After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

Chapter 30 - Chapter 30

Like having your bones sucked dry. 

Truly, only those who have experienced it know exactly how it feels. 

Since Yuan Ye joined the crew, things have been different. He can now speak his mind freely, perhaps because he has already confirmed his feelings for Fang Shaoyi. He has a handle on their relationship, so there's no need to probe any further. 

Well, when it comes to personal emotions, everyone understands their own. 

Fang Shaoyi is still being ostracized on set, and Director Jiang hasn't said anything about stopping it. So, he has to continue experiencing this feeling of being bullied. This is to make his expressions and demeanor more natural when he is being excluded and teased in the film, as if it happens every day. 

Yuan Ye thought that Fang Shaoyi would be able to act without having to experience all this.

During lunch, Ji Xiaotao arrived late and found that all the food had been taken. He was surprised and exclaimed, "What kind of era is this?!"

Yuan Ye's food was delivered to him by someone else, and he said to Ji Xiaotao, "Order something else to eat, this is pitiful."

Ji Xiaotao couldn't believe it and said, "Brother Ye, do you think the people in the crew are too immersed in their roles? They didn't even deliver our food. How many times has this happened?"

Yuan Ye and Fang Shaoyi ate without any pressure and told him, "Order a pizza for me, we can eat two more slices later." 

As Ji Xiaotao grumbled while ordering takeout, he thought to himself that he would have to convince Brother Geng to turn down any future roles offered by Director Jiang. He couldn't handle the director's antics anymore. 

But they weren't the only ones suffering. When Ji Xiaotao placed his order, he also ordered one for Yang Siran. His assistant had been called back, leaving him alone on set. Geng Jinwei had told Ji Xiaotao to look after him if he needed anything, but otherwise, he was on his own. After all, his scenes would be finished in a few days. 

Ji Xiaotao took care of everything he could, but most of the time, he didn't pay attention to him. To be honest, this little performer didn't even have as high a status in the company as Ji Xiaotao, who was Fang Shaoyi's assistant. He was a pretty good guy, otherwise someone like Yang Siran, a new and inexperienced person, would probably be ignored by everyone else.

Their afternoon scene was difficult to shoot. Yang Siran was sitting on set in his sweatpants, which he had to take off for the scene. They were filming the part where Sen Cha's store was broken into and the money in the drawer was stolen. He rushed to find the landlord, who was napping at home and only wearing a tank top and boxers. 

Sen Cha suddenly pushed open the door, startling the landlord who jumped up from the couch and grabbed a pillow to cover himself. 

The look of a timid and embarrassed young man, who knew if Yang Siran could pull it off. 

When Ji Xiaotao handed him the pizza, he said, "Don't be nervous or shy. Even if you have to strip down for the sake of art, it's no big deal." 

Yang Siran felt a little embarrassed and nodded, saying, "I know. Thank you, Xiaotao." 

This scene wasn't difficult to act out. For talented newcomers, this type of expressive scene was relatively simple, while the more introverted scenes that required restraint were even harder for them to convey. Neither Fang Shaoyi nor the director had given Yang Siran much instruction for this scene. They wanted to see how he would perform on his own.  

With a slice of pizza in hand, Yuan Ye walked over to the director. The director scolded him, "Don't stand here and eat, don't you have any sense? You didn't even bring any for me and you're eating next to me?"

Yuan Ye quickly ran back and brought the box over. There were still two pieces left, which he gave to Director Jiang to eat. Yuan Ye said, "I didn't know you also eat these, I would have brought them to you earlier!"

"I really don't like it, but the box lunch is too terrible." The director took a bite and said while eating. 

Yuan Ye stood next to the director, watching the monitor. In the frame, Yang Siran was taking off his pants while Fang Shaoyi talked to him. The director held a walkie-talkie in his other hand, ready to shout "action" in a moment. 

Yang Siran sat on the couch in his underwear, hesitating to lie down. He bit his lip and looked a bit nervous. The director frowned, and Yuan Ye said, "He's just a kid, he'll get used to it." 

Fang Shaoyi stood in front of Yang Siran, with his back to the camera. Suddenly, he turned around and made a gesture, saying, "Wait a minute." 

The director asked through the walkie-talkie, "What's the problem?" 

"What's the problem, Brother Shaoyi?" the script supervisor asked. 

Fang Shaoyi replied, "Just wait a moment, sorry." Then he bent down and said something to Yang Siran, who put on his pants and left with him. 

Fang Shaoyi led Yang Siran to the dressing room, and Ji Xiaotao came over to tease Yuan Ye, saying, "Brother Ye, my brother took a little boy away!" 

Yuan Ye finished his pizza and clapped his hands, then said with a straight face but not so serious tone, "Your brother is enjoying life, being chased by his ex-boyfriend all over the set while flirting with his rumored little boyfriend. Ah, what a life." 

Fang Shaoyi and Yang Siran were gone for about twenty minutes. When they returned, Yang Siran had loosened up a bit and bowed to everyone apologetically, saying, "Sorry for keeping you all waiting." 

It was unclear how Fang Shaoyi instructed him privately, but Yang Siran was in a totally different state than before, acting how he should without hesitation. Ji Xiaotao steals glances at Yuan Ye, trying to gauge his mood. But Yuan Ye remained calm and collected, giving nothing away.

This scene is easy to shoot, but it still took a while to get it right. As long as the scene didn't pass, Yang Siran couldn't put his pants back on, and his long, beautiful legs are always on display. Even though he quickly puts his pants on when the director yells "cut," it's still quite enticing.

