After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

Chapter 28 - Chapter 28

A screenwriter.

Fang Shaoyi was surprised, he really didn't expect it. But soon he shook his head and laughed. If it was something expected then it wouldn't be Yuan Ye's style.

Yuan Ye raised an eyebrow at Fang Shaoyi and said, "I'll be learning a lot from you, Fang-laoshi."

Fang Shaoyi chuckled and replied, "I'll follow your lead, Yuan-laoshi."

Yang Siran quietly walked out and asked the waiter to bring in the cutlery, then he brought it over personally and placed it next to Yuan Ye. Yuan Ye looked up and smiled at him, saying, "Thanks, little brother."

"You're too polite, Brother Yuan Ye," Yang Siran pursed his lips and smiled as well. 

In fact, Yuan Ye had already corresponded with Director Jiang earlier on and had agreed to come. Jiang Linchuan always lacked screenwriters for his films, and he never thought having too many would be a problem. During the preparation period for this movie, there were already eight screenwriters, each writing their own scripts. 

In the end, Director Jiang picked and chose the ones he liked and added his own ideas to create the final script. There were also screenwriters in the crew, but they were all at the apprentice level. 

After filming began, Jiang Linchuan didn't really consult with anyone on how to shoot the movie. He had his own ideas in his head, and the current screenwriters in the crew were basically rushing to make changes according to his wishes. 

Yuan Ye joined the crew, but in reality, he was lowering his own value and seeking trouble for himself. No one wanted to do the job of a screenwriter, as when they encountered a director who was particularly inclined to changing the script, they had to stay up late every day to make revisions, but still couldn't earn much money.

At the dinner table, Fang Shaoyi didn't say much to him, and it wasn't convenient to do so.

After the dinner ended, the two of them got into the car, and it was only then that Fang Shaoyi asked him, "What are you doing? Aren't you afraid of feeling tired?"

"How tired can I get? I'm fine," Yuan Ye laughed and turned to him, "Besides, even if I'm tired, I still have to come. I have to pursue love, you know."

"..." Ji Xiaotao looked at the two of them through the rearview mirror, trying to lower his presence, and didn't say a word.

Fang Shaoyi said lightly, "I thought you had given up already." 

Yuan Ye quickly shook his head and said, "No way, I have to look out for you guys. I heard you both had a hard time on set? Come on, let Brother Ye take care of you." 

Ji Xiaotao kept looking back and remained silent. He had just been excited about Yuan Ye's arrival. Yuan Ye called him after checking into the hotel and asked for their location, which Ji Xiaotao had reported to him. 

Fang Shaoyi asked him, "Where are you staying?" 

Yuan Ye scratched his head and looked over, asking, "Can I stay in your room?" 

Fang Shaoyi shook his head, a slight smile on his lips as he said, "No, someone is already in my room." 

"Oh," Yuan Ye raised an eyebrow, "Is it Yang Siran?" 

Fang Shaoyi just smiled and didn't say anything, looking out the car window. 

Yuan Ye let out a mocking sound and shook its head, "I won't eat this vinegar, it doesn't taste right." 

Having been a family member of the acting circle for so many years, Yuan Ye knew better than to believe everything he heard. If he had heard this before, he might have been a little scared, but now that he and Fang Shaoyi were getting involved with each other, Fang Shaoyi wouldn't do anything else. Yuan Ye had a basic understanding and trust in him. 

It was also tough for Ji Xiaotao to be a conspicuous lightbulb all the way. After returning to the hotel, he quickly went back to his own room. Yuan Ye smiled and said to Fang Shaoyi, "I'll come to your room for a bit." 

As Fang Shaoyi walked away, he turned his head and asked, "Aren't you afraid of being photographed?" 

"They can go ahead and shoot me, why would I be scared?" Yuan Ye laughed and said, "They can do as they please."

It goes without saying why Yuan Ye came to the set, everyone knows that he came for a certain someone.

However, he and Fang Shaoyi were not at the point where they could reconcile and remarry directly. The past year of separation represented many changes, and if they wanted to start over, many things needed to be reorganized and resolved. It would be irresponsible and disrespectful to their previous relationship and marriage if they just got back together without careful consideration.

Sitting on the sofa in Fang Shaoyi's room, Yuan Ye rubbed his head and said to him, "Brother Yi, I'm almost done figuring myself out. Once I do, I'll come back and talk to you. Let's start over." 

Fang Shaoyi walked over and casually touched his head. The stubble was a bit prickly, a feeling Fang Shaoyi hadn't experienced in a long time, and he liked it. He smiled and Yuan Ye watched him, his smile was always charming. Fang Shaoyi said, "Did I say that I wanted to start over with you?" 

"Ah, you did," Yuan Ye grabbed his hand and looked straight into his eyes, tilting his head and smiling. "Even if you didn't say it, I know you want to. Be open about it, stop pretending." 

Fang Shaoyi couldn't help but laugh at what he said. There was no way to deal with this straight ball player. He reached out and squeezed Yuan Ye's hand, feeling the familiar dry warmth.

Yuan Ye's room was two floors above Fang Shaoyi's, and he didn't stay long before slipping back. This was a film set, a place for work and filming. They didn't want people to think they were fooling around, so Yuan Ye couldn't possibly sleep in Fang Shaoyi's room. It wasn't that kind of relationship, and they also didn't it want to be like that.

Yuan Ye had read the script for the movie a long time ago and had come voluntarily. He had done a lot of preparation work. The original screenwriter had shown him the modified parts and Yuan Ye asked, "Which part has the filming progressed to now?" 

