The Plough

The Plough

Chapter 63 - Chapter 63

In a flash, Yue Dingtang thought of someone.

Chen Youhua.

His name was on the list of deaths handed over to Jiang He by Shen Shiqi.

He had escaped Jiang He's pursuit, but ultimately could not escape the sudden knife in the dark alley.

But this name had never disappeared from their sight.

Yesterday, Ling Shu went to Mingde Bookstore and met Chen Youhua, who was later killed.

Before that, Shen Shiqi was poisoned and killed in the hotel, and the killer was nowhere to be found.

It just so happened that the timing was right, because after midnight, it started to rain, from drizzle to pouring rain, and it didn't stop for half a day from Shanghai to Hangzhou, so Ling Shu caught a cold from being soaked in the rain. So when Yue Dingtang heard the police complaining about the rain making it difficult to find evidence, he immediately connected the two incidents.

Although the timing was right, it was not enough to prove that Chen Youhua was the killer.

Yue Dingtang needed to find more evidence.

"Mr. Yue, who do you want me to find?" the other person asked him strangely, still waiting for an answer.

Yue Dingtang realized that he couldn't let the police station find someone.

Because Chen Youhua's name may not be real, and his identity as a newspaper employee may also be a cover.

An ordinary person, how could he be worth being assassinated by Shen Shiqi?

Compared to the power of the upright path, maybe finding Jiang He would be more effective.

But Yue Dingtang had no relationship with Jiang He.

The one he had a relationship with was Ling Shu.

Thinking of this, Yue Dingtang couldn't help but sigh. He didn't want Ling Shu to have too much contact with Jiang He, but after going around in circles, he still had to go through Ling Shu to find someone.

"No need," he said to the other person and quickly left.


Ling Shu had intended to go find He You'an.

But he didn't have the chance.

Because visitors came one after another.

First was Cheng Si.

He was an old acquaintance and easy to deal with. After exchanging a few words with Ling Shu, he was sent away.

Then came the dancer Ya Qi.

She was deeply in love with Ling Shu. Since entering the city bureau, Ling Shu's attention and interest had been diverted with two consecutive cases. He hadn't visited Feilengcui for a long time, but Ya Qi heard from somewhere that he was sick and in the hospital, so she brought a handful of pastries to visit. 

It's hardest to accept a beauty's kindness. Ling Shu couldn't bear to shout at her and drive her away, but he also couldn't give her what she wanted. So he let her pour out her heart with tears in her eyes, and finally bid her farewell with reluctance.

But she wasn't the last guest.

No sooner had Ya Qi left than the fragrance of incense wafted in, and another beauty pushed open the door.

At the sight of this beauty, Ling Shu would rather chat with Ya Qi for a few more minutes.

"You don't seem to want to see me."

With a blink of her eye, she exuded a different kind of charm.

She carried a small sachet and wore a little Western-style dress as she walked in.

Her demeanor and gait were completely different from Ya Qi's.

People nowadays call this "Western style."

Ling Shu was wrapped up in a blanket, with only his head sticking out. 

"Where did you hear that? When I saw Miss Zhen coming, I thought the room was glowing with golden light. But I was too sick to get up and entertain you. Please help yourself, there are apples on the table, already washed." 

He was just being polite, but to his surprise, Zhen Congyun reached out to take one. 

He quickly added, "Remember to leave two for me. The doctor said I need to eat at least two apples a day." 

Zhen Congyun raised an eyebrow. There were only three apples in the basket, and one was particularly small, like the son of the other two. 

"Who is this Mongolian doctor who says you need two apples a day? Bring him here and let me have a look," she said. 

Ling Shu laughed, "Well, doctors have different opinions and traditions. It's all a matter of perspective." 

Zhen Congyun smiled slyly, "Last time I asked you to dance the first dance, I pushed you to the forefront. Do you still hold a grudge against me?"

Her tone elongated the word "you", soft and gentle like a sticky rice cake in the summer, melting in your mouth and turning into a sweet chill.

Unfortunately, it was winter now.

Ling Shu replied, "No, Miss Zhen, it was my honor to dance with you."

Zhen Congyun asked, "Then why did you leave early? I wanted to introduce you to some of the famous people in front of Chairman Wang!"

Ling Shu explained, "I saw an old friend and chatted with him for a while. I forgot to say goodbye to you. I apologize for that."

Zhen Congyun teased, "Who is this old friend that made you forget about me? Maybe I'm not pretty enough for you to remember me."

 With each teasing remark, Zhen Congyun was even more carefree than Ya Qi.

If it were Ya Qi, Ling Shu could still hold his own and not fall behind.

But facing Zhen Congyun, he couldn't be too reckless. After all, the lesson from the past was still fresh in his mind. This Miss Zhen was not like other rich girls who were easily fooled. Instead, she could easily make people fall into the traps she set.

Seeing his lackluster response, Zhen Congyun smiled, as if she had guessed his thoughts.

"Are you afraid of being tricked by me? Don't worry, I heard you were sick today, so I came to visit you."

Zhen Congyun took out a velvet jewelry box from her pocket and placed it on the bedside table.

"Just a small token of my concern, please don't reject it."

