"You're not being fair," Yuan Ye spoke bluntly, "You know my brother has a good temper, so you're taking advantage of it."

Jiang Linchuan laughed heartily and pointed at Yuan Ye, "He dares to say anything."

"Am I wrong?" Yuan Ye raised his eyebrows and looked at the director, "Having a good temper doesn't mean you can play around with people like this. I thought you were different from other directors, but now my heart is half cold." 

Jiang Linchuan sighed and put down his chopsticks. He said to Yuan Ye, "You wouldn't understand the messy details inside. I've worked with Lingdong too many times." 

Yuan Ye nodded and rubbed his nose with the back of his hand. "I can understand it logically, but emotionally I can't. If we had agreed on this from the beginning, my brother might not have taken on this project. Fang Shaoyi is notorious for being strict with his choice of projects. After changing the storyline, the focus became blurred and the dual core concept didn't shine through. You already know this, but you still agreed to the changes." 

Yuan Ye spoke without a smile, while the director had been smiling the whole time. Jiang Linchuan looked at Yuan Ye and asked, "Do you think I'm a coward?" 

"Timidity is not the issue," Yuan Ye shook his head and said calmly, "I feel that as a filmmaker, you have lost the most essential thing." 

Ji Xiaotao trembled as he listened on the side, thinking to himself, 'Brother, please be a little more tactful.' 

Yuan Ye was basically telling Jiang Linchuan directly that he was not worthy of being a filmmaker. Talking about passion and original intention may sound ridiculous and cliché, but these two words have been used to death. However, a filmmaker must have something that they always adhere to. 

If a film can be arranged with a role and plot for an actor who lacks the necessary acting skills just because of the investor's relationship, then the film is doomed to fail. Mediocrity triumphs over spiritual pursuit, and such a thing has no soul. 

He said this, and the director didn't get angry, but instead laughed. Before leaving that day, the director said to Yuan Ye, "Everyone has difficulties in their own position. When I was young, I was also naive and stubborn. In the end, I spent a year and a half making a movie that couldn't pass censorship and it was scrapped. Sometimes compromise is for a better balance. Only by standing on the balance line can we negotiate terms. If we deviate, we will suffer."

Yuan Ye nodded and calmly said, "But I hope that this balance line will not be nailed to the ground due to professional inertia and human laziness. It should always be moving forward, exploring and searching for ways to push the line further. This line represents the most difficult level that humans can achieve, and it should not be an excuse for comfort." 

After saying those two sentences, the director fell silent for a moment. Then he looked deeply at Yuan Ye and patted him on the shoulder. 

Yuan Ye wasn't going to the set as often as before. He was disgusted with the whole thing, which led to disappointment with the entire crew, even including Fang Shaoyi. 

Fang Shaoyi didn't care about these things. He never did. These petty matters couldn't stir up any dissatisfaction or anger in him. In the end, it was because he didn't think much of it. He only took on this movie to repay Director Jiang's kindness. 

As for the roles of the other people in the movie, whether they were added to or reduced, it wasn't something he cared about. Yuan Ye didn't dislike this about him, in fact, he quite liked that he was a gentle and refined gentleman. 

But when it came to certain things, he still felt uneasy. Yuan Ye wasn't the same. In the past few years, Yuan Ye had also suffered countless losses, but Yuan Ye had simply shrugged it off and not paid attention. At that time, Feng Leizi asked him, "Do you still have any bottom line, you soft melon?" 

Yuan Ye thought for a long time and finally nodded. 

Of course, he had a bottom line, and that was Fang Shaoyi. 

After all, Fang Shaoyi was still like that, he was someone who He Han had to humbly bow to when he saw him on set. Fang Shaoyi didn't even look at him and just grunted before walking away. 

He Han's agent took advantage of Fang Shaoyi's break time to come over and talk to him, with a smile on his face and calling out, "Fang-laoshi?" 