The original screenwriter was still quite young, and treated Yuan Ye with a fair bit of respect, replying, "We've only filmed these parts." 

Yuan Ye was surprised, "You've only filmed this little bit?"

"Yes, maybe we haven't found the rhythm yet. The director is very demanding, and every scene is shot repeatedly."

"Well," Yuan Ye chuckled, "how much investment did it receive to be able to burn through it like this?"

"It's a big investment for a low-budget film, so we're being reckless," whispered Little Gao, the screenwriter.

Indeed, this film had no valuable actors besides Fang Shaoyi. Although the cast was full of talented actors, including many veteran actors, the main actor was only Fang Shaoyi himself, who had a pretty high salary, but not as high as some people in the industry. 

The whole movie didn't have any particularly big scenes, and there was no need to spend a lot of money on special effects. They only built a small studio and that was it. 

On the first day of filming, Yuan Ye was always on set, wearing a hooded sweatshirt and sitting next to the director, watching the monitor together, trying to understand the director's thinking and see his thought process. Director Jiang chatted with him a lot and even asked him, "Have you figured out my style?" 

Yuan Ye smiled and said, "I haven't figured out anything." 

Director Jiang replied, "If you can't figure it out, that's good. I don't even have any style myself, I'm still looking for it." 

Holding a script in his hand, Yuan Ye asked, "Director, when are we going to have a meeting?" 

The director said, "If you want to talk about the script, you can come find me anytime." 

Yuan Ye nodded and said, "Okay." 

Before joining the crew, Yuan Ye had read and pondered over the script, and had many ideas. However, without being on set, he couldn't discuss them with anyone. Jiang Linchuan's ideas were difficult to understand. There were many scenes of the movie that Yuan Ye couldn't understand, no matter how he deeply thought about it, he couldn't figure out what the director was trying to express.

In this kind of movie, there can't be any useless dialogue. Every word must have a purpose. The reason why Yuan Ye couldn't see anything in the scene they shot today was because he thought it was a completely useless scene.

Fang Shaoyi finished filming a scene and came over. Yuan Ye stood up and moved to a different spot, giving the small stool next to the director to Fang Shaoyi to watch the playback. Fang Shaoyi glanced at him, expressionless and wordless, but there was warmth in his eyes. 

Yuan Ye smiled at him and stood behind them to listen. 

Fang Shaoyi asked the director, "How about this shot?" 

The director remained silent for a while, lost in thought, before finally saying, "Take another shot, but with more intensity." 

Fang Shaoyi nodded in agreement and didn't say much more. 

This scene was between Sen Cha and the blacksmith, where they had a conversation full of philosophy while cutting hair. The blacksmith's hair had to be repeatedly styled for the scene, and then Fang Shaoyi would cut it again. 

Jiang Linchuan rarely gave them instructions for their scenes, letting them figure it out on their own. He only gave detailed instructions to newcomers like Yang Siran who lacked experience in the industry. 

Yang Siran was scheduled for the next scene, but it wasn't certain that they would film it today. Even so, he had to be on set in full makeup, waiting on the sidelines while watching Fang Shaoyi and the others perform their scenes. He held his phone tightly, occasionally glancing at it. 

When Yuan Ye walked past him on his return, Yang Siran suddenly called out, "Brother Yuan Ye!" 

Yuan Ye stopped and looked at him, "What's up?" 

Yang Siran stood up and looked at him, whispering, "About the news didn't misunderstand, did you? Don't think too much, I didn't..." 

Yuan Ye raised his hand and interrupted him with a smile, "I didn't take it to heart, and you don't have to either. You just entered this circle so you think this is a matter to care about. Taking a step back, the whole world knows that we've divorced, so you don't have to explain it to me so anxiously. There's no need, everyone's free to do whatever they want." 

"No, I still have to explain to you and Brother Shaoyi. Brother Shaoyi is my boss," Yang Siran said. 

Yuan Ye laughed, "Okay, I got it." 

Yang Siran nodded and said, "Then I won't disturb you anymore." 

Yuan Ye then went back to squatting next to the director. 

Ji Xiaotao had already told Yuan Ye that the room in the photo was not even Fang Shaoyi's. On the day when Geng Jinwei came, Fang Shaoyi had gone to see him, and Yang Siran was the same, even Ji Xiaotao was present. When Yang Siran arrived, Fang Shaoyi was closer to the door, so he went to open it.

The entertainment company would release any news for the sake of publicity, as long as it could create a stir. They knew that photoshopped pictures wouldn't hold up, but as long as they released the surveillance video, there was no need for any explanation. 

After Fang Shaoyi opened the door, he left in less than twenty minutes and returned to his room directly. What was there to explain? They could just release a statement to appease the situation. Even so, this kind of explosive news would still generate a lot of buzz. 

Yuan Ye was lost in thought when someone came up behind him and pulled his hood up, placing it on his head. Without even turning around, Yuan Ye knew who it was. He strained his neck to look up, but the hood blocked his view of the person.

Yuan Ye lowered his head and chuckled, "You're so old already, why are you still so childish."

Fang Shaoyi replied, "I'm thirty-six, so I guess I'm still young."

Yuan Ye jerked his head back with force and finally saw Fang Shaoyi. He jerked too hard and almost fell, but managed to catch himself with his arms. Yuan Ye's shoulders shook as he laughed, and he eventually plopped down on the ground, still chuckling.

Fang Shaoyi raised an eyebrow and asked, "What are you doing?"

Yuan Ye laughed and replied, "You've dazzled me with your handsomeness."


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