After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

After Our Divorce, I Still Wore Your Jacket

Chapter 27 - Chapter 27

Thing were really heating up now, someone could even make headlines while being at the set.

- "What's up with Fang Shaoyi's recent surge in gossip? Has he fallen out of favor? And enough with the endless publicity stunts about his personal life, it's getting annoying."

- "Who is this guy anyway? Some 'young male star' from the middle of nowhere? His body looks good, but I don't recognize his face. But Fang was already divorced, so what's the big deal?"

- "[Eating popcorn][Eating popcorn] I turned against him when he pushed Yuan Ye to take the blame. I used to think he was a gentleman, but I was wrong to mistake a hypocrite for a gentleman. 'Let emotions solve emotional problems' was like this? How did that solve his 'family affairs'?" 

-"I don't think these few pictures can prove anything, can they? Watching 'In Time', I can tell from his eyes that Fang really likes Yuan..." 

-"Still saying that he's's hilarious! He got divorced, went on a dating show to deceive fans, and he's still a gentleman [smiling]. The comment next door is also funny, and the way he looks is even more hilarious. Did you forget that he's a movie emperor?" 

"Brother Shaoyi, I'm really sorry for causing you trouble." Yang Siran apologized to Fang Shaoyi with a serious face, looking unhappy. "Do you need me to say anything? I can explain on Weibo, or the company can arrange something. Whatever you need, I can do it." 

Fang Shaoyi leaned against the windowsill with his hands behind his back, not getting angry with him, and just said, "It's none of your business. It's not your concern. You can go now." 

Yang Siran looked at him, then at Geng Jinwei, and nodded, saying, "If there's anything I can do, just let me know."

Geng Jinwei nodded back at him, and Yang Siran left, closing the door behind him.

The news had come out of nowhere the night before. XX Entertainment had been on good terms with them before, and they could still talk to each other. But this time, they didn't even say hello before releasing the news. It was quite unexpected.

Geng Jinwei said, "We're being targeted."

Fang Shaoyi frowned, about to speak, when his phone rang.

He glanced at the screen and saw that it was his father.

"Dad," Fang Shaoyi answered, calling out.

Fang Han asked him over the phone, "Why are there so many things happening lately? Can you handle it?" 

Fang Shaoyi let out a sound of agreement and said softly, "It's okay, I can handle it." 

The old man is currently filming in Europe, and even at his age, he still works hard and speaks with confidence, "Nothing really happened, right?" 

"No, of course not. How could I dare?" Fang Shaoyi chuckled and joked with his father, "I'm afraid you'll beat me." 

Fang Han also laughed and said, "As long as you didn't do anything wrong, let them be. A clear conscience fears no accusation. If anything happens, just let me know." 

"Okay, you take care of yourself. Don't worry about me, it's just a small matter." 

After hanging up the phone, Geng Jinwei asked him, "How's the old man doing lately?" 

"He's doing pretty well. He still loves filming," Fang Shaoyi sighed, "He's been filming his whole life." 

Over the years, Fang Han's high status was not only due to his contributions to the film industry, but also because of his integrity. He was a true artist who never crossed any lines or did anything scandalous. 

Fang Shaoyi was raised with strict family values and, despite being a prominent second-generation star, he held himself to the same standards as any ordinary person. He refused to adopt any bad habits just because he was in the industry.

Fang Shaoyi inherited his father's disdain for anything dirty or immoral. Therefore, he left the company's affairs to Geng Jinwei and focused solely on filming. 

Geng Jinwei told him, "You just focus on your work and don't worry about anything else. You don't need to respond to this matter and let them release a statement using the studio's name." 

The news was the kind that made people feel disgusted, no matter what the content was. Fang Shaoyi furrowed his brows and asked, "Where did the photo come from?"

"Fake flowers in the hallway," came the reply.

Fang Shaoyi's brows furrowed even more tightly. "When was it planted?"

