The Plough

The Plough

Chapter 66 - Chapter 66

Suddenly, Ling Shu felt a suffocating sensation and couldn't catch his breath!

Without thinking, he kicked the other person, but forgot that he was still covered in a blanket, so the kick was not as effective.

The other person increased their strength and almost crushed Ling Shu underneath them.

At that moment, he saw stars and felt his body go limp.

But the instinct that had been honed through countless life and death situations kicked in.

Like a reflex that had been trained a thousand times, this instinct had saved his life countless times before.

Ling Shu used his two fingers to poke the other person's heart like a lightning bolt, hitting their weak spot!

It wasn't a ghost, but a person.

The shadow cried out in pain, recoiled, and their strength weakened. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Ling Shu broke free from his grasp and leaped off the bed, pouncing on his opponent.

Caught off guard, his opponent was tackled and the two of them rolled off the bed and onto the floor.

Once Ling Shu confirmed that his opponent was human and not a ghost, he didn't hold back and threw a punch with nine-tenths of his strength.

But halfway through the punch, he suddenly stopped!

In the dim light, Ling Shu saw a gun.

The barrel was pointed directly at his forehead.

And the person holding the gun was...

"Chen Wendong?!"

This man was originally Shen Shiqi's driver assigned to He You'an, but he was more than just a driver. He often helped Shen Shiqi with shady business. The list of assassination targets given to He You'an was definitely not the first or the last thing he had done. 

Ling Shu still remembered discussing with Yue Dingtang that Shen Shiqi, as a businessman and even a playboy, would call on gang members to beat up anyone he didn't like and throw them into the Huangpu River. That was considered the most severe retaliation. Sending people to assassinate them was going too far, and maybe Mr. Cheng was involved instead.

Qian Shi's death was a turning point.

He You'an began to suspect Chen Wendong and shared her doubts with Ling Shu and the others. She even issued a warning for them to be careful of Chen Wendong.

The development of events seemed to confirm her words. He You'an was injured and almost died, and the place where the beam fell that day happened to be where Mr. Cheng had stood before.

After that, Chen Wendong disappeared without a trace.

Now, he has reappeared. It wasn't to meet He You'an, but to appear in Ling Shu's hospital room.

"Don't move, don't make a sound, or I'll shoot!" The deliberately lowered ferocity was particularly frightening in the silent darkness, like a cornered wild beast.

"I can stay still," Ling Shu sighed, "but we have no grudges or grievances. If you kill me, what's the point?"

"I'm being chased now!" Chen Wendong said fiercely, "It's all because of you!"

"Brother Chen, you're wronging me. This matter was clearly commissioned by Miss He for me to investigate. When entrusted with a task, one should do it to the best of their ability. If there's a debt, there's a debtor. If you don't go to Miss He, why come to me?"

Tonight, there was no wind, the clouds revealed the moon, and there was a light outside the window.

Through the curtains, Ling Shu saw the hand holding the gun trembling.

It wasn't anger, but nervousness. 

Chen Wendong is very nervous right now.

His forehead is slightly sweating, and even his nose is not exempt.

His palms are definitely wet and slippery with sweat.

What is he nervous about?

Ling Shu thinks that the other party must not want to kill him, otherwise he would have shot him first.

Not wanting to kill someone means that Chen Wendong has not completely lost his mind and there is room for negotiation.

Ling Shu doesn't want to risk challenging his marksmanship.

At this point, Chen Wendong has gradually retreated, with a safe distance between the two, enough for him to shoot and kill Ling Shu if he tries to attack.

From the way Chen Wendong holds the gun, it is clear that he is also an expert in using firearms. His performance just now was also impressive, further proving that he is not just a driver.

A movie star's driver with such skillful and clean movements is already a strange existence. 

Recently, Ling Shu had been hospitalized frequently. 

He was tired of seeing the IV needle and smelling the disinfectant. 

Even if the nurse was beautiful, it didn't matter. 

What was even scarier was that his sister, Ling Yao, would be back soon. If he got injured again, he would have to face her tearful complaints.

"Is there anything we can sit down and talk about? How can I help you?" Ling Shu tried to slow down his tone to avoid upsetting the other person.

"You see, I have a fever and I'm in the hospital. Can I at least put on some clothes?" 

Chen Wendong didn't move.

Ling Shu had no choice but to say, "Then let's talk first. Who is chasing after you? He You'an? I don't think she has that much power. Shen Shiqi? He's already dead. That leaves only Mr. Cheng. He sent people to chase after you. Why?" 

He continued speaking when he saw that Chen Wendong remained silent. 

"I don't think you came all the way here in the middle of the night just to point a gun at me and shoot me dead. My life is worthless, but if you still have unresolved anger and grievances, then you must be at a loss for what to do."

"Mr. Cheng is a very capable person. If he ordered someone to chase after you, then it would be difficult to handle. Unless you can explain the misunderstanding clearly..."

At this point, Ling Shu suddenly had a flash of insight. "So you didn't originally come to the hospital to find me? You wanted to find He You'an or Mr. Cheng? Miss He has been discharged? You couldn't find her, so you came to me instead?!"

Finally, the mention of He You'an's name caused Chen Wendong to react. 

"I have fallen to this state today, all thanks to He You'an! I did not harm Mr. Cheng, nor did I plan those assassinations. It was He You'an who pushed everything onto me, making Mr. Cheng believe that I was the spy!"

Chen Wendong's face was twisted in anger, as if He You'an was right in front of him.

Ling Shu noticed that he looked disheveled, as if he had just gone through a great escape, still shaken and unable to calm his soul.

"So, you're saying that you weren't the one who wanted to kill me before?"

Chen Wendong choked.

"It was Shen Shiqi, he made me do it!"

Ling Shu asked, "Why did Shen Shiqi want to kill me?"

Chen Wendong replied, "You offended him at the banquet. He has hated you to the bone for a long time. If it weren't for the Yue family, he would have killed you long ago!" 

Ling Shu chased after him closely, "What about Chen Youhua and Xiao Jun? These two people, one is a journalist and the other is a tailor. They have nothing to do with Shen. Why did he want to kill them?"

Chen Wendong was gasping for breath but didn't say anything.

"Lao Chen, Mr. Cheng's men are looking for you everywhere. He won't listen to your explanation anymore. Miss He will soon be leaving with him. If you don't act fast, you might not even have a chance to speak before you're shot by Mr. Cheng's men. If you want to live, the only way is to tell me everything. I have the support of the Yue family and the city bureau. We can at least confront Mr. Cheng and ensure your safety." 

Ling Shu had no backing from the city bureau, and he didn't even know if Yue Dingtang would come to his aid. But at this moment, he could only talk nonsense and make big claims to stabilize the other party.

Little did he know that Chen Wendong was not at all grateful.

"It's impossible, it's simply impossible! You can't beat Mr. Cheng! His abilities are beyond your imagination!"

Ling Shu was skeptical and followed his words, "Impossible? Even though Mr. Cheng has a wide network, he's at best just a businessman with some connections to the Japanese military. Where does he have such extraordinary abilities? Don't tell me he's Chairman Jiang's nephew, he doesn't even have the surname Song!"

Chen Wendong sneered, "So what if he's related to Mr. Jiang? He's not even surnamed Cheng! His surname is Narita, and his real name is Naritagu!"


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