He had seen people bring flowers and food when visiting the sick, but he had never seen anyone bring a jewelry box. 

Ling Shu said, "Miss Zhen's gift must be very valuable. I dare not accept it. You should take it back. I am already happy that you came today."

Unexpectedly, Zhen Congyun's face turned cold, as the weather can change in June.

"I never take back gifts that I give. If you don't like it, you can throw it away after I leave. And also, when I first met you, I thought you were very interesting. Unlike those who are afraid of my identity and act timidly. But today, why do you seem to have fallen ill and become less fun?"

As she spoke, there was a different, chilling meaning in the corners of her mouth.

Ling Shu had seen Zhen Congyun's father from afar and thought she resembled her mother. But now, he didn't mind and continued to joke around as usual. 

"You know I'm sick. How can I have fun when I'm sick? Why don't we wait until I'm better and then we can have fun together?"

Suddenly, Zhen Congyun's mouth curved up, like a new moon, shining brightly.

"It's true that it's a good idea, but I came here today to tell you some news. I consider you a good friend, so I wanted to be the first to tell you."

Ling Shu was taken aback and said, "No! Your parents are your closest relatives. You should tell them first!"

But Zhen Congyun didn't listen and continued to speak.

"I've fallen in love with a married man and want to elope with him. But for now, I can't do it. My family is pressuring me to get married, so I have to find a way to delay it. After today, I'm afraid I'll be very busy and won't have much time to see you!"

Ling Shu: ... 

"I'm tired, I didn't hear anything."

Ling Shu closed his eyes and lay down, covered himself with the blanket, and fell asleep peacefully.

Zhen Congyun didn't pay any attention and just waved goodbye, grabbed her bag, and left.

"Well, you rest well!"

As soon as she opened the door, flashes of light outside kept flashing.

Several reporters were waiting outside, sticking their heads out and even trying to hand in their cameras.

"Miss Zhen! Can you say a few words? Why did you suddenly come to this hospital to visit someone today?"

"Yes, Miss Zhen, your wedding is coming up soon. How are the preparations going?"

"Miss Zhen, can we interview you..."

Ling Shu heard Zhen Congyun standing at the door, speaking to the reporters. 

"I don't like this arranged marriage. It's all because of our parents. Who still believes in that these days? The person I like is in the hospital, so of course I have to come see him!"

Ling Shu: ...

He couldn't just rush out now, otherwise Zhen Congyun would definitely turn their lie into a well-known love affair.

He also couldn't directly tell the reporters that Zhen Congyun likes someone else, because he didn't even know that person's name. It would be meaningless to say those words.

Ling Shu never imagined that this woman would be so crazy. She had already arranged for reporters to ambush them outside. One second she was telling him she likes a married man, and the next second she was spouting nonsense to the reporters.

The reporters immediately became agitated and bombarded her with questions about his identity.

In reality, they didn't need to ask. They could just ask the nurses and Ling Shu's name would surface. Soon, everyone will know that the man Miss Zhen personally visited at the hospital is the same pretty boy she invited to dance the first dance with at the birthday party.

After the party, Zhen Congyun and Ling Shu lost touch and the public's attention gradually faded. Now, with this sudden appearance, Zhen Congyun will once again attract everyone's attention.

Even if it's reported in the news, no one will believe that Ling Shu and Zhen Congyun have no kind of relationship, let alone a close one.

Zhen Congyun left with a few ambiguous words, leaving behind some restless reporters who wanted to barge in and find Ling Shu. Luckily, the nurses arrived in time to drive them away.

Ling Shu was left with a cold sweat, wondering what Zhen Congyun was up to. Why did she come to see him out of the blue and say such strange things? If all she wanted was to use Ling Shu as a smoke bomb, then she has undoubtedly succeeded.

Tomorrow's newspapers will surely publish the news that Miss Zhen is not happy with the arranged marriage in her family and has someone else in mind. It will be all over the streets and everyone will be curious about who Ling Shu, the man Miss Zhen likes, really is.

Ling Shu is now regretting it a bit.

If he had known this woman was so troublesome, he should have found an excuse to decline when Yue Dingtang asked him to deal with Miss Zhen. Without any contact, there would have been no beginning, and certainly no series of troubles that followed.

No wonder Yue Dingtang is not interested in marrying Miss Zhen. Who can be happy with such a woman?

But then again, there are always some men who don't know any better and are more eager to conquer women who are harder to conquer. 

As he was lost in thought, his eyes inadvertently glanced at the bedside table. There was a jewelry box sitting there, the gift brought by Zhen Congyun. 

Ling Shu slowly reached out and grasped the box in his hand. 

He wanted to open it, but hesitated. He felt like he was holding Pandora's box, and if he wasn't careful, he would release all sorts of monsters and demons. After all, the things Zhen Congyun brought were not something to be taken lightly. 

He pinched the lid of the box with his fingers and slowly flipped it open. Just as he had opened a small gap, the door to the sickroom was pushed open! 

Ling Shu was startled and almost dropped the box to the ground. The person who came in was not Zhen Congyun, nor was it Yue Dingtang. It was Jiang He. Today was really a day of unexpected visitors.


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