"The day before yesterday." Geng Jinwei pulled out a small object from his pocket and pinched it between his fingers. "I've checked the surveillance footage. Someone came in, planted the camera, and left. They wanted to dig up some dirt on you, and it was all too easy to publish something like this. If you don't give them a chance, they'll probably end up publishing a story about you spending the night in the director's room."

Geng Jinwei sneered and then said to Fang Shaoyi, "I'll handle it. You focus on your acting."

Fang Shaoyi asked him, "Are you leaving today?"

"I was supposed to leave today, but I'll hold off for now. We'll see again in the afternoon." 

As soon as this news came out, things in the crew became a bit awkward. Yang Siran was originally a newcomer under Fang Shaoyi's wing, and the crew had been taking care of him. But now that this news had come out, no one was willing to do him any favors. 

Yang Siran had never acted before and was unfamiliar with the workings of the crew. He knew that it was always better to speak less and make fewer mistakes. After filming, he either stood by the director's side to listen to instructions or sat alone to ponder. He hardly spoke to Fang Shaoyi and avoided him whenever possible.

Seeing how pitiful he looked, Ji Xiaotao went over and handed him a glass of water, saying, "Don't be too nervous, it's just a small matter."

"Thank you, Brother Xiaotao," Yang Siran took the glass and smiled at him. "I feel like I've caused trouble for everyone." 

"It's not your fault, don't worry," Ji Xiaotao shook his head and told him.

Yang Siran nodded, "Okay."

Ji Xiaotao asked him, "What about Brother Chen? Didn't he come with you?"

Yang Siran said, "Brother Chen wasn't feeling well today, so I let him rest. Besides, I'm familiar with the filming over here now."

"Oh," Ji Xiaotao asked him, "What about your phone? Who's holding it for you?"

"I turned it off and let Brother Hua hold it for me," Yang Siran said.

Ji Xiaotao said, "Give it to me then, I'll hold it for you."

Yang Siran quickly thanked him, "Thank you, Brother Xiaotao." 

Who knew if his personality was really that calm or if he was just pretending, but so far, Ji Xiaotao was somewhat fond of Yang Siran. Normally, after that photo, Yang Siran would appear suspicious no matter what, but Ji Xiaotao just doesn't think it's like him. But in this industry, there's really no telling who's genuine and who's just good at acting.

But to go and mess with Fang Shaoyi right after signing with the company? That's just asking for trouble. Who would make an enemy out of the boss before even starting out?

Fang Shaoyi tried calling Yuan Ye twice, but he didn't pick up and his phone was off. Fang Shaoyi left a message for him: "Call me back when you turn on your phone." 

On that day, Geng Jinwei decided to stay and treated the crew to a meal. He and the producer were old acquaintances, and he had also worked with Director Jiang before. 

They all got along well. In a private room that could fit over twenty people, Geng Jinwei, the director, the producer, and the main actors from the show drank and enjoyed themselves. Jiang Linchuan, a rough and straightforward northerner, spoke and acted with a refreshing vigor. Since they were already eating, they might as well drink to their heart's content. 

In this kind of situation, the assistants didn't have much to do. Ji Xiaotao sat in the car outside, waiting to see who drank too much so he could send them back. The other assistants were also waiting in their respective cars, occasionally coming out to chat. 

On normal occasions, Yang Siran wouldn't have anything to do with this kind of gathering. He couldn't sit at the table, but he went that day anyway. The child had sharp eyes and when he went to pour the director a drink, Geng Jinwei said, "Director Jiang, I didn't have a chance to thank you for giving me some face last time."

Jiang Linchuan waved his hand and said, "This child is good, he has a natural talent for acting."

"It's thanks to the director's teaching," Geng Jinwei said, glancing at Yang Siran. 

Yang Siran then refilled the director's cup and whispered, "Thank you, Director. I'm not very smart, but I have thick skin. If there's anything I'm not good at, please tell me and I'll try to improve."