Yuan Ye thinks that Geng Jinwei has a great eye for talent. Who knows, maybe he'll be a cash cow in the future. But Fang Shaoyi and his team aren't focused on promoting big-name stars, otherwise he would definitely be even more successful. 

On set, smoking was prohibited, and Yuan Ye didn't have any cigarettes in his pocket. He reached in and felt around, finally pulling out one of Fang Shaoyi's throat lozenges and popped it into his mouth.

All in all, it was a very serious scene, with no physical contact between the two actors. Yuan Ye had been on set before when Fang Shaoyi had to film some more intimate scenes, but he didn't think much of it. 

Fang Shaoyi was a professional actor, and there was no need for him to be overly dramatic or intimate. Besides, Fang Shaoyi had his own principles and wouldn't take on roles that required kissing or overly intimate scenes.

After the scene was over, Yang Siran put on his pants and quietly thanked Fang Shaoyi. 

Fang Shaoyi shook his head and didn't say anything. 

That night, there was another shoot and Fang Shaoyi had to change his clothes and do his makeup. Yuan Ye was happily chatting with people on set when Fang Shaoyi returned and playfully flicked his head. Yuan Ye looked up at him and Fang Shaoyi gestured for him to follow before walking away.

"I've got orders from my family's boss," Yuan Ye told the person next to him.

He jumped up and chased after Fang Shaoyi, who led him to a small barber shop, the same one from the film. Fang Shaoyi held his neck and rinsed his head in the small pool, soaking his hair. It wasn't until then that Yuan Ye asked, "What are you doing, brother?"

Fang Shaoyi held up the showerhead with one hand and lightly ran the other over Yuan Ye's head, saying softly, "Your hair is too long, let me give you a haircut." 

"Ah." Yuan Ye cooperated very well, bending over to let Fang Shaoyi wash his hair, then casually grabbed a towel to wipe himself off and sat in the chair.

The two looked at each other in the mirror. The next scene was not being filmed here, people were coming and going outside, but there was no one else in the small shop at the moment except for the two of them. Fang Shaoyi held the trimmer and smiled at him in the mirror, asking, "How much do you want off?"

Yuan Ye pulled over the cloth he had placed to the side and let Fang Shaoyi wrap it around him, then said, "Whatever you want."

He never cared about his hair, he could even trim it himself with a trimmer. Fang Shaoyi liked to touch his short hair, so he shaved it extra short.

Halfway through the trim, Yuan Ye laughed first, looking at himself in the mirror and saying, "You might as well just shave it all off for me." 

Fang Shaoyi was quite satisfied with his work and said, "It looks good like this." 

Yuan Ye didn't really care and let him be. 

The store was quiet, with only the buzzing sound of an old-fashioned razor. Yuan Ye watched Fang Shaoyi in the mirror as he carefully shaved his head. It was a warm and tender scene, with a silent and alluring connection between the two. 

That day, Yuan Ye didn't go back early and waited for Fang Shaoyi to finish filming on set. It was already almost nine o'clock when he finished. The weather was nice, with a slight breeze that felt comfortable blowing on their bodies. Instead of taking the car back to the hotel, they walked slowly. 

Passing by a small supermarket, Yuan Ye went in to buy a box of cigarettes. He lit one up and Fang Shaoyi didn't say anything. 

On Yuan Ye, Yuan Ye took a drag of his cigarette and glanced at Fang Shaoyi before calling out to him, "Brother." 

"Mm," Fang Shaoyi responded. 

Suddenly, Yuan Ye asked him, "Do you prefer someone younger or older?" 

Fang Shaoyi was initially taken aback, but then couldn't help but laugh. He reached up to touch Yuan Ye's freshly shaved head and asked, "What do you mean?" 

Yuan Ye replied, "I just suddenly feel old today." 

Fang Shaoyi's eyes were warm as he spoke, "When I'm young, I like someone young. When I'm old, I like someone old." 

This answer was flawless, as expected of Fang Shaoyi who never let anything slip. Yan took another drag of his cigarette and pointed at him, saying, "You're too cunning." 

That day, the two of them strolled leisurely down the street, slowly making their way back along the road. Sometimes they would come across a chair and sit for a while, chatting about whatever came to mind, feeling quite content. Fang Shaoyi told Yuan Ye that during filming that day, he noticed that Yang Siran had bruised his leg and it didn't look good on camera, so he helped cover it up.

Yuan Ye squatted on a nearby stone stool, smoking and watching him, shaking his head. "I'm not curious about that at all."

Fang Shaoyi laughed and asked him, "Really? I thought you might be a little jealous, Yuan-laoshi."

Yuan Ye narrowed one eye and lifted his gaze to look at Fang Shaoyi. With the cigarette in his mouth, both of his arms were resting on his knees, a very casual and unrefined posture, but also very cool and full of energy. Yuan Ye just looked at Fang Shaoyi and said, "If I say I wasn't jealous, do you believe me?" 

Fang Shaoyi raised an eyebrow and teased with a smile, borrowing the words Yuan Ye just said, "But he's young." 

Yuan Ye jumped down from the stone stool, only one step away from Fang Shaoyi. He took the cigarette out of his mouth and chuckled, still maintaining his arrogant attitude. 

"When you pursued me back then...I was only seventeen." 

"Now you're talking about someone in their twenties, I really don't care." 

"He's young? Who is younger than me?" 

The author has something to say: 

Uncle Ye: Who can be younger than me.


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