Upon seeing him, Fang Shaoyi gave the agent a glance. The agent smiled and said, "There was a small misunderstanding between me and Yuan-laoshi before, which caused some unpleasantness. I didn't have a chance to apologize to him, and he didn't give me a chance to speak either. It was my fault last time. When you go back, please tell Yuan-laoshi not to lower himself to my level. I'll apologize to him formally when he has time?"

"No need," Fang Shaoyi turned his thermos in his hand without looking up. "Don't apologize to him, and don't talk to him separately. He has a bad temper and says things that are not pleasant to hear."

The agent said, "That's not true. Yuan-laoshi is just that kind of person. In fact, I have always admired him." 

Fang Shaoyi took a sip of water and said, "There's no need to try to impress him. Just don't bring any twisted ideas to him. Yuan Ye doesn't like people who have ulterior motives, and I don't want anyone to push those ideas at him either." 

Fang Shaoyi glanced at him and continued, "I don't care about many things. If you want something, go get it with your own abilities. I won't stop you from taking what I don't care about. But Yuan Ye is off-limits. You can't have any crooked ideas about him. When I was 25 and had little power, I dared to marry him. Now I'm 36." 

Fang Shaoyi rarely spoke so directly to anyone, this was not like him. He had been waiting for this agent to come and talk to him for days, and he knew he had to say what needed to be said. "I protected him when I was just a young man of twenty-five, and now that I am thirty-six and in my middle age, I am even more capable of protecting him," he said. 

"I understand, I understand," the agent nodded repeatedly, and added, "I get it." 

Fang Shaoyi took a sip of water and let out a quiet "hmm." 

Yuan Ye had actually been there for a while, but Yuan Ye didn't approach because he saw Fang Shaoyi talking to the agent. He knew that if he went over, he wouldn't be able to control his emotions and might explode with just a few words. Even if he managed to hold back his anger and say nothing, it would still be frustrating. 

So he decided not to go over until the agent finished talking and left. When he finally walked over, he lightly touched Fang Shaoyi's hair.

Fang Shaoyi looked up at him and smiled.

Yuan Ye stood behind Fang Shaoyi's chair, and Fang Shaoyi tilted his head back. Yuan Ye reached out and touched his neck, running his fingers over his Adam's apple. It tickled, and Fang Shaoyi's Adam's apple moved slightly.

"Where's Xiaotao?" Yuan Ye asked.

"I don't know. Who knows where he ran off to," Fang Shaoyi replied. 

"Bold move, throwing the celebrity here and running off to play," Yuan Ye laughed, "I think this assistant has to be fired." 

Fang Shaoyi nodded and lifted his arm to touch Yuan Ye's hand, pinching the back of his hand lightly. He smiled at him tenderly, "It's all good, you have the final say. As long as you're happy." 

Yuan Ye blinked and circled around to squat in front of him, looking at Fang Shaoyi from a diagonal angle with a cool expression. Fang Shaoyi leaned forward and met his gaze, a smile hanging at the corner of his eyes. 

One squatting and one sitting, one cool and one gentle, it was a harmonious and comfortable scene. 

When Ji Xiaotao came back from the kitchen and saw these two fooling around again, he quickly took out his phone and snapped a picture, sending it directly to Dong Lin. 

"Look at them, they're just making a joke out of the crew," messaged Ji Xiaotao.

"Don't send me these things lately, my brother just broke up with his girlfriend. It's not cool to flaunt it like this," replied Dong Lin immediately.

"Isn't your brother breaking up a normal thing? Does he even have a steady girlfriend?" Ji Xiaotao asked.

Dong Lin sent a few angry emojis, followed by saying, "Only your brother does."

"Exactly, my brother does. He's been with just this one for eleven years already," Ji Xiaotao said calmly.

"But your brother got divorced," Dong Lin said with a cold face.

Ji Xiaotao shrugged and replied, "Even after the divorce, my brother didn't find anyone else. Let your brother experience the dedication of this film emperor a little."

It took Dong Lin a long time to reply, "I'll block you."


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