Jiang Linchuan took a sip of the drink poured by Yang Siran and said, "Learn well from your boss, he's a shrewd person."

It was unclear whether he was referring to Geng Jinwei or Fang Shaoyi, but both of them laughed. 

Fang Shaoyi appeared to be eating and talking without any delay, but he held onto his phone tightly and checked it from time to time. 

He called Yuan Ye again, but it was still switched off. 

Normally, at this time of day, he wouldn't switch off his phone. Even if he didn't call, he would at least send a message. They were in the stage of being lovey-dovey like young couples. With his phone switched off today, it was obvious that he had seen the news. But he didn't ask him about it, and Fang Shaoyi didn't know what hs was thinking.

Who chased someone like that.

Fang Shaoyi thought about sending a message to ask Yuan Ye, "Is this how I pursued you back then?" 

"Shaoyi, are you waiting for a phone call?" The producer on the opposite side asked jokingly, "I see you haven't put down your phone." 

Fang Shaoyi looked up, smiled, and didn't say anything. 

Jiang Linchuan sneered and said, "He's done something wrong and angered someone, so he's waiting for his just desserts now." 

The director's words made everyone laugh, except for Yang Siran who felt a bit embarrassed. Fang Shaoyi begged for mercy and said, "Don't talk about me, you guys continue chatting." 

The private room was always lively, especially with Geng Jinwei around, there was never a dull moment. At first, no one heard the knocking on the door, but eventually Yang Siran was the first to hear it. They all thought it was a waiter and someone shouted, "Come in." 

"Wow, it's so lively in here?" 

As soon as Fang Shaoyi heard the voice, he immediately looked up. 

The door opened a crack and Yuan Ye poked his head in. He was wearing a sports jacket with the zipper pulled all the way up to his chin, and he was smiling mischievously as he looked inside and asked, "Can I come in, leaders?" 

Jiang Linchuan laughed loudly and called out to him, "Hurry up and come in, why are you crouching outside like a mouse!" 

Yuan Ye stood up straight, shouldered the door open, and walked in with his hands in his coat pockets. 

Fang Shaoyi's eyes had been fixed on him the whole time, and when Yuan Ye met his gaze, he raised his eyebrows and gave him a look. The actor who was originally sitting next to Fang Shaoyi immediately stood up and said to Yuan Ye, "Come sit here." 

Yuan Ye smiled and thanked him before sitting down directly. 

Everyone at the table was looking at him, and Yuan Ye took Fang Shaoyi's cup and poured himself a drink. He raised his glass with a smile, tilted his head back, and drank it all in one go. 

Actually, there were some people at the table who knew Yuan Ye, but most of them didn't. However, they weren't complete strangers and could still sit together and enjoy a meal and some drinks.

Among them, other than Fang Shaoyi, he was most familiar with Geng Jinwei. Geng Jinwei asked him, "Are you here to visit someone?"

Yuan Ye nodded at him as a greeting and called "Brother Geng," then said, "No, I'm not here to visit anyone."

As he spoke, his gaze casually swept over Yang Siran, which made the scene a bit farcical. Yang Siran nodded at him with a hint of a smile, showing respect.

When he said he wasn't here to visit anyone, Geng Jinwei raised an eyebrow and asked, "Did you travel thousands of miles just to have a meal?"

With a smile, Yuan Ye first glanced at Fang Shaoyi, then at the director, before asking, "Just to visit someone, would I dare to enter this room?" 

Fang Shaoyi looked at his profile and noticed that Yuan Ye had lost a lot of weight, but he still looked energetic. There was always a certain vigor about him that made others feel alive just by looking at him. 

Yuan Ye sat in the chair, smiling as he tugged on his ear and said, "Who's missing in this room? I think it's still missing a screenwiter." 

The author has something to say: 

(Little Yuan: I said I wouldn't visit.)


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